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ALG - Congress should block DOJ legal settlement monies from going to third-party groups


Nov. 11, 2015, Fairfax,Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued thefollowing statement urging Congress to include a rider by House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) that wouldblock Department of Justice legal settlement monies from going to third-partygroups in the upcoming omnibus appropriations legislation:


"House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte's effort to stop President Obama from funneling money from official government legal settlements to his third party group supporters is the exact kind of forward thinking that Congressional Republican leaders should include in the upcoming government funding bill. The $17 billion Bank of America settlement is a prime example of the misuse as Bank of America was required to send millions ofdollars to third party activist groups. It is important that Congress use theirpower of the purse to set the parameters for this President's actions givenObama's continual use of his pen and phone to abuse the Constitutionalseparation of powers."


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Our American Initiative responds to 2016 debate requirement 



CPD Keeps Polling Threshold for Participation Despite Legal Challenges


October 30, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT -- A senior advisor to the Our America Initiative is calling the announcement by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) that a 15% polling threshold will once again be used to determine participation in the 2016 presidential debates “disappointing but certainly not shocking.”


The Our America Initiative, a nonprofit political advocacy organization, is supporting a lawsuit filed September 29th in Federal Court charging that the CPD’s control of the general election presidential debates constitutes an illegal monopoly and unfairly excludes qualified candidates other than the Republican and Democrat nominees. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit include fmr. New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian presidential nominee, and Jill Stein, the Green Party’s 2012 candidate, as well as the Libertarian and Green national parties.


The CPD announced this week that participation in the 2016 debates will be limited to candidates with at least 15% support determined by averaging 5 national polls selected by the Commission itself. This polling requirement was also used in 2012, and limited participation to the Republican and Democrat nominees, despite the Libertarian and Green party nominees having qualified for enough states’ ballots to potentially secure a majority in the Electoral College.


Responding to the CPD’s intention to again use the polling criterion, Ron Nielson, senior advisor to the Our America Initiative, said, “It is disappointing that the CPD is doggedly hanging on to an unfair and arbitrary polling requirement that is clearly designed to exclude qualified candidates other than the Republican and Democrat from the nationally-televised debates. However, it is certainly not shocking, given that the CPD was created by and is, in reality, a product of the Republican and Democratic national parties.


“The real majority in America today is made up of independent voters who do not identify with either of the two so-called ‘major’ parties. Poll after poll shows that voters welcome the participation of qualified independent and third party candidates in the process and would consider those candidates if given a real opportunity. Excluding them from the debates robs voters of that opportunity, and is just wrong.


“Our lawsuit seeks not only to end this unfair and partisan exclusion, but to make the American people aware of the reality that the official-sounding Commission on Presidential Debates is a private creation of the Republican and Democratic parties, and exists to control the debates for their exclusive benefit.”



Sununu Calls On Co-Conspirators Reid And Shaheen To Pull Coordinated Third Party Ad 



Hampton Falls - Former New Hampshire Governor and former White House Chief of Staff John H. Sununu today called on Senator Harry Reid and Senator Jeanne Shaheen to pull their third party ad pending the outcome of a federal review into potentially illegal coordination. The Associated Press reports that the New Hampshire Republican Party yesterday formally filed a request with the Federal Elections Commission for an investigation:


"Serious questions have been raised about potential illegal coordination between Senator Harry Reid and Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and now a federal investigation is pending. While the Federal Elections Commission investigation is ongoing, the people of New Hampshire should not be subjected to this kind of misrepresentation on the airwaves. Today I am calling on co-conspirators Harry Reid and Jeanne Shaheen to immediately take the potentially illegal ads off the air. Holding elected office is a matter of public trust, and in this case it appears the public trust has been violated. Until we know for sure what has happened, these ads must come down."


NHDP - HYPOCRISY ALERT: Brown Said He Was “Disgusted” and “Deeply Disturbed” By Third-Party Ads in MA

Brown Said He Was “Disgusted” & “Deeply Disturbed” By Third-Party Ads in MA,
Now Refuses to Protect People of NH

Concord, NH—Scott Brown proposed, signed, and boasted about his People’s Pledge throughout and after the 2012 election – including as recently as six weeks ago – but is now refusing to sign the same exact People’s Pledge in New Hampshire, allowing Wall Street, Big Oil, the billionaire Koch brothers and Karl Rove’s special interest money to keep polluting New Hampshire’s election, making it harder than ever for voters to hear from the candidates.
"Scott Brown is offering the people of New Hampshire nothing but phony, hypocritical excuses. He said Massachusetts deserved better than a tidal wave of dirty money and signed the People’s Pledge. Well he’s in New Hampshire now, and people here deserve better too,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Scott Brown’s refusal to sign the same exact People’s Pledge he signed in Massachusetts is a disservice to the people of New Hampshire, who will face an election polluted by special interest attack ads.
“A year ago, Scott Brown stood before students in Massachusetts and heralded the People’s Pledge, calling it a ‘historic’ achievement because it kept dark money groups, like the one operated by the Koch Brothers, out of the political discourse. Just six weeks ago, Brown addressed students at Cornell University, proudly touting his ‘unique’ People's Pledge. Now, suddenly, he won’t agree to the exact same terms because he thinks it's better for his politics. That's a shame."
At Cornell six weeks ago, Brown praised and took credit for the People's Pledge:
"We didn't need another 30 to 40 million dollars coming in to distort our record and positions on things, so but what we came up with was the people's pledge. Very unique, way to try to address these things.” He also declared its success, saying, “it worked.”
In February of 2013, Brown also spoke enthusiastically about the People’s Pledge that he and Senator Warren signed in 2012 at Amherst College. He even specifically calls out the Koch Brothers, who have already spent $700,000 for his campaign in New Hampshire, as being a major part of the problem.
“I and she were really disgusted and deeply concerned about the groups that would come in and distort our records and positions on things. Those third party super PAC’s in particular.  So we came up with a very unique way to handle that.  We signed an agreement.  It’s historic--it’s the only one in the country.”
McClain said, “There’s still time. Scott Brown needs to protect the integrity of the New Hampshire electoral process and sign the People’s Pledge.”

ALG's Daily Grind - Obama's political non-truths hurting millions 


Oct. 29, 2013

Obama's political non-truths hurting millions

As many as 118 million Americans could lose their existing private insurance coverage either through employers or owned individually due directly to Obamacare.

Cartoon: Read their lips

Obama lied. Period.

Sarvis:  A third party cautionary tale

Is Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis really a libertarian? Before giving your good name to a candidate, it is wise to conduct enough vetting to ensure that the person who will carry your banner agrees with your fundamental principles.

Smith: The gathering storm  

"Doing more of what failed spectacularly will not save the day a second time, as the scale required to create yet more phantom collateral and more asset bubbles will collapse the system."