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U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta to attend Memorial Day events in Hooksett, Goffstown, Derry & Manchester

U.S. Representative Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) will participate in four events observing the Memorial Day holiday this Sunday and Monday.

He will attend the Hooksett Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony on Sunday.

On Monday, he will attend Memorial Day parades and ceremonies in Goffstown, Derry and Manchester .


WHO:                 U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta

WHAT:               Hooksett Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony

WHEN:              12:00 p.m.          Sunday, May 27


WHO:                 U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta

WHAT:               Goffstown Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony

WHEN:              9:00 a.m.            Monday, May 28


WHO:                 U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta

WHAT:               Derry Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony

WHEN:              11:00 a.m.          Monday, May 28


WHO:                 U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta

WHAT:               Manchester Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony

WHEN:              2:00 p.m.            Monday, May 28


Frank's Footnotes Newsletter: Honoring Our Heroes 

Keeping Memorial Day Special: Honoring New Hampshire’s Heroes

The last weekend of May is meaningful to Granite Staters. People all across New Hampshire pause to honor the memory of those who have fallen in our country’s service, and to thank military veterans for defending our freedom.

That tradition is alive and well. It is good to see so many people making time to pay tribute to those who gave “the last full measure of devotion.”

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending the annual cookout for veterans sponsored by the Derry Rotary Club and the Derry Village Rotary Club. I enjoyed talking with many of the 100 or so veterans of various wars who showed up. (The accompanying photo shows me talking with State Representative Lynne Blankenbeker, who is a veteran of Afghanistan.)  Click here to read about my visit to Derry!

Still to come: I will be participating in Memorial Day parades and ceremonies in Hooksett on Sunday, and in Goffstown, Derry and Manchester on Monday. I hope to see you at one of them.

Whatever your family’s plans involve this Memorial Day, please join with me in taking a moment to recall the sacrifice that made our freedom possible, plus the commitment of all who wear the uniform, too.

Job Seekers Meeting Job Creators: Conway Job Fair

“Very helpful”… “I’m glad I came…” “It’s good to know somebody cares...” Those were some of the comments I heard at my most recent job fair. Nearly 100 people came to Granite State College in Conway, armed with resumes and eager to meet one-on-one with prospective employers. As with the previous fairs I’ve hosted in Derry, Rochester, Manchester and Portsmouth, this one was a great success. All of them are part of my ongoing “Getting Granite Staters Back to Work” jobs initiative. So far, a total of more than 1,100 people have attended these important events. My thanks to all the job seekers who participated, the employers who made time to meet with them, and to Granite State College for allowing us to use their facilities. The need for good, middle-class jobs remains pressing, and so my efforts to help unemployed people find work goes on. I’ll be announcing a special event in Manchester next month in the coming days. Please keep an eye out for it; you’ll want to attend this one!

Helping Keep Manufacturing Jobs in NH: My Latest “Frankly Speaking” Column

There’s been a big shift in manufacturing jobs in New Hampshire in the last few decades. As traditional mill work has declined, new hi-tech jobs are springing up within the manufacturing sector. But with those jobs come new challenges. We need to meet them now to make sure this important industry keeps growing and expanding in the decades to come. That’s why I have hosted a three-part Manufacturing Jobs Summit. The first two were held in Portsmouth and Laconia recently; the series will conclude with a meeting in Manchester on June 13th. I explained what I’m hearing from manufacturing sector leaders, and how I am applying that as I represent you on Capitol Hill, in my new “Frankly Speaking” column. Click here to read it.

Listening to Their Concerns: Meeting With Nursing Home Administrators in Bedford

Keeping our seniors safe and secure is the focus of the people who run New Hampshire’s many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. As you can imagine, they deal with federal red-tape every day in nearly all aspects of their industry. On Tuesday, I sat down with 20 leaders in this important sector at a Nursing Home Administrators Roundtable. My thanks to David Ross and his staff at Bedford Hills Care and Rehabilitation Center for hosting us. We covered a lot of important issues during our hour together: CMS reimbursement rates, intrusive and restrictive federal regulations, plus Medicare and Medicaid-related issues.

It’s important that we have more New Hampshire common sense thinking in Washington, and less Washington thinking in New Hampshire. The best way to accomplish that is by listening to the thoughts and input of people in a specific walk of life, and incorporating what they say in my service as your Representative in Washington. My thanks to everyone who took part in this very productive and helpful discussion.


Manchester - 2nd Annual Mayor's Small Business Awards, May 25th

MANCHESTER, NH – Mayor Ted Gatsas and the Manchester Economic Development Office will be hosting the 2nd Annual Mayor’s Small Business Awards tomorrow, May 25th, from 7:30-9:00am at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.  Mayor Gatsas and Congressman Frank Guinta will be provide the keynote addresses.  Awards will be presented to Manchester small businesses in three categories; Growth, Innovation and Community Service.  There will also be a small business presented with the 1st Queen City Award.  Please see accompanying event program for list of nominees.


7:30am - Registration and Networking

8:00am - Opening Remarks by Mayor Ted Gatsas

8:05am - Welcome by Joe Carelli, President, Citizens Bank

8:15am - Keynote Speaker: Congressman Frank Guinta

8:30 - Introduction of Awards Presentation by Bryan Christiansen, Comcast Business Class

8:35am - Presentation of Mayor’s Small Business Awards

• Growth

• Innovation

• Community Service

8:50am - Presentation of Queen City Award


U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta to host Nursing Home Administrators roundtable in Bedford & attend Veterans BBQ in Derry

U.S. Representative Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) will attend two events on Thursday.

He will host a Nursing Home Administrators Roundtable in Bedford, where he will listen to needs in that community.

Later, he will attend a Veterans Barbecue in Derry, sponsored by the Derry Rotary and Derry Village Rotary.  The yearly cookout honors Derry’s military veterans from all American conflicts.

Both events are open to the news media.


WHO:                 U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta

WHAT:               Nursing Home Administrators Roundtable

WHEN:              3:00 p.m.   Thursday, May 24

WHERE:            Bedford Hills Care & Rehabilitation Center

                             30 Colby Court                     Bedford, NH



WHO:                 U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta

WHAT:               Attends Rotarians’ BBQ for Derry Veterans

WHEN:              5:00 p.m.  Thursday, May 24

WHERE:            40 East Derry Road,            Derry, NH


NHDP -On Spending: Guinta Isn't Being Frank 

Guinta voted for the Ryan Budget, to turn Medicare into a voucher program - But led Congress in taxpayer- funded mailings 


CONCORD - Frank Guinta has voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program, while spending the most of any member of Congress on highly produced, campaign-style literature. Guinta's personal spending of taxpayer money is far from thrifty, apparently something the National Taxpayers Union ignored.


The right-wing National Taxpayers Union is praising Guinta for being "thrifty." Guinta has supported the Ryan budget, which would end Medicare as we know it - turning it to a high cost voucher plan for seniors.


However, in his short career, Frank Guinta has spent more money on taxpayer funded "franked" mail than any other member of Congress.  Frank's hypocrisy is stunning - less than two years ago, he was attacking other members of Congress for producing similar mailings.  In February 2008, the Union Leader declared the practice "offensive" and called on the members to apologize. Guinta called the very same practice he now champions a 'waste' and 'unnecessary.' 


"Frank Guinta is wasting taxpayer money on expensive mailings, while he votes to cut Medicare for seniors. Frank Guinta has the wrong priorities," said Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Now that Frank's been to Washington, he seems to want it both ways:  wasting taxpayer dollars to get himself re-elected, while voting against those taxpayers' interests to end Medicare."


"The only thing Frank Guinta has been a leader on is wasting taxpayer money and voting to put his Tea Party allies over the people of New Hampshire," said Buckley. "Guinta owes a serious explanation to the people of New Hampshire: why did he insist on wasting their tax dollars to run for re-election while voting to end Medicare and put New Hampshire seniors at risk?"


This is not the first time, Guinta's money management has been an issue. When he was Mayor, the city of Manchester had to put a lien on one of his properties for failure to pay city taxes and wastewater bills. He also mysteriously loaned his campaign $125,000 from a previously undisclosed bank account.




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