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DNC - Perry Punts on Social Security, Blames Popover 



Perry Suggests Social Security And Medicare Are Unconstitutional, Saying The Founding Fathers Did Not Intend “General Welfare” To Include Federally Operated Pension Or Health Care Programs. Perry: “I don’t think our founding fathers when they were putting the term ‘general welfare’ in there were thinking about a federally operated program of pensions nor a federally operated program of health care. What they clearly said was that those were issues that the states need to address. Not the federal government. I stand very clear on that. From my perspective, the states could substantially better operate those programs if that’s what those states decided to do.” [Andrew Romano Interview with Rick Perry in the Fall 2010, via The Daily Beast, 8/12/11]


Three Times During A November 2010 Interview With Newsweek, Perry Called Social Security “A Ponzi Scheme.” “Whether it’s Social Security, whether it’s Medicaid, whether it’s Medicare. You’ve got $115 trillion worth of unfunded liability in those three. They’re bankrupt. They’re a Ponzi scheme…I think the first step in finding the solutions is admitting we have a problem—and admitting that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme…What I did say is, We have to be courageous as a country and stand up and admit that we have a Social Security program that is bankrupt, that is a Ponzi scheme…” [Rick Perry Newsweek Interview in November 2010 (published in full by The Daily Beast, 8/12/11)]


Rick Perry: “By Any Measure, Social Security Is A Failure.” In his book Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington, published in 2010, Rick Perry wrote, “By any measure, Social Security is a failure.” ["Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington," Gov. Rick Perry]


Perry: “I Challenge Anybody To Stand Up And Defend The Social Security Program That We Have Today." “I challenge anybody to stand up and defend the Social Security program that we have today…” [Rick Perry Newsweek Interview in November 2010 (published in full by The Daily Beast, 8/12/11)]




“But you said Social Security is unconstitutional,” Mitchell repeated.


“I don’t think I — I’m sorry, you must have,” Perry said before stopping himself.


Instead of elaborating, Perry stuffed a generous piece of popover in his mouth. (Perry called them “pop ups.”)


Rick Perry Can’t Defend His Claim That Social Security Is Unconstitutional Because He’s ‘Got A Big Mouthful’

By Ian Millhiser on Aug 18, 2011 at 12:48 pm

At a campaign stop at a New Hampshire restaurant today, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) refused to explain his previous claim that Social Security violates the Constitution. Rather than clarify how this firm stance can be squared with his post-presidential campaign announcement position that “Social Security’s going to be there” for the elderly, Perry stuffed some food in his mouth and then refused to answer because his mouth was full:

Inside the café, Gail Mitchell and a companion grilled him: “You said Social Security was unconstitutional.”

“Social Security’s going to be there for those folks,” Perry answered his inquisitors, making reference to the elderly.

“But you said Social Security is unconstitutional,” Mitchell repeated.

“I don’t think I — I’m sorry, you must have,” Perry said before stopping himself.

Instead of elaborating, Perry stuffed a generous piece of popover in his mouth. (Perry called them “pop ups.”)

“I’ve got a big mouthful,” Perry said and then ordering a glass of water. He later tripped over one of the women standing at his side pressing him on Social Security.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” Perry said to her.

Popovers, a hollow egg batter roll similar to a Yorkshire pudding, are delicious. But they are no excuse for Perry’s refusal to answer a basic question. In an interview with the Daily Beast’s Andrew Romano, Perry claimed that “pensions” and “health care” are not issues the federal government can address under the Constitution, so it’s difficult to see how Perry expects Social Security (or Medicare, for that matter) to be there for seniors when he is convinced that they violate our nation’s founding document.

And if Perry ever finishes chewing his popover, he has plenty of other questions to answer about his absurd vision of the Constitution, including:

  • ·         Pell Grants & Student Loans: When Perry said, “I don’t think the federal government has a role in your children’s education,” did he mean that all college students must lose their Pell Grants and federal student loans overnight, or can they finish out the current semester?
  • ·         Child Labor Laws: Does Perry’s statement that “national labor laws” are unconstitutional mean that he would like to hire child workers himself, or just that coal mine and factory owners should be free to start hiring 9-year-olds if they chose to?
  • ·         Ending Democracy
  • ·         Workplace Discrimination
  • ·         Jefferson Davis Perry

Clearly, Rick Perry has many, many questions he needs to answer about his twisted view of the Constitution. There probably aren’t enough popovers in New Hampshire to allow him to dodge all of them.


NHDP - Guinta Tours Nursing Home After Voting to Cut Social Security and End Medicare As We Know It

Concord, NH - As Frank Guinta tours the Dover nursing home today, New Hampshire voters will once again be reminded that rather than focusing on creating jobs in Washington, Guinta has voted numerous times to end Medicare as we know it and slash Social Security.  New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement responding to Guinta's misleading event.


"Frank Guinta has had one priority in Washington this year, dismantling Medicare and slashing Social Secuirty benefits.  Rather than look for ways we can create new jobs or grow the economy, he has repeatedly tried to take a hatchet to Social Security and Medicare, cutting benefits for hard working people who have paid into the system for decades. 


"The reckless schemes Guinta has supported, like the irresponsible Ryan Plan and the dangerous 'dodge, duck, and dismantle' proposal, would making it nearly impossible for average folks, working families, and local business owners to ever hope to retire. 


"As long as we are 'Frankly Speaking,' I frankly don't know how Congressman Guinta can look the seniors at the Dover nursing home in eye, after having voted numerous times to cut the Social Security and Medicare programs they rely on to survive."



Guinta's votes to end Medicare as we know it and slash Social Security:


Guinta Voted for the 2012 Republican Budget Proposal that Would "Essentially End Medicare." In April, FrankGuinta to end Medicare by supporting the Republican budget. The Wall Street Journal reported "The plan would essentially end Medicare, which now pays most of the health-care bills for 48 million elderly and disabled Americans, as a program that directly pays those bills." [H Con. Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; Wall Street Journal, 4/4/11]


Guinta Voted for the Cut, Cap and Balance Plan that is More Extreme than the Republican Budget. The non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities wrote: "The measure [...] stands out as one of the most ideologically extreme pieces of major budget legislation to come before Congress in years, if not decades. [...] The legislation would inexorably subject Social Security and Medicare to deep reductions." [H.R. 2560, Vote #606, 7/19/11; Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 7/16/11]


Guinta Voted to Deem the Republican Budget as Having been Passed by Congress. Representative FrankGuinta voted to end Medicare by supporting a "deeming resolution" in H. Res. 287 which states "the provisions of House Concurrent Resolution 34 [...] shall have force and effect [...] in the House as though Congress has adopted such concurrent resolution". [H. Res. 287, Vote #382, 6/1/11]


House Republicans propose Social Security opt-out. "House Republicans on Friday introduced legislation that would allow workers to partially opt out of Social Security immediately, and fully opt out after 15 years." The measure was introduced by NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (TX-32) and Republican Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling (TX-05) among others. [The Hill, 6/6/11]


Dallas Morning News: Dow's fall shows peril of changing Social Security. "The stock market fell again Friday, marking a six-week slump. That's bad news for investors - and bad timing for Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions and others who want to transform Social Security by creating investment accounts for workers. Sessions, who runs the Republican congressional campaign effort, has been pushing as long as he's been in the House to partly privatize Social Security. [...] Indeed, after President George W. Bush's failed push for a similar plan early in his second term, most Republicans backed away from the idea." [Dallas Morning News,6/12/11]


Guinta Said He Would Consider Privatizing Social Security. In July 2010, Guinta said that "he would consider creating personal accounts and increasing the retirement age. 'Everything has to be on the table,'" said Guinta. [New Hampshire Union Leader, 7/29/10]


US Rep Kucinich - Obama: Social Security Is Not a Political Pawn

Dear Friend

President Obama has -- against all promises -- just put Social Security cuts on the table.

This is not a compromise. It's caving to the corporate special interests who want to keep their handouts while dismantling Social Security. We need to stand up and tell President Obama that Social Security is not a political pawn -- it's a lifeline for millions of seniors.

Click here to sign our petition, and ask everyone you know to do the same.

The most unbelievable part of this debate, is that Social Security has nothing -- zip, zilch, nada -- to do with the current deficit. The program can pay 100% of its benefits through 2037 without any changes. It has a $2.6 trillion surplus.

So why the proposed cuts? The more money that can be built into Social Security's cash flow surplus, the more money the government can borrow from the surplus to use for tax cuts, spending, or reducing the deficit. We cannot accept this. Money paid into Social Security isn't the government's money to play with. They're the benefits that our seniors paid for and depend on. Social Security must be protected.

President Obama's turn on Social Security cuts is wrong for many reasons. It's leading some Americans to incorrectly believe that Social Security is to blame for the debt crisis. It's unjust to threaten the benefits that millions of Americans depend on.

Please sign this petition, spread it around, and tell your friends, family, and neighbors to join you.

Social Security is the cornerstone of social and economic justice in America. This is our time to stand-up and speak out.

With respect,
Dennis Kucinich


CEI Daily - Social Security, Public Sector Unions, and Water Bureau Politics

Social Security


The AARP has acknowledged that Social Security benefits cannot be paid out indefinitely at current levels.


Research Associate Adam Michel responds.


"The AARP’s seeming willingness to compromise in order to offer long term solvency to Social Security is a compromise that unions would be wise to observe. Big Labor has dug in their heels all over the United States by opposing any reform to pensions or collective bargaining agreements. This stubborn reaction to change neglects that most states will be facing insolvent pension funds within the next 15 to 20 years. If unions won’t let states reduce their workforce, lower wages or restructure pensions, where will the money come from to fix pensions? The only option left is to raise taxes, forcing taxpayers to subsidize government employees’ retirement."




Public Sector Unions


Public Sector Unions are putting taxpayers on the line for over0generous pension programs.


Vice President Iain Murray comments.


"Without significant reform, which will necessarily involve cuts in promised pension benefits, the rest of us are going to have to work for years to pay for other people to live in pampered retirement. And there is no other word for that than theft."




Water Bureau Politics


Portland Water Bureau administrator David Shaff decided to drain 8 million gallons from one of the city reservoirs after security cameras caught a man urinating into the basin.


Senior Fellow Greg Conko comments on Shaff's controversial decision.


"[U]rine from a healthy adult is sterile, it’s already composed mostly of water, and a few ounces of human urine diluted into 8 million gallons of water would expose drinkers to a minute quantity of contaminants measured in the parts per billion range, if not parts per trillion. And the Water Bureau even acknowledged that the reservoir water is commonly exposed to large quantities of animal urine and fecal matter, animal carcasses, trash, and other 'pollutants.'


What I think is most telling, though is Shaff’s explanation for the decision: 'Nobody wants to drink pee, and I don’t want to deal with the 100 people who would be unhappy that I’m serving them pee in their water.' How fantastic is that? The Water Bureau decides to waste a few thousand dollars and a few million gallons of perfectly fine water just because the administer doesn’t want to get a few angry phone calls."


Andy Martin: Republican presidential candidates are wimps on Medicare Social Sec

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference today, May 26th to charge that his primary opponents are “wimps” and that he is the only candidate who stands up for Medicare and Social Security. Martin says the “Corwin Catastrophe” should have been a wakeup call for Republicans inside the Beltway, but wasn’t.

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says his presidential primary opponents are wimps who are afraid to lead congress

Martin opens his Florida campaign with a Medicare news conference in Palm Beach

Martin has been/is airing a TV ad which supports Medicare and Social Security

Martin says Jane Corwin may have saved Republicans in 2012; she is the “canary in the mine shaft”

NEWS FROM:                                                                     


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President of the United States

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Palm Beach news conference today, Thursday, May 26th to launch his Florida campaign with an attack on his opponents as “wimps” who are afraid to lead congress

Martin says the “Corwin Catastrophe” should have been a wakeup call for Beltway Republicans, but wasn’t.

Martin says he is the only “Main Street” Republican; the other presidentials all have a “Beltway” mentality

Martin says he would fix Medicare and Social Security and avoid the drastic cuts proposed by other Republicans

“Presidents are elected to lead,” Martin says, “not to follow congress.”

(PALM BEACH, FL)(May 26, 2011)  Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Palm Beach, Florida news conference today, May 26th at 5:00 P.M. to launch his Florida campaign with am attack on the other Republican presidential candidates as “wimps.”

“We have seen the first test of leadership this week, and my opponents have all failed the test. Like helpless puppies they have submitted to the Beltway theocracy that wants to gradually eliminate Social Security and Medicare.

“I am the only presidential candidate running an ad supporting Medicare and Social Security. (The ad is attached to this release). We produced our TV commercial early in May. We didn’t have to wait for the New York election to know what to do. I was leading, not following, on entitlement reform.

“First, I support the repeal of Obamacare. It doesn’t work and will bankrupt the United States.

“Second, I oppose the provisions of Obamacare that establish a de facto death panel and raid social security for half a trillion dollars.

“Third, along with both Republicans and responsible Democrats I know that we have to make adjustments to these programs. I will work on a bipartisan basis to adopt reforms which enjoy the support of the American people.

“Fourth, I acknowledge what Republicans do not: Social Security and Medicare strike a special chord in the American people because no one can escape old age. Old age is an affliction that all of us will face. Rich or poor, good or bad, we all grow old.

“As a little boy, I watched as my elders grappled with the illness and death of relatives. Later, it was my duty to supervise medical care, plan funerals and assess the impact of government programs as I filled out the paperwork. I don't know how many of my opponents have had similar experiences but if not they have no place dictating to the American people with reform schemes that fly in the face of human reality. Not political reality, human reality.

“We all grow old, and in the lottery of life some of us lose the capacity to care for ourselves earlier than others. My mother is 93; thanks to drug companies—who are unfortunately the target of relentless propaganda attacks from the Democrats—she is a healthy 93 and lives on her own. Her signature is clearer than mine. She is a lucky one.

“I am also a lucky one. I got through life without health insurance. Thankfully I didn’t need it. But I have friends that are now dependent on Medicare and Social Security, and I do not plan to abandon them to the ‘marketplace.’ Some of them could not make it on their own.

“Some Americans are incapacitated in their 60’s or 70’s. No one knows what God has in store for us. It’s in the Bible. So providing collectively for the ultimate end of all of us individually is not a bad idea.

“Are Medicare and Social Security perfect? No they are not. We can make adjustments, and we can make modifications. I will announce my reform plan at the next candidates’ debate. As a University of Illinois-trained economist with a special in consumer sampling and survey research I know what people want and what they do not feel will work for them.

“I support the articulated goals of the Republican Party; I take them at their word that they want to preserve Medicare (and Social Security). But we have to arrive at those goals other than by telling people who are old and ill that they have to ‘shop’ for insurance or investment advice.

“Recently, I was compelled to clobber some idiotic Republicans in New Hampshire that unfairly attacked me. Like Barack Obama, I come out of the Chicago School of Politics. That’s why I am the only Republican presidential candidate qualified and experienced enough to oppose Obama in 2012. It's not necessarily because I'm the nicest guy, although I am a nice guy. It's because I am clearly the toughest guy to face Obama. Why would Republicans choose less than the toughest opponent for Obama? I am a leader; the others are not.

“The national leadership of the Republican Party is incompetent and delusional. They campaigned in 2010 on a plan to reverse the Obama raid on Medicare, and then turned around in 2011 and proposed raiding Medicare themselves. They took Jane Corwin and turned her into a sacrificial lamb. Fortunately, the Republican Party is very good on defense; they are excellent at unwinding Democratic Party overreaching. Unfortunately, Republicans are very weak on offense. Every time they try to implement their own ideas, they fumble. I will do both.

“Today no one in New Hampshire doubts I will be a very tough and aggressive leader. They are learning the hard way that Andy Martin means business. We are not going to defeat Obama with the other ‘powder puff’ candidates we have now. We need a presidential candidate who is Chicago-tough and seasoned. My TV commercial anticipated the coming debacle in New York. Today I issue this diktat to my Beltway Republican presidential candidates: “Wake up, get real, and start listening to Main Street instead of trying to raid Main Street to support Wall Street. You won’t make it to the promised land of removing Obama from the White House without me as your candidate. I am the only Chicago street fighter in the Republican stable of presidential candidates. Just ask the people in New Hampshire about that.”

Martin’s Medicare TV spot is attached to this release; the commercial can also be seen at Martin’s YouTube channel and on his campaign’s home page.




Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin 


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Republican presidential candidates are wimps; he is the only one to back Medicare, Social Security


Sidewalk, in front of 95 N. County Road, Palm Beach, Florida (U. S. Post Office)


Thursday, May 26, 2011, 5:00 P.M.



ABOUT ANDY: Chicago Public Radio calls Andy Martin a “boisterous Internet activist.” The Chicago Tribune calls him “Chicago’s own” and a “political activist.” Andy is a legendary New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” [] and he produced the Internet film "Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” []. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” He comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of investigative and analytical experience.

Martin has also been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois politics and American courts for over forty years. He is currently sponsoring See also;

He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).
Andy's columns are also posted at;

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