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Emily's List - Rep. Frank Guinta Votes for Ryan and Makes Extreme Agenda Top Priority

Guinta Voted with Paul Ryan 91% of the Time


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Guinta voted to elect Paul Ryan the next Speaker of the House of Representatives, demonstrating his willingness to put party loyalty ahead of the needs of the people he represents. Earlier this year, EMILY’s List put Rep. Guinta “On Notice” for his extreme agenda, making his seat a top target for Democratic takeover in 2016.


“Rep. Guinta’s decision to vote for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House solidifies his commitment to an anti-woman, anti-family agenda,” said Rachel Thomas, press secretary of EMILY’s List. “Paul Ryan’s infamous budget proposals are bad for women, children, and hardworking families. With Speaker Ryan at the wheel, we will continue to see the attempts to reduce women’s access to health care and once again make breast cancer and pregnancy pre-existing conditions. Paul Ryan’s Congress will continue its genuinely outrageous priorities, taking aim at children, students, and our seniors.


“Rep. Guinta votes in lockstep with Speaker Ryan and together, they will push an extreme agenda – which is exactly why EMILY’s List has made Guinta a top target for 2016.”




The Majority of Cuts in the Ryan Budget Affected People with Low or Moderate Income.Of the total $4.8 trillion non-defense cuts in the Ryan Budget, $3.3 trillion or 69% of the cuts were from programs that serve people with low or moderate income. [CBPP,4/08/14]


Cut Billions from SNAP. The Ryan Budget included a cut of $137 billion over ten years for SNAP which would have resulted in the end of benefits for an estimate 3.8 million low income individuals. [CBPP,4/08/14]


Cut Billions from Pell Grants. The Ryan Budget included a cut of $125 billion total from the Pell Grant program, making it significantly more difficult for low-income students to attend college. [CBPP,4/08/14]


End Medicare as We Know It. The Ryan Budget would have converted Medicare into a “premium support” system driven by private insurance vouchers. [New York Times, 4/01/14]


  • Majority of Medicare Recipients Are Women.According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 56 percent, or 25,872,700 of Medicare beneficiaries in 2013 were women. [Kaiser Family Foundation,accessed 10/23/15]


  • Female Seniors Make Up an Overwhelming Majority of Medicare Beneficiaries. According to 2013 American Community Survey estimates, 10,731,591 women over the age of 75 have Medicare coverage compared to 7,372,520 men with the same coverage. [US Census, Medicare Coverage by Age and Sex,accessed 10/23/15]


  • Older Women, on Average Are Poorer than Older Men. According to the National Women’s Law Center, elderly women have lower average incomes and are more likely to live at or near the poverty level than elderly men. [National Women’s Law Center,5/23/11]



Repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Built into the Ryan Budget was a repeal of the Affordable Care Act which would have resulted in at least 40 million Americans losing health insurance or failing to achieve coverage by 2024. [CBPP,4/08/14]


  • Included a Repeal of the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion. As part of the Ryan Budget’s repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the expansion of Medicaid would have been cut. [CBPP,4/08/14]


    • ACA Expanded Women’s Access to Insurance. Only half of working women are able to get health coverage through their jobs, compared to 57% of men. Under the Affordable Care Act, approximately 8.2 million uninsured women will gain health coverage from expanded Medicaid eligibility and up to another 11 million women who lack affordable insurance through an employer will be eligible for subsidies. Additionally, with the extension of parental coverage until age 26, more than 10 million young women were able to retain insurance coverage. [Kaiser Family Foundation: Focus on Health Reform,12/10; National Women’s Law Center: How the Affordable Care Act Helps Women, accessed1/23/12; US Census 2010, accessed 1/23/12]


  • Breast Cancer, Pregnancy No Longer “Pre-Existing Conditions,” Preventative Treatments Essential under ACA. The Affordable Care Act prohibits coverage denials and exclusions for women with “pre-existing conditions” including pregnancies, past C-sections, breast or cervical cancer, or past treatment for domestic or sexual violence. In addition, maternity and newborn care are included as essential benefits in health plans, and the following services are to be provided with no additional costs to women and girls: annual or biannual mammograms for women over 40, cervical cancer screenings, prenatal screenings and tests, diabetes and blood pressure screenings, depression screenings and smoking and alcohol cessation programs. [National Women’s Law Center: What Health Reform Means for Women in Iowa, accessed5/10; National Women’s Law Center: How the Affordable Care Act Helps Women, accessed1/23/12]


  • ACA Closed the Medicare Donut Hole for Women. Women will benefit from a provision which closes the Medicare Part D “donut hole,” or the prescription drug coverage gap that requires seniors to pay the entire cost of prescriptions while in the gap. In 2007, 64% of the Medicare beneficiaries that were affected by the “donut hole” were women. [National Women’s Law Center: What Health Reform Means for Women in Iowa, accessed5/10; National Women’s Law Center: How the Affordable Care Act Helps Women, accessed1/23/12]


EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, has raised over $400 million to support pro-choice Democratic women candidates – making it one of the most successful political organizations ever. We recruit and train candidates, support strong campaigns, research women's issues, and turn out women voters. We've trained over 9,000 women to run and helped elect over 100 women to the House, 19 to the Senate, 11 governors, and over 700 to state and local office. Since its founding in 1985, almost one-third of the candidates EMILY’s List has helped elect to Congress have been women of color - including every single Latina, African American, and Asian American Democratic congresswoman currently serving.


NH GOP - Planned Parenthood on Defense 



Planned Parenthood is in desperate damage control mode. 

This week, Planned Parenthood announced that it would no longer accept cash reimbursements for baby body parts, and that's a huge win for our efforts. 

Planned Parenthood knows it's been caught and exposed for what it is, and now they are trying to paint opponents of their potentially criminal activity as anti-woman. It's ridiculous and couldn't be further from the truth. 

Here in New Hampshire, Governor Hassan is shamelessly defending Planned Parenthood against these deeply disturbing accusations, and we need your help to make sure Granite Staters know exactly where she stands. 

We've already been successful in defunding Planned Parenthood here in New Hampshire, but Democrats are relentlessly trying to distract voters from the real issue and make this about something it isn't. We can't let them get away with distorting the truth. Please help us out by donating $10, $25, $50 or any other amount today.

Instead of investigating Planned Parenthood, Governor Hassan blocked an investigation and tried to give this scandal-plagued organization more of your tax dollars. 

Planned Parenthood has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Governor Hassan's political campaigns and we have no doubt that they are ready to spend even more on her Senate race. 

We won't give in to the Left's bullying tactics. Help us fight back so we can continue to do the right thing.

Jennifer Horn
New Hampshire Republican State Committee


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Senator Shaheen's Planned Parenthood press conference:
"Planned Parenthood has been a major source of special interest donations to Senator Shaheen's political campaigns, and her insistence that the public financially support this scandal-plagued organization under congressional investigation is clearly an attempt to return the favor. Like Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan has similarly accepted large political contributions from Planned Parenthood and is now providing them with politically-motivated cover by stonewalling legitimate efforts to investigate serious accusations of criminal wrongdoing. Their refusal to determine the truth of the matter before giving away millions of taxpayer dollars is politics at its worst and New Hampshire deserves better."

NHDP - GOP Hopefuls in NH for Labor Day

Their Policies Would Be A Disaster For The Middle Class 

Excerpts from NHDP Call ahead of Labor Day

CONCORD, N.H. - Labor Day is just around the corner and here in New Hampshire, you may just run into a Presidential candidate at a parade or BBQ. But before Labor Day weekend, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley and NH AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett called out GOP candidates from Jeb Bush to Rand Paul about their out-of-touch policies that would make it harder for hard-working Granite Staters to get ahead.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley:

“Instead of proposing things that help everyday Granite Staters, GOP candidates continue to make things harder for them. These Republicans aren’t interested in raising the minimum wage. They’re not making sure that women are paid equally for the long hours they already work. They’re not protecting workers’ rights. And they’re certainly not safeguarding the retirement age for future seniors who have put in their fair share of long hours.  And they’re even making things harder by fighting to take away healthcare from thousands in the Granite State. Jeb Bush wants to “phase out” Medicare and John Kasich wants to change Social Security for those close to retirement age, jeopardizing their future.  Not to mention failed Republican policies of the past that favor the wealthiest few and leave the middle class behind.”


New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett:

“Labor Day is also a day we use to celebrate the progress of the American worker, and the significant contributions we make to the country. But despite all the effort we and our families put into the U.S. economy, Republicans like Jeb Bush still don’t think it’s enough. Jeb Bush said that in order to grow our economy, it’s on Americans, and that we “need to work longer hours” and be more productive. But it’s not just Jeb Bush who feels this way about working harder and longer hours. A few weeks ago, Rand Paul said that ‘income inequality is due to some people working harder and selling more things.’ And just yesterday, he said ‘if you work all day long you don’t have time to do heroin.’ I don’t know about you, but suggesting that the real cure for income inequality and drug abuse is for people to work more seems out of touch to me."


“The GOP economic plan seems to be demanding that middle class workers work even longer, while refusing to do anything to help middle class workers and their families get ahead. If they keep this up, it won’t be difficult for hard-working Granite State families to see that putting the White House back in GOP hands would be a disaster for our middle class.”




Daily Signal - 4 Ways the Senate Could End Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood 



The Daily Signal


Aug. 31, 2015

4 Ways the Senate Could End Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood

Senate Republicans lack the 60 votes needed to pass pro-life legislation, forcing those who want to take away Planned Parenthood's $500 million in government funding to get creative.

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A Year After Obama Visits, California Farmer Struggles to Keep His Farm

California farmer Joe Del Bosque is struggling to keep his farm going, thanks to the long drought and regulations.

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What the New York Times Didn't Tell You About the Planned Parenthood Video Analysis

Planned Parenthood hired Fusion GPS to examine the undercover videos released that have raised questions about the sale of fetal body parts. In reporting the story, however, The New York Times failed to disclose details about Fusion GPS's past work.

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4 Misleading Claims Obama Made About Iran Deal In New Remarks

President Obama made four misleading claims about the Iran deal in his most recent speech on the matter.

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Bipartisan Group of Senators Set to Announce Deal to Reduce Prison Population

The U.S. has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, but incarcerates almost 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. Proponents from both sides blame federal overreach for making it this way.

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How This New Government Ruling Destroys the Franchise Business Model

To understand how far-reaching this could be, note that almost 9 million Americans work at over 780,000 franchised businesses.

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