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Guinta For Congress - Granite Staters Flocking to Guinta's Candidacy

The March Continues

Frank Guinta’s March of Endorsements continues today with yet another release of activists, elected officials, and current and former town party chairs.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“I am honored to receive the support of those listed here. They exemplify New Hampshire’s storied commitment and tradition of public service; a legacy in which time spent in service to others is honored. In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to continued travel around the district, discussing with Granite Staters their concerns and solutions to the problems affecting us at home, around the country, and abroad.”

Fred Leonard, Fmr. State Rep. and Mayoral Candidate, Rochester
Frank DePeters, Republican Committee Chairman, Hampton Falls
Frank Ferraro, Fmr. Selectman, and State Rep. Candidate, Exeter
Sally Staude, Delegate, Newington
John Lyons, State Board of Education Chair, Portsmouth
Ray White, Fmr. State Senator, Bedford
Andy Crews, President and CEO of AutoFair, Bedford
Paul Chevalier, VFW National Legislative Committee
Carlos Gonzalez, Fmr. State Rep., and Mayoral Candidate, Manchester
Phyllis Katsiakores, Fmr. State Rep, and Town Councilor, Derry
Louis Burnelle, Fire Chief, Sandwich
James Hidden, Selectman, Tamworth
Andrew Houle, Vice-Chair Planning Board, Barnstead
Roland Maheu, Fmr. City Councilor, Ward 6, Laconia
Fred Wells, Budget Committee Member, Belmont
Joe Fleck, Fmr. State Rep., Wakefield
Valerie Fraser, Selectman, New Hampton
Beverly Bruce,Tuftonboro
Nick Mignanelli, Delegate, Campton
Betsy Sanders, State Rep., Danville
Kathleen Hoelzel, State Rep., Raymond
Ken Christiansen,Selectman,
Aaron Blake, Selectman, Eaton
Michael Beaulieu,Selectman, Milton
Brian Stucker, Fmr. Town GOP Chair, Nottingham


Guinta For Congress - Obamacare Tax Hurts New Hampshire Industry: Health Care Tour Continues 

New Hampshire's Economy Damaged by Obamacare's Medical Device Tax

Today, Frank Guinta continued his Health Care Listening Tour with a stop at Portsmouth based Novocure, an innovative company dedicated to the development of specific therapies designed to fight cancer.

Within Obamacare, there is a 2.3 percent excise tax levied on all medical device manufacturers in order to pay for the law. Companies like Novocure are directly and detrimentally affected by this tax; a tax Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter not only refuses to repeal, but one she helped create when she voted to implement Obamacare.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“I support the repeal of the onerous medical device tax. The Granite State is home to roughly 50 medical device manufacturers employing around 3,800 people. This tax hampers a business’ ability to operate within a competitive international marketplace. Over time, as these businesses struggle to compete with the added weight of federal taxes, they will likely be required to layoff
employees, further hurting New Hampshire’s struggling middle class. We can do much better than the current law. We need to reform medical malpractice law, permit the purchasing of health care plans across state lines, and implement other free-market principles that will reduce costs, and increase access to care."


US House Republican Conference - The Obamacare Effect on the Middle Class is Real

House Republicans


REPORT:  ". . . the ACA threatens the middle class . . ."

A brand new report from Unite Here, a hospitality industry union, states, “the ACA threatens the middle class with higher premiums, loss of hours, and a shift to part-time work and less comprehensive coverage.” For a President who continues to harp on income inequality, it is very ironic, as the report states, that he would continue to pursue a law that would deepen the income divide. (The Irony of Obamacare: Making Inequality Worse, Unite Here, 3/8/14)

MIDDLE CLASS AMERICAN: "They're going to put us into poverty."

Unfortunately, the above report is all too real for Julie Dagnillo of Colorado who tells the Denver Post that she is “completely outraged,” by the President’s health care law and cannot afford to pay for comparable insurance for her and her daughter on the Obamacare exchanges. (Colorado not tracking premiums for canceled health plans, Arthur Kane, Denver Post, 3/10/14)


ALG - House punts on debt ceiling, cedes power of the purse 


Feb. 12, 2014

House punts on debt ceiling, cedes power of the purse
Paul Ryan on December 15: "We don't want nothing out of this debt limit." Yet, that is exactly what the American people got in return for a one-year extension of borrowing authority by the House.

Political targeting of Walker supporters proves it can happen here
Conservative groups in the state of Wisconsin whose leaders have had their private homes raided by local police due to their attempts to support Gov. Scott Walker during the labor unions' failed attempt at recalling him from office.

Time to reform the Endangered Species Act
If you find oil or natural gas on your property, the value goes up. If you find an endangered species, your land becomes virtually worthless because the critter prevents productive use.

Washington Examiner: Google endorses NSA surveillance-reform bill
Rep. Justin Amash: "The biggest names in tech are getting behind the Freedom Act because it is the only legislation that protects Americans' privacy from unconstitutional government surveillance. Momentum is on our side, and I have no doubt that the Freedom Act would pass today if it were brought to the floor for a vote."


Dan Innis On WMUR's Close-Up Sunday 

Manchester, NH - Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in NH CD-1, will appear on WMUR's Close-Up to discuss his campaign for Congress. 

Who: Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress

What: WMUR's Close-Up with Josh McElveen

When: Sunday, January 19th at 10am

Where: WMUR Channel 9