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Independent Fact Checking Organization Backs Up Tax And Fee Claim
"Governor Hassan's fiscally irresponsible budget would devastate New Hampshire's already sluggish economy by raising taxes and fees on working families by over $100 million. It is unacceptable that the governor continues to refuse to compromise with the Legislature and hold New Hampshire's economy hostage to her political ambitions." - NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn
PolitiFact: "The $100 Million Number Can Be Defended" "Given the revenue numbers that Hassan cited in her February budget -- regardless of any quotes or citations applied to the ad -- the $100 million number can be defended as long as both taxes and fees are included." (Clay Wirestone, "Americans for Prosperity calls NH Gov. Maggie Hassan's budget proposal a tax increase,", 8/27/15)
PolitiFact: "Tax And Fee Changes The Governor Put Together... Easily Adds Up To $100 Million" "And looking at a list of tax and fee changes the governor put together in February -- including the tweaks to the tax code -- easily adds up to $100 million." (Clay Wirestone, "Americans for Prosperity calls NH Gov. Maggie Hassan's budget proposal a tax increase,", 8/27/15)
PolitiFact: "21-Cent Increase In The Cigarette Tax" "A 21-cent increase in the cigarette tax. Her budget proposal from February says this would raise $39.2 million, while her July revision predicts an extra $32.6 million." (Clay Wirestone, "Americans for Prosperity calls NH Gov. Maggie Hassan's budget proposal a tax increase,", 8/27/15)
PolitiFact: "$5 Increase To Register Vehicles, As Well As A Hike In Title Fees" "A $5 increase to register vehicles, as well as a hike in title fees...It totals about $29.4 million." (Clay Wirestone, "Americans for Prosperity calls NH Gov. Maggie Hassan's budget proposal a tax increase,", 8/27/15)


Mayoral Candidates Joyce Craig & Patrick Arnold Open Door To Manchester Tax Hikes
Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Mayoral candidates Joyce Craig and Patrick Arnold opening the door to overriding the Manchester tax cap with promises to raise pay for city unions:
"Mayoral candidates Joyce Craig and Patrick Arnold are desperate to outdo each other in their attempt to gain the support of Manchester union bosses and special interest groups. By irresponsibly promising pay raises to city unions, Craig and Arnold are either prepared to override the tax cap or slash funding for public safety at a time when New Hampshire's heroin epidemic is hitting Manchester particularly hard. Missing from Craig's and Arnold's reckless promises to raise union salaries is any plan to pay for it. Their tacit admission of support for overriding the tax cap would devastate Manchester's economy and further burden working families."
As the Manchester Board of School Committee gears up for a special meeting to review the price tag of the teacher contract with proclaimed city finance expert Bill Sanders, candidates for Mayor Joyce Craig and Patrick Arnold have yet to explain to city taxpayers how they plan to pay for their runaway spending plans that would do nothing to address higher class sizes and few teachers.

NHDP - ICYMI: Governor Hassan Tours State Pushing for Responsible Budget

Pressure Continues to Mount on Senate Republicans to Take Bipartisan Approach

Concord, N.H. – As Governor Hassan tours the state to discuss her fiscally responsible budget proposal with local communities, pressure continues to mount on Senate Republicans to work across party lines to pass a responsible budget, including undoing the renewable energy fund raid and restoring funds for health and human services.

See coverage roundup below:

Eagle Times: “Investing in New Hampshire's future: Gov. Hassan talks state budget and goals at Kiwanis meeting”

Hassan has been touring the state over the course of the last week, discussing the state budget with communities in an effort to spread the word about the current division along party lines in Concord and how it could affect people going forward.

… The focus of Hassan’s budget is to attract young professionals and businesses from out of state to immigrate and improve the state’s economy while also retaining the youths that grow up in the state so that they can continue to live and prosper in New Hampshire, which is facing an increasing average median age.

To do this, Hassan’s budget would focus on improving infrastructure, healthcare, and education while also avoiding sales and income tax, something which she believes attracts young people to the state.

… Hassan had strong words for her Republican counterparts in the House… Their budget includes cuts almost $10 million from the rainy day fund, $50 million from the renewable energy fund and nearly $8 million from Hassan’s proposal for the community college system. It also gives nearly $8 million less per year to the university system, which currently receives $84 million. [Full Article]

Union Leader: Dave Solomon's Power Plays: “House budget, if passed, would kill energy fund"

As the new head of the state’s Renewable Energy Fund, Karen Campton finds herself presiding over a program that could be erased by the state Legislature if House budget writers have their way.

… Kate Epsen, executive director of the New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association, called out the House for backing away from a promise to leave dedicated funds alone.

“Raiding the dedicated renewable energy fund will strip ratepayer funds intended for cost-saving and job-creating energy projects, thereby creating a hidden energy tax,” she said. [Full Article]

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: “Deja Vu All Over Again”

It’s deja vu all over again for parents like Kathy Manfre of Peterborough. Four years ago, Manfre was fighting a for a state budget that would give services to people with developmental disabilities after they left the mandated education system. Now, she explained, pausing as her voice broke, she is once again in the position of having to advocate for a budget that will allow her 24-year-old daughter to continue living on her own, which she can only do with help from a support staff.

“She stands to lose much of her independence and personal growth that we have fought so hard for,” said Manfre, referencing cuts to the Health and Human Services budget that could directly affect home care for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Manfre’s concerns were echoed by other parents of individuals — both children and adults — with developmental disabilities who worried about the impact of the cuts, including Linda Quintanilha of Bennington and Lisa Beaudoin of Temple, who both spoke in favor of maintaining independent living with community involvement for those with developmental disabilities. [Full Article]




AFPNH - Not Again! 

The Governor proposed a budget with a slew of new taxes, including new taxes on drivers, on smokers, as well as those who are trying to quit smoking, and on our state's employers, who already face among the highest taxes in the nation!

All of those taxes were needed to pay for Governor Hassan's plan to grow big government in New Hampshire.

She also used her budget to make ObamaCare Medicaid expansion permanent. There is no end to the level of spending that she'll support!

Thankfully, the New Hampshire House pulled all of Hassan's tax hikes out of the budget. They also called for ending ObamaCare Medicaid expansion according to state law.

While they flirted with a gas and diesel tax hike, they ultimately chose to use fund set aside for more green energy pork projects to pay for the roads instead.

Action Button - Gold

Now, the House is moving forward with a fiscally responsible budget that protects taxpayers.

Go here to tell your House members to pass this responsible state budget and to give the Governor's tax hikes the boot!

Tell your representatives that New Hampshire taxpayers need a frugal government, not a greater hit in the wallet!

Please take a moment to tell your legislators to pass this House budget, and send a clear message that big government does not work in New Hampshire.

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore


NHDP Statement on Governor Hassan’s Budget Address 

Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Governor Maggie Hassan’s budget address.
“Today, Governor Hassan presented a fiscally responsible plan that will lay the foundation of a new generation of economic growth, proving once again that Granite Staters are in good hands under the Governor’s strong bipartisan leadership.”
“The Governor’s budget will keep New Hampshire’s economy moving in the right direction by holding down the cost of higher education, keeping our roads safe, and maintaining the state’s commitment to our bipartisan health care expansion.” 
“While Republicans for years have used budgeting gimmicks to mislead the public about what they are actually funding, Governor Hassan’s budget is balanced honestly and responsibly.”
“Instead of resorting to their usual dishonest budget stunts and efforts to mislead voters about the Governor's common-sense problem solving, I call on Republicans in the legislature to return to a serious budget conversation and support this responsible, common-sense budget that will get results for our people, businesses and economy.”