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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta (NH01), voting for today’sProtecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH) of 2015, said the series of tax credits for Americans“puts economic power in the hands of those who work hard, save and invest.”


   “Too often, mostly from federal bureaucrats and enablers in Washington, D.C., we hear that tax cuts are a cost to the government, whereas Granite Staters’ income is their own, the fruit of their own labor,” said Rep. Guinta, a member of the House Financial Services Committee. “It should be individuals and families who decide on their priorities, such as housing, education and entrepreneurship.”


     He noted several PATH Act provisions that permanently extend student and educator credits, as well as research and development credits, which Congress has renewed year to year, typically, until today. More research and development will spark innovation and job growth, said the Congressman, adding that permanence gives individuals and businesses certainty to plan for the future.  


   “Companies should have a greater incentive to bring new medicines and technology to market,”said Rep. Guinta. “Education is the starting point.”


     The PATH Act extends tax credits for charitable contributions and hiring U.S. military veterans. New Hampshire has the 12th highest proportion of veterans in the country, according to recent Census data.  Rep. Guinta listed other local benefits to the bill, which passed the House of Representatives on a 318-109 bipartisan vote.


     As a result of an employment tax credit, New Hampshire’s First District will retain an estimated $76.9 million locally. Granite State seniors will see a larger supply of affordable housing, as in Belknap and Rockingham Counties, due to federal housing credits, said Rep. Guinta. He praised a delay of Obamacare’s“egregious” medical device tax, which had been scheduled to take effect next year.


    The PATH Act reforms the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), specifically the tax-collection agency’s reported political activities. The legislation forbids private email accounts for public business and prohibits the targeting of nonprofit organizations for harassment.  


     A House Oversight Committee investigation revealed that IRS agents may have singled out conservative and religious groups for special scrutiny, in violation of their constitutional rights.




AFPNH - Rally Against Gov. Hassan's $100M+ Tax hike Plan 


Can you join us Saturday?

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire will be hosting a rally for employers against Gov. Hassan's $100M+ tax and fee hike plan. We will be meeting at Greeley Park Bandshell on Saturday, September 12 at 5 PM, just days before a scheduled veto override of the state budget.

You will hear from state elected officials and Americans for Prosperity leaders about the importance of making our state more competitive and growing the economy.

Let's send Gov. Hassan a message: we need tax relief, not more tax hikes to pay for out-of-control spending.

We will have free BBQ for event attendees. Sign up HERE and if you have questions, please feel free to contact Ross Connolly at 603.530.1151 or

For Liberty,

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire



Manchester, N.H. – Incumbent Governor Maggie Hassan filed for re-election yesterday, the same day Republican Andrew Hemingway stood with dozens of supporters to submit his papers to challenge her in November. The difference was clear in their filing statements as Hemingway discussed lowering health care costs, improving education and growing the economy, and the Governor touted her expansion of government and a gas tax increase.


“She cited the bi-partisan support for the two-year budget, freezing state college tuition, doubling the research and development tax credit, providing health care to 50,000 poor adults and raising the gas tax to fix the state’s roads and bridges as hallmarks of her first term.” –  Hassan, Hemingway file for NH governor's race by Gary Rayno, Union Leader, June 13, 2012 (View article here)


“When you brag about raising taxes on families already struggling in a stagnant economy, and the massive expansion of Obamacare as your hallmarks, I’d say you’ve demonstrated the difference between the two of us,” Hemingway said.


In addition, Governor Hassan claims credit for a Republican Senate budget and a freeze in the state college tuition.  The college tuition freeze came from the University System of New Hampshire Board, not the Governor.


University System of NH board votes to freeze in-state tuition for two years, Nashua Telegraph, June 29, 2013  (View article here)  


“In addition to touting the two things that will do damage to our economy, Governor Hassan took credit for a budget created by the Republican Senate and a tuition freeze by a board she doesn’t sit on.  I think it’s clear the reality is that Maggie Hassan has no accomplishments of her own worth bragging about,” Hemingway concluded.


ALG's Daily Grind - The deadbeat president 

Oct. 9, 2013

The deadbeat president

Why would Obama default on the debt in the event the debt ceiling is reached if there will be $250 billion of revenue a month to pay $34.8 billion interest that will be owed and otherwise existing debt can be refinanced up to the statutory limit?

And now a word from our founders

James Madison on the silver bullet congressional power of the purse: "This power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people, for obtaining a redress of every grievance, and for carrying into effect every just and salutary measure."

Fallacious claims prop up ethanol
Arguments put forward to support ethanol and other biofuels hold water like sieves – leaking billions of gallons of precious fresh water that are required to produce this expensive, unsustainable energy.

Pethokoukis: The Obamacare tax hike no one's talking about

"In at least one way, Mitt Romney was right that healthcare reform in Massachusetts is nothing like the Affordable Care Act. The work disincentives in Obamacare are far worse."


AFP - Pure Insanity 

This has been a busy week in Washington D.C. First, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan released his budget on Tuesday. But the real surprise was that Senate Democrats finally produced a budget for the first time in four long years. I wanted to provide you with a few important updates on both budgets this week, and highlight some important points in both.


The Ryan Budget plan is a good, serious budget. It is by no means perfect, but a significant step in the right direction.  This budget balances within ten years, but it only does so by leaving the tax hikes from ObamaCare and the $620 billion in higher taxes from the fiscal cliff in place.  This is the danger of allowing tax hikes into the picture when pushing for a balanced budget.  We have voiced our concerns on this point to the Congressman, and will continue to hold him accountable on further tax hikes on American families. 


On the positive side, the Ryan plan does a great job of starting the discussion on reform, repeals the spending portion of ObamaCare, reduces the size and influence of Fannie and Freddie Mac in the housing markets, and permits the Keystone Pipeline.  On balance, the Ryan Budget goes a long way towards improving the fiscal situation our country finds itself in today.


The plan submitted by Senate Budget Chairman Patty Murray contrasts sharply. While we appreciate that the Senate actually produced a budget for the first time in four years, it is a huge disappointment.  The budget submitted by Senate Democrats calls for $1.5 trillion in higher taxes, trillions more in new spending, and does absolutely nothing to address the broken entitlement system our country is facing.  Senator Murray has no plan to ever balance the budget, and instead does the exact opposite - increasing spending and adding an additional $7 trillion to the national debt.


Overall, Murray’s plan is very dangerous for Americans and our economy as a whole.  Continuing out-of-control spending means raising taxes on you, at a time when many Americans can’t afford more tax increases.   To not cut spending is irresponsible, but to not even mention it is pure insanity.  We wish the Senate Democrats had put more serious effort into addressing the real problems we face.


I look forward to providing more updates on these two proposals to you in the near future, as our Policy Team continues to research and develop more information on the costs and benefits of each.  You can keep up with their analysis by visiting our Budget & Spending Issue Page.  Until then, please forward this email to your friends and family to help keep them informed of what these two budgets do. 


In Liberty,


Tim Phillips

Americans for Prosperity