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NRSC - NEW POLL: Ayotte 50%, Hodes 35%

Poll Shows Ayotte With Sizable Lead Over Hodes

Ayotte Increases Lead Since Primary Win


September 30, 2010

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Less than five weeks from Election Day, a new poll shows Democratic U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes may have a tough hill to climb in his Senate bid.

The WMUR Granite State Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire shows Republican Kelly Ayotte leading Hodes 50 percent to 35 percent. While Ayotte has consistently led Hodes in the poll, she has stretched her lead since the primary.

"In the U.S. Senate race, it seems that Ayotte's primary really helped her quite a bit," said UNH Pollster Andy Smith.

The poll of 515 randomly selected New Hampshire adults was conducted by telephone from Sept. 23 to Sept. 29. It has a margin of sampling error of 4.3 percent.

In July, a Granite State Poll showed Ayotte with an 8-point lead.

"Ayotte's doing a better job of holding her own partisans than Hodes is," Smith said. "Ayotte's getting 87 percent of Republicans, while Hodes is only getting 70 percent of Democrats. So, Hodes has to do a better job of building enthusiasm and keeping his own people close, because Ayotte is cutting into that."

In terms of favorability, Ayotte also holds a sizable edge, with 41 percent holding a favorable opinion of her and 29 percent unfavorable. The polls shows 29 percent see Hodes in a favorable light, while 39 percent have an unfavorable view of him.

The rest are neutral or don't know enough about the candidates to decide.

Smith said that despite the numbers, there is still a large pool of voters who haven't made up their minds.

"Still only 37 percent of voters say they have made up their minds who they are going to vote for, and 15 percent say they are leaning toward somebody," Smith said. "But still, 48 percent say they haven't decided who they are going to vote for. It's still pretty early in the campaign, although it is almost October."

Hodes and Ayotte will meet at 7 p.m. on Oct. 28 for a debate airing on WMUR-Channel 9 and


Ayotte For US Senate - Watch my latest ad 

I want you to be among the very first to see my opening television ad of the general election.

Called “Path,” the spot outlines the clear choice in this race. We can either stay on Paul Hodes’ path to higher taxes and more government spending. Or we can take my path, which will unleash America’s small business economy by cutting taxes and getting our fiscal house in order.

Simple, right?

Well, you may not believe it, but Paul Hodes has been making the outrageous claim that he’s fiscally conservative. Hodes distorts his own record by saying he knows how to get rid of the pork. This from a man who voted for ObamaCare, the failed stimulus package and the auto bailout.

We can’t let him get away with this.

That’s why I need your help. The ad I’m launching today makes crystal clear the differences between Congressman Hodes’ liberal views and my common sense philosophy. We need to keep this ad up for as long as possible.

Will you make a donation to my campaign so that “Path” can remain on the air? Your contribution of $25, $100, $250, or $1,000 will help ensure I’m able to get our message out.

If Paul Hodes will try to dupe voters into thinking he’s fiscally conservative, there’s no telling what other tricks he has up his sleeve. Hodes has clearly learned a thing or two from his boss Nancy Pelosi. They want to stay in power in order to make government bigger and more intrusive.

But we won’t let them.

Friends like you have made the difference in this race. With your help, we will make sure New Hampshire voters know the real Paul Hodes. The one who votes with Nancy Pelosi an astounding 94% percent of the time.

Thank you for your friendship and support. It means the world to me. The battle for the future of our country is on. I need you to make a stand with me now.


P.S. Your contribution of $25, $100, $250, or $1,000 will ensure I have the resources to fight back against the Hodes-Pelosi propaganda machine. Please send your donation in today – immediately, if possible.


NRSC - Paul Hodes' Costly Health Care Overhaul Cuts New Hampshire Seniors' Benefits 

Thousands Of Seniors Will Lose Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans Thanks To Health Spending Bill Hodes Rubberstamped In Washington


WASHINGTON – Despite Washington Democrats’ oft-repeated claims that “if you like the health care you have, you can keep it,” the Boston Globe reports that, U.S. Representative Paul Hodes (D-NH) and his fellow Democrats’ massive health care overhaul will actually force 22,000 seniors in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine out of their Medicare advantage insurance plans at the end of the year:

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has notified customers that it will drop its Medicare Advantage health insurance program at the end of the year, forcing 22,000 senior citizens in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine to seek alternative supplemental coverage…

“We know that cuts in Medicare are being used to fund national health care reform. And we also had concerns about our ability to build a network of health care providers that would meet the needs of our seniors.’’

In addition to this startling development, Hodes’ health care bill cuts Medicare by $500 billion, endangers jobs, reduces benefits and raises costs for New Hampshire seniors, and could strip more than one million Americans of their health coverage.

“Instead of standing up for Granite State voters, Paul Hodes chose to ignore his constituents’ best interests in order to rubberstamp his Washington party bosses’ unpopular and costly health care overhaul, which will strip thousands of New Hampshire seniors of their Medicare benefits,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokeswoman Amber Marchand. “Voters know that they simply cannot afford Paul Hodes’ broken promises and reckless economic agenda in Washington, which is why they will elect fiscally responsible leader Kelly Ayotte to the U.S. Senate this November.”

Background Information:

Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH) Voted For The Democrats’ Massive Health Care Overhaul. (H.R. 3590, CQ Vote # 165: Motion agreed to 219-212: R 0-178; D 219-34, 3/21/10, Hodes Voted Yea; H.R. 4872, CQ Vote # 167: Passed 220-211: R 0-178; D 220-33, 3/21/10, Hodes Voted Yea)

Hodes Claimed The Health Care Reform Bill Would Lower Costs. “Hodes said reform will not only lower health care costs but also prevent insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing health conditions and eliminate caps on coverage. It will also close the so-called doughnut hole in prescription drug coverage by sending $250 rebate checks this year to Medicare recipients, he said.” (Albert McKeon, “Questions On Care Shift Jobs Focus,” The [Nashua, NH] Telegraph, 4/7/10)

“Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Has Notified Customers That It Will Drop Its Medicare Advantage Health Insurance Program At The End Of The Year, Forcing 22,000 Senior Citizens In Massachusetts, New Hampshire, And Maine To Seek Alternative Supplemental Coverage. The decision by Wellesley-based Harvard Pilgrim, the state’s second-largest health insurer, was prompted by a freeze in federal reimbursements and a new requirement that insurers offering the kind of product sold by Harvard Pilgrim — a Medicare Advantage private fee for service plan — form a contracted network of doctors who agree to participate for a negotiated amount of money.” (Robert Weisman, “Harvard Pilgrim Cancels Medicare Advantage Plan,” Boston Globe, 9/28/10)



PRESIDENT OBAMA: “If You Like Your Current Plan, You Will Be Able To Keep It.  Let Me Repeat That:  If You Like Your Plan, You'll Be Able To Keep It.” (President Obama, Remarks At The White House, Washington, D.C., 7/21/09)


  • OBAMA:(President Obama, Remarks To A Joint Session Of Congress (As Prepared), Washington, DC, 9/9/09)



VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: “Nobody Is Going To Mess With Your Benefits. Nobody. All We Do Is Make It Better For People On Medicare.” (Jessica Gresko, “Biden Tells Seniors Overhaul Won’t Hurt Medicare,” The Associated Press, 9/23/09)


NRSC - Union Leader: Ayotte's first general election ad partially funded by GOP group 

NOTE: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte's campaign today will begin airing its first television ad of the general election campaign, partially funded by the National Republican Senatorial Committee… It's unclear at this point how much help Hodes will receive during the final month of the campaign from the NRSC's counterpart, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.'s+Granite+Status:+Ayotte's+first+general+election+ad+partially+funded+by+GOP+group&articleId=2f807f84-dd70-4710-baee-bb80ebb1a256


Ayotte's first general election ad partially funded by GOP group

Union Leader

By John DiStaso

September 29, 2010

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte's campaign today will begin airing its first television ad of the general election campaign, partially funded by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

The NRSC yesterday confirmed it has committed $171,000 in coordinated campaign funds to Ayotte's campaign through the general election. The Ayotte campaign said the NRSC money will pay for the purchase of air time for the new ad on WMUR and statewide cable television for about a one and a half weeks. The Ayotte campaign paid the production costs.

According to the NRSC, $171,000 is the maximum amount that it, or its Democratic counterpart, can give to a Senate candidate under federal law. The amount varies from state to state based on the state's population.

The 30-second ad shows Ayotte standing in a wooded area with a path that forks into two paths behind her.

"America's future can go down two different paths," she says. She says a path "of more spending, higher taxes and more government control over our lives" is "Paul Hodes' path."

"Or we can change direction and go forward with core principles," she says. "Don't spend more money than we have. Small businesses create jobs better than the government does. And taxes are too high already. That's the path I'm taking."

Coordinated expenditures are different than non-coordinated independent expenditures, which can be made on an unlimited basis by the national senatorial committees, political action committees and issues advocacy groups.

A campaign and national party committee are allowed under federal law to discuss and literally coordinate strategy on how to deploy coordinated expenditures. But campaigns are forbidden by law to have any involvement in how non-coordinated independent expenditures are used by the committees.

It's unclear at this point how much help Hodes will receive during the final month of the campaign from the NRSC's counterpart, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

So far in this election cycle, the DSCC gave Hodes a direct contribution of $42,600 in June 2009 and then made 16 expenditures totaling $72,263 to social networking and research consulting firms on behalf of the Hodes campaign from August 2009 through late August of this year.

As for future expenditures for Hodes, DSCC spokesman Eric Schultz would not disclose committee strategy.

"We think that the New Hampshire seat is a very strong pick-up opportunity for the Democrats in this cycle," Schultz said. "We think that Paul Hodes is running a smart, aggressive campaign and that Kelly Ayotte remains very vulnerable."

An NRSC spokesman would not discuss the committee's plans for independent expenditures, if any, on Ayotte's behalf.


Ayotte For US Senate - Join Senator McCain and Kelly this Saturday

Please Join
Senator John McCain
Republican US Senate Nominee
Kelly Ayotte
Saturday, October 2nd
for a
Veterans Rally
Seacoast Barbeque

Veterans Rally
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM
Location:VFWPost 483
2 Quincy Street
*Doors will open at 9:00 AM.   Additional Parking will be available across the street at the Court House

Seacoast Barbeque
Time: 12:30 – 1:30 PM
Location: Hampton Airfield
9 Lafayette Rd # A
North Hampton

Please RSVP by Friday, October 1st to
Additional Information: For questions, please call 232-1162.
We welcome you to invite friends and family to these exciting events.