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Guinta concedes race for NH-01

Manchester – November 7, 2012 - After the final numbers for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District came in, Congressman Frank Guinta conceded the race to Carol Shea-Porter early this morning.

“I would like to congratulate President Obama, Governor-elect Maggie Hassan, Congresswoman-elect Anne McLane Kuster and Congresswoman-elect Carol Shea-Porter on their victories.

“What’s important in these races is the future of New Hampshire. I am committed to continuing my support of our constituents and a collaborative vision for a stronger America. I called Carol Shea-Porter early this morning. We had a great conversation as I pledged to her my commitment to transition the congressional office with integrity and respect.”


Guinta For Congress - Election Night Party 

Team Guinta,

We are only 2 days away from Election Day and the momentum is certainly on our side. According to the latest New England College poll, Frank Guinta is leading Carol Shea-Porter by 7 points. Our campaign headquarters has been full of volunteers making phone call and knocking on doors. The excitement around here has been amazing. However, we still need your help with the final push to ensure victory. If you can give a few hours of your time today, tomorrow, or on Election Day, please come into our headquarters at 1850 Elm Street in Manchester or call 603-836-5620.

We also wanted you to be aware of our Victory Party on Election night, which will be at Murphy’s Taproom (494 Elm Street, Manchester). Doors will open at 7:00 pm and continue through the night as we await results.

Again, please do all you can to give us a few hours of your time to help over the next couple of days to ensure we win on Election Day. We hope to see you at our election night victory party on Tuesday evening!


Derek Dufresne
Spokesman, Guinta for Congress | Facebook Twitter


Shea-Porter For Congress - Guinta “Jobs” Report 

Manchester, NH- A new report by the Associated Press finds little evidence that Congressman Guinta's “job fairs” have created any new jobs.

First District constituents who hoped to find work at Guinta's job fairs will be disappointed to hear that the events were designed to ensure his success, not theirs. He described the events' primary purpose as an opportunity for himself, not the unemployed, to network, telling the AP: "You get to talk to employers one-on-one, you get to establish a relationship as the member of Congress…That’s the most important thing."

Guinta refused to provide the AP with any evidence that his fairs have created jobs. His excuse? "Privacy issues," a concern that the employers the AP contacted "did not mention."

While Guinta may not want to admit how few people found work at his fairs, it is easy to find out how many jobs Carol Shea-Porter has created. During her time in Congress, she cooperated with her colleagues to pass the American Recovery Act, also known as the "stimulus," which has increased the number of American jobs by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate. She also saved millions of jobs in the auto industry, including 27,000 here in New Hampshire.

"A strong record on jobs is what New Hampshire voters are looking for as they head to the polls," said Naomi Andrews, campaign manager for Carol Shea-Porter. "Congressman Guinta is proud of creating one or two jobs, while Carol is proud of creating millions. The numbers speak for themselves."


AP: "Job creation record at issue in NH's 1st District."

Letter to the Editor, Conway Daily Sun: “NHES offices are also where you can find local representatives of NHWorks, a coalition of state and local agencies helping people find jobs, plus operating a large, easy-to-use, state-wide data-base of jobs at In these circumstances, hosting his own job fairs seems more useful to the Congressman than to the jobless.”

Conway Daily Sun: “On Tuesday (May 22, 2012), NH CD-1 Congressman Frank Guinta hosted a job fair in Conway, at Granite State College. A mere four days earlier, on May 18, N.H. Employment Security and Granite State College partnered on a job fair, at the same location. One might be tempted to think that two job fairs in a four-day span must mean that there is a an abundance of available jobs. One would, of course, be wrong. The Guinta job fair was just another chapter in his re-election pageant.”

Foster’s: “Many people spent hard-earned money on gas to get to these fairs, and were shocked to find that they were just photo-ops for Guinta’s glossy self-promotion.”

Letter to the editor, Concord Monitor: “I didn't see one representative from a company that had job applications.”



Guinta For Congress - Shea-Porter's empty promises

"Carol Shea-Porter has continued to double down on the same failed policies that have kept millions of Americans unemployed and underemployed. Granite Staters deserve better."

(Manchester – November 2, 2012) Another jobs report, another highlight of Carol Shea-Porter’s empty promises. According to the former Congresswoman, if we passed her stimulus package, we would be at 5.2% unemployment today. Sadly though, her empty promises only left us deeper in debt with unemployment at 7.8% or higher for every month of President Obama’s presidency. Not only is the jobless rate going up, but as more Americans lose hope altogether, the ‘real’ unemployment rate is now 14.6%.

Local press has noticed Carol Shea-Porter’s abysmal record on the economy and job creation. Below is just a sample of just what they have recently said about her on the important issue of jobs and the economy.

“Shea-Porter is not just extremely liberal. She is also extremely uninformed about basic economics.” – Union Leader, 9/17/12

“Shea-Porter has also said all the many jobs fairs Guinta has held are unneeded. Although we are not sure those who got jobs as a result of Guinta's efforts would agree.” – Fosters Daily Democrat, 9/26/12

“There are many actions that would help the U.S. economy far more than raising taxes and buying trains. One would be to make sure Carol Shea-Porter does not get elected to Congress ever again.” – Union Leader, 11/26/12

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Guinta for Congress released the following statement:

“Despite thousands of Granite Staters still hurting, Carol Shea-Porter continues to support her failed stimulus, quoting national pundits to say it created jobs. Perhaps the former Congresswoman should stop trying to convince herself that 4 years of her tax and spend agenda was effective and try listening to the thousands of unemployed and underemployed Granite Staters.

“New Hampshire’s middle-class is struggling and Shea-Porter’s failed policies did nothing to create jobs. Rather than recognizing this and looking for new solutions to put New Hampshire back to work, Carol Shea-Porter has continued to double down on the same failed policies that have kept millions of Americans unemployed and underemployed. Granite Staters deserve better.”


Guinta For Congress - ICYMI: Guinta leads Shea-Porter 48%-41% in new poll


(Manchester – November 2, 2012) The momentum continues for Frank Guinta as we head towards Election Day on Tuesday. In a poll just released this morning by New England College, Frank Guinta leads Carol Shea-Porter by 7 points, 48%-41%.

The section on their poll results for the 1st Congressional District can be read below:

In New Hampshire’s race for Congress in the first district, the New England College poll indicates Congressman Frank Guinta is poised to serve a second term in Washington. The Republican incumbent holds a lead over Democratic challenger Carol Shea Porter. Among 511 respondents, Congressman Guinta picked up 48% support, Carol Shea Porter registered 41% support, 2% chose another candidate and 9% remain undecided with four days until the election. The margin for error in this poll is 4.33%.

“Representative Guinta is in a good position for reelection depending on the turnout on Election Day. His support among men outweighs former Representative Shea-Port’s lead among women,” explains Dr. Ben Tafoya, director of the Polling Center in NEC’s Center for Civic Engagement.

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