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US Rep. Guinta on today's FCC ruling 

WASHINGTON. D.C. –Congressman Guinta released the following statement regarding today’s vote by the Federal Communications Commission to enact a 322 page regulatory ruling regulating the Internet as a public utility:


“The last thing the Internet needs is to be at the heavy hands of more government regulation.  The Internet has been successful precisely because it has been permitted to grow and prosper without excessive rulemaking.  In the Granite State, our motto is ‘live free or die.’  Today’s decision by a body of unelected bureaucrats threatens our freedom and jeopardizes American innovation, economic growth and jobs. I will fight to keep our Internet open and accessible for all.”





US Rep Guinta statement on bipartisan passage of student loan bill 


WASHINGTON. D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta released the following statement following the bipartisan passage of H.R. 529 – a bill to expand, modernize, and strengthen 529 plans to increase educational opportunities for our nation’s children and youth.


“As the first in my family to graduate from college, I know firsthand the importance of investing in one’s education.  Despite one’s background or financial situation, every single child – from the aspiring scientist on the Seacoast to the future public servant in the North Country – should have access to the boundless opportunities a great education provides.  Our economy depends on an educated and motivated workforce; and, a good education presents an individual with economic opportunity and mobility.  The overwhelming bipartisan passage of H.R. 529 is a common-sense approach towards ensuring that the dream of higher education is always within reach.”


H.R. 529 permanently expands the use of 529 educational savings plans by allowing tax-free distributions for students to buy computers and software.  It also modifies the tax treatment of multiple accounts for a single beneficiary and it exempts from taxation any amounts that are refunded from colleges as long as the beneficiary recontributes the funds back into a 529 account within a specified time.


H.R. 529 passed the House of Representative by a vote of 401-20.


To read the text of H.R. 529, please click here.


US Rep Guinta fighting to resolve top concerns heard at townhalls 

WASHINGTON. D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta hosted two townhalls last week – one in Manchester and the other in Laconia.  This represents Congressman Guinta’s second and third townhalls since being sworn into the 114th Congress.

“The top two concerns I heard from constituents during last week’s townhalls echoed the apprehensions I’ve heard from Granite Staters since I took office earlier this year.  First and foremost, our economy remains stagnant while the cost-of-living increases and take-home pay decreases.  Secondly, families and small businesses continue to grapple with offsetting the harmful effects of the President’s healthcare law. 

To resolve these concerns, I wrote legislation to repeal the devastating Cadillac tax under the President’s healthcare law which is set to inflict a 40% tax on workers’ health care plans – running up healthcare costs for individuals, companies, municipalities and taxpayers. Additionally, I introduced bipartisan legislation to rein in Washington’s “spend first, pay later” mentality which has resulted in rampant government waste and abuse.  Every dollar the government wastes on duplicative programs and agencies could – and should – go back to your pockets for you to spend as you see fit.  I look forward to working with our communities in the state and both parties in Washington to enact these bills into law."


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US Rep Guinta announces second and third town hall of the year 


WASHINGTON. D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta will be hosting two town halls next week, one in Manchester and the other in Laconia.  These are vital to the legislative process and serve to update Granite Staters on his work in Washington while receiving important feedback.  These town halls represent the second and third of this term.


The Manchester town hall will be focused on issues of concern to our senior citizens while the Laconia venue will focus more broadly on any and all issues of concern to Granite Staters.


Second town hall of the year focused on NH-01 Seniors


WHAT:  Congressman Guinta hosts second town hall of the year


WHO:  Constituents of the First Congressional District of the New Hampshire interested in discussing issues affecting senior citizens and members of the press are invited to attend.


WHERE: St. Anselm Institute for Politics, 100 Saint Anselm Drive, Manchester, NH 03102


WHEN:  Wednesday, February 18 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.



Third town hall of the year


WHAT:  Congressman Guinta hosts third town hall of the year


WHO:  Constituents of the First Congressional District of New Hampshire and members of the press are invited to attend.


WHERE: Lakes Region Community College, Center for Arts and Technology, Room 236.  379 Belmont Road, Laconia, New Hampshire.


WHEN:  Thursday, February 19 from 5:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.




US Rep's Kuster, Guinta Introduce Legislation to Stop Cuts to Veterans Choice Card Program

Yesterday afternoon, Congressman Guinta joined Congresswoman Annie Kuster in introducing a bipartisan, bicameral piece of legislation to make the Veterans Choice Card program permanent in states without full-service VA centers, like New Hampshire, to protect and ensure our veterans’ ability to access quality care in a timely manner.  Please see below for more information.