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Daily Signal - Contrast in Seattle: Public School Teachers Go on Strike as 'Unconstitutional' Charter School Teachers Remain at Work 

The Daily Signal

Sept. 14, 2015

Contrast in Seattle: Public School Teachers Go on Strike as 'Unconstitutional' Charter School Teachers Remain at Work

As charter school teachers in Seattle are showing up to work despite a court ruling their schools unconstitutional, public school teachers in the city are on strike, demanding more pay.

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Planned Failure

Conservatives sticking to their guns may well have won the Senate and given the GOP its largest House majority in decades. It's long past time that Republicans make good on their campaign promises, writes Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint.

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How an Alabama Woman Used Voter Fraud to Get Her Boyfriend Elected

The verdict will only come as a shock to those who still insist that voter fraud simply doesn't exist in the U.S.

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At Home With Dave Brat: The Conservative Who Ousted Eric Cantor Sees Little Change in Washington

In January, Brat joined 24 other Republicans in voting against Speaker John Boehner—he also vowed to support a challenge to the speaker should Boehner allow for Planned Parenthood to continue receiving federal dollars—and breaks with party leadership when voting on procedural rules to advance legislation.

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Remembering 9/11 During America's War on ISIS

This was the first 9/11 anniversary for U.S. military members deployed in U.S.-led air war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, reports Nolan Peterson, who was present at a military base in the Persian Gulf region for the anniversary.

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China Just Sent a Message to America: Don't Mess With Us

Political and security analysts have also recently been shaken by Chinese saber-rattling and military muscle-flexing—on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

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“We need a President who will stand up for students …We can increase opportunity for every American if we take on the special interests and entrenched establishment that are holding too many children back.”

Governor Jeb Bush
Town Hall
September 1, 2015

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As a decades-long advocate for school choice, I’ve met countless families who have unlocked opportunity for their children through quality education options. That’s why, during my time as Governor, we made expanding parental choice a key part of our overhaul of Florida’s education system.

The results speak for themselves: Today, more than 300,000 kids in Florida are in school choice programs. Florida leads the nation in reading for low-income and minority fourth graders. Graduation rates have increased by almost 50 percent in the state. The number of ‘D' and ‘F' schools in Florida decreased from 28 percent to 5 percent, and the number of ‘A’ and ‘B' schools in Florida increased from 21 percent to 74 percent. Finally, Florida is one of the only states in the nation to make real progress in closing the achievement gap.

Unfortunately, the very educational opportunities that are giving so many students a better shot in life are under assault by Hillary Clinton’s staunchest supporters, the teachers unions. Last August, a group organized by the state teachers union in Tallahassee sued the state of Florida to end the tax credit scholarship program. Even though they rightfully lost the case, the union last week appealed the decision, proving the war on parental choice in Florida continues.

We need a President who will stand up for students. Restoring the right to rise in America begins with providing every child access to a quality education. Education shouldn’t be a federal initiative, but it can be a national priority. I know we can increase opportunity for every American if we take on the special interests and entrenched establishment that are holding too many children back. I know we can do it because I saw what happened when we took on the teachers union in Tallahassee and won, putting students first.






NHDP - Day of Attacks by GOP in the Granite State, Teachers Fight Back on Behalf of Students 


KEENE, N.H. - Today, Jeb Bush held a Town Hall in Keene, New Hampshire, just a day after he bashed teachers at an Education Summit in Londonderry and said he wanted to voucherize education, a concept that would drain resources from our public education system and from programs that support low-income kids.


President of the Keene Education Association, Maureen Meyer made the following statement, in response:


“One by one, the Republican Presidential candidates have attacked teachers for being the problem, not part of the solution. When Jeb Bush admitted yesterday that he wanted to dismantle and voucherize our education system, it’s clear that he isn’t putting kids first or respecting the positive impact our public schools and teachers have on vulnerable, low-income children here in New Hampshire.”


“If the candidates really wanted comprehensive education plans that put students first, they should have invited the experts to talk to them - the members of their teacher associations.”


But Jeb Bush wasn’t the only one bashing teachers yesterday. Here’s a sampling of what some of the candidates said:


Jeb Bush: Blamed unions for problems in schools and even ‘bragged’ about his fights with teachers in Florida all while suggesting we voucherize education to the detriment of students across New Hampshire.


John Kasich: Instead of explaining his harmful $1.8 billion cut to public schools, he said this:  "If I were king in America, I would abolish all teachers' lounges, where they sit together and worry about, 'Woe is us.'"


Chris Christie: Doubled down on previous comments that teachers deserve “a punch in the facewhile saying nothing of the over $1 billion in damaging cuts he made to education funding in New Jersey.


Scott Walker: Said unions were a “barrier” to quality education and touted his union-busting credentials. Not discussed? His massive cuts to education funding in Wisconsin.


Carly Fiorina: Said teachers unions were partially responsible for crippling innovation in schools”


The Concord Monitor reported that “one voice conspicuously absent from the list of panelists at Wednesday’s education summit of Republican presidential candidates was that of a teacher.” Read more about the attacks on teachers and response below or click here for the full article:

Inside and outside, candidates and teacher union members trade barbs at education summit

Concord Monitor // Ella Nilsen

One voice conspicuously absent from the list of panelists at Wednesday’s education summit of Republican presidential candidates was that of a teacher.

Outside the education summit at Londonderry High School, it was a different story.

They “have openly come out against public schools and really would like to dismantle public schools,” said NEA-NH president Scott McGilvray. “We can’t let it go without pushing back against it.”...

The animosity between the teachers’ union members outside and the Republican candidates inside was palpable.

As each of the six candidates took the stage, they often blamed unions for country’s struggle with education. Many said the organizations exist only “to collectively bargain” and protect the interest of their members...

Carly Fiorina called teachers unions “pretty universally on the wrong side of these issues.”

Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker called unions a “barrier” to good education and talked at length about his own highly publicized fight against them in his home state of Wisconsin.

“The NEA went after me,” Walker said. “I threaten them; I threaten them because I care about getting things done.”...

McGilvray and other teachers union leaders from Maine denied the way candidates were characterizing them and said their organizations are there to support teachers and students, saying that without fair pay and benefits, fewer teachers will want to join the profession.

“We’re not the villains,” said Strout.

McGilvray said he was concerned the 2016 Republican candidates were taking their stances on education to the extreme.

“I believe among the top candidates are the most anti-public education, anti-working class group we have ever seen,” he said.

NEA NH officials said they have invited each Republican presidential candidate to talk about education issues and potentially receive the union’s endorsement… This election cycle, no Republican candidate has yet responded, Strout said.

“Not one of them said thank you for the invitation,” he said. “It says they don’t want to engage with people who know what’s going on in schools.”...

“We need to stop the attacks on public education by uniting behind policies that are right for our children and right for our schools,” McGilvray said.


NHDP - 11:30 AM Educators Rally for Public Education 





Wednesday, August 19 at 11am EDT
NH Educators Rally and Hold a Press Conference in support of Strong Public Schools
Wednesday, August 19: Educators from across the northeast will rally at Londonderry High School, the site of the 2015 Education Summit hosted by Campbell Brown, founder of the Seventy Four.
We know from experience that many of those invited to appear at the Summit are responsible for chronic underfunding of public education and systemic educator bashing. Confirmed participants thus far include former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
No one works harder than educators to improve our public schools so that every student, regardless of their zip code, can have an opportunity to attend a great public school. The real question is what's best for our students, not corporate interests and privatization.
WHERE:  Londonderry High School
              295 Mammoth Rd, Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053
WHEN:    11:00 AM Rally, 11:30 AM Press Conference
WHO:      Educators and Community Activists Rally at Education Forum     
Confirmed Press Conference Speakers:     
Scott McGilvray, President NEA-NH
Allison Estey Brown, Special Education Teacher, Plymouth
Stephen Tallo, Math Teacher, Londonderry High School

Arnold For Manchester Mayor - Arnold Calls for Gatsas to Step Aside, School Board Votes No Confidence in Gatsas 

Manchester, New Hampshire – Tonight, in public comments to the Manchester School Board, mayoral candidate and former Alderman Patrick Arnold called Mayor Gatsas’ recent veto of a proposed teachers’ contract “absurd” and urged Gatsas to step aside. 

“Mayor Gatsas, work with those elected by the voters, or step aside for someone who will,” Arnold said before a city hall chamber packed with concerned parents and educators broke into applause. 

Later in the evening, the Manchester School Board took a vote of no confidence in Mayor Ted Gatsas. “Tonight’s vote of no confidence further demonstrates that Ted Gatsas has lost a mandate to lead this city,” says Arnold in response to the vote. “People of this city deserve strong leadership to move beyond business as usual, and the clock has run out on Ted Gatsas’ failed leadership.” 


Patrick Arnold is a candidate for mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire. Arnold served as a Manchester Alderman from 2009 until 2014. In 2013, he was the Democratic candidate for mayor against Mayor Ted Gatsas, the Republican incumbent. Less than 500 voters separated Manchester from a new mayor in 2013. In March 2014, the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously confirmed Arnold’s appointment to the city’s Conduct Committee. An attorney by trade, Arnold earned his law degree at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He and his wife, Kathy, have a daughter, Abigail.