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Pro-Freedom, Pro-Equality Republicans Win Big in NH

40+ Wins for Pro-Freedom to Marry Republicans


Including Winners in Key Senate Races: Nancy Stiles and John Reagan


"Today, the freedom to marry in New Hampshire is more secure than it was yesterday." - NHRFE PAC Chair, Sean Owen

Manchester, NH - On this Election Day, the New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality PAC saw major victories statewide, with dozens of its supported candidates clearly winning their races in the early returns.


Chairman Sean Owen said, "We invested $300,000 this election cycle to help candidates who represent the future of the GOP. While Republicans have lost many seats in the House overall, NHRFE-supported Republican candidates out-performed their peers and won a majority of their races. We also had huge wins with the election of John Reagan to the State Senate and the re-election of State Senator Nancy Stiles. Today, the freedom to marry is more secure in New Hampshire than it was yesterday."


Executive Director Tyler Deaton highlighted the PAC's successes with voter contact: "We completed a tremendous direct mail program, with voters in priority districts receiving as many as six mail pieces this cycle. We've succeeded in uniting the Republican Party and building the party through appeal to new voters. Rank-and-file Republicans have supported individual freedom all along, and we've helped them find a stronger voice. While others have tried to divide the party, we ran a 100% positive campaign from beginning to end."


Deaton continued, "We were also the first New Hampshire PAC to take advantage of new fundraising standards set by recent Supreme Court decisions and the New Hampshire Attorney General."


As for the gubernatorial race, Chairman Sean Owen said he was not surprised by Ovide Lamontagne's loss: "We knew that nominating Ovide for governor would be disastrous. It hurt us that our Republican nominee wanted to campaign against freedom and equality."


Executive Director Tyler Deaton added, "It didn't have to be this way. Republicans can win in New Hampshire, both locally and statewide, so long as they have an authentic commitment to freedom across the board. It's something to keep in mind next time we're selecting our candidate for governor."


The PAC's political, communications and fundraising programs are led by Executive Director Tyler Deaton, a lobbyist who also serves as a senior strategist for the bipartisan pro-marriage equality organization Standing Up for New Hampshire Families. Deaton is also Secretary of the New Hampshire Young Republicans. Christine Baratta serves as PAC Communications Director. Committee Chairman Sean Owen is actively involved as a lead strategist and fundraiser.

Winning Supported Candidates Include:
State Senate
Rep. John Reagan Deerfield
Sen. Nancy Stiles Hampton
State House

Rep. Gene Chandler Bartlett
Karel Crawford Moultonborough
Rep. Harry Merrow Ossipee
Rep. Steve Schmidt Wolfeboro
Rep. Chris Ahlgren Wolfeboro
Rep. Susan Emerson Rindge
Rep. Jane Johnson Swanzey
Rep. Herb Richardson Lancaster
Rep. Rick Ladd Haverhill
Rep. Neal Kurk Weare
Rep. Cal Pratt Goffstown
Rep. Keith Murphy Bedford
Kelleigh Murphy Bedford
Rep. Steve Vaillancourt Manchester
Rep. Carolyn Gargasz Hollis
Rep. Don LeBrun Nashua
David Murotake Nashua
Rep. Bob Haefner Hudson
Rep. Russ Ober Hudson
Rep. Shawn Jasper Hudson
Charlene Takesian Pelham
Rep. Mark Warden Goffstown
Rep. George Lambert Litchfield
Rep. David Kidder New London
Rep. Priscilla Lockwood Canterbury
Rep. David Hess Hooksett
Rep. Kyle Tasker Nottingham
Rep. Kathy Hoelzel Raymond
Rep. Gene Charron Chester
Rep. Sherm Packard Londonderry
Kevin St. James Kingston
Rep. Norm Major Plaistow
Rep. Mary Allen Newton
Rep. Pat Abrami Stratham
Rep. Tim Copeland Stratham
Rep. John Sytek Salem
Rep. Ronald Belanger Salem
Rep. Michelle Peckham North Hampton
Many other races are too close to call or are unknown at this time.

Cornerstone Ad Spot ‘Fringe’ Highlights Maggie Hassan’s Obsession with Social Issues

New Ad Shows Hassan’s Errant Focus, Urges Support for Ovide Lamontagne As Governor to Boost Economy, Jobs

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Cornerstone Action PAC launched a statewide radio ad that is airing now through Election Day to highlight Maggie Hassan’s focus on an extreme social agenda rather than the issues that matter to voters.

The ad, called “Fringe” (listen to the ad on YouTube), highlights a number of extreme positions taken by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan while she was president of the N.H. Senate. It continues by reminding voters about Maggie Hassan’s apparent obsession with social issues during her campaign for governor. On the other hand, the ad reminds voters how Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne has been focused on his plan to stimulate the economy and restore job growth and development in New Hampshire. 

“Since announcing her candidacy for governor, Maggie Hassan has been obsessed with social issues and she has talked about very little else,” said Shannon McGinley, Cornerstone’s acting executive director. “This should come as no surprise to voters who followed Maggie’s career in the State Senate. During that time, Maggie aligned herself on the fringe side of many social issues by repealing the state’s common sense parental notification law, passing a law to permit gay ‘marriage’ and advancing the infamous transgender ‘bathroom bill’.

“Voters who are concerned about jobs and the economy should remember Maggie’s failure to deliver when she was given the chance, McGinley added. “Maggie’s extreme social agenda was more important to her then, and it still appears to be more important to her now.

“On the other hand, Ovide Lamontagne has remained focused on jobs and the economy during his campaign,” McGinley continued. “Ovide has outlined a very specific plan that would deliver on these critically important issues, despite Maggie’s attempts to distract him.”

Here is the script for the new ad, “Fringe” (Please also listen to the ad on YouTube):

Woman: Hon, have you heard all of those Maggie Hassan attack ads against Ovide Lamontagne?

Man: Sure have—she seems pretty obsessed with bringing up fringe social issues over and over.

W: Yeah, right. Though I’m not so surprised Maggie Hassan is obsessed with fringe social issues, since it’s all she seemed to work on when she was in the State Senate.

M: Really?

W: You bet. When Maggie was a state senator, she and her counterparts spent months on fringe issues like gay marriage—and remember that transgender bathroom bill?!

M: Oh yeah—that was a doozy.

W: Right it was—but it didn’t even stop there. Maggie’s obsession with the fringe social issues even lead her to repeal the state’s common sense parental notification law.

M: It all seems so extreme. I don’t want my next governor to be so obsessed with these fringe social issues.

W: Neither do I, which is why I’m supporting Ovide Lamontagne. Unlike Maggie, Ovide’s got his priorities straight and has a plan to bring good jobs to New Hampshire.

M: Sounds like the right idea. I want a Governor who’s focused on job creation, not obsessed with fringe social issues like Maggie Hassan.

Paid for by Cornerstone Action PAC. Not authorized by any candidate. Vicki Lavery, Treasurer. P.O. Box 4351, Manchester, N.H. 03108.


About Cornerstone Action and Cornerstone Action PAC
Cornerstone-Action and Cornerstone Policy Research are non-partisan, non-profit organizations dedicated to preserving New Hampshire’s traditional values, limited government, and free markets through education, information and advocacy. Our vision is to create an environment in which strong families—the foundation of our society—can lead New Hampshire into a new era of prosperity and strength. Cornerstone Action PAC is Cornerstone’s political action committee, which supports candidates who uphold traditional American values. For more information, please visit


Hassan Says Legislature’s Misplaced Priorities Hurting NH’s Economic Future 

State Revenue Report Shows Money That Could Have Supported Higher Education Went to Tax Evaders and Big Tobacco

MANCHESTER – The current legislature’s misguided priorities and radical agenda is hurting New Hampshire’s long-term economic future, said Maggie Hassan, Democratic candidate for governor. 

“We need to once again put people and the long-term health of our economy before big tobacco companies and tax evaders,” said Hassan. “As I travel the state, every business leader I speak with tells me the most important economic development investment we can make as a state is in building an educated workforce. Budgeting is about priorities. This legislature cut funding for higher education in half in order to fund giveaways to big tobacco companies and to tax evaders. Those are the wrong priorities for New Hampshire.”

“As Governor, I will put education before tobacco companies and tax evaders,” said Hassan. “I call on Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith to tell the people of New Hampshire whether they would reverse these cuts to higher education, and these giveaways to tobacco companies and tax evaders.”  

The legislature cut funding for higher education in half in the most recent state budget. But the state’s June revenue report shows that that the majority of those cuts could have been avoided – if the legislature had not given away tens of millions of dollars to tax evaders and big tobacco companies. 

After the cut in the tobacco tax, state tobacco revenues are running $11 million below last year. After the cut to state auditors, audit revenue is down by $20 million. Business taxes are also running $13 million ahead of the GOP plan. Combined, those revenues could go a long way toward restoring funding to higher education and other priority areas. 


NHDP - Burling: Bill O'Brien's Final - Dangerous - Push 

Dear Friend,


What we have seen in the past two years under Speaker Bill O'Brien is a legislature used as a tool to advance a radical ideology.  When I had the pleasure of serving in the House, I often disagreed with my Republican colleagues.  We had heated, but cordial debates and ultimately worked to find consensus to protect New Hampshire businesses and honor the rights of men and women.   



As the New Hampshire House and Senate sessions draw to a close, Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party friends are making a final push to ram through the most radical items on their agenda.   



They are pulling out every stop in their effort to pass laws infringing on a woman's right to choose; restricting a worker's right to organize; and even limiting the Judiciary's ability to remain independent. They are working to pass a bill diverting $16 million in taxpayer money to private, religious schools - this from the same people who said we couldn't afford to support our public colleges and universities.  



Governor Lynch and House and Senate Democrats have stood strong in the face of overwhelming Republican opposition and forced the legislature to lay aside some of the worst bills.  But Bill O'Brien has made clear he is going to fight hard to return to the Speaker's rostrum next year.  And Republican gubernatorial candidates Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith have promised to be rubber stamps for Bill O'Brien's assault on women's and worker's rights, public education, an independent judiciary, and affordable health care.    



Already, we are seeing outside interest-groups pour money into the state to try to save Bill O'Brien and the Tea Party's agenda.  Americans for Prosperity (funded by the Koch Brothers) has just launched a new radio ad.  And Tea Party activists are creating a new PAC aimed at electing a Republican Governor.  



The people of New Hampshire have had enough of Bill O'Brien and the Tea Party.   



Will you donate $100, $50, or $25 today to stand up to these out-of-state special interest groups supporting Bill O'Briens's radical agenda?



Our Democratic candidates will be strong leaders in Concord who will focus on common-sense mainstream solutions to the challenges facing our families:  strengthening the economy and businesses, good schools, and access to affordable health care.   



We are working every day over the next six months to make Bill O'Brien a one-term speaker and to restore leadership in Concord.  We need your support of $100, $50, or $25 today.



Thank you for your generosity,

Hon. Peter Burling



 P.S.  Join our Sustaining Member program by donating each month helping us build the strongest party structure possible heading into November.  Your recurring monthly donation of $50, $25, or $10 is critical in helping us re-take the House and Senate and hold the Governor's Office.


NHDP - ICYMI: At House, social issues trump jobs 

The New Hampshire House continues to send mixed messages about its legislative priorities. There seems to be a gap between House Republican leaders' words and their actions.


House leaders say their top priorities are jobs and the economy.


But if that's true, why in the world would they attach an amendment requiring a woman to wait 24 hours for an abortion to a bill approved by the Senate raising the research and development tax credit pool from $1 million to $2 million? Every major business organization in the state has advocated for increasing this tax credit and making it permanent. If the House had simply approved the bill, the governor would have signed it, and it would be law. Instead, by inappropriately attaching this divisive amendment, House leaders have placed this pro-business growth bill in jeopardy.


"The 24-hour wait bill requires that women receive explicit information about the fetus, the proposed procedure, medical risks associated with it and alternatives to abortion," The Associated Press reported.


What does this have to do with helping state businesses with research and development?

This is a case of House leaders' words saying they value jobs and the economy while their actions show that social issues such as abortion are more important.


Not only was this bad lawmaking, it was also bad politics.


This abortion bill already had its hearings in the House and Senate, and the Senate voted no. It's hard to believe that the Senate, already irritated with House leaders, would suddenly change its position on the abortion bill simply because the House is holding the R&D tax credit hostage. So House leaders have jeopardized a pro-business bill to advance an abortion bill that has no chance of becoming law.


This is just one more example of why the House needs new leadership.


Read the editorial here.