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NHDP - Massachusetts Truth Team: Brown’s Big Oil, Wall Street Record for New Hampshire Voters 

Those Who Know Brown Best Highlight How Brown Failed Small Businesses, Women, Students, and Working Families 

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Manchester, NH—A dozen concerned men and women from Massachusetts, which included an elected state representative, union members, a women’s health advocate, a retired educator, and small business owners—traveled to Manchester today to launch the “Massachusetts Truth Team,” highlighting why Scott Brown was wrong for Massachusetts and is not for New Hampshire. The group specifically highlighted Brown's opposition to equal pay protections for women, the minimum wage, and support for small businesses, along with his support for Big Oil, Wall Street, and tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs as reason why New Hampshire can't afford to support him this November. 
“These men and women are highlighting how Scott Brown’s record was wrong for Massachusetts and is not for New Hampshire,” said Former NHDP Chair Kathy Sullivan. “Instead of voting in the interest of working families, he voted to protect special breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. Instead of protecting small businesses, he voted repeatedly to protect tax breaks for the big oil companies, making record profits. Instead of protecting women’s health choices, he supported the Blunt Amendment and defended the Hobby Lobby decision.”
“During a time when Massachusetts workers needed good-paying jobs, Scott Brown voted to protect special breaks for companies that send American jobs overseas, tax breaks for Big Oil, and scored a sweetheart deal for Wall Street banks when he watered down regulations and got them off the hook for $19 billion to help pay for reforms,” said small business owner Barbara Weniger. “As a small business owner, that was all I needed to see to know that he wasn’t looking out for me – he was looking out for the out-of-state special interest groups that were lining his campaign coffers. Wherever Scott Brown goes, we know who has his ear—and that’s Wall Street.”
“Scott Brown was our Senator in Massachusetts when many families were having a tough time just paying the bills,” said Linda Harvey, who operates her own law firm and often represents working families. “He spent his entire campaign riding around in his truck, telling families like mine that he was one of us. But once he got there, we found out who Scott Brown really stood for: Wall Street and Big Oil. As someone who’s seen Scott Brown campaign before, I say this: don’t buy what he’s selling.”

“When Scott Brown was in Massachusetts, he always delivered for Big Oil and Wall Street, but he left Massachusetts students in the dust, voting to cut programs like Pell Grants and Head Start that put our kids on a path to success,” said retired teacher Lois Jacobs. “Nothing does more to promote opportunity in this country than access to an affordable, quality education. But Scott Brown voted time and time again to make cuts to education while supporting special breaks for Big Oil and Wall Street.”

“Once Scott Brown became a Senator, it became clear who he was,” said Secretary Treasurer of New England Regional Council of Carpenters, Mark Erlich. “In 2010, he voted three times against extending unemployment benefits during the greatest recession since the Great Depression. He voted twice against job creation legislation, even recently saying that he does not believe that a Senator should create jobs. Meanwhile, he voted to protect $24 billion in tax subsidies for Big Oil companies, and he watered down regulations for big banks, saving them $19 billion. New Hampshire is a great state, and my view is that New Hampshire deserves better.”

“When Scott Brown was Senator in Massachusetts, women learned the hard way that he’s not someone we can trust, especially when it comes to pay equity and women’s health,” said Megan Amundson, Executive Director of Massachusetts NARAL. “He’s always talked a big game about being bipartisan and protecting a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, he let us down when it counted every time. Scott Brown lost his seat in Massachusetts because he does not stand with women, so women did not stand with him. Make no mistake—nothing has changed. He will represent New Hampshire women just as poorly as he represented Massachusetts women.”
“Since Scott Brown moved to New Hampshire, he has been rejecting research and statistics that show that an increase in the minimum wage results in faster job growth, and he has ignored the fact that more than 110,000 Granite Staters, of which 60% are women, would get a much-needed raise if the federal minimum wage were increased to $10.10 an hour,” said State Representative Tom Conroy. “Scott Brown has spent months struggling to explain why he opposes raising the minimum wage, which is exactly why Brown has the wrong priorities for New Hampshire. He’s turning his back on hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters, all while he collects a $270,000 paycheck from a company that outsourced American jobs. Brown even endorsing that business strategy. I urge Granite Staters to reject Brown on November 4th.”
Over the next seven weeks, the Massachusetts Truth Team will show how Scott Brown was wrong for Massachusetts and is not for New Hampshire as he attempts to distort the facts about his positions and rewrite history as a Senate candidate in New Hampshire.  

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley & NJ Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman Hammer Havenstein & Brown for Following in Christie's Disastrous Economic Footsteps 

As NJ Faces 8th Credit Downgrade, Christie Makes A 3rd Swing Through NH to Stump for Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown

Manchester, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley and New Jersey Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman joined a press call earlier today to discuss Governor Chris Christie’s disastrous economic record as he makes another trip to New Hampshire stumping for GOP candidates Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown.

Christie's failed economic record rivals that of his hand-picked candidate, failed CEO Walt Havenstein. Under Governor Christie’s watch, New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded eight times, while during Havenstein’s tenure as CEO of defense contractor SAIC, the company lost millions of dollars in revenue and its stock value plummeted 32%. During Christie's tenure, New Jersey has also regained less than half the jobs it lost in the recession, while SAIC shed thousands of jobs during Havenstein’s disastrous time as CEO.

“Havenstein’s failed economic record alone makes it clear that he shouldn’t be allowed to run our state, even before he started taking pointers in budget mismanagement from Chris Christie,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “As Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown hold up Chris Christie's economic disaster as a model for what they’d do to New Hampshire, they’re making it even clearer that they would devastate our middle class families and drive our economy into the ground.”

Christie is also expected to endorse Scott Brown during his upcoming trip to New Hampshire, bringing with him a large out-of-state donor network to help fund Brown's campaign. Right now, Big Oil, Wall Street, and other out of state special interests plan to spend millions in New Hampshire to try and buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for their reliable ally Scott Brown – just so he can get back to the U.S. Senate to once again vote to protect their interests over middle-class Granite Staters.

“So if we take away anything from Christie's upcoming trip to our state – it will be further proof that Scott Brown is for Scott Brown, his bank account, and the Big Oil, Wall Street special interests that fund his campaigns,” added Buckley.

“The campaigns of Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown must be in worse shape if they really want to parade around with Governor Christie just days after New Jersey’s credit rating was downgraded for the 7th and 8th time since Governor Christie took office,” said Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. “Granite Staters can’t afford to let Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown do to New Hampshire what Chris Christie has done to New Jersey.”


NHDP Kicks Off “Massachusetts Week” to Highlight Scott Brown’s Big Oil, Wall Street, Anti-Middle Class Record 

NHDP: “Wall Street’s Favorite” Only Cares About Himself, His Bank Account, and the Corporate Interests That Fund His Campaign

Manchester, NH—The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching “Massachusetts Week,” a week long campaign using paid advertising, grassroots organizing and surrogates from Massachusetts to highlight Scott Brown’s record of protecting corporate interests like Big Oil and Wall Street as a Bay Stater.  Brown's record in Massachusetts is more proof that he is looking out for himself, his personal bank account, and the out-of-state corporate interests that fund his campaign -- not New Hampshire. 
“Scott Brown was wrong for Massachusetts and is not for New Hampshire. Brown has a long record of fighting for Big Oil and Wall Street at the expense of Bay Staters, and we are going to make sure Granite Staters know the truth,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “We plan to shine a bright light on his Massachusetts record, which includes protecting special breaks for oil companies and companies that ship jobs overseas; securing sweetheart deals for the big Wall Street banks; and voting to let employers deny women access to basic health services like mammograms.”
This morning, the NHDP launched two new online ads highlighting the four years anniversary of Scott Brown voting to protect tax breaks for oil companies rather than help small businesses as a Massachusetts U.S. Senator.  Brown sided with the big oil companies making record profits instead of small businesses, and then continuing to collect hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from oil companies.
Later this week, the NHDP will be hosting phone banks and press events with Massachusetts surrogates.  They will share their first hand experience with Scott Brown and his record of protecting corporate interests like Big Oil and Wall Street instead of working families and small businesses as their U.S. Senator.  
Separately, a grassroots team of seniors in Massachusetts, who campaigned against Scott Brown in Massachusetts, are launching Grannies Against Brown.  They will be sending individually signed postcards to seniors in New Hampshire talking to them about why Scott Brown is wrong for seniors, Social Security, and Medicare.  

"The people who knew Scott Brown best voted him out of office.  This week, they are going to be sharing their own personal Scott Brown experiences with Granite Staters, highlighting just how wrong he is for New Hampshire," added McClain. 

NHDP - THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: Brown Voted To Protect Tax Breaks for Big Oil Companies…Again

NHDP Launches Facebook Ads on Scott Brown's Big Oil Vote Anniversary

Manchester, NH— This week marks four years since Scott Brown voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies rather than help small businesses—and he’s still choosing Big Oil and Wall Street special interests over what’s best for New Hampshire families. Brown sided with the big oil companies making record profits instead of small businesses, and then continued to collect hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from big oil companies. The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching a new Facebook ad to spread the word that Scott Brown's Big Oil votes are wrong for New Hampshire.
“Bay Staters voted Scott Brown out of office because of votes just like the one he took four years ago to protect tax breaks for Big Oil instead of doing what was best for families in Massachusetts—and he would do the same thing if he got his way in New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Brown has been collecting big money from oil companies and cashing in from companies that engage in outsourcing— so he obviously does not ‘care about New Hampshire.' Scott Brown cares about Scott Brown, his personal bank account, and the out-of-state special interests—like Big Oil—who fund his campaigns while he votes to protect their special breaks.”
Scott Brown repeatedly voted to protect special tax breaks for oil and gas companies, even when it meant the middle class would have to pay more. He even voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies when he owned up to $50,000 in Exxon Mobil stock. In return, the oil and gas industry donated nearly half a million dollars to Brown’s campaign for Senate in Massachusetts.
“His record clearly shows who Brown was working for in Massachusetts—and it wasn’t Bay State families,” added McClain. “They didn’t trust him in Massachusetts, and we can’t trust him in New Hampshire.”
Copy of the ad can be found here.

Citizens For A Strong NH - Latest CSNH poll gives Brown the edge against Shaheen 


CSNH's Latest Poll:
Scott Brown leads Senator Jeanne Shaheen by almost 2 points: 45.9% to 44.3%


(September 15, 2014) - Today, Magellan Strategies BR released the results of a New Hampshire statewide survey conducted September 10-11, 2014. The automated survey of 2,214 likely voters has a margin of error of +/- 2.0%.  The survey was commissioned by Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire. 

WMUR-TV's James Pindell first reported on the poll earlier today.

Download the full summary by clicking HERE.

Download the survey presentation by clicking HERE.

Summary Findings:

  • Scott Brown leads Jeanne Shaheen by almost 2 points (45.9% Brown/44.3% Shaheen/9.8% undecided) in the U.S. Senate race.
  • Terrorism and border security trump Obamacare as most important issues.
  • Obama's job approval drops 3 points.
  • Republicans have a 10 point lead on the generic ballot.

Brown's lead is in part the result of solidifying the GOP base.

  • Brown's support among Republicans has grown by 5 points since July. He now leads Shaheen among registered Republicans by 64 points (79% Brown/14% Shaheen/7% undecided). More important for Brown's campaign is the fact that his support among Republican voters has intensified. In July, Brown's overall support among Republicans, 74%, was the sum of 49% definitely Brown and 25% probably Brown. Currently, Brown's overall support among Republican voters is the sum of 68% definitely Brown and 11% probably Brown.

Scott Brown's lead is also the result of his growing support among women, independents and soft Democrats.

  • Shaheen's lead among female voters has declined by 42% since July. In July, Shaheen led among females by 19 points (34% Brown/53% Shaheen/13% undecided). Currently, she leads among female voters by 11 points (39% Brown/50% Shaheen/11% undecided).
  • In July, Shaheen led Brown among independent voters by 11 points (35% Brown/46% Shaheen/19% undecided). Currently, her lead has been cut to 1 point (42% Brown/43% Shaheen/15% undecided).
  • Shaheen's support among soft Democrats has dropped 18 points since July. In July, Shaheen led among soft Democrats by 45 points (22% Brown/68% Shaheen/10% undecided). Currently Shaheen leads by only 19 points (31% Brown/50% Shaheen/18% undecided).


The protracted negative political environment is beginning to cut deeper into key swing voting groups' attitudes and opinions, which is shaping a GOP friendly electorate.

  • Republican support on the generic ballot has increased by 4.5 points. The generic Republican candidate now leads by 10 points.
  • Among independent voters, the generic GOP candidate now leads by 10 points (40% GOP candidate/30% Democrat candidate/30% undecided). In July, the generic GOP candidate led by only 3.8 points (32.4% GOP candidate/28.6% Democrat candidate/38.9% undecided).
  • Among female voters, the generic GOP candidate now leads by 1 point (42% GOP candidate/41% Democrat candidate/16% undecided). In July, the generic GOP candidate was down 6 points among female voters (36% GOP candidate/42% Democrat candidate/22% undecided).


Among undecided voters, Shaheen will have a steeper hill to climb.

  • % of undecided voter who approve of President Obama's job performance: 11%
  • % of undecided voter who think things in the country are going in the right direction: 19%
  • % of undecided voters who have a favorable opinion of Shaheen: 23%


Click HERE to read the full results of CSNH's latest poll.

Click HERE to read more about CSNH's poll from July, 2014.