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Cornerstone congratulates O'Brien on nomination for Speaker 

Cornerstone Action

 Attribute to: Bryan McCormack, Executive Director  

Congratulations to Bill O'Brien on being nominated by his fellow House Republicans to be Speaker of the House. They chose bold leadership today, which is precisely what's needed to keep our state's fiscal house in order. Even more importantly, Representative O'Brien's not embarrassed to speak out in support of New Hampshire families and in support of respect for life. He's well-deserving of another term as Speaker.

NHDP - Back to the future 

BREAKING: Bill O'Brien back as Speaker.

It's official - Republicans just voted to return Bill O'Brien as New Hampshire Speaker of the House. They're going back to the future and we can expect the same extreme, Tea Party agenda:

Draconian cuts to higher education, but cheaper cigarettes. Right-to-Work for Less. Repeal of Marriage Equality. Block Access to Women's Healthcare.
We've worked too hard to let the extreme ideology of Bill O'Brien stop the progress we've made. We've stood up and stopped him before and we're going to have to do it again in 2016.
If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation to stop Bill O'Brien will go through immediately.


-- Raymond Buckley, Chairman
New Hampshire Democratic Party


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on Bill O'Brien on becoming the next Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives:


"I want to congratulate Bill O'Brien on becoming the next Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Speaker O'Brien is a proven conservative, a tireless advocate for limited government and an outstanding leader who will stand up for fiscal responsibility in Concord. The Republican State Committee looks forward to working with Speaker O'Brien to hold Governor Hassan's accountable for her reckless tax and spend agenda and promote responsible Republican policies that will benefit all Granite Staters."


NHDP - NEW WEB VIDEO: CEO Walt Havenstein Would Be A Rubber Stamp for the Anti-Middle Class

Web Video Highlights Havenstein’s Koch Brothers Agenda that Would Take NH Back to the Bill O’Brien Era of Devastating Cuts to Education, Health Care, and Public Safety

Manchester, NH – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched anew web video highlighting how failed CEO Walt Havenstein would be a rubber stamp for the anti-middle class Koch Brothers agenda and take New Hampshire back to the Bill O’Brien era of devastating cuts to education, health care and public safety.

Havenstein has never shied away from embracing disgraced former speaker Bill O'Brien, noting just last week during the WMUR debate that he thought, “Bill did a very good job.” O'Brien infamously pushed an ultra-conservative agenda in New Hampshire that repealed the state's minimum wage, slashed funding for higher education in half, cut critical services for Granite State children and families, and defunded Planned Parenthood.

“Heading into the general election, failed CEO Walt Havenstein has already made it crystal clear that his 'plan' would simply be to rubber-stamp the Bill O'Brien/Koch Brothers agenda,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. “By signing the Koch Brothers pledge that calls for repealing health coverage from 50,000 people, praising Bill O'Brien's devastating cuts to education, health care and public safety, and opposing efforts to restore and improve New Hampshire's minimumwage, Havenstein has proven time and again that he would hurt regular New Hampshire families."

"New Hampshire can't afford someone like Walt Havenstein who puts his interests first no matter who it hurts, and who can't be trusted to look out for the priorities of working Granite Staters," added Lesswing.

Havenstein signed the Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity pledge calling to repeal health coverage from 50,000 Granite Staters, bring back the devastating and reckless Bill O'Brien budget that slashed higher funding in half, and oppose an increase in the minimum wage, despite making nearly $20 million himself while his company lost millions of dollars and shed thousands of jobs under his failed leadership.

Watch the new web video here


Havenstein Thinks Bill O'Brien Did a "Very Good Job"

When asked during last week's WMUR debate for his thoughts on disgraced former speaker Bill O'Brien, Havenstein replied, “I think Bill did a very good job.” [WMUR GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate, 9/5/14]

Havenstein Made Nearly $20 Million While SAIC Lost Thousands of Jobs and its Stock Value Dropped 32%

While Havenstein said it was fine for him to receive nearly $20 million as CEO of SAIC despite his failed leadership and mismanagement that cost the company enormously, he maintains that hardworking families don’t deserve a pay increase, saying, “I am not in favor of raising the minimum wage, period.” [Havenstein Interview with WKBK]

Havenstein Signed the Koch Brothers Pledge

The Pledge is “crafted by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity, funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers […] Walt supports the principles of the AFP pledge and will sign it...” [WMUR Segment on Koch Brothers Pledge Signing Event, 7/30/14]


NH Rep O'Brien - Supreme Court decision on Duncan v. State of New Hampshire 

In 2012 the New Hampshire legislature overrode Democrat Gov. Lynch’s veto and passed the Opportunity Scholarship Act, a law intended to give the children from poor and medium income families the opportunity to get the same educational opportunities that the children of Gov. Lynch and so many of his well-heeled political and union boss friends enjoy.  This pro-educational choice law allows businesses to give a very limited amount of their pretax dollars to private charities set up to give all but a small percentage of the funds they receive to educate children from families earning no more than 300% of the federal poverty line.
Ever since this law came into effect, vested educational industry interests, led by those who do not have to send their children to failing schools, have tried to reverse Gov. Lynch’s failed gubernatorial veto with a judicial veto.  They forum-shopped for a favorable judge.  They had that judge issue a decision limiting the law based on premise that would make any liberal smile: he said, in effect, that all your money first belongs to the government, so if government leaves some to you after taxes with the knowledge that you might spend it on a religious-based education, then government is supporting religion.
This trial court decision has now been subject to review in the New Hampshire Supreme Court and fortunately, it was reversed.  The decision found the plaintiffs lack standing to be in court challenging this law.  As a consequent, the Supreme Court overturned this clearly erroneous decision. 
The Supreme Court today rejected the trial court’s decision that in effect would have told the NH Legislature to be hostile and not neutral toward religions.  Our state constitution does not lay the foundation for such a radical and harmful government.
New Hampshire scholarship students will be able to attend the schools of their choice.  They and their parents will decide and if their decisions are for religious schools or secular schools, it will be up to them and not up to vested education industry interests trying to corral all students into failed government schools.
Decades of union and liberal tinkering and reforms have tainted the splendor of what was a public education system that was the envy of the world.  We must do better for our children.  We must expand the education choices available to all families, even those not as rich as the present and past New Hampshire governors opposing educational choice and the lead plaintiff in the Duncan case.  The journey to a better education for our children must and will continue.