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Jim Bender Hosts Wiener Roast at the Paul Hodes Campaign Office

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

This little PAC went to market, This little PAC stayed home, This little PAC cried,

 “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all the way to the Paul Hodes office

 Hollis, NH- In response to the Paul Hodes ad entitled “Hotdog,“ the Bender campaign held a wiener roast at the campaign office of Paul Hodes.  A porktacular time was had by all.

The Bender for Senate campaign released the following statement:

It is shocking that Paul Hodes has decided now after 4 years to swear off earmarks[i], in spite of his well-documented behavior in Washington, D.C. voting with Nancy Pelosi and the tax-and-spend crowd.

With the kind of return on investment that Paul Hodes gives to his campaign contributors, perhaps he should suspend his campaign and go to work in the private sector.  He starts with money from PACs, special interests, and government contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Suddenly, a campaign contribution of $2,000 becomes a taxpayer-funded earmark of $2,000,000 and more[ii].

This should make the voters of New Hampshire wonder what other candidates might try to do to reward their Washington patrons after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars of PAC money[iii]?

Of course, Representative Hodes knows this behavior is wrong.  He said so to the Concord Monitor last January when he called his earmarks “ethically tainted and fiscally irresponsible[iv].”  So far, Hodes’ Fiscal Year 2010 earmark spending adds up to over $50 million dollars.  That’s a fair sum of ethical taint and fiscal irresponsibility[v].

Don’t be fooled by this election-year conversion.  Paul Hodes has already spent 4 years in Congress sloshing slop at the “Washington Trough.”  In the House of Representatives, he’s personally cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in pork-barrel spending.  No amount of hotdogs or revisionist history can cover up this reckless record.  How much more of our money will he wastefully spend in the U.S. Senate?  Let’s never find out.  Join Jim for Jobs today!







Jim Bender public schedule Monday and Tuesday

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Jim Bender, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate pubic schedule for Monday, September 13th and Tuesday September 14th

Monday, September 13

Jim Bender on the Pulse radio "Live with BullDog" Brian Tilton broadcasting from
Say it in Stitches at 128 Hall St. in Concord.

Jim Bender to meet with Harold Baldwin, President
at Secure Care Products –Co, 39 Chenell Dr-Concord,NH

Primary Day, Tuesday September 14

Bender Family -Breakfast at Hollis Country Kitchen
3 Proctor Hill-Hollis, NH

Bender Family to Vote
Hollis-Brookline--Co-Op School
24 Cavalier Ct-Hollis, NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Nashua Ward 1
Broad St School-390 Broad St-Nashua,NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Nashua Ward 9
New Searles Rd-Elementary School
39 Shady Lane-Nashua,NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Mastricola School
26 Babbosic Lake Rd-Merrimack,NH

JIm Bender to meet voters at St John Neumann Church-
708 Milford Rd-Merrimack,NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Bedford High School
47B Nashua Rd-Bedford,NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Manchester Ward 2
Hillside Middle School
112 Reservoir Ave-Manchester, NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Manchester Ward 6
St Piuss Church-CCD Center
575 Candia Rd-Manchester, NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Manchester Ward 8
Jewett St School
130 S. Jewett St-Manchester, NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Manchester Ward 10
Parker Varney School
223 James Pollock Dr-Manchester, NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Manchester Ward 12
Northwest Elementary School
300 Youville St-Manchester, NH

Jim Bender to meet voters at Manchester Ward 1
Derryfield School
2108 River Rd-Manchester, NH

Jim Bender to arrive at The Derryfield Country Club
Election Night party!
625 Mammoth Rd-Manchester, NH


Bender Campaign releases 3rd web video “Real People, Real Words, Real Jobs” series featuring former employees of Jim Bender 

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

"Jim for Jobs"
Bender Campaign releases 3rd web video “Real People, Real Words, Real Jobs” series featuring former employees of Jim Bender

Hollis, NH- Today, the Jim Bender campaign released another web video in a series of extended commercials by former employees speaking about Jim Bender.

“Former Employee of Jim Bender - Cathy DiMartino”

“Jobs are created from companies through growth and profitability, so if you know how to run a company and you know how to make it profitable, the end result is job creation.“

“He's fiscally conservative, which I think will be a valuable asset in Washington today. And he's able to lead, so I think he'll be able to break through a lot of the impasse that we see today. He encourages folks to come and talk to him. He wants to know exactly what's going on. And as a result, he's able to take that information and translate it into results.”

“Jim is a good listener and I feel confident that he'll be able to take our issues and concerns here and bring them to Washington. He sees what's happening and the direction our country's taking and I think he's worried not only for his own children's future but his grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's.”


Click here to watch extended commercial


Ovide for Senate - New Survey Shows Ovide for Senate Continues to Close the Gap on Ayotte

Manchester, N.H.—In a survey released late Sunday evening, new numbers from Public Policy Polling show Ovide for Senate surging and now within a seven point striking distance of the Ayotte for Senate campaign .

Additionally PPP cited numbers they will release later this week showing "Ayotte and Lamontagne performing basically the same against Paul Hodes," meaning that the Republican nominee - not just any one candidate - can and will defeat Paul Hodes in November.

"It is clear that there is dramatic momentum behind Ovide right now," said Ovide for Senate campaign manager, Will Wrobleski. "There have been several recent surveys showing Ovide steadily climbing to the top. In a matter of six weeks, we have managed to swing 39 points in a crowded primary race, sprinting past the other two self-funding candidates to become the closest contestant to the selection of the DC elites and establishment, Kelly Ayotte. It is testimony to our innumerable grassroots activists and volunteers out there working hard every day on behalf of the campaign. We will continue to work hard for every vote we need to ensure a win on Tuesday, supported by the energy and enthusiasm of the best grassroots ground game in the race. Ovide is the only conservative in this race and he is clearly the best choice to take on Paul Hodes in November."

September 3, 2010: Magellan Survey shows Ayotte 34, Ovide 21, a margin of 13
September 10, 2010: the polling company, inc. shows Ayotte 34, Ovide 24, a margin of 10
September 12, 2010: Public Policy Polling shows Ayotte 37, Ovide 30, a margin of 7


Ayotte For US Senate - Team Ayotte is firing on all cylinders

Team Ayotte is firing on all cylinders.

Kelly got big help today from Sarah Palin, who endorsed her candidacy earlier this summer. In a recorded phone call, Governor Palin encouraged GOP primary voters to vote for Kelly on Tuesday. She also reminded Granite Staters that Kelly is “the true conservative running for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire.”

Kelly also picked up two key newspaper endorsements today. In recommending her to GOP primary voters, the Concord Monitor wrote that Kelly’s “long and successful career in public service sets her apart from the other candidates.” And editors at Kelly’s hometown paper, the Nashua Telegraph, said they were struck by her “energy, intelligence and by what she already has accomplished in her distinguished career.”

Make no mistake, we’re rolling into Tuesday with a big head of steam.

Speaking of Tuesday, you are cordially invited to help Kelly celebrate at her Primary Night Victory Party. Here are the details:

Ayotte Primary Night Victory Party (7:00 PM)
Grappone Conference Center
70 Constitution Avenue
Concord, NH 03301

To let us know you’ll be there, please RSVP by calling 232-1162, or send an e-mail message to

We have a long way to go before we declare victory, though. Kelly needs your immediate help to win this primary. To lend a hand in these closing hours, let us know right now that you’re ready to volunteer.

Thanks for all you have done – and will do – to bring this election home for Kelly. We look forward to celebrating with you Tuesday night!