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CONCORD - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched a new website, At Ayotte's Table. The website comes a day after Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte was asked for one issue where she disagreed with the Washington GOP and responded that "nothing comes to mind that's on the table now" [Concord Monitor, 8/17/10]. At Ayotte's Table gives New Hampshire a chance to see what exactly Ayotte and her fellow Washington GOP insiders are bringing to the table for the Granite State in 2010.

"The only thing Kelly Ayotte and her fellow insiders at the Washington GOP are bringing to the table are already-failed polices that will take the Granite State backwards," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "They want to take us back to a time where insurance companies ran health care, Wall Street ran our savings accounts, and Big Oil could wreak havoc on our communities to protect their own profits. Since Kelly Ayotte herself admitted she'd be nothing more than a rubberstamp for whatever GOP policies are coming out of Washington these days, it's only fair for the Granite State to see exactly what those policies are."

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Bender for Senate - Bender statement on proposed mosque at Ground Zero in NYC

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Jim Bender, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate released the following statement regarding a proposed mosque to be built near the site of Ground Zero in New York City.

"I believe in the freedom of religion and all of the protections guaranteed by the US Constitution.  There are over 100 mosques in New York City, and Muslims are free to worship at those locations. It's not about rights; it's about doing what's right. To build a mosque on this site near where so many died on September 11th is wrong, like deliberately pouring salt into an open wound."


Ayotte For US Senate - Kelly's Campaign Bulletin - August 16, 2010

In case you missed it, take a look at Kelly’s op-ed in the Sunday edition of the Nashua Telegraph. She lays out her clear plan to stop wasteful Washington spending. It’s worth a read!
Support Kelly at the Upcoming Debates
Alton/Barnstead GOP Debate
Tuesday, August the 17th
Doors open at 5:00 PM (debate begins at 6:00PM)
Upstairs of JJ Goodwin's Restaurant
769 Suncook Valley Highway
Center Barnstead
Seacoast Republican Women Candidate Forum
Wednesday, August 18th
Doors open at 5:30 PM  (Congressional debate at 6:00 PM; Senatorial debate begins at 7:30PM)
Portsmouth Harbor Events and Conference Center
100 Deer Street
· Please note - The entrance to the Events Center is on the far right side of the hotel, as you are facing the building from the street - opposite the parking lot.  Parking fee is 75 cents per hour

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council Debate
Thursday, August 19th
Doors open at 6:00 PM  (debate begins at 7:00 PM)
Grand Hotel
Route 16 at Settlers' Green Outlet Village (* GPS 72 Common Court)
North Conway
Join Kelly as she marches in the Londonderry Old Home Day and Deerfield Parades this weekend.
Londonderry Old Home Day Parade
Lineup at Londonderry Middle School
313 Mammoth Road
9:30 AM lineup (parade starts at 10:30 AM)
· Please note – There is no parking available at the starting location, but the parade ends at Mack’s Apples at 230 Mammoth Rd and there will be a shuttle running marchers to the middle school

Deerfield Old Home Day Parade
Lineup at the American Legion Hall
11:30 AM lineup (parade to Church Street starts at 12:30 PM)
Keep the momentum going!
Kelly’s outstanding grassroots team has made over 30,000 volunteer phone calls and knocked on thousands of doors - but with just 29 days till the primary - we need to keep the momentum going!   Join us this weekend as we reach out to other supporters throughout the state.  
For more information, email or call our HQ’s at 232-1162.

Foxfire Property Management
2 Pillsbury Street
Saturday the 21st; 2:00-4:00 PM
GOP Victory Office
15 West Main Street
Saturday the 21st; 2:30- 5:00 PM

101 Charles Street
Saturday the 21st, 1:00-5:00 PM
Sunday the 22nd, Noon-4:00 PM
The Stabile Companies
20 Cotton Road
Saturday the 21st, 1:30- 4:00 PM
Meeting location for walking:
Meet at Starbucks at the Mall
10 Coliseum Drive
Sunday the 22nd, 1:00- 4:00 PM
29 Lafayette Road
North Hampton
Saturday the 21st, 2:00-5:00 PM

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New Jim Bender "Joyride" ad featured on Fox ’s 'On the Record' with Greta Van Susteren 

In Case You Missed It

On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren
August 12, 2010

Greta asked viewers to 'Sound Off' and compare Jim's new TV ad "Joyride" to Carly Fiorina's "Demon Sheep" ad

Click here to watch

Greta said, “What do you think of this ad by Jim Bender, who's running for the Republican nomination for the Senate in New Hampshire? Do you like it? Is it better or worse than Carly Fiorina's "demon sheep" ad? Sound off and tell us below!”

Click here for Greta’s blog

Here’s what Fox News Channel Viewers had to say

 “This ad is awesome. It's not your average "This is who I am and here are some facts" political ad that are all the same. Good to see some creativity”

“LOVED this ad!! Look out Democrats you get all your programs back!! Congrats on a great ad!!”

“Very creative, America is waking up and smelling that pig pen in Washington. American's are not stupid people as such they should not treat like we are by shoving/hiding laws in these big spending bills. What happened to ‘We the people’.”

“Now, now. There is no need to insult pigs by associating them with the like of Washington!”

“Americans aren’t stupid and Benders ad shows that he can tap into the mainstream majority sentiments effectively. He says what many think, get these clowns out of our wallets !!”

“I really enjoyed Bender's ad. The pig in the back seat, respresenting the pork spending, and the many TARP bundles in the trunk, and then throwing the money, saying free money. Way to go Mr. Bender!!!”


“Bender ad was right on the mark. Funny, insightful and to the point...”

“Bender knocked it out of the park !!!! A big home run !!!!”


Ayotte For US Senate - 32 days left- we need your help 

Dear friends,

With just 32 days until the primary, the race for U.S. Senate is really heating up.

We expected the negative false attacks from Paul Hodes, but now Bill Binnie has joined the fray. He is the first Republican candidate to launch a negative attack ad in the primary. His nasty attack ad against Kelly is completely false. The Concord Monitor reports there is “no evidence” to substantiate Binnie’s claims.

Kelly needs your help to defend against these false attacks. Please contribute to her campaign today. Your contribution of $10, $25, $100, or even $1,000 will go a long way towards ensuring victory.

Paul Hodes has spent $300,000 attacking Kelly, and Binnie has spent more than $3.5 million of his own money trying to buy the election. But here’s the good news: their false attacks aren’t working. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Kelly with a 13 point lead over Hodes – showing once again that she’s the strongest Republican candidate to win in November.

I want to share with you some of the important work our campaign has been able to accomplish, thanks to your support. Kelly has aired 8 different commercials talking about her record as Attorney General and her hopeful vision for our country. Additionally, our campaign has made more than 20,000 volunteer voter contact phone calls, knocked on thousands of doors, marched in parades across the state, and has put out more than 3,000 yard signs.

We’re firing on all cylinders.

Our goal over the next week is to raise an additional $18,000 to ensure we can continue to run our ads and send the message to the voters of New Hampshire that Kelly will fight for every taxpayer of our state to ensure the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda is stopped!  Please go online now and contribute to her campaign today.


Brooks Kochvar

Campaign Manager

Kelly Ayotte for Senate

P.S.  Please don’t hesitate to contribute today so we can finish what we've started and win on September 14th and again on November 2nd!  Please click here to make a donation!