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Guinta clearly wins final debate against Shea-Porter

(Manchester – November 2, 2012) In tonight’s WMUR debate, the final one of the 2012 Election for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, Frank Guinta clearly and decisively defeated former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter on every issue discussed. From jobs and the economy to rising energy costs, Frank Guinta vastly outperformed his opponent. Coupled with a poll released today from New England College that showed Frank Guinta beating Carol Shea-Porter by 7 points, 48% - 41%, momentum is certainly on the side of Frank Guinta as we head towards Election Day.

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Guinta for Congress, released the following statement:

“This evening, Frank Guinta continued to focus on jobs, the economy, and lowering fuel costs. He clearly showed his plan for working in a bipartisan manner to help our job creators put New Hampshire back to work, assist our veterans and reduce our debt and deficit to move our country in the right direction.

“In contrast, Carol Shea-Porter continued to highlight exactly what is wrong with Washington. The former Congresswoman would rather focus on partisan politics that divide America rather than bipartisan policies that would unite us. Not once did Carol Shea-Porter even discuss how she would work bipartisanly to get Granite Staters back to work. New Hampshire deserves better.”


Shea-Porter For Congress - Guinta Keeps Telling Tea Party Tall Tales 

Manchester, NH- Tonight, Carol Shea-Porter debated Tea Partier Congressman Frank Guinta.

During the 2010 election, Congressman Guinta received national attention for his Tea Party activities. He spoke at Tea Party rallies across New Hampshire and in DC, and his vocal support for the Tea Party is a matter of public record. Here’s a clip of him at the Dover Tea Party rally saying, “Don’t tread on me”: And here’s a clip at the Portsmouth Tea Party rally: Congressman Guinta also told the Raymond Tea Party that he believes the federal government should force the teaching of creationism:

Despite the ample evidence, Guinta now denies his involvement with the Tea Party. When asked whether he identifies with the Tea Party during tonight's WMUR debate, Guinta responded, "I'm an American ... this notion of labeling every single Republican a Tea Partier is ridiculous."

Guinta now accuses those who point out his Tea Party history of "name-calling." It appears that the Congressman now considers "Tea Partier" an embarrassing title, even as he stays true to their extremist anti-government principles.

"Congressman Guinta's misrepresentations about his political affiliations and ideology are plainly ridiculous," said Naomi Andrews, campaign manager for the Carol Shea-Porter campaign. "He underestimates his constituents if he thinks they can't remember what he was up to two years ago and in the two years he’s been in office voting with his Tea Party colleagues. They’ve been called the ‘worst Congress ever’ and try as he might to throw away the tea cup, he is part of that disaster."



      Guinta: "I'm not a Tea Partier" at North Conway debate:

      Guinta: "Don't tread on me," at Dover Tea Party rally:

      Guinta: "They" want to "take our freedoms and take our liberties," at Portsmouth Tea Party rally:



Guinta For Congress - Where are Shea-Porter's supporters? 

"In addition to Frank Guinta decisively winning tonight’s debate, something else was made very clear. Long gone are the days of former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter having a strong coalition of grassroots support."

(Manchester – November 2, 2012) Carol Shea-Porter was once well-known for having strong grassroots support, however today was evidence that those days for former Congresswoman Shea-Porter are long gone.

Along with having over 150 supports rallying to show their support for Frank Guinta prior to his WMUR debate at St. Anselm College and a full-house debate watch party afterwards, scores more volunteers were still back at Team Guinta headquarters in Manchester making over 85,000 phone calls to voters this evening.

In contrast, Carol Shea-Porter had only 3 supporters at the rally and no debate watch party this evening.

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Guinta for Congress, released the following statement:

“In addition to Frank Guinta decisively winning tonight’s debate, something else was made very clear. Long gone are the days of former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter having a strong coalition of grassroots support.

“In contrast, supporters from as far away as Laconia and Rochester came to Manchester today to show their support for Frank. Whether it’s knocking on doors, making phone calls, or other important efforts to contact voters, Team Guinta showed today that they are ready to continue working hard to insure victory on Tuesday. Team Shea-Porter clearly is not.”


Shea-Porter For Congress - Guinta cut FEMA money

Manchester, NH – Congressman Guinta has decided that it is important for congressional candidates to weigh in on state issues, yet in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, he has dodged questions about why he voted to cut funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Congressman Guinta voted for the Ryan budget which cuts disaster preparation and response, and passed a continuing resolution that provided $3 billion less in disaster funding than requested by the President.

“Congressman Guinta has a heartless record of voting to cut the funding for FEMA, money that  communities depend on for disasters,” said Carol Shea-Porter.  “Now, he needs to explain whether or not he agrees with Mitt Romney that FEMA should be privatized or left to the states.  New Hampshire, which has just received a federal emergency declaration, deserves to know why he voted against protecting the state and its citizens.” 


Romney’s budget cuts FEMA, on its face, by 40%.  Romney has vowed to cut federal spending to less than 20 percent of GDP by 2016 without touching entitlements or defense. That means that non-defense discretionary spending--which includes FEMA aid--would have to be reduced by an eye-popping 40 percent. The Romney campaign won't say whether FEMA would be spared from those cuts but stresses that the necessary funding would be available.” Washington Post.

On September 23, 2011, Guinta voted in favor of HR 2608, a continuing resolution meant to fund the federal government through November 18, 2011. The legislation provided $3.65 billion for disaster assistance, roughly $3 billion less than what the Office of Management estimated the federal government needed in funding. [HR 2608, Vote #727, Office of Management and Budget, 9/5/11; The Hill, 9/23/11]

Ryan budget could hammer storm aid, critics say:  Mitt Romney says he wants to give states more power to deal with disasters like Sandy. But his running mate’s budget plan would threaten states’ ability to respond to massive storms, some experts say.  Paul Ryan’s House-passed budget would cut non-defense discretionary funding by 22 percent starting in 2014, according to the liberal-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which said in an August report that about one-third of that money goes to state aid for a range of needs including disaster response.  [Politico, 10/30/2012]



Guinta For Congress - ICYMI: Union Leader endorses Guinta for Congress

"Shea-Porter, just keeps calling Guinta extreme and misrepresenting his record. That did not work in 2010, and 1st District voters should not let it work now. They should reelect Guinta."

(Manchester – October 31, 2012) This morning, Frank Guinta received the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader for Congress in NH-01. This highly-respected endorsement follows the nod from the Eagle Tribune, which endorsed Frank Guinta on Monday.

Guinta for Congress: Cautiously Conservative

As with doctors, the first rule for members of Congress should be: "Do no harm." In his two years down in Washington, 1st District Rep. Frank Guinta has been an immense improvement upon his predecessor simply by adhering to that rule. He also has done some good as well, and 1st District voters should send him back to do more.

Guinta was elected in the Republican wave year of 2010. Democrats demonized him both before and after the election as a radical right-winger who would dismantle the government. Though Guinta is more conservative than his moderate counterpart in the 2nd District, Charlie Bass, he has not proven to be the pitchfork-shaking radical Carol Shea-Porter and her allies make him out to be.

Guinta has generally voted for spending cuts and against tax hikes. He has voted to repeal Obamacare and to pass Rep. Paul Ryan's budget (which, despite Democratic claims to the contrary, increases federal spending, but slows its rate of growth). He has compiled a cautious record of opposing government expansion, whether in the form of massive new spending and regulatory initiatives or massive new tax increases, while promoting policies that will move us away from the reckless borrow-and-spend path down which President Obama is dragging us. What he has not done is take a torch to the federal government.

Shea-Porter, just keeps calling Guinta extreme and misrepresenting
his record. That did not work in 2010, and 1st District voters should not let it work now. They should reelect Guinta.