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US Rep Guinta bipartisan auto bill receives hearing 

WASHINGTON. D.C. – Today, the House Committee on Financial Services held a hearing to discuss H.R. 1737 – the Reforming CFPB Indirect Auto Financing Guidance Act – a bipartisan bill introduced with Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) to rescind flawed guidance from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) which harms consumers by limiting their ability to obtain discounted auto financing.


“In 2013, the bureaucratic CFPB issued a guidance preventing families and individuals from obtaining auto financing discounts, without a public period for consumers, small businesses or stakeholders,” said Rep. Frank Guinta.  “This guidance not only affects the hundreds of hard-working auto dealers in the Granite State; but, it also affects families and individuals wishing to obtain auto ownership.


This month, Alan J. from Laconia emailed my office to share his struggle to obtain auto financing in order to purchase a car after his car broke down so that he could continue his job and continue providing for his children and his sick wife.  It is because of folks like Alan that we must address this widespread issue and pass H.R. 1737 to empower the people of the Granite State, and not of the federal government.”


H.R. 1737 would repeal a CFPB bulletin from 2013 that was designed to pressure lending institutions into eliminating the availability of auto financing discounts.  These discounts save consumers millions of dollars every year.


“It is refreshing to see Members of Congress working in a bipartisan manner for transparency, regulatory certainty for small businesses, and low credit prices for auto consumers,” said Peter Welch, President of the National Automobile Dealers Association. “We commend Representatives Guinta and Perlmutter for their leadership on H.R. 1737 to create a transparent and open process when issuing guidance on auto financing. H.R. 1737 now has 89 bipartisan cosponsors and the backing of the auto industry, and we urge Congress to pass this pro-consumer legislation.”


Congressman Guinta introduced H.R. 1737 with Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) on April 13, 2015.  The bill has 49 Republican cosponsors and 40 Democratic cosponsors.


H.R. 1737 is supported by NADA; the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers; the American Financial Services Association; the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association; AIADA; the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association; the Recreational Vehicles Industry Association; the National Auto Auction Association; and the Motorcycle Industry Council.


For a copy of H.R. 1737, please click here.


For a video of Congressman Guinta discussing H.R. 1737, please click here.


NHDP - NHGOP "Infighting Heats Up” 

Concord, N.H. – In today’s daily reminder that the Frank Guinta mess Kelly Ayotte and the New Hampshire Republican Party created isn’t going anywhere, the Union Leader reports, “Republican infighting intensified over the weekend” about the party’s response to Guinta’s years of lies.  
Conservative activist and former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway said, “Frankly, this is sort of a tipping point… Bryan Gould stepping down is a very big statement.”
The Valley News also became the latest New Hampshire newspaper to call for Guinta’s resignation, writing, “Just Go, Rep. Guinta.”
And Kathy Sullivan notes in a Union Leader column that the FEC’s report raises questions about some of Guinta’s other claims dating all the way back to his time as Mayor of Manchester.
See roundup below:
Valley News Editorial: Just Go, Rep. Guinta
Today we become the last, or very nearly the last, newspaper in New Hampshire to call on U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta to resign at once his seat representing the First Congressional District.
It’s not that we just now reached the conclusion that the congressman should go. It has been quite apparent for some time that he lied about the source of a campaign contribution in 2010. Guinta, a Republican, conceded as much when he entered into an agreement with the Federal Election Commission to pay a $15,000 fine and repay to his parents $355,000 that the FEC concluded amounted to an illegal contribution.
It’s just that we thought that by now Guinta would have heeded the rest of the state’s political chorus, which includes not only the major newspapers, but also much of the Republican establishment.
… New Hampshire Republicans have reason to fear Guinta’s continued presence in office as the 2016 election approaches. Ayotte certainly appreciates that sharing the ballot with this fellow Republican next year could meaningfully damage her re-election prospects in what many observers predict will be a tight race. Not only that, Guinta presents a likely distraction for the GOP field of presidential candidates, which contains about as many entries as the Kentucky Derby. 
… That’s the GOP’s problem. Guinta’s bigger offense is against the public trust. [Full editorial]
Union Leader: GOP infighting heats up over Guinta letter
Republican infighting intensified over the weekend after state GOP Chairman Jennifer Horn’s scathing letter that U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta’s “credibility has been irreparably damaged” in connection with his federal campaign finance violations.
… State GOP Vice Chairman Bryan K. Gould immediately resigned, saying the letter was neither objective nor accurate. And he is being joined by some conservative voices who believe party leaders should have stayed out of it.
… Andrew Hemingway, who ran for the Republican gubernatorial nomination last year, said he heard the buzz about such a meeting, and that the concern is not just about Guinta, but about the direction of the party. “Frankly, this is sort of a tipping point,” he said. “Bryan Gould stepping down is a very big statement.” [Full story]
Kathy Sullivan: FEC report raises questions about other Guinta claims
LAST WEEK the Federal Election Commission released its report on the source of $355,000 in loans made to Frank Guinta’s 2010 campaign for Congress. It has caused further erosion of support for Guinta. The report confirms that Guinta did not tell the truth in 2010, or thereafter, when he claimed that years of frugal living and hard work enabled him to open several accounts at Bank of America that he said were the source of the funds. Nor was he telling the truth when he claimed in a 2014 debate that the FEC investigation was over.

… He also says he just made a mistake on his congressional financial disclosure statement, when he neglected to list a Bank of America account. He did not think he had to list the account because it was in his parents’ names. In 2010, however, he said he forgot to include it. Even if you believe him, it does not explain why Guinta told the media, and therefore voters, that the money came from years of frugal living and hard work.
… During the years 2002 through 2009, the city charter required Manchester Alderman and later Mayor Guinta to submit annual disclosure statements, listing, inter alia, any investment in which his interest was $50,000 or more.

… If Guinta considered these funds to be his, why did he fail to disclose the wealth management account, year after year, for seven years?

Guinta’s lack of candor raises questions with respect to other past controversies.

In 2008, for example, the city filed liens against Guinta for failing to make timely payment of over $3,000 in real estate taxes, as well as smaller wastewater charges. Guinta said he was unaware of the liens, even though he should have received notices. Also, as mayor, he should have been well aware that real estate taxes are payable in July and December, and that failure to pay results in tax liens.

Then there was that 2009 fight at the Fish and Game Club.
… It was difficult to accept Guinta’s account in 2009. In light of Guinta’s latest credibility issues, it is even harder to accept now.  [Full column]



NHDP - ICYMI: GOP Civil War Over Frank Guinta’s Lies Keeps Getting Worse 

Concord, N.H. – Five years after Frank Guinta’s Republican primary challenges first questioned his lies, New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn has finally conceded, “he has clearly been untruthful, and possibly, atevery point.”
The Union Leader notes, “Horn’s communique marked a new level of tension between party leaders.”
That might be an understatement. Following Horn’s letter, NHGOP Vice Chair Bryan Gould announced that he would resign his post in protest.
It's no secret that after New Hampshire Republican Party leader Kelly Ayotte propped Guinta up throughout his years of lies, Ayotte and the party have struggled with the mess they created.
On May 18, the NHGOP Executive Committee refused to take any action against Guinta, with Horn striking a “conciliatory tone” and even “thanking Guinta.” 100 New Hampshire Republicans later took out a full page pro-Guinta Union Leader ad serving as a reminder of Ayotte’s failed leadership.
See coverage recap below:
Union Leader:
Republican Congressman Frank Guinta has lost the trust of his state party’s chairman, and she told him so in a telephone conversation on Thursday.

Horn’s communique marked a new level of tension between party leaders and Guinta, who has steadfastly refused to step down in the wake of an investigation into illegal campaign contributions by the Federal Election Commission.

… The GOP executive board did not take any action when it met on May 18 and heard privately from Guinta. After that meeting, Horn sounded a more conciliatory tone, thanking Guinta for his voluntary participation and saying there was not much the party could do.

… With the party gearing up for a presidential election year, Horn suggested that the GOP could ill-afford to be saddled with a radioactive incumbent. [Full story]

USA Today:
The head of the New Hampshire Republican Party, Jennifer Horn, has turned against GOP Rep. Frank Guinta, saying the congressman’s credibility is “irreparably damaged.”
… He apologized on May 17 and admitted that there were problems with his reporting and disclosure but said that the money was his.
The state Republican Party Executive Committee accepted his apology and did not call for his resignation.
But the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released new documents this week detailing Guinta’s financial transactions, leading Horn to hint that it might be time for him to step down.
… As of Wednesday, Guinta said he will not resign because the FEC issue is closed. [Full story]
State Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn has politically abandoned U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta, telling fellow party leaders on Thursday she no longer believes his explanation for his campaign finance violations and that he has "lied and betrayed the public trust."
But the controversy has continued to split the party. has learned that shortly after Horn's letter was emailed to committee members, party Vice Chairman Bryan Gould resigned his post.
"The e-mail was sent over my strenuous objections," he told "It is not fair, objective, or accurate. I have resigned as Vice Chairman of the party this afternoon as a result."
The pressure on Guinta to step down has intensified since the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday released documents detailing its staff’s finding that Guinta broke campaign finance law by taking excessive campaign contributions from his parents and using the money to loan to his 2010 congressional campaign.
… As of late Wednesday, Guinta continued to refuse to step down, writing in a statement that the FEC “matter” has been settled…
… It also remains to be seen whether U.S. House Republican leaders on Capitol Hill will abandon Guinta. So far, U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner has been silent on the controversy, saying only, on May 19, “I think all members should be held to the highest ethical standards.”
Boehner, meeting with Capitol Hill reporters, was asked about Guinta again on Thursday.
“I’ve not seen all the facts in the case,” he said. “We’re waiting for them to show up. We’ll make a decision when we see facts.” [Full story]
Boston Globe:
BAD WEEK: Frank Guinta
It was bad enough for Representative Frank Guinta of New Hampshire when the Federal Election Commission concluded he took an illegal campaign contribution. It was worse when Senator Kelly Ayotte and the GOP leaders at the State House called on him to resign. But imagine how crummy he feels now, after FEC documents show his own mother contradicted his story. Guinta had suggested the money came from a “family pot” to which he had access. According to the feds, Virginia Guinta’s story put the lie to her son’s version of events. On Thursday, even state GOP chairwoman Jennifer Horn apparently concluded Mother knows best. “To be perfectly honest, I no longer believe him,” Horn said. “His actions are beneath the honor of his office.” [Full story]
NH1 News:
Hours after New Hampshire GOP Chair Jennifer Horn wrote that that U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta “has clearly been untruthful,” the embattled Republican congressman pushed back against calls to resign, saying “I am committed to my job.”
… Some topGranite State Republicans, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte, state Senate President Chuck Morse, state House Speaker Shawn Jasper, and Executive Councilor Chris Sununu have called on Guinta to resign over the past two weeks ago, after the agreement between Guinta and the FEC was first made public. But last week nearly 100 Guinta supporters publicly backed the congressman in a full page ad in the New Hampshire Union Leader.
… Earlier Thursday, NHGOP Vice Chair Byran Gould resigned after objecting to Horn’s letter.
“I am deeply disappointed in the decision that he (Gould) made today,” Horn told NH1 News.
… U.S. House Speaker John Boehner remained silent on the Guinta controversy Thursday.
“I’ve not seen all the facts in the case,” the Ohio Republican told Capitol Hill reporters. “We’re waiting for them to show up. We’ll make a decision when we see facts.” [Full story]
Associated Press:
The head of the state Republican Party said yesterday that GOP U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta “has clearly been untruthful” about where he got $355,000 to spend on his 2010 campaign.
In a letter to the party’s executive committee yesterday, Chairwoman Jennifer Horn didn’t directly call for Guinta’s resignation, as others have done, but said she told him that she doesn’t trust him and that his actions are beneath the honor of his office.
… Guinta maintains that his only mistake was improperly reporting money that was rightfully his. But in an agreement made public last month, the commission concluded that Guinta broke the law by accepting donations above the legal limit from his parents, fined him $15,000 and ordered him to repay the money. At that time, the state Republican Party’s executive committee and Horn declined to take any formal action against Guinta, but the pressure for him to resign has increased since Tuesday, when the FEC released documents detailing its investigation. [Full story]
Support for Congressman Frank Guinta continues to fall, days after the release of two reports detailing federal investigations into his fundraising practices. New Hampshire Republican Chairwoman Jennifer Horn has now joined the chorus of prominent GOP leaders criticizing Guinta.
… Numerous GOP leaders, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte, House Speaker Shawn Jasper and Senate President Chuck Morse, have called on Guinta to resign. But the state Republican Party’s executive committee declined to take action against Guinta at its most recent meeting. Horn’s letter indicates that may change. [Full story]



US Rep Guinta & Lynch bipartisan amendment adopted, included in House approps bill 

WASHINGTON. D.C. – This week, an amendment authored by Congressman Frank Guinta (R-NH) and supported by Congressman Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA) which provides $5 million in increased funds for our nation’s drug courts was unanimously adopted and included in the Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations bill.


“As Granite Staters know all too well, our nation is currently facing a drug epidemic,” said Rep. Frank Guinta.  “Drug courts are proven to be one of the most effective intervention programs by creating a systematic response to substance abuse and crime as an alternative to incarceration, while simultaneously reducing crime, saving money and serving our communities.  I’m grateful the House passed this measure to help directly save the lives of those addicted to drugs, help them reach sobriety and, in turn, make New Hampshire a better place to live.”


Last year, deaths from heroin and illicit drug use exceeded auto-related deaths in the state of New Hampshire.  And, in the past five years alone, overdoses in the Granite State have increased five-fold.


“Drug addiction does not discriminate. It is an epidemic that affects every city and town across America. It leaves in its wake shattered lives and families and costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Drug courts are a critical first step on the road back from addiction,” said Congressman Stephen F. Lynch. “Investing in our drug courts is an important way to save taxpayers money, reduce crime, and restore families. Quite simply, drug courts work and that is why I am pleased to partner with Congressman Frank Guinta on increasing our investment in the drug court program.”


The bipartisan Guinta and Lynch amendment to increase funding for drug courts is offset by an equal reduction in the International Trade Administration.  


The Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations bill, including the Guinta and Lynch amendment, passed the House last night by a vote of 242-183.




NHDP - ICYMI: Guinta saga continues, GOP struggles with mess they created 






"The party cannot stand by a politician who has revealed himself to be wholly unworthy of the public trust."


Will more Presidential hopefuls weigh in? Or will they ignore the issue altogether?


CONCORD, N.H. - As Frank Guinta triples down on his years of lies to New Hampshire, the recently released FEC documents confirming definitively that he's a "damned liar" are leaving Republicans struggling with the mess they created.


While the New Hampshire Republican Party's inaction continues, the Union Leader, in an editorial, said they can “either lead with integrity or it can stand by Frank Guinta,” but it can’t do both.


While more Republican presidential hopefuls are in state this week, they will inevitably be asked questions about Guinta. Will they continue to stand by Guinta or like Jeb Bush, just ignore the question altogether? Only time will tell.


See below for a roundup of coverage.


Union Leader Editorial: Integrity or Guinta? The state GOP’s call

...The FEC’s February, 2014, Second General Counsel Report on Guinta’s questioned $355,000 in campaign loans demolishes Guinta’s preposterous claims about the money’s origin. It reveals, among other truths:

• Despite his repeated claims to the contrary, Guinta provided no documentation backing up his contention that his parents’ bank account, from which the $355,000 came, had been seeded with $100,000 in his own money.

• Guinta’s own sister and mother contradicted his assertion that the parents’ bank account was a “family pot” to which all children had an ownership stake. His mother characterized the money as loans from Guinta’s parents to him. She even wrote “loan” on the subject line of nine checks she wrote to him.

• The $355,000 belonged unquestionably — provably — to Guinta’s parents, not to him. As the report put it, “Contributions to the Committee Were Not Rep. Guinta’s Personal Funds.”

To cover up the source of his illegal campaign money, Guinta lied to everyone. First, he lied to the people of New Hampshire. He told this newspaper in a 2010 interview that the money came from multiple personal bank accounts held by him. He let this lie stand while he told the FEC an entirely different lie, that the money came from deposits he made into a family bank account to which he had a legal right of access. While the FEC investigation was ongoing, he told voters that it had ended and he had been cleared…

The party cannot stand by a politician who has revealed himself to be wholly unworthy of the public trust. Political parties are supposed to stand for ideals, not merely for tribal connections. The state GOP platform states that Republicans pledge “to lead with integrity, character and compassion.” Guinta has not. The party can either lead with integrity or it can stand by Frank Guinta. It cannot do both.

Union Leader’s Dan Tuohy: Report says Guinta had no right to campaign money; Congressman still insists $355,000 is his


U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta’s mother and sister contradict his claim that $355,000 given to his 2010 campaign was his own money, newly released Federal Election Commission documents show.


There is no evidence to support the “family pot defense,” a theory he put forward claiming legal title to money in an account held solely in his parents’ names, according to FEC documents. The documents detail a $1 million fund belonging to his parents he could tap to help pay for expenses — including his mayoral campaign in Manchester, credit card bills and mortgages. But federal investigators said he had no legal right to the money.

For years, Guinta has maintained the money did not belong to his parents.


His mother, Virginia Guinta, told the FEC that she understood the funds were loans that would be repaid.


The FEC concluded that Mrs. Guinta’s description was at odds with the “family pot” concept described by Guinta and his attorney...


WMUR’s John DiStaso: After latest FEC Report, how long will Guinta last?


DISAPPOINTMENT, SUPPORT. The harsh Federal Election Commission staff report on Rep. Frank Guinta’s 2010 campaign finances has done nothing to unify the state GOP on the question of whether the congressman should resign. Opinion remains split...

WMUR’s report  Wednesday night that the U.S. Attorney’s Office will review the latest FEC findings is sure to make it more difficult for Guinta to politically survive. But there is no word from his inner circle that he is entertaining resignation...

Now further information has surfaced. According to FEC enforcement division attorneys, Guinta’s mother told them she was under the impression that checks totaling more than $355,000 she issued to her son were loans from the family account and not her son’s money, as he has maintained. The statement attributed to her issued by the Guinta staffer contradicts that, of course.

And, according to the FEC attorneys, Guinta’s sister had no knowledge of the family account...

But in the GOP hierarchy, the silence continues, despite the “further information” that has come to light. Party chairwoman Jennifer Horn put out a statement on Monday calling it “an extremely serious issue,” but she said the GOP state committee “will review the entire file before it considers further action.”


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