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Jindal For President - If Sec. Clinton Won ’t Answer Questions, She Shouldn ’t Run for President 

Jindal for President


Good afternoon everyone,

You will have seen the comments made earlier today by Secretary Clinton, in which she hid behind the fact that she was Secretary of State during part of the review process, claiming that this prevents her from expressing a view on the issue.

She even admitted that she would not take a position on the project until President Obama and Secretary Kerry have done it for her, saying “If it’s undecided when I become President, I will answer your question”.

Here is a statement from Gov Jindal:

“Secretary Clinton has spent her entire campaign dodging questions. If she refuses to tell the voters where she stands on important issues like the Keystone pipeline, she shouldn’t be running for President.

“What other questions does Hillary Clinton think that her time as Secretary of State excuses her from answering? Does she expect to be elected President without letting people know what they are voting for?"

Gov Jindal also called out her lack of leadership via twitter. @HillaryClinton has so far refused to respond.


Kyle Plotkin


Gov. Bobby Jindal ‏@BobbyJindal  2h2 hours ago

.@HillaryClinton punts on Keystone pipeline. Then again, what difference does it make?#Leadership

Gov. Bobby Jindal ‏@BobbyJindal  2h2 hours ago

.@HillaryClinton, if you refuse to tell the voters where you stand on Keystone, perhaps you shouldn't be running for President. #ChatClimate



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Governor Hassan's attempt to stonewall a public records request for information about her communications with disgraced Majority Leader Harry Reid. In response to a Right to Know request filed earlier today, the governor's office refused to release any documents regarding her communications with Senator Reid. POLITICO reported earlier this week that Reid is actively lobbying Governor Hassan to run for United States Senate:


"Governor Hassan's unwillingness to provide public documents or answer questions about her discussions with disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid raises serious questions about her commitment to transparency. The governor is clearly focused on using her job as a stepping-stone to higher office, and it's time for her to openly and honestly respond to reports about her ongoing discussions with Washington insiders and party bosses. New Hampshire deserves a full-time governor to address the state budget crisis instead of a calculating politician in the corner office who is obsessed with plotting her next career move."





"Shadowy Campaign"; "New Hampshire Voters Deserve Better"; "You Can't Come In"; "Cloaked In Secrecy"; "Nothing Says Freedom...Like Corralling Reporters With A Rope"; "Fraught Relationship With The Press"


Nashua Telegraph: "Antithesis Of What The New Hampshire Primary Is About" "The Hillary Clinton campaign staged an event for the New Hampshire media last week that struck us as the antithesis of what the New Hampshire primary is about." (Editorial, "Event was the antithesis of what NH is about," Nashua Telegraph, 5/21/15)

  • Nashua Telegraph: "Part Of The Culture In Washington, Not New Hampshire" "Anonymity, as a matter of course and for its own sake, is part of the culture in Washington, not New Hampshire." (Editorial, "Event was the antithesis of what NH is about," Nashua Telegraph, 5/21/15)
  • Nashua Telegraph: "New Hampshire Voters Deserve Better Than The Washington Cloak-And-Dagger Treatment" "We think New Hampshire voters deserve better than the Washington cloak-and-dagger treatment, regardless of party and regardless of whether you're the longest of longshots, or the presumptive favorite." (Editorial, "Event was the antithesis of what NH is about," Nashua Telegraph, 5/21/15)
  • Nashua Telegraph: "Shadowy Campaign" "If this is the kind of shadowy campaign she's running in New Hampshire, we have to wonder how this mentality would translate if she moves back into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave." (Editorial, "Event was the antithesis of what NH is about," Nashua Telegraph, 5/21/15)

Washington Post: "Paltry Information...Dished Under The Cover Of Anonymity" "Too rarely do the shenanigans of the 'background call' get called out. But that's precisely what the Telegraph of Nashua, N.H., did today in a searing editorial ripping the paltry information that Hillary Clinton's campaign dished under the cover of anonymity."(Eric Wemple, "New Hampshire paper blasts Hillary Clinton campaign for lame conference call," Washington Post, 5/21/15)


Politico: "Concerns About The Campaign's Commitment To Running An Open And Transparent Campaign" "The Hillary Clinton campaign denied access to the print pool reporter on Monday, reigniting reporters' longstanding concerns about the campaign's commitment to running an open and transparent campaign." (Dylan Byers, "Clinton campaign denies access to pool reporter," Politico, 6/15/15)

  • Politico: "If The Pool Would Be Admitted... The answer: 'No. You can't come in.'" "At the front door again, your pooler was asked to wait while the first agent on duty checked to see if the pool would be admitted. ... The answer: 'No. You can't come in.'" (Dylan Byers, "Clinton campaign denies access to pool reporter," Politico, 6/15/15)

CNN: "Hillary Clinton's Campaign Used A Rope To Keep Journalists Away" "Hillary Clinton's campaign used a rope to keep journalists away from the candidate on Saturday while she walked in this small town's July Fourth parade." (Dan Merica, "Clinton campaign corrals media," CNN, 7/6/15)


Fox News: "Cloaked In Secrecy" "However, the optics of reporters being corralled along at the event, in Gotham, N.H., did not look good and added to the criticism that Clinton, unlike other 2016 presidential candidates, is shielded from reporters and their questions and as a public figure is cloaked in secrecy." (Joseph Weber, "Clinton campaign ropes off reporters at New Hampshire parade," Fox News, 7/5/15)


CBS: "Nothing Says Freedom On Independence Day Like Corralling Reporters With A Rope To Keep Them Away" "Nothing says freedom on Independence Day like corralling reporters with a rope to keep them away from Hillary Clinton as she marches in a July 4th parade." (Jacqueline Alemany, "Clinton campaign corrals reporters at July Fourth parade," CBS, 7/4/15)

  • CBS: "Reminder Of Clinton's Fraught Relationship With The Press" "The decision to lasso the media was a reminder of Clinton's fraught relationship with the press. Pictures of the reporter-roping took on a life of their own on social media and overshadowed what was supposed to be a news-less holiday photo-op in the early primary state." (Jacqueline Alemany, "Clinton campaign corrals reporters at July Fourth parade," CBS, 7/4/15)



CEI Today: EPA transparency, commercial drones, questioning Dr. Oz, and more  

Monday, April 27, 2015
In the News Today



The Hill: EPA reveals more than 1,000 pages of texts, phone records from chief


The Obama administration revealed late Thursday more than 1,000 pages of text messages and cell phone records from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Gina McCarthy.

The records, which agency officials also sent to House Republicans, are in response to allegations from House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) that McCarthy used text messaging to avoid having communications recorded and subject to public records requests.  > Read The Hill article by Timothy Cama

> Interview Chris Horner




CEI Submits Comments to FAA on Small Drone Certification and Operations Proposed Rules

The FAA is poised to regulate commercial drones, but CEI transportation policy expert Marc Scribner warns against mandates and bans that impact important technologies and consumer benefits. > Read more


Who Dares Question the Mighty Oz?

No one is trying to deprive Dr. Oz of his right to free speech. The doctors listed on the letter are simply exercising their own right to free speech—and that includes speaking truth to the powerful Oz. They shined a light on Oz’s often questionable, TV-publicized, health advice for good reasons, as many others have done so.
And apparently, shining a light on Oz’s questionable approaches did some good. It prompted eight of Dr. Oz’s colleagues from Columbia University to speak out as well in a USA Today commentary. > Read more

> Interview Angela Logomasini





Obamacare for Your IRA

A new regulation would let the government decide what you can invest in -- for your own good, of course. > Read the NRO commentary

> Interview John Berlau




Two experts on the subject  have two different

 opinions, including CEI's Marc Scribner. This NPC Newsmakers news conference is scheduled for Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 10 a.m. in the club’s Zenger Room, on the 13th Floor of the National Press Building, 529 14th St. NW, Washington DC 20045. 

Bloomberg Boston 1pm & 7pm ET
Bloomberg San Francisco at 10am & 4pm PT






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White House Petition Asks President to Veto Online Gambling Ban

In order to receive a response from the White House the petition must receive 100,000 signatures by May 2. > Read more


The Man Who Brought Obamacare Back to the Supreme Court


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All Of This Is Bad"; "What Could She Be Hiding"; "Nixonian"; "Hardly Transparent"; "Actions Fall Far Short Of Her Words"; "Troubling"


Union Leader: Executive secrecy: Hassan's Nixonian move


"Gov. Maggie Hassan will not let the public see public budget documents. The people ought to wonder why."


"If the governor gets away with creating a new legal precedent here, the public's right to know will be permanently damaged. What could she be hiding that would be worth that price?"


Nashua Telegraph: Two sentences in the state Constitution


"If the governor attends a political fundraiser or some other event in another state, the people of New Hampshire should know that. The dissemination of such information is one of the ways people can be sure that the state isn't being run by an absentee governor or one who is being unduly distracted by political considerations...the governor's claim that she isn't bound by the Right-to-Know Law is troubling"


Concord Monitor: Despite claims of transparency, Gov. Hassan refuses to release proposals to make state government more efficient


"Gov. Maggie Hassan says she's all about government efficiency and transparency. But when it comes to efficiency in government spending, she's hardly transparent."


"Ultimately, this fight is about more than the information contained in these government documents, it's about whether Hassan walks the talk and allows New Hampshire's government to be open and responsive to its people."


Union Leader: Hassan's hide & seek: Playing games with public records


"Gov. Maggie Hassan is going to extraordinary legnths to deny the public - and lawmakers - access to public records. Why?"


"All of this is bad, but the governor's next step ices the cake. The Monitor has reported that the governor asked her department heads to forward all requests for the budget documents to her office. She is deliberately trying to shift public documents from the public domain to the corner office, where they will be shielded from the right-to-know law, and thus from public scrutiny."


Nashua Telegraph: A rooster crows at the Statehouse


"Gov. Maggie Hassan has a credibility problem. The governor, who is just starting her second two-year term, likes to talk about "transparency," but a story in the Concord Monitor on Sunday makes it clear that her actions fall far short of her words."


"Then again, given the gap between what the governor says and what she sometimes does, that may also be the reason she wants to keep them secret."