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NHDP - In Case You Missed It: Four Polls In Four Days Show Shaheen With Steady Lead 

Manchester, NH--In case you missed it, four polls released since Monday have shown Jeanne Shaheen with a steady lead over Scott Brown. In all the polling, Scott Brown was viewed negatively compared to Shaheen, further proving that voters here in New Hampshire don’t trust him and are still questioning his motives to move here from Massachusetts.

On Tuesday, the crowd at the NECN debate in Concord laughed at Brown when he tried to explain his reasoning for moving to New Hampshire after losing his race in Massachusetts.  The crowd also laughed at Brown when he falsely claimed he never voted to outsource jobs.

To date, Scott Brown and his Wall Street, Big Oil have spent more than $12 million against Senator Shaheen.

Suffolk: Shaheen leads 49-46. Brown’s favorability in the survey is negative 9, while Shaheen’s is plus 7. 

UMass/WBZ: Shaheen leads 48-45. Brown’s favorability is negative 13, Shaheen’s is plus 6.

PPP: Shaheen leads 49-45. Brown’s favorability is negative 4, Shaheen’s is plus 5.

CNN: Shaheen leads 49-47. Brown’s favorability is negative 2, Shaheen’s is plus 7. 


NHDP - New NHDP Web Video: “The Scott Brown Show” 

New NHDP Web Video: “The Scott Brown Show”
Manchester - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party released a new web video titled, “The Scott Brown Show,” which highlights how Scott Brown's laughable rhetoric on important issues is entirely removed from the realities of his record. At Tuesday's debate, the crowd in Concord repeatedly laughed at Brown when he tried to run away from his vote to protect tax breaks for companies that outsource or when he tried to explain away his motives behind running for office in New Hampshire fresh off of a loss in Massachusetts. 
To watch the video here.
“Scott Brown's phony excuses and empty rhetoric is laughable, but his record is definitely not," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "His record on protecting tax breaks for companies that outsource and Big Oil special interests is just more proof that he is wrong for New Hampshire and people here can't trust him.”

The video begins by highlighting a moment from Tuesday’s NECN debate when Scott Brown was asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd why he decided to move to New Hampshire to run for office instead of running again in Massachusetts. It goes on to show the crowd at the debate again laughed when he attempted to run from his pro-outsorucing voting record.
“Come November, New Hampshire voters will see a clear choice between someone who has actually been here for New Hampshire and someone who is in this race for nobody but himself and the corporate interests that line his pockets and campaign coffers,” added McClain.
The video also features Brown’s botched answer to a question on border security, and his infamous claim that he has “secret meetings with kings and queens.” It ends with dueling clips of Brown peddling the exact same line that he will be “nobody’s Senator but yours” in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

NHDP Statement on NECN’s NH Senate Debate 

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement on tonight’s NECN New Hampshire Senate debate:

“The debate tonight allowed New Hampshire voters to see exactly who is working for them, and who is working for Wall Street’s biggest banks and our country’s most profitable oil companies. While Jeanne Shaheen highlighted her record of fighting for middles class families and small businesses in New Hampshire, Scott Brown merely parroted talking points, hurled attacks that have been proven false by independent fact checkers, and proved he knows little about the values of his newly-adopted state. Only one candidate in this race is for New Hampshire, and that is Jeanne Shaheen.”

NRSC - How do you know when Jeanne Shaheen is panicked?

Good evening – 

How do you know when Jeanne Shaheen is panicked? When she’s forced to directly lie about her own record to Granite Staters.  

During the debate tonight, Scott Brown discussed the importance of nuclear power – mentioning that Senator Shaheen opposed it. An exasperated Shaheen threw her arms in the air and was adamant that she didn’t oppose nuclear power.

Click here to watch.



It was an odd response, considering her opposition to Seabrook in the mid-1980’s. Don’t take our word for it, take Jeanne Shaheen’s. In 1986, she told UPI that nuclear power “is not a safe way to generate power.” (“Nuclear Power Campaign Issue In New Hampshire,” United Press International, 10/11/86). Here’s Jeanne Shaheen on video in 1987 arguing against nuclear power:     

Click here to watch.


In addition to lying, Senator Shaheen seemed completely unprepared on several topics, most notably on Ebola.  Shaheen has been under fire for flip-flopping on a travel ban, but tonight revealed just how unprepared she is on the issue, curiously calling Ebola is a “new” disease. Yet the first documented cases of Ebola occurred in 1976, when the original “Rocky” was a top box office filmOOPS… 

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Jeanne Shaheen’s debate performance tonight revealed a Senator on the verge of losing her seat, failing to be the strong, independent voice she has promised to be. As Politico reported today, Scott Brown has all the momentum in this race. 




Concord - Endangered North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen (D-NC) today flip-flopped her position on a travel ban on Ebola "hot zone" countries, announcing her support for it only two days after she opposed it.  Senator Jeanne Shaheen continues to stand with President Obama and oppose a commonsense travel ban.


"Senator Shaheen continues to stand with President Obama and oppose a travel ban from countries afflicted by the Ebola virus. Her blind allegiance to the President's failed policies is shameful and proves that she is unwilling to provide independent leadership for New Hampshire," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "It's time for Jeanne Shaheen and President Obama to impose Ebola travel restrictions to keep Americans safe from disease."

Senator Kelly Ayotte, Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown and even liberal Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter support travel restrictions on Ebola affected countries.