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MANCHESTER - Today, Scott Brown announced he will participate in seven general election debates. 

"Since Senator Shaheen has refused to hold a single town hall meeting this election, it's even more important for there to be a series of debates sufficient in number to give the people of New Hampshire the opportunity to understand the differences between Scott Brown and Senator Shaheen," said Colin Reed, campaign manager. "​For that reason, we have accepted and proposed seven debates. This is the same number that Governor Hassan has proposed to her Republican opponent. We are hopeful that Senator Shaheen will do the people of New Hampshire the favor of answering questions on the same stage with Scott Brown about the important issues of the day."
Debate Invitations Accepted By Scott Brown:
  • September 29thFranklin Pierce University Senatorial Debate
  • October 6th: ​Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council Debate
  • October 13thWGIR Radio Debate with Jack Heath
  • October 14th: Manchester/Nashua Chambers of Commerce Debate
  • October 21st: ​NECN/Concord Monitor/UNH Debate
  • October 23rd: NH1/UNH's Rudman Center Debate
  • October 30thWMUR/Union Leader Granite State Debate​
During the primary, Brown ​participated in five debates​: ​WMUR's CloseUP Forum, Mount Washington Valley ​Economic Council Debate, Seacoast Republican Women's Debate, WGIR/NH Journal Radio Debate and the ​WMUR/Union Leader Granite State Debate.


"In NH, Scott Brown Closing On Jeanne Shaheen"
Happy Friday,

It was quite a week for our campaign. A non-partisan CNN poll on Monday showed the race tied and then yesterday, a poll that four months ago showed us trailing by 12 had Scott leading by four - marking a 16 point swing since May. 

With only 46 days left until the election, our team will be working hard to earn your vote and unify our party. This week, Governor Christie joined Scott at a "Call to Victory" event at the Salem field office to highlight the importance of making phone calls and hitting doors. 

As this race gets closer, Jeanne Shaheen and her allies are going to get desperate and do everything they can to stop us. That's why we need your help to make sure that Scott gets every last vote on November 4th. Please check out our bulletin board for opportunities to get involved, and continue to encourage your friends and co-workers to join our team.
Polls Show Brown Tied, Leading Shaheen

CNN released a new poll showing this race is in a "dead heat." Another poll gave Scott a nearly two point lead in this race and yesterday, Vox Populi Polling gave him the edge by four points.

There's an old saying in politics that, 'the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day," and that is very true. Still, these polls indicate that Senator Shaheen's support of President Obama 99% of the time is out of step with New Hampshire. Voters are rallying behind Scott Brown because they know he will be an independent voice that always puts New Hampshire first. 
"This Is A Guy Who Knows How To Get Things Done"

Those are the words from Governor Chris Christie, who campaigned with Scott in Salem on Wednesday, highlighting Brown's independence and focus to put people over party. Governor Christie also said of Jeanne Shaheen, "There’s no possible or logical way you can put New Hampshire first when you’re voting with the president and his failed policies over 99 percent of the time.” We agree, Governor.

Governor Christie's visit generated a lot of buzz and got the front page treatment from yesterday's
Union Leader.
Tell Senator Shaheen: Don't Come Home Until America Is Safe

Scott wrote a letter to Senator Shaheen earlier this week asking her not to adjourn for congressional recess without accomplishing two important goals: securing the border and passing a bill that will strip American ISIS fighters of their citizenship.

Sign our petition and send Senator Shaheen a message: no recess without securing the border and protecting our nation from terrorists. Let's keep America safe.

On Thursday, Scott blasted Senator Shaheen for standing idly by while her fellow Democrats blocked a bill from Senator Cruz that would stop American ISIS fighters from coming home. As John DiStaso reported in NH Journal, “Brown today called the Senate Democrats’ block of the Cruz bill ‘disgraceful,’ saying the measure would have 'stopped American ISIS fighters from returning to the United States and inflicting harm on our citizens.' His campaign issued a statement with a strongly-worded title: ‘Scott Brown’s statement on Jeanne Shaheen’s failure to protect Americans from ISIS.’”
Volunteer of the Week:
Phil Wheel

Former Marine Corps member and St. Anselm sophomore Phil Wheel is our volunteer for this week. Phil started interning with us a little over a month ago and in addition to helping elect Scott, he serves as an assistant football coach at his alma mater, Trinity High in Manchester. He is involved because he believes Scott offers Granite Staters the opportunity to take our state back. Click HERE to read more about why Phil is supporting Scott and helping the campaign. 
Brown Backed By Former U.S. Senators Gregg & Sununu

Republicans continue to unify around Scott's candidacy, including former U.S. Senators Judd Gregg and John E. Sununu, who endorsed Brown this week. Sen. Gregg said that New Hampshire can help our country, "right the ship by electing Scott Brown," while Sen. Sununu added that, "Brown will put New Hampshire first and fight to create jobs, restore America’s standing in the world and return fiscal sanity to our government​." 
Join Our Team!
Intern For Scott!

  New Hampshire for Scott Brown is looking for interns! If you're interested in a career in politics or just want to learn more about how a campaign is run, consider applying.  
Those interested, please send a cover letter and resume to Leigh Ann Shriver,, or Luke Bullock, Any questions can be answered by calling 603-518-5412.
On The Trail...

Scott had another busy week across New Hampshire making a number of stops to meet with voters, hear their concerns and answer questions. He toured a construction site in Salem yesterday, marched in the Pelham parade over the weekend, spent time at the Rochester fair and attended Celtic Festival in Manchester.
Campaign Bulletin Board

Now that the primary is over and the general election has begun, you need a lawn sign to show your support for Scott. Check out our list of sign depots across the state where you can go and pick up a sign for your yard. There is contact information for each location, so just call up the place closest to you and get your sign!


Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's, we have phone banking at Campaign Headquarters from 6:00-8:30. 

We are right in downtown Manchester at 379 Elm Street. Come on by, meet some follow Brown supporters and make some calls. We always have a good time and would love for you to come join in on the fun. 

We also have a full phone bank operation in Stratham that will take place every Wednesday and Thursday from now until Election Day. We also have a phone bank in Laconia next week on Thursday. See below for more information.


WHEN: Wednesday and Thursday, 6:00 P.M.
WHERE: 72 Portsmouth Avenue, Stratham
RSVP: Mara Mellstrom, (

WHEN: Thursday, September 25, 5:30 P.M.
WHERE: Boothby Therapy Services, 806 N Main St, Laconia
RSVP: Jeremy Baker (
Thanks for reading and for supporting Scott. For those heading to Loudon for the race this weekend, enjoy the festivities.
  Colin Reed
Campaign Manager

NHDP - Job-Killing CEO Carly Fiorina Stumps for Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown 

Outsourcer and Failed Hewlett-Packard CEO Responsible for Laying Off Hundreds of Granite State Workers, Carly Fiorina, Stumps for Fellow Failed CEO, Walt Havenstein, and Scott Brown, Who Profited Off Outsourcing Company
Manchester, NH – Just two days after campaigning with economic disaster Governor Chris Christie, failed CEO Walt Havenstein, whose record at SAIC included shedding thousands of jobs, and Scott Brown, who made over a quarter million dollars off a company that outsourced jobs, Republicans are welcoming the support of job-killing CEO Carly Fiorina.
“Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown don't do themselves any favors when they welcome job-killing CEO Carly Fiorina, who Granite Staters remember for handing pink slips to hundreds of New Hampshire workers, sending thousands of American jobs overseas and overseeing the company's stock value take a nose-dive, while at the same time tripling her own salary,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. “The similarities between Fiorina and the NHGOP's candidates are clear. Just like Fiorina's disastrous economic record, Havenstein's mismanagement at SAIC ran the company into a ditch as SAIC shed 5,000 jobs and the company's stock value plummeted 32 percent, all while he made $20 million for himself. And while Fiorina oversaw the outsourcing of American jobs to low-wage countries to increase her company's bottom line, Brown endorsed an outsourcing business strategy to increase the bottom line of a company that was paying him more than a quarter million dollars.”
Havenstein's disastrous economic record as CEO of SAIC mirrors that of Fiorina. Under Fiorina's watch as CEO at Hewlett-Packard, the company sent thousands of jobs overseas, including laying off hundreds of Granite State workers and it's stock value took a nose-dive, while at the same time Fiorina tripled her salary. As CEO, Havenstein implemented a failed strategy, SAIC lost millions of dollars in revenue, shed 5,000 jobs, and the company's stock plummeted 32 percent, all while he made $20 million for himself.
Scott Brown seems to have taken cues from Fiorina's outsourcing business strategy. He cashed in to the tune of $270,000 by serving on the Board of Directors of a Massachusetts-based company that had shipped jobs U.S. overseas. Then, he signed official legal documents endorsing a strategy that included using low-wage countries like China and Mexico to pad the company's bottom line.
“As Havenstein and Brown elevate figures like job-killing CEO Carly Fiorina with disastrous economic records, they only makes it more clear to Granite Staters that they put their interests first, and they can't be trusted to look out for the priorities of middle-class families,” continued Lesswing.
Fiorina Laid Off 180 NH Workers In 2004.
“HP’s last wave of layoffs at the site came in 2004, when 180 employees got pink slips.” [Nashua Telegraph, 12/12/2007]
Fiorina Laid Off 50 NH Workers In 2003.
Just as business in the high-tech industry appears to be picking up, Hewlett-Packard Co. said it will cashier 50 workers in Massachusetts and 50 in New Hampshire by the end of this month. And there could be additional layoffs in both states over the next year, the company said. [Boston Globe, 10/12/2003]
Fiorina Tripled Her Own Salary & Shipped Jobs Overseas While Firing American Workers. 
“And Fiorina has not been shy about acknowledging that many jobs were outsourced overseas. In January 2004, Fiorina provocatively told Congress, ‘There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.'” [Politifact, 9/15/2010]
Carly Fiorina Was HP CEO And Chairwoman From 1999 to 2005.
[Market Watch, 2/9/2005]


SALEM - Today, Scott Brown visited the construction site of Rockingham Toyota & Honda’s new facility in Salem. Brown toured the construction site and met with workers to discuss his plan to strengthen the economy and eliminate the Obama-Shaheen polices keeping people out of work.
“Under the Obama-Shaheen economy, New Hampshire residents are still struggling to find good-paying jobs to make ends meet and support their families," said Brown.  "I appreciate the opportunity to talk with hard-working Granite Staters who are concerned about paying the bills and saving enough for retirement. Right now, Jeanne Shaheen is voting 99 percent of the time with the President, including her votes for Obamacare, higher taxes, and a national energy tax.  I am running to be an independent voice for our state and restore a stronger economy."
Rockingham Toyota & Honda is working on a new project with Jewett Construction to grow their operations. During the tour, many construction workers expressed their frustrations with a sluggish economy making it difficult to find work and maintain a steady paycheck for their families.
“Between higher energy costs  and more government regulations, businesses aren’t hiring or expanding like they used to,” said Steve Sousa, site foreman. “We appreciate Scott Brown stopping by to talk with us and offer his solutions about how we can get our economy moving again.”



MANCHESTER - Scott Brown released the following statement after Senate Democrats blocked Senator Ted Cruz's bill to strip American ISIS fighters of their citizenship:

“It’s disgraceful that Senate Democrats have blocked a measure that would have stopped American ISIS fighters from returning to the United States and inflicting harm on our citizens. My question is, where was Senator Shaheen? A strategy against ISIS has to take into account the need to keep them from slipping into the country. Jeanne Shaheen failed to lead on this issue and instead silently acquiesced to the effort to prevent this common sense measure from becoming law."