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Mar022014 - Good deed gets punished 


CEI Today: Obama regulations, union poster scam, and in-flight cell phone ban

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
In the News Today


Obama Major Regulations 29 Percent Higher Than Bush

President George W. Bush averaged 63 major rules per year during his eight years in office; Obama’s five years so far have averaged 81. President Obama has talked about regulatory lookbacks and reducing regulation in his executive orders on the topic, but his major rulemakings average 29 percent higher than Bush. > Read more

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UNION POSTER SCAM - TREY KOVACS Unintended Consequences of Employee Rights Poster Rule

Both the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor have required various kinds of employers to hang a “poster” that promotes employees’ right to unionize. unintended consequences emerged in the form of fraud.

Instead of educating employers and employees of their rights, the posters rules have instigated scams in numerous states.
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House Committee to Markup Bill Banning In-Flight Cell Phone Calls Tomorrow

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday approved the Prohibiting In-Flight Voice Communications on Mobile Wireless Devices Act (H.R. 3676). The bill would bar travelers from making cell phone calls on commercial flights—a response to the Federal Communications Commission’s recent proposal to relax its longstanding ban on in-flight cell phone use.
H.R. 3676 purports to solve a problem that doesn’t exist by depriving consumers of travel choices, as I explained recently in an op-ed in USA Today. > Read more

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Jan232014 - Union squeezing money from disabled youngster 

Mom takes fight against forced unionization to Supreme Court

It has always been about her son. It always will be.

Pam Harris, the Illinois mom who stood up to union thuggery and her state government, said she never wanted to be the face of the fight against forced unionization.

“The mission has never changed,” Harris told Illinois Watchdog. “That’s to do what’s right for Josh. That has always been my goal, to do what’s right for Josh.”

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In Wisconsin, you can look at porn at school and get your teaching job back

Here’s what Wisconsin’s legal system and its teachers unions have just taught the nation: If you’re a teacher and you get fired for looking at porn at work, you’ll get your job back.

Such is the case of Andrew Harris, former seventh-grade science teacher at Glacier Creek Middle School in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District.

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Down on the farm, property-rights fight gains ground in VA

Mad about government spying and snooping? Blame Reagan

The price of pot: VT lawmaker says marijuana tax could be economic boon

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Pension Debt?! What pension debt? You ain't seen that big heard on the south forty, yet!

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CEI Today: Obamacare appeal, union privilege, Club Euro, and GMO pandering

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
In the News Today


Plaintiffs in Obama Health Care Tax Credit Case File for Expedited Appeal

The plaintiffs who lost a recent lawsuit trying to prevent the federal government from providing tax credits to purchase health insurance on federal exchanges have filed for an expedited appeal in the case.


“As this motion for a speedy appeal makes clear, there are compelling reasons for the appeals court act to quickly, because people are making their health insurance plans and billions of taxpayer dollars are now being spent each month in insurance subsidies for policies purchased through federal exchanges,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute general counsel Sam Kazman in a statement. > Read the Accounting Today story

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UNION PRIVILEGE - TREY KOVACS Pennsylvania Bill Challenges Union Privilege

Pennsylvania government unions are spreading misinformation about a bill that would end the practice of public employers deducting union dues from members’ paychecks.

While the bill may face high hurdles for passage, there is another avenue available to Pennsylvanians that can stop public funds from primarily promoting special interest groups, such as unions. Pennsylvania’s Constitution contains a provision known as the “Gift Clause.” 
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RealClearMarkets: The Line To Get Into 'Club Euro' Is Growing

It's 2014 and the euro is still in one piece. In fact, there's a line outside to get into Club Euro. Latvia is the latest to cross the velvet rope, on January 1. Meanwhile, economists who predicted the currency's collapse are baffled why everyone hasn't left, and more importantly, why more are joining. > Read more


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Wall Street Journal: General Mills Has a Soggy Idea for Cheerios


This month General Mills announced that it would begin labeling its flagship product, the breakfast cereal Cheerios, as containing no ingredients from GMOs (genetically modified organisms), by which the company means crop plants bred with modern bioengineering techniques.

Whatever the motivation, General Mills may find that its move will neither catch on with "natural foods" devotees-who are unlikely to choose a highly processed, nonorganic breakfast food-nor silence antitechnology activists. 
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Score one for Obamacare

Last week, a federal court struck down one of the major legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act. Washington, D.C.

Saturdays, 10am ET






AUFC - ATTN Editorial Boards: The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the State Policy Network and Coordinated Efforts to Undermine Our Democratic Process 

To:      Editorial Boards

Fr:       Rep. Mark Pocan, D-WI; Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers; and Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy;

Re:      The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the State Policy Network and Coordinated Efforts to Undermine Our Democratic Process

Date: December 19, 2013


Recently, a major international news outlet published a multi-part series including leaked internal strategy documents that reveal how ALEC - the American Legislative Exchange Council – manipulates the legislative process in New Hampshire while evading taxes and training New Hampshire state lawmakers to serve the interests of corporations and conservative special interests instead of the people they were elected to represent.


ALEC is perhaps best known for its role advancing in more than 30 states the “Stand Your Ground” law that contributed to the shooting death of unarmed Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin. ALEC is also well-known for its structural support and advancement of laws that privatize education, weaken environmental protections, undo safety regulations and restrict voting access in ways that disproportionately affect minorities and disadvantaged communities, among other things.


Recent ALEC models pushed in New Hampshire include:

  • ·        
  • ·         SB 129 (2011), a “Voter ID” bill, makes it harder for Americans to vote through restrictive ID requirements that suppress the vote and disproportionately affect the voting rights of the elderly, college students, and African Americans
  • ·         HB 1180 (2013) restricts New Hampshire citizens’ right to hold a corporation fully accountable when a corporate product or practice kills or injures Americans


The new revelations include a particularly insidious item – a loyalty oath the organization has proposed for the state chairs of its legislative member that reads “I will act with care and loyalty and put the interests of the organization first.” ALEC has said that oath did not pass and one ALEC lawmaker (Leah Vukmir) said it was “unnecessary” -- ALEC lawmakers have already repeatedly demonstrated that they put ALEC first, ahead of their constituents. 


We each come to this work with an overriding commitment to see that ALEC and its subsidiaries such as the Josiah Bartlett Center are prevented from executing a wholesale manipulation of our democratic processes against the interests of everyday Americans. We believe that ALEC thrives in secrecy, and we are committed to making its actions and its intentions more transparent to the general public so that engaged citizens can stand up to special interests.


Below is more general information about ALEC and the State Policy Network, as well as ALEC’s reach into the state legislature.


What Is ALEC?


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been called a “‘dating service’ for politicians and corporations.” It is a well-funded entity with benefactors including the Koch brothers, and right-wing groups like the Bradley Foundation and Donors Trust/Donors Capital Fund. ALEC is funded by corporate and conservative interests and has pushed a legislative agenda focused on attacking workers’ rights, blocking access to affordable healthcare, defunding and privatizing public education, suppressing voting rights, lowering taxes for corporations and the ultra wealthy, cutting essential public spending, and destroying the environment.


ALEC has been active in our statehouses for decades, but in recent years it has faced increased public scrutiny due to its controversial agenda and undisclosed lobbying activity. In July 2011, was launched after the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) was given nearly one thousand bills that CMD discovered had been secretly voted on by corporate lobbyists in ALEC. More whistleblower documents were obtained by Common Cause and CMD, revealing further evidence of ALEC’s undisclosed corporate lobbying and influence. This has resulted in at least four official complaints to the IRS against ALEC and a campaign to further expose ALEC’s destructive agenda and undisclosed corporate influence.


Over the last two years, more than 50 corporations have dropped their ALEC membership, largely in response to public concerns about ALEC pushing “Stand Your Ground” legislation and voter suppression bills and its shadowy pay-to-play operations. In addition, more than 71 lawmakers publicly stated they were leaving ALEC, and overall ALEC lost more than 400 legislative members due to losses in the general or primary elections in addition to ALEC’s controversy.


How Does ALEC Operate?


ALEC works by bringing local lawmakers together to vote in secret with corporate leaders from companies like Comcast, ExxonMobil, and Koch Industries who underwrite the wining and dining of lawmakers and their travel to luxurious resorts. The lawmakers and the corporations actually sit in the same room drafting and amending the bills that the lawmakers will then present as their own. At closed door ALEC task force meetings, the corporations vote alongside the elected officials, as equals, on what bills to put forward.


ALEC does all of this lobbying without disclosing it or corporate-funded trips for lawmakers, under the guise of a charity, operating as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that is working for the common good, like a local food pantry or Boys and Girls Club.  The ALEC documents that were recently brought to light by The Guardian once and for all put an end to that fiction. The documents show conclusively how ALEC is a pay-to-play operation, with its plan to ask lawmaker members to raise even more money directly from corporate interests and create more task forces to push more corporate legislation from more industries.


What Is the State Policy Network?


The State Policy Network (SPN) is one of ALEC’s biggest sponsors and allies. Unsurprising, since ALEC was instrumental in its founding. SPN is a web of 64 right-wing “think tanks” in every state across the country. The Center for Media and Democracy and Progress Now recently launched, which houses a national report on SPN and published reports and information on these ALEC-allied operations in every state.


We would be happy to walk you through these documents and provide more details about the history of ALEC in your state.  We believe your readership deserves to know if officials they elected to represent their interests are actively betraying their trust.


We appreciate your time and interest and hope that you will cover this important story so the citizens of your state are aware of ALEC’s attempts to buy the New Hampshire legislature. For more information please contact Lisa Graves at




Rep. Mark Pocan, D-WI


Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers


Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, publisher of and