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AFP - They caved... 

By now you've heard how Republican Paul Ryan worked with Democrat Patty Murray to quickly move a budget deal through the House, which we expect to be passed by the Senate very soon. You also know that AFP strongly opposed this budget deal, for the simple reason that it broke the promise of moderate spending limits set by the bipartisan Budget Control Act of 2011.

Unfortunately, most Democrats and even many Republicans in Congress are in favor of a deal that breaks their promise to rein in government spending. From House Republicans, we're hearing that this deal is the best they can do, and that it's better to cave in on spending now to put the focus back on fighting ObamaCare. We know that just isn't true.

Many Republicans also bristle at anyone who is critical of the so-called Ryan-Murray Budget, saying that opposing the deal is equivalent to calling for another unproductive government shutdown. They are wrong.

When it comes to government spending, supporters of limited government can stand firm on principle, aggressively oppose the harmful policies of ObamaCare, and do so without threatening a government shutdown.

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips explains that strategy in a recently published article in Politico. AFP wants to do what's best for all Americans by sticking to our conservative values rather than caving to political pressure.

As is so often the case, bad politics leads to bad policy.

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Americans for Prosperity

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ALG's Daily Grind - Shutdown fears guide bad budget deal 


Dec. 17, 2013

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Shutdown fears guide bad budget deal
When anything becomes better than a government shutdown for congressional Republicans, everything is on the table including increasing spending, higher taxes, and the destruction of Senate minority rights.

Cartoon: Barack the Lyin' Heart
And the award for most disingenuous performance by a Nobel Prize winner not named Al Gore goes to…

Obama's shameful bullying
By now, it should not have been a surprise to anyone that the Obama Administration used the vast powers of the federal Administrative state to target and coerce their perceived political enemies.

Pesci: Obama's war on constitutional rights
"The same "death to the Bill of Rights" progressives at the U.S. Treasury Department have now promulgated rules that will, they hope, insure the extinction of the political sons and daughters of Sam Adams, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington."


ALG - Sequester breached with more spending, more taxes 


Dec. 17, 2013, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government today issued the following statement blasting a 67 to 33 Senate vote to advance the Ryan-Murray budget deal:

"When anything is deemed better than a government shutdown, everything is on the table. This bad deal that will increase spending in violation of sequester by $63 billion over the next two years, includes more than $32 billion of revenues and fees in the next decade, and will make it easier for the Senate to break spending limits in the future by lowering certain voting thresholds from 60 to 51 votes.

"The only question now is what future extortions the anything-but-a-shutdown caucus on the Republican side will accept. When you have no capacity to say no, you'll agree to anything no matter how awful. This is a lump of coal for taxpayers."

To view online:


Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please visit our website at


NHDP - Ayotte Sides with Tea Party on Hypocritical Budget Vote

Now, she’s FOR a Government Shutdown and against a long term budget compromise
Does Ayotte Think GOP Pals John McCain And Paul Ryan Are Unfairly Targeting Military For Cuts?

Concord – Kelly Ayotte joined Tea Party extremists in her hypocritical vote against a bipartisan budget compromise that will help avoid another government shut down this morning.

“Does Ayotte think that her pals Paul Ryan and John McCain are unfairly targeting veterans?” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  “This is a desperate and pathetic attempt to distract from the fact that she is standing with radical Congresswoman Michele Bachman and the far rightwing of her party against this bipartisan deal that avoids another unnecessary government shutdown.”

Ayotte’s claims that cuts “disproportionately and unfairly target" the military were quickly refuted by her Republican colleagues.  Senator John McCain and 11 other Senate Republicans voted to move the deal forward this morning, joining a majority of both Democrats and Republicans in the House who voted to pass it last week.  Meanwhile Wisconsin Congressman and 2012 GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan responded directly to Ayotte's claims.  

Ryan defended the deal noting that it “kept the military retiree in a far better position than the civilian” and that “without this deal two things would happen: The military would have borne the full force of these cuts starting in January. And we would have at least one more government shutdown drama.”  [Weekly Standard, 12/15/2013]
McCain, who traveled the country warning of the dangers of cuts to the military with Ayotte last year, said he would back the deal because “it would soften the blow of sequestration’s cuts on the Pentagon and reduce the likelihood of another government shutdown next year.” [Politico, 12/13/2014]
 “Everything Ayotte has ever said about bipartisanship can be tossed out the window,” concluded Buckley.  “It is impossible to square Ayotte’s claims of wanting to work together with her vote against the budget deal.  She is a loyal vote for the Tea Party, when they say jump, her only concern is how high.”

“New Hampshire has one message for Kelly Ayotte: Where’s the beef?” continued Buckley.  “Senator Ayotte has served on the budget committee for three years now, if she doesn’t like this bipartisan compromise, would she prefer to force another shutdown the government?”
Ayotte's opposition to the compromise puts her at odds with a majority of Republicans and Democrats across the country who are supporting the deal which reduces the deficit by more than $20 Billion.  After the government shutdown in October, Ayotte claimed to be willing to “work together even though we come from different parties so that we don't go from crisis to crisis in managing this nation” and that “with this agreement [to end the shutdown] that we are able to come to a longer term - a budget for the nation” – two promises broken by opposing this deal.  []   


ALG's Daily Grind - Will Senate Republicans filibuster the Ryan-Murray budget agreement?


Dec. 16, 2013

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Will Senate Republicans filibuster the Ryan-Murray budget agreement?
Senate Republicans have to decide whether they will allow the Ryan-Murray agreement to move to a vote. Given the controversial provisions in the bill, the requisite for future interparty trust, and Harry Reid's treatment of minority rights over the last several months, the bill's outlook is doubtful.

Obamacare: A death panel for the rule of law 
Obama has shredded the Constitution in favor of the "Easy Button," arbitrarily remaking entire sections of the health care law that deal with its employer mandate, its deductible and co-payment limits, its coverage requirements and — more disturbingly — its power to subsidize health insurance in more than thirty states.

The moral superiority of capitalism
The point is not that capitalists do good things.  The point is that capitalism makes such giving possible.

Strassel: IRS targeting, round two
There is a "growing concern by House Ways and Means Committee investigators that [a new IRS] regulation was reverse-engineered — designed to isolate and shut down the same tea party groups victimized in the first targeting round."