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NRSC - Despite Criticism, Hassan Won’t Deny “Stealth Campaign” 

Last week, Maggie Hassan was criticized by Politico, National Journal, the Washington Free Beacon, and a Union Leader Editorial for the overwhelming lack of substance in her campaign:

  • Politico: "[Hassan] refused to touch any question that veered toward even remotely treacherous territory..."
  • National Journal: "Hassan repeated some variation of [her talking points] 10 times...It opens Hassan to criticism that she’s running a generic campaign and is looking to ride Hillary Clinton’s coattails to Capitol Hill."
  • Washington Free Beacon: “New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan is taking heat for running a lackadaisical campaign for the U.S. Senate.”
  • Union Leader: “Is getting straight answers out of Hassan about as likely as getting specifics from a Magic 8-Ball? Ask again later.”

But that didn’t stop Hassan from sticking to the script this weekend when asked  why she is running a “stealth campaign.”

Unsurprisingly, Hassan sticks to silence, and doesn’t acknowledge the question.

In addition to continuing her practice of silence, a staffer at the public event attempts to block access to the attendee asking questions.




Strong NH - National media criticizes Maggie Hassan 

"...she refused to touch any question that veered toward even remotely treacherous territory" - Politico

MANCHESTER - Governor Maggie Hassan received sharp criticism in a Politico article today, which resulted from her first interview with a national media outlet since she announced her campaign for the US Senate last year.

Here are some highlights from the Politico article:
  • "But Hassan also hewed relentlessly to talking points and political bromides..." 
  • "She repeated some variation of that 10 times. The strategy, of course, denies her opponents fodder for attacks. But it opens Hassan to criticism that she's running a generic campaign and is looking to ride Hillary Clinton's coattails to Capitol Hill."
  • " campaign..."
  •  "...though here, too, she sticks closely to the script about her motivations."
  • "...she refused to touch any question that veered toward even remotely treacherous territory, such as Obama's executive actions or Bernie Sanders' rise in New Hampshire despite Hassan's endorsement of Hillary Clinton."
  • "...Hassan stuck painstakingly to her script."
  • "As if on cue, she repeated nearly the exact same answer to two follow-up questions."
The National Journal also echoed the criticisms found in the Politico article.

Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire made similar assertions of Governor Maggie Hassan turning into a "generic," "droid-like" Democrat in a Union Leader opinion column earlier this month titled, "Maggie Hassan is a droid from the dark side."
Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;

"Governor Maggie Hassan has truly become nothing more than a generic, party-controled robot, who painstakingly sticks to her poll-tested scripts and refuses to answer the tough questions. It is refreshing that the news media is beginning to recognize the same regrettable reality our organization has been highlighting for months.

"Granite Staters deserve better than a generic, career politician, whose s
ole purpose isn't to make our state or country better, or even to advance important issues, but rather to just increase her party's numbers in Washington."



Hassan’s Politically-Motivated Actions Stand In Sharp Contrast To Predecessor John Lynch
Concord – Since announcing her bid for United States Senate, Governor Hassan is increasingly putting her duties as governor second to her political ambitions and the national spotlight.
As first reported by WMUR, Governor Hassan missed the New Hampshire Air Guard’s most important annualevent, declining to attend despite her role as commander-in-chief of the New Hampshire National Guard. It was later reported by the New Hampshire Union Leader that she was out of state attending New York City fundraisers and political events.
On Saturday, despite the ongoing gas pipeline and carbon monoxide emergency in Keene, WMUR reported that Governor Hassan decided to attend the Democrat presidential debate instead of monitoring and managing the situation, which threatened the air safety of one of New Hampshire’s largest cities.
“Twice in two weeks, Governor Hassan abandoned her duties as governor so she could focus on advancing her political career. Granite Staters elected the governor to lead state government, not to use the office as a steppingstone to higher office,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “It is shameful that Governor Hassan chose to hobnob with out-of-state political donors instead of fulfilling her obligations as commander-in-chief of New Hampshire’s National Guard. This is the type of politically-motivated behavior we would have never seen from Governor John Lynch, but unfortunately this is the new normal under Governor Hassan. New Hampshire deserves a full-time governor instead of an absentee politician who is more concerned with her political future than her current job.”
Union Leader: “Hassan’s Office Confirmed That The Invitation Was Received” “Hassan’s office confirmed that the invitation was received, but mistakenly declined and so the event never landed on her schedule.” (Dan Tuohy, "Lambert asks Governor Hassan to explain absence from Guard party," Union Leader, 12/13/15)  
  • “Hassan Was In New York For The Annual Meeting Of The Democratic Governors Association” “On the evening of Dec. 6, and the morning of Dec. 7, Hassan was in New York for the annual meeting of the Democratic Governors Association.” (Dan Tuohy, "Lambert asks Governor Hassan to explain absence from Guard party," Union Leader, 12/13/15)
  • “The Governor Participated In Fundraising Events In New York City” “There was no conflict earlier that Sunday in terms of the Guard's event; and later on Dec. 7 and Dec. 8, the governor participated in fundraising events in New York City, according to the Hassan campaign.” (Dan Tuohy, "Lambert asks Governor Hassan to explain absence from Guard party," Union Leader, 12/13/15) 
WMUR: Gov. Maggie Hassan On Saturday Did Not Change Her Plans To Attend The Democratic Presidential Debate Despite A Propane Gas And Carbon Monoxide Emergency In Keene” “Gov. Maggie Hassan on Saturday did not change her plans to attend the Democratic presidential debate despite a propane gas and carbon monoxide emergency in Keene because she had been assured by emergency officials the situation was being resolved, her spokesman said.” (John DiStaso, "Hassan monitored Keene gas emergency, then attended debate,", 12/21/15)

NRSC - ICYMI: Editorial Blasts Hassan for Parrot Politicking 



Today’s Union Leader editorial blasted Maggie Hassan for her pattern of parroting Senator Ayotte’s position on many issues.

Read more:

Following the leader: Hassan campaigns in Ayotte's shadow
New Hampshire Union Leader

It’s easy to predict where Maggie Hassan will stand on controversial issues.

Just read Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s press releases, and wait a day.

Ayotte was among the first to call for suspension of the Syrian refugee program until adequate screening could be provided.

Hassan, running against Ayotte, fumbled over her position before coming to the same conclusion. Facing immense backlash from her liberal base, Hassan has since tried to temper her support for pausing the refugee program.

On issues that cut across party lines, Hassan is running in Ayotte’s shadow.




Bill Would Repeal Medical Device Tax, Cadillac Tax, Individual And Employer Mandates
Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Governor Hassan’s opposition to a federal bill that would repeal unpopular Obamacare provisions, including the medical device tax, Cadillac tax and the individual and employer mandates:
“After years of Granite Staters suffering the disastrous consequences of Obamacare, there is finally enough legislative support to repeal some of the most damaging provisions of this failed law that are crushing small businesses and harming working families. It is unfortunate that the governor is following the lead of disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is stonewalling any effort to fix this broken law. New Hampshire deserves independent leaders who will work together to look out for taxpayers’ best interests, not another Washington politician who marches in lockstep with their party leadership.”
The negative effects of Obamacare’s medical device tax and “Cadillac” tax have been well-chronicled in New Hampshire newspapers. Obamacare remains widely unpopular and opposition to provisions such as the medical device tax is bipartisan
Portsmouth Herald: “Officials From Portsmouth To Manchester Are Warning Taxpayers And Municipal Workers Alike About The Potential Profound Impact Of The Affordable Care Act's So-Called Cadillac Tax.” (Jeff McMenemy, "Cities brace for impact of 'Cadillac' tax," Portsmouth Herald, 6/15/15)
Portsmouth Herald: “According To Ayotte, Efforts To Repeal It Have Become Bipartisan, Even Among Some Lawmakers Who Initially Approved Of The Tax.” (Paul Briand, “Ayotte: Medical device tax is ‘onerous’,” Portsmouth Herald, 4/4/14)
Union Leader: “The Affordable Care Act Will Cost The City Nearly $200,000 In The Current Fiscal Year, And Could Result In A $1.2 Million Levy In 2018, When A Tax For So-Called "Cadillac Plans" Is Set To Kick In” “The Affordable Care Act will cost the city nearly $200,000 in the current fiscal year, and could result in a $1.2 million levy in 2018, when a tax for so-called "Cadillac plans" is set to kick in, according to a report presented Tuesday.” (Ted Siefer, “Manchester government warned to plan for Cadillac tax on healthcare,” Union Leader, 10/1/13)
Eagle Tribune: "The Senate Needs To Vote To Abolish The Tax And By A Veto-Proof Margin." (Editorial, “Senate must vote to repeal medical device tax,” Eagle Tribune, 6/30/15)
USA Today: "'Enough Of This Haranguing About Obamacare,' Said Reid, Who Predicted That Senate Democrats Will Sustain A Presidential Veto Of The Bill." (Erin Kelly, “Senate poised to repeal major portions of Obamacare,” USA Today, 12/2/15)