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US Rep. Frank Guinta statement on House passage of debt ceiling agreement

(WASHINGTON– August 1, 2011)  U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed S. 365, the Budgetary Control Act, this evening:

“The House has broken with the failed policies of the past and is chartering a new course.   This bipartisan vote marks a significant shift away from decades of fiscal irresponsibility where both parties raised the debt ceiling without blinking an eye.   This bill is far from perfect.  But we shouldn’t let that eclipse its positive parts, because it accomplishes several important things that Granite Staters have repeatedly told me they want.  It honors the spirit of Cut, Cap and Balance, which I still believe is the best vehicle for putting our country’s finances in order by making real cuts and implementing spending controls.  It also requires Congress to act on a Balanced Budget Amendment, which would force Washington to finally live within its means.  Plus, the bill allows the government to keep paying its bills, and it does it without raising taxes.  Remember, this isn’t the end of the long battle; it’s only one small step in getting us back on the right path.  But we are now one step closer to it than we were yesterday.”



NHDP - Bass & Guinta Put Granite Staters Last in "Dodge, Duck , Dismantle" Vote

Concord, NH - It was made perfectly clear yesterday that Reps. Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta would rather protect tax breaks for big oil companies and corporate jet owners than keep their Medicare promise to our seniors.

The two New Hampshire Republicans voted last night for the so-called "Cut, Cap and Balance" proposal that mandates the same draconian cuts in the Ryan budget that ends Medicare as we know it. Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Thad McCotter and Gary Johnson have also endorsed this proposal.

"I have a message for Charlie Bass, Frank Guinta and all of the Republican presidential candidates who have come to the Granite State and endorsed this proposal. Your agenda to double down on the failed economic policies of the past that nearly sank our economy into a second Great Depression, your out of touch plan to end Medicare as we know it, and your insistence on playing politics with the debt limit are not in line with New Hampshire values," said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party on a press call yesterday before the vote. "This type of extreme proposal is the reason a plurality of voters in both your districts are disappointed with your actions in Washington and the reason Granite Staters squarely oppose the GOP presidential candidates' so-called solutions for the economy."

"The truth of the matter is that what the Republicans are proposing isn't a solution at all, but instead a return to same dysfunctional policies of the Bush administration that brought our economy to the brink of a second Great Depression," said State Representative Cindy Rosenwald of Nashua.


Cut, Cap And Balance Calls For $111 Billion In Cuts In The First Year, Costing An Estimated 700,000 Jobs. "The 'Cut, Cap, and Balance Act' would require cuts totaling $111 billion immediately, in the fiscal year that starts 75 days from now, despite a 9.2 percent unemployment rate. These cuts would equal 0.7 percent of the projected Gross Domestic Product in fiscal year 2012 and would thus cause the loss of roughly 700,000 jobs in the current weak economy, relative to what the number of jobs otherwise would be." [CBPP, 7/16/11]

Cut, Cap And Balance Would Lead To Deep Cuts In Social Security, Medicare And Medicaid. "Policymakers would have little alternative but to institute deep cuts in specific programs. And as noted elsewhere in this statement, before the debt limit could be raised, Congress would have to approve a constitutional balanced budget amendment that essentially requires cuts even deeper than those in the Ryan budget. Reaching and maintaining a balanced budget in the decade ahead while barring any tax increases would necessitate deep cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid." [CBPP, 7/16/11]

Cut, Cap And Balance Would Cap Spending At A Level Not Seen Since The 1960s. "This proposal might sound good in a press release. And it certainly allows its supporters to avoid calling for specific cuts to popular programs. But capping federal spending at 18 percent of GDP-a level not seen in half a century-would actually require cuts that are even larger than those in the original House Republican budget plan. The last time federal spending dipped below 18 percent of GDP was 1966. Back then there were 100 million fewer people living in the United States, the median age was nearly eight years younger, and the average cost of health care was one-fifth of what it is now." [Center for American Progress, 7/18/11]

Cut, Cap And Balance Would Cap Spending Below Ronald Reagan Spending Levels; Not Even The Ryan Budget Achieves The Spending Cap Target. "President Reagan's budget proposals never dropped below 21 percent of GDP, and actual spending under Reagan averaged over 22 percent. Even the budget passed by the Republican-led House, with all its draconian cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, keeps spending above 18 percent of GDP for the next 30 years." [Center for American Progress, 7/18/11]


US Rep. Frank Guinta statement on tonight's passage of Cut, Cap and Balance Act 

“Granite Staters know that Washington is broke and broken.  The House seized an opportunity tonight to correct both problems.”

(WASHINGTON– July 19, 2011)  U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) released the following statement after this evening’s passage of H.R. 2560, the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, in the House:

“Granite Staters know that Washington is broke and broken.  The House seized an opportunity tonight to correct both problems.  I was a proud co-sponsor of this bill.  Pundits are calling this a “symbolic vote,” and they’re right. Voting for the Cut, Cap and Balance Act symbolizes my dedication to putting our fiscal house in order, getting our economy back on track and helping job creators start hiring again.  It symbolizes my determination to honor the wishes of Granite Staters to cut existing spending, cap future spending and to give the U.S. government something that most states have: a Balanced Budget Amendment. But sadly, this vote also symbolizes who in Congress is clinging to the failed notion that large-scale spending will somehow improve things.  

“There are no shortcuts to responsibility; there are no detours to prosperity.  Reasonable people know what is required: cut spending, pass a fiscally responsible budget, reduce the debt and deficit and put us on a course that will make government live within its means.  We won an important battle tonight, but those of us who are committed to restoring fiscal self-discipline realize a long struggle remains.  We are focused on our goal and will keep fighting until we achieve it.”  

Rep. Guinta went to the House Floor today in support of ‘Cut, Cap and Balance.’  Video of his speech can be found here:


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NHDP - Guinta and Bass Vote Sets NH to Lose 2K Construction Jobs

ICYMI: Guinta and Bass Vote Sets NH to Lose 2K Construction Jobs


Concord, NH - In case you missed it, New Hampshire Public Radio reported Thursday that New Hampshire has been set up to lose 2,000 construction jobs if the Republican Congressional budget is passed.  Both of New Hampshire's Republican members of Congress Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta voted for the reckless plan.  In response Guinta told NHPR that was "why he was sent to Washington."


"Congressman Guinta could not be more wrong unless perhaps he voted to destroy Medicare for a third time," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "His complete lack of focus on job creation is why voters have a negative view of his time in Congress and his approval ratings are at their lowest point ever."


A UNH poll released last week, found that New Hampshire voters have a negative view of both Congressmen Bass and Guinta.  In the second Congressional district, Bass was viewed unfavorably by 39% percent of voters, over ten percent more than those who had a favorable opinion of him.  In the first district, Guinta was also viewed negatively by a plurality of voters.


"As long as Congressmen Bass and Guinta continue their reckless and irresponsible agenda of cutting Medicare and killing jobs they should expect voters will continue to disapprove of them." continued Kirstein.  "Killing thousands of New Hampshire jobs will decimate our Granite State economy."


The full text of the New Hampshire Public Radio story can be found here; NHPR: U.S. House Transportation Bill Cuts Construction Jobs.