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Fuller-Clark For NH Senate - Teachers throw support behind Martha Fuller Clark 

NEA-NH and AFT-NH show solidarity and stand united behind the candidacy of Sen. Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth)


(Portsmouth, NH) The state’s largest teachers’ unions are in solidarity behind Sen. Martha Fuller Clark’s re-election campaign, said Clark’s campaign in a statement released today.

“I’m very grateful to New Hampshire’s teachers for their continued support,” Clark said. “We need to continue to fund and support our public education system until New Hampshire’s schools are the envy of the nation and the world. The surest way to build a durable economy for our future is to educate the workforce that our employers need at all education levels.”

Senator Fuller Clark, whose political career has been marked by a consistent commitment to primary and secondary public education, has long enjoyed the support of New Hampshire’s teachers. In the last legislative session, Clark championed renewed funding for school building aid and introduced the first legislation designed to restore funding to the state’s university and community college systems – efforts that drove the new funding that allowed for tuition freezes and cuts across New Hampshire’s higher education system.

Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Dist. 21) is currently serving her eighth year in the Senate after serving in the state’s House of Representatives from 1990 through2002. Clark was the Democratic nominee for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district in 2000 and again in 2002. Today, Sen. Clark serves as Vice-Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and, as a member of Democratic National Committee; Clark serves on the Resolutions Committee. In 2008 and 2012, she was a co-chair of the NH Committee to elect Barack Obama, a superdelegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, and was a member of the United States Electoral College in 2008, when she cast one of New Hampshire’s four electoral votes for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Since 1973, she and her husband, Dr. Geoffrey Clark, have lived in the Portsmouth where they raised their three children, Caleb, Nathaniel, and Anna.


These are the stakes...To make a world in which all of God's children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die. LBJ, 1964

Heritage - Teachers Sue Union for Censoring Charitable Donations

The Daily Signal


October 6, 2014

Morning Bell

Teachers Sue Union for Censoring Charitable Donations

Two teachers have taken this state’s largest teachers union to court over its attempt to decide which charities may be supported by teachers as an alternative when they decline to join the union on religious grounds.

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Why Can't Employers Find People for These Jobs?

Daily Policy Focus: Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics say job vacancies, economy-wide, rose 18 percent during the first half of 2014.

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'We Have a Place in This World': Businessman Born in Hong Kong Stays Connected to Freedom Fight

A week after Hong Kong erupted into pro-democracy protests, The Daily Signal spoke to a businessman who has the perspective of a Hong Kongese yet lives as an outsider, enjoying freedoms he couldn't get in the city that bred him.

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Heritage - Jindal: Obama Is 'Incompetent,' 'Ideologically Extreme' 

The Daily Signal

September 17, 2014

Morning Bell

Jindal: Obama Is 'Incompetent,' 'Ideologically Extreme'

Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., spoke to Daily Signal's Genevieve Wood about immigration and energy policy in an exclusive interview.

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Teachers Hope to Erase Union Dues That Deny Free Speech

A group of teachers claim that union rules and state law violate the First Amendment by requiring them to fund speech and advocacy they don’t support.

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Fact: Obamacare Is Forcing You to Pay for Abortions

Daily Policy Focus: "[U]nder our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions," President Obama declared in 2009.

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Watchdog - Teacher placed on leave after GOP rampage  


Watchdog - Why are teachers boycotting Staples?  

Colorado buys natural gas vehicles for facilities with no nearby fueling stations


Colorado has so far spent $8 million in taxpayer money on nearly 240 compressed natural gas vehicles, with dozens of them stationed in places where there is no compressed natural gas filling stations, has learned.And the state expects to buy more CNG vehicles, costing $7,000 to $11,000 more than comparable gasoline-fueled vehicles, in the 2015 fiscal year. Many of them are destined for state facilities that also have no current CNG filling station nearby, state records show.

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 Stamps prompt teachers to boycott office-supply store


The American Federation of Teachers, one of the country’s largest teachers unions, has called for a boycott of Staples, an office-supply store. Why? Because Staples now sells stamps.Terrifying, I know. The U.S. Postal Service plans to expand its nefarious stamp-selling scheme to Staples’ 1,500 stores, and innocent American citizens wishing to send letters and postcards will now have the option of buying stamps from people who don’t belong to the American Postal Workers Union, if they choose not to buy stamps at the post office.

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In the hole: Minnesota residents, businesses charged monthly fee to fix city streets

You quickly get a clue about the scope of Duluth’s street repair problem by logging onto the city website. People who click on the “Duluth Progress” tab to view a list of street-improvement projects soon run into a dead-end link. A “404” error message pops up on the face of a “Do Not Enter” wrong-way sign — at the time of this writing, Friday afternoon. No wonder many Duluth taxpayers have communicated their own “404” error message to the city over a new street improvement fee on August utility bills.

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