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NHDP: Clear Contrast for NH Veterans 

Shaheen Has Long Record Helping 
New Hampshire Vets

Brown Offers Empty Rhetoric to New Hampshire

Manchester, NH—For New Hampshire veterans, the choice was clear today as Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s long record of helping New Hampshire veterans contrasted with the empty rhetoric of Scott Brown’s latest television commercial.
Senator Shaheen today released a list of more than 100 veterans endorsing her re-election, citing her long record of accomplishments, including:
  • Working now for passage of the Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act, which includes language that Senator Shaheen fought for, which would allow veterans in New Hampshire to receive healthcare services from certain non-VA medical facilities if they live more than twenty miles from a full service VA provider;
  • Successfully fighting to get a veterans clinic open in Keene, cutting through 30 years of red tape and delays;
  • Successfully advocating, with Senator Kelly Ayotte, for two new veterans clinics in Berlin and Colebrook;
  • Securing millions for the New Hampshire National Guard’s Deployment Cycle Support Program (DCSP) that supports deploying servicemembers and their families during deployment and reintegration;
  • Introducing legislation to hire additional local VA staff to work to eliminate the backlog and to fund legal clinics that would help veterans escape the backlog;
  • Recently introducing the Veterans Hiring Act that would provide a payroll tax cut for business that hire veterans. In 2011, Senator Shaheen cosponsored the VOW to Hire Heroes Act and supported providing businesses with tax credits to encourage them to hire veterans
"The contrast couldn't be clearer: while Scott Brown launches partisan attacks, Jeanne Shaheen gets results," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain.  "New Hampshire veterans deserve better than Scott Brown's empty rhetoric. They deserve leadership like Jeanne Shaheen's that has made a real difference for our veterans." 


Continues Gaining Momentum with Approximately $1.5 Million Cash On Hand

MANCHESTER The Brown campaign announced today that it raised $2.34 million during the second quarter, and enters July with approximately $1.5 million cash on hand.
The total amount raised is all the more impressive because Brown was not a formally declared candidate for the entire reporting period.

"The strong support that Scott Brown has received indicates that our message is resonating and our momentum is growing,” said Colin Reed, campaign manager for the Brown campaign.  “The people of New Hampshire are ready for a change for the better and are looking for a senator who represents their values and priorities. In the fall, our campaign will have the resources we need and a united Republican Party behind us to defeat Jeanne Shaheen and ensure she is a one-term senator.”

Rubens For US Senate - 60 Days  

Sixty Days from today Republican primary voters will go to the polls to decide who will be the nominee to take on Senator Shaheen.

There is only one candidate in this race who has rolled out concrete plans to address the problems facing our nation. I encourage you to check out and compare the level of detail there with that of my opponents. Laying out specific plans of what a candidate will do if elected often comes with criticism, but I believe it is what the people of New Hampshire deserve.

My bold solutions have been well received by voters and the media. This week I completed my 4th tour of the North Country, a 16-stop tour on Thursday. It was great to connect with voters. I heard over and over, how it is time to send someone to Washington who is not a Washington insider, someone who is more concerned with solving the nation's problems than what committee chairmanship he or she is able to achieve. There was an incredible level of support for the jobs plan I rolled out this week and an appreciation for a candidate willing to propose bold solutions. A full report on our North Conway tour can be seen below:

The media is now beginning to focus in on this race, looking beyond the headlines and to the substance of each candidate's campaign. The more they learn, the more they see that I am the candidate in this race with big, thoughtful ideas. For instance, today, Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph wrote that "Jim Rubens offers most detailed platform so far among GOP candidates running for U.S. Senate"

Now is a great time to get involved in this campaign. If you are interested in volunteering or hosting Jim for an event please let us know here.


Smith For US Senate - Sign the Petition! We Can't Afford to Pay More at the Gas Pump! 

Sign the Petition!
We Can’t Afford to Pay More at the Pump!

Bedford (July 10, 2014)- Join Senator Smith in Calling on Jeanne Shaheen & Scott Brown to renounce their support for a federal gas tax hike.

On June 9th, the Portsmouth Herald reported that Senator Jeanne Shaheen expressed her support for a federal gas tax hike at a June 8th meeting with transportation officials in Portsmouth.

A Sentinel & Enterprise (Fitchburg, Massachusetts) article dated September 15, 2012 reports that then-Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) said that he would be "open to discussion of a gas tax hike..."

Granite Staters cannot afford to pay more at the pump!

Sign the petition and join with me in calling on Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown to renounce their support of a gas tax hike! The petition may be found here:

Petition Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown to Join Senator Bob Smith in Opposing Federal Tax Hike on Gasoline


Senator Bob

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Rubens For US Senate - Condemns NSA Storing Americans’ Private and Intimate Conversations 

Washington Post finds: "The population under scrutiny in the PRISM and Upstream programs is far larger than the government has suggested"


Jim Rubens, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, issued the following statement regarding a recent story in the Washington Post which states "ordinary Internet users, American and non-American alike, far outnumber legally targeted foreigners in the communications intercepted by the NSA from U.S. digital networks.":


"The material reviewed by the Post spans President Obama’s first term, from 2009 to 2012, a period of exponential growth in NSA’s domestic spying operation. Jeanne Shaheen’s baseless assurances have proven flagrantly misleading:  'the [NSA] oversight that is involved ... will be helpful in providing some reassurance … about how the program is operated.' (Valley News 8/8/13)


“With Jeanne Shaheen acquiescence, the President and NSA have trampled on our 4th Amendment protections. We cannot trust that our private emails and phone conversations are not being abused, given that NSA grants access by tens of thousands of government employees and poorly supervised private contractors. In March 2013, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified falsely to Congress that the content of American citizens’ private messages could not be obtained without a court order. True to form as President Obama’s rubber stamp, Jeanne Shaheen has failed to demand protection of our constitutional privacy rights. As your next U.S. Senator, I will speak out unabashedly against and work to defund and bar such constitutional breaches."


More information about Jim Rubens' position on NSA spying can be found at: