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NHDP - MEMO: NH Students And Parents Can't Trust Brown's Costly Record On Student Loans

To: Interested Parties
From: Ray Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party
Date: July 21, 2014
Subject: NH Students & Parents Can't Trust Brown's Costly Record On Student Loans

New Hampshire students and their parents can't rely on Scott Brown’s costly record on student loans. Just like with increasing the minimum wage, or providing New Hampshire women with access to coverage for basic health services, Scott Brown is refusing to give people in New Hampshire straight answers on college affordability.  

Scott Brown voted to cut Pell Grants, ignoring the 21,000 New Hampshire students who depended on them.  He voted twice to allow student loan rates to double.  New Hampshire students and their parents deserve answers from Brown. 

Brown would rather hide in the bathroom than talk about how to reduce student loan debt.  New Hampshire students are struggling under a mountain of debt, with the average student owing $33,000 after graduation.

It is a sharp contrast to Jeanne Shaheen, a former teacher, who as our governor and our Senator has worked to make a difference for students and their parents.  She expanded public kindergarten to tens of thousands of New Hampshire students and put in place a tax free tuition savings plan to help families save for their children's education as Governor.  In the Senate, she is leading the charge on a commonsense proposal to let students's refinance their debt just like a mortgage or car loan.

Brown Voted to Slash Pell Grants for New Hampshire Students
In 2011, Brown sided with the corporate special interests that fund his campaign instead of the more than 21,000 New Hampshire students who depended on Pell grants to afford the cost of college. Rather than ask billionaires to pay their fair share or close loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas, Brown tried to slash Pell grants by more than $700 per student. He even doubled-down on his costly approach and told WRKO radio, “I agree with the cuts that we made, I mean, I voted for it.”
Brown Refuses To Give An Answer to Senator Shaheen’s Bank on Students Act

Now Scott Brown is dodging questions about Senator Jeanne Shaheen's Bank on Students Act that would let graduates refinance their student loans just like a mortgage or car loan.   The Concord Monitor reported that, "When asked, Brown’s campaign did not say how Brown would have voted on the legislation."  Scott Brown is in this race for Scott Brown.  He would rather allow this crisis to remain unsolved than support Jeanne Shaheen's commonsense proposal.  







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Keene Sentinel: Brown Campaigns In Hancock

 By Kaitlin Mulhere, Keene Sentinel
July 21, 2014

Campaigning in the region Sunday, U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown described himself as a fiscally conservative, national security hawk who’s a problem solver and a team player.
The description was music to the ears of many of the 65 people who came to hear the Republican speak at the town library as part of an afternoon hosted by the Hancock and Peterborough Republican town committees.

Brown listed rapid-fire his problems with the current state of affairs: People are paying more at the pump and there’s no quality national energy plan. People are driving farther and waiting in longer lines to see a doctor because of the Affordable Care Act. The nation’s border isn’t secure and legislation that gives residency to certain immigrants who arrived illegally as minors is a backdoor to amnesty.

He described himself as a good learner and listener who’s open to new ideas and suggestions to bring the country forward.

Chuck and Nancy Vanhorn of Hancock said they liked what they heard from Brown about the Affordable Care Act — that he’d vote to repeal it and instead let states handle their own health care reform, much like Massachusetts did.
After the new health care law took effect, Nancy Vanhorn spent months searching for a new insurance plan this year so she could keep her doctor at Monadnock Community Hospital, she said. She found one, but is paying more for it than she did before.
Carmen DuHaime of Peterborough had never met Scott Brown before, but she’d read his book and liked his viewpoints. She liked everything he had to say Sunday, too, and she and friend Janice Ford of Hancock said they plan to vote for him in about six weeks.

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Calls for Permanent Extension of the Hire A Hero Act

CONCORD As part of the ongoing "HonoringOur Veterans" tour, Scott Brown held a veterans roundtable discussion at the Barley House Restaurant and Tavern to discuss ways to improve employment opportunities for our veterans. Brown met with veterans to propose initiatives from his white paper policy, including the permanent reauthorization of the Hire A Hero Act, a law Brown co-sponsored to provide tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

“The Obama-Shaheen economy has not given our veterans the job opportunities they deserve once they return home,” said Brown. “These are the men and women who fight for our freedom and they should not have to come home and fight to find job.”
Brown presented his policy ideas and listened to feedback from veterans and community members about experiences entering the workforce. In addition to the permanent reauthorization of the Hire A Hero Act, Brown highlighted the need for improved job training and programs to help veterans create small businesses. 
Along with the veteran attendees, Pamela Szacik, the Employment Service Bureau Director for the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security, joined the discussion to provide insight on the department's work on behalf of veterans.
New Hampshire has the fifth-highest concentration per capita of veterans population in the United States, underscoring the importance of having realistic solutions to the problems with the veteran health care system and employment.
“Veterans returning home and adjusting to civilian life is a difficult process, and finding employment in this economy is more challenging,” said Terry Negron, a member of the United States Air Force Reserves.  “I appreciate Scott Brown listening to what veterans are going through and finding solutions to the unemployment problem in the veterans community.”
Brown has made several stops across the state to meet with veterans and tour facilities, including the NH Veterans Home, Manchester VA Medical Center, and Harbor Homes in Nashua.  Brown also hosted a veterans town hall meeting at the Merrimack VFW.


MANCHESTER Today, Scott Brown released the following statement in recognition of Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts of Nashua who was presented the Medal of Honor today at the White House for his heroic actions while serving in Afghanistan: 
"By becoming the 38th Medal of Honor recipient from New Hampshire, Sergeant Pitts today joins an extraordinary class of America's heroes. Sergeant Ryan Pitts demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his fellow soldiers and our nation by holding off enemy assault in Afghanistan, despite heavy artillery fire and severe wounds suffered during the violent attack. His selfless actions are a testament to his courage and bravery, and Gail and I extend our deepest appreciation to Sergeant Pitts and his family for their service and sacrifice. 







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Nashua Telegraph: Scott Brown Calls Himself A 'Problem Solver' In Interview

 By Kevin Landrigan, Nashua Telegraph
July 18, 2014

Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown, of Rye, says repealing the Affordable Care Act can be done as he’s hopeful enough Democratic senators will come to realize the health care mandate is crippling the nation’s economic recovery.


“There is a time to draw the line in the sand, but our country is in trouble right now. There are a lot of ideologues down there; I am a problem solver,” Brown said alluding to his tough upbringing with a single mother who was married four times.

Later Brown said, “If they don’t want a problem solver, they shouldn’t vote for me.”

Throughout the interview, Brown tried to contrast his record of accomplishment with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., who he labeled a “rubber stamp” for Obama who’s been unproductive during her five and a half years in the Senate.

As for his achievements, Brown points to authoring the ban on insider trading by members of Congress, the Hire a Hero tax credit for veterans and becoming a decisive vote to pass the Dodd-Frank law that cracked down on risky lending.

“I am not a rubber stamp; I am not like Shaheen,” Brown said.

On other issues, Brown said he likely would have voted for the Senate-passed reform of the Veterans Administration that also would give most New Hampshire veterans access to care from private providers because the state lacks its own full-service VA hospital.

“I think it needs to go a little further. We need to give that administrator complete authority and the hands are even tied,” Brown said.

Those running the VA must have more power to fire incompetent or unethical employees and eliminate incentives such as performance bonuses that led to falsifying records at the VA offices in Phoenix, AZ, he continued.

A 35-year National Guard veteran, Brown said the VA has the resources it needs but requires a top-to-bottom review that should include outsourcing services to private industry and streamlining veteran claims for benefits.

Brown said the gridlock in Washington exists because leaders in both parties have refused to insist on cooperation and think only short term through the latest crisis or until the next election cycle.

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