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Clock Counts Time Hassan Has Refused To Hold Town Hall Meetings
Concord – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today launched the Hassan Town Hall Ticker, a new clock posted on that tracks the days Governor Hassan has refused to hold a town hall-style meeting since her inauguration as governor on January 3, 2013.
“Governor Hassan refuses to hold town hall meetings because she knows her failed record of raising taxes on working families, mismanaging the state’s response to New Hampshire’s heroin epidemic and bringing Washington gridlock to Concord cannot be defended,” said New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn. “The governor’s shameful disregard for New Hampshire’s political tradition of open and accountable government demonstrates that she is a typical partisan politician who thinks too highly of herself to face her own constituents. After nearly three years of dodging questions, it's time for Governor Hassan to hold the type of town hall-style meetings that Granite Staters expect from their elected officials.”
As of this writing, it has been 1,037 days that Governor Hassan has held elective office and refused to hold a town hall-style meeting.




Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today called on Governor Hassan to tell New Hampshire voters where she stands on funding for our troops and whether she would have voted with Harry Reid and Washington Democrats to hold funding for the troops and New Hampshire defense priorities hostage. Senate Democrats today blocked the 2016 defense spending bill.
“Senate Democrats’ refusal to provide critical funding for our military and national defense is a shameful example of Washington politics at its worst,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “As a candidate for the United States Senate, Governor Hassan must take a position on this important issue and tell New Hampshire if she would stand up for our troops or fall in line with her liberal party leadership in Washington. New Hampshire deserves independent leadership in the Senate, and Governor Hassan needs to tell voters if she would rubber-stamp this partisan stunt that hurts our military.”


FROM: Jennifer Horn, NHGOP Chairman
TO: Interested Parties
RE: Maggie Hassan's Terrible Campaign Kickoff
DATE: October 22, 2015
The first two weeks of Governor Hassan's campaign for Senate have been marked by negative headlines, embarrassing gaffes and a daily struggle to stay on message.
Negative Headlines
While the governor's fledgling campaign is doing its best to convince voters she isn't just another partisan Democrat incapable of separating herself from Washington party bosses, a consistent barrage of negative headlines aren't doing her any favors.
  • The governor's first official day as a Senate candidate was overshadowed by her admission of support for President Obama's disastrous nuclear deal with Iran. Polls show that while the Iran deal may have survived the test of Washington, it is widely unpopular with the American people.
    • Hassan's vote to block legislation to prevent sanctuary cities in New Hampshire eerily mirrored national Democrats' vote to block similar legislation and provided Granite Staters with a preview of just how she would vote as a United States Senator - in lockstep with her party and against the state's best interests.
Hassan may try to hide from her out-of-touch views, but her extreme record will come back to haunt her campaign for higher office.
Campaign Gaffes
The candidate's words and her campaign's actions are telling two different stories, demonstrating her shameless hypocrisy and willingness to do anything to get to Washington.
  • Governor Hassan launched her campaign by promoting the value of bipartisanship and working together, but proceeded to launch personal attacks on the family life of her opponent by citing a widely discredited satirical blog on Twitter (@Maggie_Hassan).
  • The governor's campaign was immediately mocked by national press for using a sexist satire blog which describes itself as a "vile socialist anti-Christian propaganda blog". The article promoted by Governor Hassan referred to Senator Kelly Ayotte as a "girl-guy," and was repeatedly defended by her campaign, despite its offensive, insulting and inaccurate content.
Struggling To Stay On Message
In as many weeks, Governor Hassan has been forced two separate times to denounce attacks on New Hampshire's political tradition by top Democrat surrogates.
  • Last week, Harry Reid insulted New Hampshire's status as the First-in-the-Nation presidential primary state, forcing his handpicked Senate candidate, Governor Hassan, to call for an apology for his offensive remarks. It has been widely reported that Harry Reid personally recruited the governor to run for United States Senate and his political operation has spent $550,000 on her behalf. She has refused to say whether she will continue to rely on his financial support and political backing.
  • Later that same week, fellow Hillary Clinton endorser Howard Dean insulted New Hampshire's Secretary of State Bill Gardner, requiring yet another denunciation from Governor Hassan.
The governor has had trouble separating herself from Washington Democrats and has continued to reveal herself as just another party line vote after coming out in favor of overwhelmingly unpopular national policies. Her campaign kickoff has been marked by consistent setbacks, particularly her inability to flee from her extreme record, and she has shown herself to be just as incompetent a campaigner as governor.

PPP - NH Senate Race Still Neck and Neck; Clinton and Sanders Lead Most of GOP Field 

PPP's newest New Hampshire poll once again finds a one point race for the US Senate. Maggie Hassan has the slight advantage this month with 44% to 43% for Kelly Ayotte thanks to a slightly more unified party- 83% of Democrats support her to 81% of Republicans who support Ayotte. Despite the tightness we do find poll after poll that voters like Hassan (50/39 approval) better than they do Ayotte (40/42 approval). But a fair amount of the approval discrepancy owes to conservatives being suspicious of Ayotte- she has only a 45/44 approval with 'very conservative' voters- and that's a bit of a moot point since those folks will still vote for Ayotte before they'll vote for a Democrat whether they love her or not.


The consistently super tight polling in the New Hampshire Senate race is reminiscent of the early polling in 2 races in the 2012 cycle- the Virginia Senate contest between Tim Kaine and George Allen, and the Montana Senate contest between Jon Tester and Denny Rehberg. Those contests opened up a little more towards the end because it was a good year for Democrats, and it seems likely the national climate will end up determining who wins the New Hampshire race as well.


The Presidential numbers bode well for Hassan on that front. Hillary Clinton leads 8 out of 9 Republicans in hypothetical general election contests in the state. The exception is John Kasich- he achieves a tie with Clinton at 44%. Chris Christie comes close to Clinton as well, trailing 45/44. But beyond that Clinton leads the rest of the GOP throng by anywhere from 4 to 16 points. She's up 4 on Jeb Bush (45/41) and Carly Fiorina (46/42), 6 on Ben Carson (48/42), Marco Rubio (48/42 also), and Donald Trump (47/41), 13 on Ted Cruz (50/37), and 16 on Mike Huckabee (51/35).


We also tested Bernie Sanders against the trio of Carson, Rubio, and Trump and he actually fares slightly better than she does against that group of candidates. Where Clinton leads them by an average of 6 points, Sanders' average lead is 7 points. Sanders leads Trump 49/40, Carson 47/39, and Rubio 45/41.


Right now it looks like Democrats are ahead in New Hampshire by about 5 points, similar to Barack Obama's margin of victory in the state in 2012. The Senate race is tight but if those Presidential numbers hold it's hard to imagine a world where a popular Governor like Hassan runs 5 points or more behind the top of the ticket.


This analysis is also available on our website:


I’m not attaching the full results because the file is so large, but you can see those here:


NRSC - Hassan is Wishing for a DeLorean Right About Now … 


Good morning, and happy Back to the Future Day!

In the classic 80s film series, Doc Brown and Marty McFly time travel to today’s date before going back in time to undo misdeeds in the past.

It got us wondering... If Maggie Hassan took a ride in Doc’s DeLorean, which moments in history would she undo?

Maybe she'd try to go back and rewrite her fiscally irresponsible record of hiking up taxes and spending that's made life more expensive in New Hampshire. That would take a lot of trips...

On Back to the Future Day, Hassan’s probably wishing she could go back and rewrite history to change her fiscally irresponsible record that has failed to move New Hampshire forward. Too bad it's just a movie.