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Guinta For Congress (CD1) - The Taxman Cometh: Shea-Porter and the IRS  

Shea-Porter’s Dealings with the IRS Called into Question

MANCHESTER - On Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s required financial submission form, it lists the simultaneous receipt of a pension and a salary from the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS.   Additionally, she has received $10,000 from the IRS Union PAC over the last three cycles.

Given her record of protecting the IRS at the expense of her constituents, her financial dealings with them appear to be a significant conflict of interest. 

Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager for Frank Guinta for Congress, released the following statement:

“As New Hampshire families and small businesses struggle with and through the labyrinth that is the IRS, why was Congresswoman Shea-Porter so quick to defend the bureaucracy at last night's debate with Frank Guinta? Congresswoman Shea-Porter benefits from a pension and a salary from the IRS while she votes to protect the agency, in addition to collecting thousands of dollars from the IRS union.  Middle class Granite Staters are working hard to pay their bills while she puts politics ahead of people.  She began her career claiming to be “for the rest of us”, now she’s just like the rest of them.

Does Carol Shea-Porter think it is acceptable to benefit from a pension and a salary of taxpayer dollars at the same time from the IRS, while voting to protect their interests in Washington?”

As a Member of Congress, Shea-Porter has taken several significant votes to protect the IRS. 

  • On May 7, 2014: Roll No. 203 on H Res 574: House of Representatives voted to find Lois G. Lerner, former Director, Exempt Organizations at the IRS in contempt of Congress for refusal to comply with a subpoena by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  Shea-Porter voted NO.
  • July 16, 2014: Roll No. 420.  H.Amdt. 1090 to H.R. 5016, DeSantis. An amendment to prohibit the use of funds to the IRS may be obligated or expended on conferences.  Amendment passed 264-157 with 42 Democrats and 222 Republicans voting yes.  Shea-Porter voted NO.
  • July 16, 2014: Roll No. 427.  H.R. 5016 passed with bipartisan support, the legislation cut $1 billion from the Internal Revenue Service, Shea-Porter voted NO.





Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today launched, a website dedicated to chronicling Governor Maggie Hassan's failed fiscal leadership and support for reckless tax increases and spending. 

"Throughout her political career, Governor Maggie Hassan has supported reckless tax increases and failed to provide fiscally responsible leadership for New Hampshire. Instead of managing state spending, Hassan proposed a bloated state budget that would have burdened working families and small business with more taxes and fees," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "The Republican Majority in the State Senate can only do so much to put the brakes on Governor Hassan's tax and spend agenda. It's time to put a proven leader and responsible manager like Walt Havenstein in the corner office."

Granite Staters can learn more about Maggie Hassan's fiscally irresponsible track record at  The site will be updated throughout the election season.


NH Deputy House Republican Leader Comments on Governor's Suggestion to Raise Business Taxes, Build a Casino

CONCORD - Today Deputy House Republican Leader and member of the House Ways & Means Committee, David Hess (R-Hooksett), offered the following comments relative to Governor Hassan’s claim that business tax reforms passed during the previous legislative term, “are having a negative impact on the state's budget.”


Deputy House Republican Leader David Hess (R-Hooksett)


“Not even the Department of Revenue Administration is ready to attribute any change in business tax or interest and dividends tax revenue to any one or particular set of causes at this time. During several meetings in the month of August, DRA officials said it is currently impossible to tell if any prior legislative changes will have any effect on our overall fiscal balance.”

“The Governor has a solution in search of a problem. Her solution is to potentially make our business tax climate less favorable than it already is, or rely on revenue from a non-existent casino when a casino is not something we could even realistically propose for this budget cycle. This is not how to encourage long term economic growth, or responsibly address what experts suggest may be a temporary revenue anomaly.”

"What we can address immediately is state spending. Until we have an more accurate picture of how our state agencies are managing the resources we've allocated to them, I think hitting the panic button on revenue is premature."



Andrew Wins NAFRW’s Straw Poll 62% to 38%!!


Manchester, NH –Fresh off the heels of a big win at Nashua Area Federated Republican Women’s Straw Poll last night, where Andrew garnered 62% of the vote over Walt Havenstein’s 38%, Havenstein released his so-called “jobs plan” today. Candidate for New Hampshire Governor, Andrew Hemingway, released the following statement on the 11 page proposal:

“Those 11 pages could’ve been condensed in to one line that reads, ‘I propose doing what everyone else has proposed doing for two decades and watch history repeat itself.’ Reduce the BPT. Market the state. Pass Right to Work.  I actually agree with some of these things, but the idea that this is going to create 25 thousand jobs or improve New Hampshire’s budget or economy to any level we need to, is a ridiculous assertion.  This jobs plan is boring and ineffective and the people of the Granite State deserve at least a little bit of effort when it comes to how they’re going to put food on their tables, beyond stale campaign promises and rhetoric

“I have released a real tax proposal that changes the entire current system of taxation in the state and I’ve done that because if we are to actually grow, expand and maybe get 25,000 jobs in here, that’s what we need to do.  A moderate reduction in one business tax, which only benefits large companies, will not create any economic growth.  The rest of this so-called plan is platitudes.” – Andrew Hemingway


Hemingway For Governor - Andrew to Attend Seacoast GOP After Hours Event; Announces Tax-Holiday Proposal to Spur Tourism



Manchester, NH –Candidate for New Hampshire Governor, Andrew Hemingway, will speak before the Seacoast Republicans at their “GOP After Hours” event.  (Details below.) While there, Andrew intends to announce his latest solutions-based plan to spur economic growth in New Hampshire.

“If we want more people injecting money into our small businesses here, let’s give them a reason to,” Hemingway said.  “I am announcing my plan for a ‘Tax-free Holiday’ Program.  We have seen Massachusetts do it for the sale tax and it’s very effective.  Let’s do it for our inflated Rooms and Meals Tax.”

Andrew’s proposal calls for one weekend per quarter free of the Rooms and Meals Tax across New Hampshire.  Each weekend would be determined to be the lowest revenue weekend according to an average of the past three years, as determined by the State.

“There is a reason Macy’s gives you a coupon.  They don’t want to just give something away, they want to get you in the store and get you to come back.  Let’s get creative and do the same thing.  Maybe someone from Massachusetts has never been out to dinner here in Hampton an decides to do so because its tax free that weekend, and likes the restaurant or hotel so much decides to return regularly, maybe while here they visit a State Park or shop at our liquor stores,” Hemingway said. “Let’s look at the long term economic benefits of drawing a new tourism flow and of helping New Hampshire families get a little break four times a year in this tough economy. “

Andrew will discuss this and more about his economic policy this evening.  Media wishing to speak with Andrew may do so by calling Alicia Preston at phone number above.


By, Seacoast Republican Committee

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Victoria Inn,

430 High Street

Hampton, NH