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ALG's Daily Grind - Senator Cornyn against media 'shield' bill: Right for all the wrong reasons


March 28, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Senator Cornyn against media 'shield' bill: Right for all the wrong reasons
Senator claims bill's minimal media shield would undermine leak investigations, then complains not enough people get journalist protections.

Local teachers voting to disassociate from state, national teachers unions
The Wicomico County Education Association figures that — with dues in excess of $500,000 sent up the ladder to state and national unions — the local teachers can perform better for themselves the services the WCEA and NEA claim to offer local teachers associations.

U.S. electricity system in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs
In less than an hour, last April, saboteurs attacked a power substation near San Jose, California, cutting fiber optic cables in a manner designed to maximize repair time and shot up 17 transformers, causing them to leak their oil coolant, overheat, and fail. It 27 days to get it back online.

Washington Times: Lawmakers told IRS probe will take years
"John Koskinen, the man President Obama tapped to clean up the embattled agency, also said it will take years to respond to all of the document requests from Congress. He told Congress that even complying with a subpoena for emails from just a handful of key employees couldn't be done before the end of this year because it takes time to have attorneys delete protected taxpayer information."



NH Charter School Association - Charter school funding bill falls prey to politics

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HB 435 Falls Prey to Politics

Dear charter school supporters,


I am sorry to report that HB435 (the charter school funding bill) was defeated on Wednesday in a vote of 167 to 151. HB435 as amended would have increased funding for public charter school students from about 40% of the State Average Cost Per Pupil to 47.5% or about $825 per student.

The vote was disturbingly partisan.
161 Democrats & 6 Republicans
voted to send the bill to "Interim Study" (kill it).

139 Republicans and 12 Democrats tried to save and amend it but they fell 16 votes short.


What is Interim Study?

Put plainly Interim Study is a way to kill a popular bill without having to go on the record as voting "against" it. The tactic provides political cover for lawmakers by giving them a way to deflect criticism by saying that they want to "study the bill". In the end it achieves the same result and the bill quietly dies.


Who was hurt by this vote?

  • The roughly 3,000 children in the state that attend a different kind of public school
  • Students at the seven charter high schools for at-risk youth. These students have a combined average of 30% Free and Reduced Lunch Eligibility, that's higher than the state average
  • The students of the state's most rural charter elementary school with a Free and Reduced Lunch population of over 34%, higher than the state average
  • Students at the only two public choice options North of Concord
  • Source:  
How can you tell if your representative really supports public charters?  

The bill's chief sponsor Representative Ken Weyler said look at the record. "I never saw such a partisan vote. The 167 voting for the Interim study were 161 Democrats and 6 Republicans. Those voting against were 136 Republicans and 12 Democrats. They are so tied to the teachers union, which hates charters, that you will never get a fair vote while they are in the majority. They may tell you that they support charter schools. But here is the evidence that they do not."


A look at funding


NH House Republican Alliance: Statement on HB435 Funding Charter Schools

The House Republican Alliance comments on HB435, a bill to help fund charter schools and choice in education.  The bill was referred for Interim Study.

"The money for new charter schools to open has been available since the budget passed. The money we are spending on charter schools is only about 2% of the education trust fund.  Charter school students should not be treated as second class students; paying taxes with no benefit plus tuition,  yet receiving inferior funding from the State," stated Rep. Ken Weyler, Kingston.

Rep Ralph Boehm, Litchfield, stated, "Charter schools now operate with about 1/3 of what traditional public schools receive for funding and provide an opportunity for choice in education that is sought out by many families.  It is sad that the New Hampshire House of Representatives does not believe in the value that charter schools offer to our next generation."

Jan262014 - Marijuana export could pay off Hawaii’s debt

Jan232014 - Union squeezing money from disabled youngster 

Mom takes fight against forced unionization to Supreme Court

It has always been about her son. It always will be.

Pam Harris, the Illinois mom who stood up to union thuggery and her state government, said she never wanted to be the face of the fight against forced unionization.

“The mission has never changed,” Harris told Illinois Watchdog. “That’s to do what’s right for Josh. That has always been my goal, to do what’s right for Josh.”

Read more about Pam Harris

In Wisconsin, you can look at porn at school and get your teaching job back

Here’s what Wisconsin’s legal system and its teachers unions have just taught the nation: If you’re a teacher and you get fired for looking at porn at work, you’ll get your job back.

Such is the case of Andrew Harris, former seventh-grade science teacher at Glacier Creek Middle School in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District.

Find out more about this case


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