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NRSC - SNAP: Top Senate Democrat Campaign Group Caught in Pay Gap Hypocrisy 

Washington Examiner | By Paul Bedard

The Senate Democratic arm threatening to hang the GOP's refusal to OK equal pay legislation around the neck of every Republican in the midterm elections suffers from an even worse gender “pay gap” than the much-advertised 77 cents for women for every $1 a man makes.

According to an analysis of recent salary information from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the group pays women 70 cents for every $1 a male employee works.

Even with employing more women than men, many at top levels, the DSCC in its latest salary filings with the Federal Election Committee covering September-November 2013, paid males an average of $18,576 for the three months to $13,044 for women.

The analysis provided to Secrets by the Republicans appeared to include a sizable bonus to long-serving DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil. Eliminating that, the group still pays less to women, about 82-cents per $1 for men.

The DSCC retaliated with a pay breakdown of the National Republican Senatorial Committee that shows the group paying 77 cents for every $1 a male makes.

Democrats argued that their calculation should not include the highly-paid and experienced executive director of either group because it skews the numbers. Eliminate the salary of the top men at both groups, and the figures show that the DSCC pays women $1.13 and the NRSC 87 cents per $1 for men.

But that waters down their pro-woman argument, said the GOP. "That's the weakest, most embarrassing and hypocritical excuse that a Democrat has made this week, and that is saying something. If the men at the DSCC don't believe that male bosses should count against the pay gap, it destroys their entire argument, doesn't it?" said NRSC press secretary Brook Hougesen.

While nailing down exact employment figures for the DSCC or NRSC is complicated, they indicate that paying women the same as men isn’t as easy as just diving payroll equally among the sexes.

It also highlights a potential problem for the DSCC which has launched a “GOP Pay Gap” campaign to hold Republican candidates accountable for their opposition to legislation on the issue. They have mounted an outrage campaign via social networks and President Obama this week attacked Republicans for voting down a pay gap proposal in the Senate.

The GOP calls the issue a political gotcha that builds on a claim that women earn 77 cents for the $1 a man makes.

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NHDP - Scott Brown Launches "One Word" Campaign With More of the Same Phony Attacks

“Scott Brown made it clear last night that his entire campaign is about tearing down New Hampshire’s Jeanne Shaheen with phony attacks about Obamacare. Brown also made clear, once again, that he's in this race for himself, and his Big Oil, Wall Street buddies, not New Hampshire." 


– Julie McClain, NHDP Communications Director







Brown: “I Helped Write” The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Bill. During a debate in Springfield in January 2010, Brown said, "I worked on the health care bill. I helped write it. I played a role. It passed unanimous and in a bi-partisan manner including with Senator Kennedy.” [Springfield Debate, 1/8/10]


·         REPORT: Brown Was “prominent in working on the state’s landmark universal health coverage law.” [Milford Daily News2/11/07]


·         BROWN: The Senate Health Care Bill Is “really mirroring what we did a couple of years ago through Governor Romney’s leadership.” [Think Progress, 2/4/10]



NH Insurance Department Said Flawed Survey Showing 90% Increase In Individual Premiums Was False. Insurance Department Spokesman said Morgan Stanley survey was “inconsistent with our findings, which reflect single-digit increases per year over the past few years.” [New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/7/14]


·         PINDELL: 90% Claim Based “on one anonymous person’s opinions.” [WMUR, Political Scoop, 4/9/14]


FACT: BROWN’S ACA “DECIDING VOTE” CLAIM HAS BEEN RULED FALSE OVER & OVER AGAIN BY INDEPENDENT FACTCHECKERS Said Ads That Said Various Senators Were Deciding Vote For ACA “Push[ed] The Bounds Of Accuracy.” In June 2012, wrote: “The 60 Plus ad against Nelson also claims that he ‘was a deciding vote for the health care law.’ That’s a stretch. We suppose any vote for the law could technically be called a ‘deciding’ one, but Bill Nelson wasn’t a pivotal vote any more than any other senator. It was another Nelson — Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska — who was one of the last senators tosign on to the bill and give Democrats enough votes to pass it, a fact that Bill Nelson highlighted on his Facebook page. Other ads, including several from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have claimed that other lawmakers — Sens. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana — ‘cast a deciding vote’ for the law. We think it pushes the bounds of accuracy to say anyone who voted for it was ‘a deciding vote.’” [, 6/10/12]


PolitiFact Reiterated That “The Charge That This Or That Democrat Cast The Deciding Vote For The Affordable Care Act” Has Repeatedly Been Rated “False.” “The charge that this or that Democrat cast the deciding vote for the Affordable Care Act has shown up before. In June, a conservative group leveled it at Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla, (PolitiFact Florida rated that Mostly False), and in 2012, a Republican challenger made the same claim about Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio (PolitiFact Ohio rated that False). The reality is that if any Democratic senator deserves the distinction of clearing the way for the health reform law, it is Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska. As was widely reported at the time, Nelson delivered the 60th vote needed to send the bill to the floor for a vote.” [PolitiFact, 10/9/13]


·         PolitiFact: “The reality is that if any Democratic Senator deserves the distinction of clearing the way for the health reform law, it is Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska.” [PolitiFact, 10/9/13]


·         NRSC Admitted That Sen. Nelson Was the 60th Vote for Healthcare Reform. "In reality, the last Democratic senator to commit to the health care bill was Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who’s likely to have an even tougher reelection race next year than Tester. (In fairness, the NRSC calls him the '60th vote' too.)" [Politico3/23/11]



NEARLY 22,000 Granite Staters Signed Up For Insurance Through The ACA Marketplace, About 15% Over The State’s Enrollment Goal. “The nearly 22,000 who had signed up through the federal marketplace exceeded the Obama administration's target of 19,000 for the six-month enrollment period that ended March 31.” [Associated Press, 4/10/14]


REPORT: ACA Enrollment In NH “Could Approach 30,000” After March Numbers Were Tallied. “The number of people in New Hampshire who have signed up for health care under the Affordable Care Act could approach 30,000, officials said. About 10,000 people in the state signed up during the last two months, the result of a highly organized outreach effort. […] Karen Hicks of Covering New Hampshire said an enrollment outreach campaign produced significant results. ‘We feel pretty good about our effort so far,’ Hicks said. ‘At the end of February, we had 21,500 or so people sign up and select a plan.’ The total could be around 30,000 after the March numbers are tallied up.” [WMUR, 4/2/14]



Rubens For US Senate - Statement on Brown Entering Race 

Inline image 2

Jim Rubens, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement on Scott Brown's declaration of candidacy:

"We now have a two-man race between Washington's pick and grassroots New Hampshire voters who will make their choice on September 9th.  The Rubens campaign is fully funded and fully staffed.  We're uniting the Republican Party across the spectrum and we will win the September primary and November general.

"The millions in big money necessary to defeat Jeanne Shaheen in November will follow the candidate who wins the September primary."

“New Hampshire voters are astute, demanding and want answers to all the tough questions.  Jim has been answering these questions and earning grassroots voters’ support throughout the state.  More than ever in polling history, voters are fed up to the teeth with business-as-usual Washington politics and Washington career politicians,” said Brian Tilton, Rubens’ communications director.

Rubens adds, "Senator Shaheen has fallen badly out of touch with New Hampshire.  It's important that Republicans select a nominee who represents New Hampshire and will contrast Senator Shaheen on all the issues where she is wrong: Dodd Frank, 2nd Amendment rights, Syria bombing war, Obamacare.”


About Jim Rubens:

Jim Rubens is a small business owner, entrepreneur and two-term Republican State Senator who has lived in New Hampshire for over 40 years. He lives with his wife, Susan, and son, Matthew, in Hanover. Jim attended Dartmouth College and studied chemistry, leaving in his Junior year to pursue a life in small business entrepreneurship and public service. Jim has founded and run over a dozen businesses from waste recycling, tree surgery, Main Street retail, to furniture manufacturing. Over recent years, he has focused on investment in New England start-ups in proprietary technology and healthcare solutions.

For more information about Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate, please visit




RYE, NH – U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown will kick-off the “Obamacare Isn’t Working” tour Friday at Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics in Manchester.  Brown will meet with Company President Matt Albuquerque, tour the facility, and hear more about the impacts of the president’s health care law on local businesses and families.
Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics creates a wide array of innovative prosthetic devices for amputees, ranging from children to veterans.   The company provides custom prosthetic care for patients at their three Amputee Care Centers.  Under Obamacare, the company has faced a series of challenges including increased health care premiums for their employees.
Brown will be joined by former Manchester Mayor and former Executive Councilor Raymond Wieczorek.


NHDP - Portsmouth Herald: Strong protest at Scott Brown's Senate announcement

PORTSMOUTH - Dozens of liberal and liberty-minded protesters lined the entrance to the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel Thursday night to send messages to former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, prior to his formal announcement there that he is an official Senate candidate.

The carpetbagger theme was common among liberals, while conservatives said they were looking for a GOP candidate with broader support for the Second Amendment.

John “JJ” Joyal, a Portsmouth Naval Shipyard worker and chairman of the Somersworth Democratic party, waved American and state flags.

“I'm here to show Scott Brown what the state of New Hampshire flag looks like, in case he's never seen one,” Joyal said, referring to Brown's dual-state residency. “We already have a good senator. Jeanne Shaheen is as good as it gets.”

Ray Buckley, chairman of the state Democratic party, came to Portsmouth for the event and said he “agrees with most people in New Hampshire that Scott Brown is for Scott Brown.”

“He has a record of standing up for Wall Street and big corporate interests and that's why Massachusetts rejected him two years ago and why New Hampshire will reject him,” Buckley said.

Asked why he traveled from Manchester to the Brown kick-off event, Buckley said, “We welcome all tourists.”

Caroline French came from Dover to hold a sign reading, “Senate Blue, Not Brown.” She said she stood outside the downtown hotel with her sign in support of Shaheen.

“She is beloved in New Hampshire,” said French. “We love her.”

Seacoast Republican leader Doug Scamman stopped to greet French on the sidewalk, where they exchanged pleasantries about being high school classmates some years ago. Scamman was an invited VIP at the event and said he was glad to show his support for Brown.

Across the street, Joan Webber held a sign reading, “Scott Brown is a twerp.”

“First, he was in Massachusetts, and loses there, then, he changes his mind and comes here,” said the Kensington resident. “I think it's silly.”

“He lives in Rye,” a woman shouted out her car window while driving by.

Dan Fournier, a University of New Hampshire student, held a sign reading, “Patriots for Shaheen.” He said Brown wants to “eviscerate” college grants and that if it wasn't for grants, he'd be unable to go to the university.

Portsmouth and Seacoast Democratic party president Larry Drake made a sign that read, “Big Oil (heart logo) Scott Brown.”

“He does get a lot of backing from big oil and Wall Street,” said Drake, who rallied like-minded Democrats on his local radio show Thursday morning, urging them to attend the protest event.

Tristan Debree called Brown a carpetbagger and held a sign saying, “Scott Brown wants to confiscate your firearms.” He said conservatives, like him, want to “get rid of” Brown, “get a Republican who supports the Second Amendment,” and “then we can go after Shaheen.”

Constitutionalist group the Oath Keepers had representatives from New Hampshire and Connecticut. They held a Gadsen flag with the “Don't tread on me message” and described themselves as “liberty minded.”

“You can't buy us off for the Constitution,” said Oath Keeper Alex Bieniecki. “We're the Granite State 3-percenters. The 3 percent willing to stand up.”