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StandingUpForNHFamilies - ICYMI: Freedom and Family Values

Standing Up for New Hampshire Families (SUFNHF) is a bipartisan group of citizens, business owners, people of faith, and civic leaders who oppose repealing the popular 2009 law allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. Lew Feldstein, former president and chief executive officer of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and Craig Stowell, a veteran Marine who served in Iraq, volunteer as co-chairs of SUFNHF.

Today, SUFNHF co-chairs Lew Feldstein and Craig Stowell announced a new fall 2012 project: “Freedom and Family Values

Feldstein and Stowell said, “The freedom to marry in New Hampshire is under assault by a few desperate lawmakers. But we’re still standing strong to protect all families.”

“We are not alone. We have searched the state to find leaders from both political parties who embody the values and principles of strong families, constitutional freedoms, and equality for all.”

“We are proud to bring to your attention seven outstanding New Hampshire citizens who are champions of freedom and family values: Maggie Hassan, Jeff Woodburn, Nancy Stiles, Lee Nyquist, Donna Soucy, John Reagan, and Peg Gilmour.”

“This is not an exhaustive list. Thousands have stood up to protect freedom and family values in our state. These individuals – Republicans and Democrats – have each publicly demonstrated their commitment to supporting equal rights for same-sex couples.”

“Unfortunately, we also determined there is one individual, Ovide Lamontagne, who presents a tangible threat to individual freedom in our state, specifically the freedom to marry.  Mr. Lamontagne has displayed an astounding lack of respect for the gay and lesbian population and, if given the chance, has pledged to ‘aggressively’ take away rights from law-abiding, tax-paying Granite Staters. If that weren’t enough, Mr. Lamontagne also supports writing discrimination into our founding documents by proposing anti-marriage equality amendments to the state and federal constitutions. In recent weeks, Mr. Lamontagne has shamelessly attempted to conceal and obscure his efforts to repeal the freedom to marry, but we are here to hold him accountable by exposing his record.”

“Maggie Hassan is a steadfast supporter of the freedom to marry and she stands up courageously for all New Hampshire families. She proudly believes that every New Hampshire citizen deserves equal treatment under the law.”

“In the coming weeks, we will continue to educate the public and highlight more individuals who are working to protect freedom and family values. Even as some individuals, like Mr. Lamontagne, may try to hide their unpopular views, Standing Up for New Hampshire Families will be here to ensure that all citizens are fully informed.”


Nancy Stiles, Hampton


Lee Nyquist, New Boston


John Reagan, Deerfield


Peggy Gilmour, Hollis


Donna Soucy, Manchester


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StandingUpForNHFamiles - Could It Be Any Clearer? NH Voters Say Again, “Leave It Alone!”

Fresh polling confirms rock-solid opposition to repeal; 6% swing in favor of NH's marriage law

Concord, NH - The latest polling from the WMUR Granite State Poll conducted by UNH Survey Center (link: is out, and it shows once again that New Hampshire voters do not want to repeal the popular freedom to marry law.

Opposition to repeal stands at 61%, including 51% who strongly oppose. Supporters of repeal fall below 30%, coming in at only 28% with 23% strongly supporting repeal.  The poll also reveals a six-point swing in favor of New Hampshire's marriage law over the last survey conducted six months ago. Opposition to repeal gained two points while support for repeal lost four points.

SUFNHF Co-Chairman Lew Feldstein observed, “These numbers are great, and they confirm what we know: New Hampshire supports freedom and we don’t want to take rights away from people. I encourage every candidate for state office to look at these numbers very seriously and consider if their own efforts reflect the popular will.”

Earlier this year, a repeal bill failed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 211 to 116, with a majority of Republicans and Democrats voting to protect the rights of same-sex couples.

Key Findings from the Poll:

  • Overall - 61% oppose repeal; 28% support - - - among those who hold their position strongly, 51% oppose repeal; 23% support
  • Independents – 56% oppose repeal; 25% support
  • Moderates – 70% oppose repeal; 20% support
  • 18-34 year-olds – 86% oppose repeal; 12% support

StandingUpForNHFamiles - Why Won't Ovide Come Clean?

Pro-Family Group Calls on Lamontagne to be Honest about His Unpopular Views

In an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio this morning, Ovide Lamontagne told the audience that repeal of New Hampshire’s marriage law “is not a priority” for him, though he repeats his pledge to sign a repeal bill. (News link:

These latest watered-down comments completely fly in the face of his record on the issue not too long ago. As recently as this spring, he was passionate about his anti-gay positions, pledging in a speech on the State House steps that, “If Gov. Lynch prevents a return to traditional marriage, you can count on me to aggressively work to make this happen once I’m governor.” (News link:

SUFNHF Republican Co-Chair Craig Stowell responded, “I’m not sure who Ovide thinks he’s fooling. He tries to sugar coat his out of step positions when he speaks to mainstream audiences, but we know where he really stands. His recent comments suggesting that single parents, divorced parents or gay parents are inferior and hurt their children’s chances to succeed in life reveal his true motives.”  (News link:

“I’m sure he's seen the polls. He clearly knows his position does not represent the values of the Granite State, and that’s why he tries to hide it. That won’t work in New Hampshire. He needs to be honest with the voters about where he stands,” added Stowell.


StandingUpForNHFamiles - O'Brien is Obsessed 


O’Brien Obsesses Over Gay Marriage
Vows to Continue His Attack on New Hampshire Families If Re-elected

CONCORD, NH - New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O’Brien ignited new controversy yesterday when he claimed on NHPR’s The Exchange that married gay and lesbian couples are “weakened families” that “create an unlimited call on government resources.”

He offered zero facts or statistics to support this baseless attack.

Republican Craig Stowell, a Marine Corps veteran and Co-Chair of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, responded: “O’Brien’s continued attacks on gay and lesbian families are downright disgusting, and out of step with the people of New Hampshire.  This year’s vote demonstrated what repeated statewide polls have shown - the widespread popularity of our marriage law.”

This past March, a repeal of the freedom to marry overwhelmingly failed in the Republican-dominated New Hampshire House of Representatives by a vote of 211 to 116.  This included 119 Republicans who voted to kill the bill, the majority position among House Republicans.  In spite of these results, Speaker O’Brien promised that if re-elected he would continue to pursue a repeal next session. 

“Bill O’Brien’s narrow social agenda does not represent Granite State values. He needs to drop this anti-family crusade and focus on moving New Hampshire forward,” added Stowell.

Standing Up for New Hampshire Families will soon release a full candidate scorecard for legislative races around the state.


StandingUpForNHFamiles - Marriage Equality in NH Grows in Popularity 

Marriage Equality in NH Grows in Popularity

CONCORD, NH-  A recent poll from Public Policy Polling shows voters support the freedom to marry in New Hampshire by an overwhelming 22% margin of 57%-35%, a strong increase from just ten months ago in the same poll when support measured at 51%-38%. 
Tyler Deaton, spokesperson for Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, commented on the poll numbers:
“These latest numbers reveal a 9% swing in favor of marriage equality during the exact same period that some ill-advised legislators tried and failed to repeal New Hampshire’s historic marriage equality law.  The recent overwhelming victory in the legislature to uphold the freedom to marry continues and polls like this one confirm that New Hampshire has done a wonderful thing by treating all families equally under the law.”
Link to the complete poll-