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NRSC - Foster's Editorial: Hodes owes Ayotte an apology 

NOTE: On the heels of all of the above comes news that Hodes attended a fundraiser in Canada to bolster his campaign. His campaign's retort is that Ayotte has been attending fundraisers in Washington. Again, Hodes just doesn't get it. Attending a fundraiser outside the country — on foreign soil — sends a much different message than heading to Washington to tap major donors.  In a day and age when foreign countries like China are literally buying large chunks of the United States and its debt, someone in the Hodes campaign should have known better than to let the candidate solicit money on foreign soil — even if it is friendly foreign soil.


Hodes owes Ayotte an apology

Foster’s Daily Democrat


July 16, 2010


The campaign of New Hampshire Democrat Paul Hodes for U.S. Senate has come under recent criticism even from his own political left.

>From the far left Daily Kos: "New Hampshire is a mess — Democrat Paul Hodes is running a listless, (expletive deleted) campaign."

>From the sympathetic Boston Globe, commenting on the Lynch re-election camp's advice to Hodes not to run a wildly disparaged advertisement about the FRM debacle against Kelly Ayotte:

"The Hodes campaign put up the ad despite urgings from Lynch's camp not to politicize the issue further, according to sources in both camps who asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to speak publicly."

Now comes the "1,000 Women for Hodes" press release, where he claims exclusive rights to gender issues.

Clearly, the United States has struggled with a sordid past. Discrimination based on race and gender are not things of which to be proud. But that said, the country today has an African American president and a long list of accomplished women, one of whom will hopefully soon run the country from the Oval Office. (Hillary in 2012?)

So where do political attacks reminiscent of the race- and gender-divided 1960s and 1970s fit into a 21st century run for the U.S. Senate?

They don't, and neither do the implications of the headline: "1,000 Women for Hodes."

The headline implies those who oppose Hodes are bigots. That presumably includes the entire Republican field, including Kelly Ayotte herself.

Those who consider themselves Democrats should be cringing at such tactics and hoping Hodes goes quietly into the night, lest he taint the rest of the Democratic slate seeking office this fall.

On the heels of all of the above comes news that Hodes attended a fundraiser in Canada to bolster his campaign. His campaign's retort is that Ayotte has been attending fundraisers in Washington.

Again, Hodes just doesn't get it. Attending a fundraiser outside the country — on foreign soil — sends a much different message than heading to Washington to tap major donors.

In a day and age when foreign countries like China are literally buying large chunks of the United States and its debt, someone in the Hodes campaign should have known better than to let the candidate solicit money on foreign soil — even if it is friendly foreign soil.


NHDP Calls on Ayotte to Disclose Earmark Requests She Made as AG 

As Part of Election-Year Transformation, Ayotte has Run Away from Record of Supporting Congressional Earmarks
CONCORD - Today the New Hampshire Democratic Party called on Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte to disclose a list of all the earmark requests she made to Senator Judd Gregg during her five-year tenure as Attorney General.
With a long record of supporting and seeking federal earmarks as Attorney General, Ayotte told the Nashua Telegraph, shortly after entering the race, that she "does not oppose earmarks" [Nashua Telegraph, 11/12/09]. However, facing an increasingly competitive primary, Ayotte has flipped her position and is now traveling the state on her 'Stop the Spending' Tour, touting her opposition to earmarks.
"Like any good politician, Kelly Ayotte has a bit of amnesia when it comes to the parts of her record that are politically inconvenient," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She seems to have forgotten her long history of earmark requests, just as she's forgotten her support for the stimulus, her opposition to the Arizona immigration law and her opposition to letting insurance companies sell policies across state lines. Instead of being an honest, independent voice for the Granite State, Ayotte is busy trying to erase parts of her record to please the Republican political establishment down in Washington."
Ayotte is quoted in several press releases from Senator Gregg's office over the years, commending him for securing earmarks for law enforcement, saying, "Senator Gregg's hard work to secure federal funds to assist the New Hampshire Drug Task Force will greatly enhance local and state law enforcement's efforts to take drug dealers off our streets" and, "I thank Senator Gregg for his tireless work to bring federal support to New Hampshire's coordinated efforts to interdict, apprehend, and prosecute those who would sell these drugs to our children and neighbors" [Gregg press releases 6/19/08, 2/25/09].
"Ayotte should disclose the earmarks she requested as Attorney General and stop trying to delete her record," said Browne.


Jim Bender, Republican US Senate Candidate in NH, says, "Welcome Home from Canada, Paul Hodes!" 

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Supporters of Jim Bender today held a “Welcome Home Party” at Paul Hodes’ Campaign Headquarters, celebrating his safe return from a trial lawyer fundraiser in Canada.

Jim Bender said, “I listen to the people of New Hampshire, and they’re telling me it’s time to make this government trustworthy and accountable to the voters.  If you want Paul Hodes to listen to you, I suggest you make a collect call, because that phone call might be at international rates.”

"If Paul Hodes were sincere in wanting to end the influence of foreign and corporate special interests he wouldn't be in Canada collecting money from his fellow trial lawyers,” said Jim Bender.  “He would be here in New Hampshire actually listening to the voters of the 2nd District – the constituents he has ignored over and over again as he’s supported bailouts, Obamacare, and every wasteful big government program put in front of him.”

WMUR-9 featured the “Welcome Home Party” today July 14, 2010 on the 5pm news.  WMUR said, “Supporters of Republican Jim Bender staged a ‘Welcome Home’ of sorts for Paul Hodes.”  WMUR also said, “In a reversal, Jim Bender now also leads Hodes by four points.”  See the video here:

Jim Bender said, “You have to admit I had a major advantage over Paul Hodes in this poll, as I was at least campaigning on the southern side of the US-Canadian border.”




NRSC - NEW NH POLL: All Four GOP Candidates Now Outpace Hodes 

As a reminder, Paul Hodes has actually lost ground while running attack ads against his potential GOP opponent.

New Hampshire Senate: All Four GOP Candidates Now Outpace Hodes

Rasmussen Reports

July 14, 2010

Democratic hopeful Paul Hodes has lost ground this month with all four Republican candidates now leading him in the race for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire. 

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the Granite State finds that former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte earns 49% of the vote to Hodes’ 37%. Businessman Bill Binnie leads Hodes, currently a U.S. congressman, by a similar 49% to 38% margin. Both these matchups are essentially unchanged from a month ago.

Last month, Ayotte posted a 50% to 38% lead over Hodes, while Binnie led the Democratic congressman 49% to 37%.

But now two other GOP contenders - businessman Jim Bender and attorney Ovide Lamontage - also have moved slightly ahead of Hodes. Bender chalks up 43% support to Hodes’ 39%. Lamontagne also picks up 43% of the vote to 40% support for the Democrat.

Since February, Hodes' support against the four GOP candidates has ranged from 35% to 44%, but except for February, he has never been closer than 10 points to either Ayotte or Binnie.

Ayotte hit a high to date of 50% support in surveys in April and May. This is the second survey in a row where Binnie has held his high to date of 49%.

In all four of the matchups, 13% to 18% of the state's voters either prefer some other candidate in the race or remain undecided.

Ayotte who has been the GOP frontrunner for months has come under fire for a mortgage fraud scandal that took place while she was state attorney general and for her initial public response to questions about that scandal. Hodes has made the issue the subject of a TV attack ad launched late last month. Republicans will pick their nominee in a September 14 primary. Hodes is unchallenged for the Democratic nomination. 

This statewide telephone survey of 500 Likely Voters in New Hampshire was conducted on July 12, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/-4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Male voters in the state favor the Republican in each matchup, while females are more evenly divided.  Voters not affiliated with either political party also support the GOP candidate in every case. 

Fifty-four percent (54%) of voters in the state at least somewhat favor repeal of the national health care bill which Hodes voted for as a member of the House.  Forty-four percent (44%) oppose repeal.  These findings are roughly in line with the national average and include 48% who Strongly Favor repeal and 34% who Strongly Oppose repeal.

New Hampshire voters who Strongly Favor repeal overwhelmingly support the Republicans, while Hodes earns similar support from the smaller group that Strongly Opposes repeal. 

Also consistent with findings nationally, 37% of voters in the state agree with the U.S. Department of Justice’s decision to challenge the new Arizona immigration law in court. Fifty-six percent (56%) disagree with that decision.

Roughly two-thirds of those who agree with the challenge back Hodes. The Republican candidates collect around 75% support from those who disagree with the challenge.

Twenty percent (20%) of New Hampshire voters have a Very Favorable opinion of Hodes, while 35% view him Very Unfavorably.

Ayotte is viewed Very Favorably by 20% and Very Unfavorably by 10%.


For Binnie, Very Favorables are 16% and Very Unfavorables 15%.

Lamontagne is seen Very Favorably by seven percent (7%), Very Unfavorably by 11%.

Nine percent (9%) regard Bender Very Favorably, while 13% see him Very Unfavorably.

At this stage of the campaign, Rasmussen Reports considers the very favorable and very unfavorable figures more significant than the overall favorability totals.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters in the state favor an Arizona-like immigration law in their state, slightly lower than the level measured nationally. Thirty-four percent (34%) oppose such legislation in their state.

While 55% believe that new government spending in the stimulus plan did not create new jobs, voters are more evenly divided on whether the stimulus package helped or hurt the economy.  Thirty-five percent (35%) say it helped, and 37% say it hurt.  Nearly a quarter (24%) say it had no impact on the economy.

Only five percent (5%) of voters in New Hampshire rate the U.S. economy as good or excellent.  Forty-seven percent (47%) give the economy a poor rating.  At the same time, 33% say that economic conditions in the country are getting better, but slightly more (37%) feel they’re getting worse.

A solid majority (64%) of voters in the state believe cutting taxes is a better way to create jobs.  Twenty-one percent (21%) say increasing government spending is a better way to go.  Fifteen percent (15%) are not sure.

Seventy-two percent (72%) of voters in the state say the United States is currently in a recession.  


ICYMI: Boston Herald says Jim Bender has "shed some light" on hidden Obamacare law that is "bad for small business" 

In Case You Missed It
Boston Herald
July 14, 2010

Today, Holly Robichaud of the Boston Herald says Jim Bender has "shed some light" on a hidden law in Obamacare that
is "bad for small business."  Read the full story below.

NH Bender stands up for small businesses and slams Obamacare

Yesterday Jim Bender, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, tried to shed some light on a little known piece of Obamacare that is bad for small business. 

The new law will require businesses for file 1099 forms for any vendor transactions exceeding $600 per year.  This is a lot of new paperwork.  Bender states, “Can you imagine under this law a small shop owners will have to report their rent payments to the IRS?  We need a government that taxes and regulates less.”

These new reporting requirements will add to the cost of doing business and slow down job growth.  I usually file 3 or 4 1099 for my consulting business per year.  Under this new law I could be filing as many as 40 to 50.  It will cost me several days away from actually consulting.  And what happens on the other end of this transaction?  The IRS will add more and more employees.  Yikes!

Jim Bender helps point out one more reason to repeal Obamacare.