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Concord - Today, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn called for Governor Maggie Hassan to halt her efforts to expand the Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) to cover leases:


"Yet again, Governor Hassan demonstrates that she has no regard for rules. Her attempt to expand the Real Estate Transfer Tax goes around the Legislature. If she wants to increase taxes, she should work with our state elected officials to pass legislation. I applaud Republicans in the state Senate in their rightful quest to stop her from secretly raising taxes without legislative approval. Hassan continues to believe that rules apply to everyone but herself. It's unacceptable, and we must replace her with a Republican who will respect and abide by official process this fall."


According to the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration and RETT forms, the tax does not apply to leases of less than 99 years.  Yet, Governor Hassan's administration first asked the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules for the authority to apply the tax to leases, only to withdraw their request and claim that the Governor has the authority to apply the tax to leases. 




NH RSA 78-B authorizes the Real Estate Transfer Tax of $0.75 per $100 of fair market value "imposed upon the sale, granting and transfer of real estate and any interest therein including transfers by operation of law." The tax is paid by both the buyer and the seller, resulting in a total tax rate of 1.5%.


Administrative Rule Part Rev 802.01(f) applies RETT on leases of 99 years or longer, but do not authorize RETT on shorter leases. The Hassan Administration has sought a change in Administrative Rules to allow RETT on "ground lease transfers", but delayed its request twice in the face of criticism from the Committee. The Hassan Administration has now withdrawn its request, claiming that "the taxability of ground leases exists currently under New Hampshire law."


Administrative Rules Chapter Rev 800- Transfer of Real Property



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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement in response to the New Hampshire Democrat Party's latest attempt to distract from Senator Shaheen's failed record on a press conference call this afternoon:


"Democrats are desperate to distract from Senator Jeanne Shaheen's deciding vote for ObamaCare, her disgraceful vote to slash benefits for our military retirees and her decades of failed leadership. Shaheen is a typical Washington politician who has ignored the will of her constituents, blindly taken orders from her party leaders and voted with President Obama over 95% of the time.


"Shaheen has also demonstrated that she is a shameless hypocrite who rails against Wall Street, but has accepted over a million dollars in Wall Street contributions. Shaheen was even willing to neglect her official obligations by intentionally missing an important, mandatory vote so that she could raise campaign cash at a Wall Street fundraiser with lobbyists and special interests.


"Granite Staters are smart enough to see through Senator Shaheen's dishonesty and realize that she is a deceitful, double talking Washington politician who needs to be replaced in 2014."




Jeanne Shaheen Has Taken $1.6 Million From The Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Sector Over The Course Of Her Career. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 12/19/13)


Shaheen Votes With Obama Over 95% Of The Time:


In 2012, Shaheen Voted With President Obama 99% Of The Time. (Congressional Quarterly,, Accessed 3/21/13)


In 2011, Shaheen Voted With President Obama 98% Of The Time. (Congressional Quarterly,, Accessed 3/21/13)


In 2010, Shaheen Voted With President Obama 100% Of The Time. (Congressional Quarterly,, Accessed 3/21/13)


In 2009, Shaheen Voted With President Obama 95% Of The Time. (Congressional Quarterly,, Accessed 3/21/13)


Testerman For US Senate - Shaheen's Fight or Flight-and-Raise-Taxes-Later Choice

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, criticized Jeanne Shaheen for not fighting for veterans in the recent budget proposal, which cuts veterans' benefits. Instead, she wants to use these cuts as a tool to raise taxes.

"Shaheen likes higher taxes, more of our money in the hands of wasteful government," Testerman said. "She apparently thinks we need more conferences in the Bahamas for government employees.

"Instead of raising taxes, Shaheen should find the money to restore veterans' benefits by proposing ways to reduce the waste and abuse of the money we already send to Washington. But that would be hard work."


The campaign website is

ALG's Daily Grind - Shutdown fears guide bad budget deal 


Dec. 17, 2013

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Shutdown fears guide bad budget deal
When anything becomes better than a government shutdown for congressional Republicans, everything is on the table including increasing spending, higher taxes, and the destruction of Senate minority rights.

Cartoon: Barack the Lyin' Heart
And the award for most disingenuous performance by a Nobel Prize winner not named Al Gore goes to…

Obama's shameful bullying
By now, it should not have been a surprise to anyone that the Obama Administration used the vast powers of the federal Administrative state to target and coerce their perceived political enemies.

Pesci: Obama's war on constitutional rights
"The same "death to the Bill of Rights" progressives at the U.S. Treasury Department have now promulgated rules that will, they hope, insure the extinction of the political sons and daughters of Sam Adams, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington."


NHDP - Ayotte Sides with Tea Party on Hypocritical Budget Vote

Now, she’s FOR a Government Shutdown and against a long term budget compromise
Does Ayotte Think GOP Pals John McCain And Paul Ryan Are Unfairly Targeting Military For Cuts?

Concord – Kelly Ayotte joined Tea Party extremists in her hypocritical vote against a bipartisan budget compromise that will help avoid another government shut down this morning.

“Does Ayotte think that her pals Paul Ryan and John McCain are unfairly targeting veterans?” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  “This is a desperate and pathetic attempt to distract from the fact that she is standing with radical Congresswoman Michele Bachman and the far rightwing of her party against this bipartisan deal that avoids another unnecessary government shutdown.”

Ayotte’s claims that cuts “disproportionately and unfairly target" the military were quickly refuted by her Republican colleagues.  Senator John McCain and 11 other Senate Republicans voted to move the deal forward this morning, joining a majority of both Democrats and Republicans in the House who voted to pass it last week.  Meanwhile Wisconsin Congressman and 2012 GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan responded directly to Ayotte's claims.  

Ryan defended the deal noting that it “kept the military retiree in a far better position than the civilian” and that “without this deal two things would happen: The military would have borne the full force of these cuts starting in January. And we would have at least one more government shutdown drama.”  [Weekly Standard, 12/15/2013]
McCain, who traveled the country warning of the dangers of cuts to the military with Ayotte last year, said he would back the deal because “it would soften the blow of sequestration’s cuts on the Pentagon and reduce the likelihood of another government shutdown next year.” [Politico, 12/13/2014]
 “Everything Ayotte has ever said about bipartisanship can be tossed out the window,” concluded Buckley.  “It is impossible to square Ayotte’s claims of wanting to work together with her vote against the budget deal.  She is a loyal vote for the Tea Party, when they say jump, her only concern is how high.”

“New Hampshire has one message for Kelly Ayotte: Where’s the beef?” continued Buckley.  “Senator Ayotte has served on the budget committee for three years now, if she doesn’t like this bipartisan compromise, would she prefer to force another shutdown the government?”
Ayotte's opposition to the compromise puts her at odds with a majority of Republicans and Democrats across the country who are supporting the deal which reduces the deficit by more than $20 Billion.  After the government shutdown in October, Ayotte claimed to be willing to “work together even though we come from different parties so that we don't go from crisis to crisis in managing this nation” and that “with this agreement [to end the shutdown] that we are able to come to a longer term - a budget for the nation” – two promises broken by opposing this deal.  []