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Guinta For Congress - Frank Guinta Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving 

Nearly 400 years ago brave men and woman came to America in search of Liberty and Freedom. They persevered against all odds, and on this great holiday ingrained friendship, giving, and a sense of community into American core values.

Please remember those who cannot be with their families this Thanksgiving, those who fight to protect this great Nation, and the values they instill throughout the world. Remember that every day they make sacrifices to allow for an enduring United States, and that they remain the greatest beacon of freedom and liberty for all.

Frank Guinta


GSP - With No Help From Rep. Guinta , Rep. Bass and Congress Approves Bipartisan ‘Fiscal Cliff ’ Avoidance Bill, Averts Middle Class Tax Hike



With No Help From Congressman Frank Guinta, Rep. Charlie Bass and Majority of U.S. House Approve Senate’s Bipartisan ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Avoidance Bill, Averts Middle Class Tax Hike

Just How Reckless and Irresponsible Is Congressman Guinta? He Would Rather See Taxes Go Up on New Hampshire’s Middle Class Families by $2,200 and the Economy Suffer Before Seeing a Millionaire Pay a Dime More in Taxes

(Concord) The long national nightmare is over as the U.S. House approved by a 257-167 margin the strongly bipartisan Senate ‘fiscal cliff’ avoidance bill that will effectively roll back the $2,200 middle class tax hike that was triggered automatically on midnight January 1st.  The bill now headed to the President’s desk -- despite Congressman Guinta’s misguided opposition -- will permanently extend tax relief for all but the richest individuals making more than $400,000 a year and families making more than $450,000. These wealthy Americans will see their tax rates go from 35% back to Clinton-era level of 39.6 percent when the nation saw one of its greatest periods of economic prosperity and job creation, a move not only supported by the American people but by even most millionaires.  Additionally, the ‘fiscal cliff’ avoidance bill also includes other important measures to protect families and spur economic growth, including extending jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed (which expired Friday) through the end of 2013.

Sue Roman, a volunteer with the Action, a joint project of Granite State Progress and New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action: “Last night’s vote demonstrates that Frank Guinta clearly didn’t get the message voters sent in November when they voted him out of office. New Hampshire citizens voted to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; ask the nation’s wealthiest taxpayers to pay a little more; and to protect families without work struggling during this recovery. To his credit, Congressman Bass proved that the middle-class matters and that he heard the voices of voters. Too bad Frank Guinta is still too wed to his right-wing views to vote the conscience of the state.”

ABOUT THE ACTION: The Action NH is a joint project of NH Citizens Alliance for Action and Granite State Progress, and part of a national grassroots movement that demanded Congress end the Bush-era tax cuts for the richest 2%—the final deal ended the tax break for those making more than $400,000 per year. The Action is for critical investments that create and sustain jobs.


US Rep. Frank Guinta Statement on Fiscal Cliff 


(Washington—January 2, 2013)  Rep. Frank Guinta (NH-01) issued the following statement regarding his vote on H.R. 8:

"From mayor of our state's largest city to Representative of New Hampshire's 1st District, protecting Granite State taxpayers has always been my top priority. We simply cannot afford to continue to ignore the need to address out-of-control government spending and deal with our insurmountable debt and deficits.

"Last evening, I could not support a bill that failed to include any meaningful spending cuts, increases our debt by trillions, and does nothing to promote pro-growth economic principles. Granite Staters deserved better."


GraniteStateProgress - Grassroots organization launches online petition urging Congressmen Bass, Guinta to do their jobs for 98% 

Grassroots  group The Action plans to deliver petitions to lame ducks next week

Concord – Congressmen Charlie Bass (NH-2) and Frank Guinta (NH-1) may have lost their re-election bids, but they are still representing us in Washington as the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations begin. Today saw the release of an online petition urging Bass and Guinta to support efforts in the House to bring to a vote a bill, already passed by the Senate, which would maintain tax cuts for98% of all Americans and 97% of small businesses. Activists will be delivering these petitions to later in the month.

Taylor Coots, state director for The Action (, the group organizing the petition drive explained the effort.

"An extension for the middle class tax cut is through the Senate, but Speaker Boehner won't bring it to the House floor for an up or down vote.  It is high time Congressmen Bass and Guinta do the right thing, break with the Speaker, and put New Hampshire middle class families ahead of Washington politics."

A ‘discharge petition’ is currently being circulated in the House of Representatives and would give the House a chance for an up-or-down vote on a $2,000 tax cut for 98% of Americans.  Voters in New Hampshire are urging our congressmen – both of whom have long advocated for low taxes and middle-class economic health – to demonstrate their support for both low taxes and the middle class by signing the discharge petition and voting in support of the Senate bill.

Pres. Obama has advocated starting the process of getting the nation’s budget house in order with this measure. "Let's begin our work with where we agree," the president said, observing that the Senate has already passed the bill and that both parties agree that increasing middle-class taxes would hobble the recovery. "If we can get a few House Republicans to agree as well, I'll sign this bill as soon as the House sends it my way."

( “GOP divide over Obama tax plan goes public,” Tom Cohen, November 28, 2012

ABOUT THE ACTION: The Action is a grassroots movement that demands Congress end the Bush-era tax cuts for the richest 2%—those making more than $250,000 per year. The Action is for critical investments that create and sustain jobs.  New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action is leading the charge in New Hampshire.


Frank's Footnotes Newsletter: A Special Veteran's Day Message 

A Special Veteran's Day Message

This Monday, we as a nation will pause to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to our country, our veterans. These brave men and women work selflessly to protect the freedoms we hold so dear. I strongly believe anytime we send American men and women to foreign lands to defend our freedom, it is our solemn obligation and country’s highest priority to provide them with the care they need when they return.

I believe a promise made is a promise kept. Our veterans began their military service by taking an oath, swearing they would “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” They fulfilled that promise with their service. Now that they have left the Armed Forces, it is our duty as American citizens to honor that service with our respect, appreciation and active support.

I encourage all of you to take a moment to remember those that are still serving overseas and to keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you to all of New Hampshire’s veterans, may God bless you and your families.