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Bender for Senate - Citizen of Laconia Newspaper endorses Jim Ben der for US Senate

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

In Case You Missed It 


Hollis, NH- Today, the Citizen of Laconia Newspaper endorsed Jim Bender for U.S. Senate. On their website, they told readers: 

“Jim Bender has the right stuff for the Senate”

Jim “understands how economic success is achieved by working collaboratively with others”

“Jim Bender has shown that he can meet that test, and that is why he deserves the support of voters in next Tuesday's primary”


In Case You Missed It
The Citizen of Laconia
Jim Bender has the right stuff for the Senate

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Politics is much like baseball. Both are hard-fought contests. The spectators, at times, are on the edge of their seats, rising to cheer their favorite, or boo the other side. Both have their strikeouts, home runs, errors and bases on balls. And, as Yogi Berra famously said, both can have an element of "déjà vu all over again."

This election has that "déjà vu" element to it. Thirty years ago Ronald Reagan gained the support of a majority of the electorate by asking, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

The times are far different and in many ways the challenges far more complex than they were in 1980, but the question of "are you better off" is definitely on the minds of a great many. The voters want to be represented by people who can see the anxiety around. But more than that, they are looking for leaders who understand the nature of the problems facing us and who espouse sensible ideas for moving forward, and who show they have the determination and optimism to get the country on the right path.

In the race for U.S. Senate, the Republican who best understands the nature of the problem and who has exhibited the character and ability to take up this challenge is Jim Bender.

As someone with impressive business experience, Jim Bender knows first-hand the role economic opportunity plays in providing a future in which the people of New Hampshire and the rest of the country can have confidence. Yes, he knows how issues like taxes and regulations affect business decisions. But more importantly, he understands how economic success is achieved by working collaboratively with others.

Many voters are worried about their future. Persistent high unemployment has many fretting over their job, their ability to provide good things for their family, their ability to retire. With such extraordinary concerns, they are absolutely fed up with the rancor and polarized politics so much in evidence these days in Washington.

The kind of strong, calm, positive leadership and attitude that have contributed to Jim Bender's success in the business world will serve the people of this state well in the Senate.

Jim Bender certainly knows his own mind, but he also respects what is on the minds of others.

The true test of a candidate's ability is not whether they win, though that is certainly a prerequisite. The true test comes when they take on the responsibility of representing the voters, and share in the task of governing.

Jim Bender has shown that he can meet that test, and that is why he deserves the support of voters in next Tuesday's primary.


Ayotte For US Senate -Campaign Update- One week to go! 

With the strongest New Hampshire grassroots organization ever, Kelly’s volunteers have made an unprecedented fifty thousand+ phone calls and knocked on thousands of doors throughout the state.

But with just a few days left until the primary, this is a close race and we are fighting it out call by call and door by door. We need your help reaching out to other supporters. Join Kelly in her fight and sign up here!

Please join us this Thursday the 9th for a supporter rally and debate-watching party as we cheer on Kelly at the WMUR debate.   

Rally For Kelly  
Thursday the 9th at 4:45 PM
St. Anselm College
Entrance - Institute of Politics
100 St. Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

After the rally, please join us at our Manchester HQs for a Debate-Watching Party!   

We will provide food and beverages and you can restock on signs and t-shirts.  Kelly will also stop by after the debate to thank our tremendous grassroots team for all their hard work.

 6:45 - 9:00 PM

101 Charles St

(Off of 117 Kidder St.)

Manchester, NH 03101

To RSVP please email at or call our HQs at 232-1162.

For those watching from home/online, the WMUR Channel 9 Debate will air live at 7:00 PM and streamed live on and



Sign the Petition

Visit and tell Washington to stop the spending

Join the Team!


Ayotte For US Senate - An important message from Kelly 

Just one week. That’s how much time we have left to win this primary election.

Because of your generosity, I want you to know that we’re well-positioned for next Tuesday’s GOP primary. Your help is making the difference in this race – and I won’t ever forget it.

As you know, I’ve been campaigning hard up and down New Hampshire all year. In cities and towns across our state, I’ve talked about my plans to bring tough leadership to Washington that will get our fiscal house in order. I’ve loved every minute of it, and I can tell you this: our message is resonating.

This campaign is firing on all cylinders. Thanks to your help, we’ve been advertising on television since the springtime. Our radio ads continue to saturate the airwaves. Ayotte for Senate signs can be seen in yards across the state. And we’ve recruited hundreds of volunteers who have made more than 50,000 voter contact calls.

The groundwork for victory has been set. We have the strongest grassroots campaign in this race. It’s all within our grasp.

In these final days, though, we can expect my opponents to do everything they can to stop us. As you know, I’ve been the target of false attack ads for most of the summer. My opponents know they can’t win on the issues, so they attack me personally instead.

We need to be prepared to disprove their negative attacks. That’s why I write today – to once again ask for your generous help.

Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $1,000 is critical to ensuring that we have the necessary resources to fight back. We’re so close to victory. That’s why it’s so important that you make a donation today.

Coming from a middle class family, my husband Joe and I know the value of a dollar. In order for me to become a candidate, our household income went from two incomes to one. And unlike my opponents, I don’t have the luxury of incumbency or a vast personal fortune to help finance my campaign.

Instead, I’m relying on generous contributions from friends like you. So far over 3,500 New Hampshire citizens have donated to my campaign. They know that I will stand firm for our conservative values in the U.S. Senate, just like I did when I was Attorney General.

Your generosity has fueled this campaign. I’m hopeful that – right now – you will help make sure our issues-based message continues to reach voters. Please consider making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or up to $2,400 – today.

Out on the campaign trail, I never forget that it’s you who I want to fight for in Washington. Joe and I have been deeply touched by your generosity. With just one week until the primary, we hope you will help us finish what we started.




NHDP - Is Sarah Palin Having Buyer's Remorse? 

CONCORD - As Kelly Ayotte's conservative credentials continue to come under fire, the Republican senate candidate has yet to use the Sarah Palin endorsement her campaign fully embraced this summer. Recent polls have shown "true conservative" candidate Ovide Lamontagne surging, at a time when Ayotte is facing heat for her failed attempt to win an anti-choice court case, costing New Hampshire taxpayers $300,000. [Union Leader, 9/3/10; Nashua Telegraph, 9/3/10] Still, there's been no sign of Sarah Palin on the New Hampshire campaign trail.


Is Ayotte distancing herself from Palin now that it's become clear the former governor is no favorite in New Hampshire? Or is Palin backing away from her "Granite Grizzly," now that Ayotte's conservative mantel has been called into question and a serious primary challenge on the right has emerged?  


"At a time when her campaign is desperate to show its conservative stripes, why hasn't Ayotte called in reinforcements and brought Palin up to New Hampshire?" said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "And why hasn't the ultimate Mama Grizzly swooped in to fend off attacks against her chosen candidate in the Granite State? Their relationship seems to have fizzled out, but what we don't know is who pulled the plug - and why."  

As polls show "true conservative" Lamontagne surging and as the New Hampshire Union Leader, along with prominent national conservative pundits like Laura Ingraham and Erick Erickson line up to support him, Ayotte has struggled to maintain her hold on the far-right. News broke this week that, rather than fully fight an anti-choice court case, Ayotte secretly settled the case, costing New Hampshire taxpayers $300,000. [Nashua Telegraph, 9/3/10] The case, Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of New England, has been a cornerstone of Ayotte's campaign and its efforts to claim the conservative mantel in the race. When Palin endorsed Ayotte, she credited her with winning the case, saying she "battled all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to protect the rights of New Hampshire parents - and won!"

"Now that we know what really happened with that court case, maybe it's Sarah Palin, not Kelly Ayotte, that's having buyer's remorse?" said Browne.


Bender for Senate - New Jim Bender radio ad to air on Boston and New Hampshire radio 

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Hollis, NH- The Bender for Senate campaign released a new radio ad entitled “Child’s Play”
that introduces candidate Jim Bender as a businessman who has created jobs for New Hampshire.
Click here to listen to the ad


Child’s Play: (:32)

Kid1:  I want to be first

Kid 2:  No I want to be first

Kid 1:  I don’t care

Kid2:  Just Stop

Kid 1 & Kid 2:   Mom!

Mom 1: Sounds like the US Senate Race in New Hampshire

Mom 2: Yeah but I am tuning them out...... I am voting for Jim Bender

Mom 1: Really?

Mom 2: Jim has integrity and I trust Jim to get this economy moving again for me and my family

Mom 1: Tell me more

Mom 2:  Jim is a businessman, one who’s created jobs here in New Hampshire. You’ll like his slogan its-“Jim for Jobs”

Mom 1:  Jim for Jobs? I do like that- What is Jim’s website?

Mom 2:  It’s, and remember to vote “Jim for Jobs” on September 14th.

I’m Jim Bender, and I approve this message. 

Announcer: Paid for by Friends of Jim Bender