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NHDP - MA Senate President Therese Murray, Women Activists Set Record Straight on Brown

Scott Brown’s Bill Is Very Clear: It Would Force Pregnant Women To Look at Pictures of Developing Fetuses Before Being Able To Terminate A Pregnancy

Manchester, NH – In response to Scott Brown’s attempt to run away from his own record, Massachusetts State Senate President Therese Murray, along with women’s health advocates, today set the record straight on Scott Brown’s history of failing Massachusetts women. Senator Murray served with Scott Brown and spoke firsthand about Scott Brown’s support for legislation that would force women to view color photographs of fetuses before ending a pregnancy.
"New Hampshire women can't trust Scott Brown to stand up for their reproductive rights," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "Brown can try and run from his record all he wants, but the facts are indisputable: he twice cosponsored a bill that would require women to look at photographs of developing fetuses before being able to terminate their pregnancy. His record is just further proof that he's wrong for New Hampshire." 

“Scott claims he’s pro-choice, yet he votes to put women into boxes, stripping them of any choice when it comes to their health and reproductive care,” said Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray. “While in the Massachusetts legislature, Scott Brown co-sponsored the ‘Women’s Right to Know’ bill. This bill says that women must wait 24 hours and be given images and descriptions of developing fetuses before terminating a pregnancy, and that is not something that anyone who comes to that decision should be forced to go through. If people want to learn from Massachusetts’ mistakes, learn the facts about this bill. This is a woman’s body, and it should be her decision, between her and her doctor. No politician, especially not Scott Brown, should insert themselves in that decision.”
“Scott Brown is choosing to tout mainstream pro-choice values because he knows it’s popular, but he can't run from his anti-choice record,” said NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire Executive Director Laura Thibault. “Let me ask you this: who is Scott Brown to tell women what they need before making a private decision? When did Scott Brown become an expert on women and their own bodies? Why is Scott Brown deciding what's best for women and their families? The legislation he has supported was nothing more than another effort to place barriers between a woman and her constitutional right to choose.” 

To read the full text of the bill that Scott Brown co-sponsored to force women to view photographs of developing fetuses before ending a pregnancy, please click here.

NHDP - DEBATE RECAP: In Conway, Scott Brown Doubles Down on Big Oil, Koch Brothers

Brown Also Launches More Discredited Attacks, Tries to Hide from His Own Record

Conway, NH--Scott Brown’s debate performance this afternoon in Conway made one thing clear: he’s not for New Hampshire. This afternoon Brown not only doubled down on his allegiance to Big Oil and the Koch Brothers but he also tried to run away from his own votes to defund Planned Parenthood and other aspects of his anti-choice record.
“The message voters received today was clear: Scott Brown is not for New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “From touting support from out of state corporate interests and the Koch Brothers, to attacking bipartisan legislation that benefited New Hampshire small businesses and the state’s tourism industry, or even his attempt to run away fro his vote to defund Planned Parenthood, Scott Brown showed New Hampshire whose side he’s on today. And it’s not New Hampshire, it’s Big Oil and corporate interests who fund his campaigns and line his pockets.”


Today Scott Brown touted support from the pro-outsourcing Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers funded NFIB.
FACT: Brown Voted Against A Bill To To Close Tax Loopholes That Rewarded Companies For Shipping U.S. Jobs Overseas, A Position Backed By The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce.[Vote 242, 9/28/10; The Hill, 9/23/10]
FACT: The Koch Brothers Fund The National Federation Of Independent Businesses.[CNN, 11/21/13]
Today Scott Brown attacked the Small Business Jobs Act and the Travel Promotion Act as failures, despite the fact that they’ve both benefited New Hampshire small businesses and the state’s tourism industry.
FACT: The Small Business Jobs Act And Travel Promotion Act Supported New Hampshire’s Economy And Its Critical Small Businesses. [New Hampshire Union Leader,9/26/14; Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/24/14; Foster’s Daily Democrat, 12/31/2012 ; New Hampshire Union Leader, 7/9/12]
Today Scott Brown tried to hide the fact that he voted to defund Planned Parenthood.
FACT: Brown Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood and Other Critical Services for Women in GOP Budget. [Vote 36, 3/09/11; New York Times2/17/11
Today Scott Brown dishonestly suggested that Jeanne Shaheen was involved in an IRS scandal, an attack that has already been discredited by independent fact checkers.
FACT: PolitiFact Ruled Claim That Shaheen Directed IRS Targeting “Mostly False” And Her Efforts Were “At Most […] Aimed At Ensuring Transparency […]  For Groups Across The Ideological Spectrum.” [PolitiFact New Hampshire, 10/16/13]
Today Scott Brown falsely suggested that Jeanne Shaheen supports an energy tax, another claim that has already been discredited by independent fact checkers.  
FACT: PolitiFact Ruled Brown’s Claim That Shaheen Voted For A National Energy Tax Was “Mostly False.” [PolitiFact, 6/18/14]


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee spokesman Lauren Zelt today issued the following statement regarding the news that Hillary Clinton will campaign with Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire:


"Hillary Clinton still owes the Shaheens a political favor for their efforts to smear Barack Obama as a drug dealer during the 2008 New Hampshire Primary. It's obvious that Secretary Clinton's effort to prop up Senator Shaheen's flailing campaign is an effort to repay her and her husband for their role in this sordid chapter in New Hampshire political history."


As reported by the Washington Post, Jeanne Shaheen's husband, Bill Shaheen, called Barack Obama a drug dealer while serving as Hillary Clinton's 2008 New Hampshire campaign co-chairman during the 2008 New Hampshire Primary. Mr. Shaheen was forced to resign and issue an apology following the incident.




"Sen. Hillary Clinton today accepted the resignation of her New Hampshire campaign co-chair a day after he suggested that Barack Obama's candor about his past drug use would open the door to Republican attacks." (Alec MacGillis, Clinton N.H. Official Resigns After Comments on Obama, Washington Post, 12/13/2007)


NHDP - ICYMI: "Scott Brown: Birth Control and Equal Pay Are Not 'Issues That People Care About'"

"Once again Scott Brown has made it painfully obvious that New Hampshire women can't count on him to recognize issues that matter to them, let alone stand up for them," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "The message women across New Hampshire are hearing is loud and clear: Scott Brown isn't on our side." 


Huffington Post: Scott Brown: Birth Control and Equal Pay Are Not 'Issues That People Care About'

New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown avoided talking about his record on reproductive rights and equal pay in a Tuesday appearance on Fox News by suggesting that nobody cares about those issues.

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson asked Brown to address comments from his opponent, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), about his voting record.

"He doesn’t stand up for women’s reproductive rights and economic security," Carlson quoted Shaheen as saying. "He co-sponsored legislation to let employers deny women coverage for birth control or even mammograms. He had two opportunities to vote for equal pay laws and both times he voted no."

"So Senator, how do you respond to her claims?" Carlson asked.

"Well unfortunately, I’m talking about issues that people care about," Brown fired back.

A spokesperson for EMILY's List, a progressive women's PAC that is supporting Shaheen, challenged the premise that voters don't care about these issues.

"The research in 2014 shows really clearly that voters care about women's economic security, and their access to birth control and abortion - which are hardly two separate issues," said Jess McIntosh, communications director for EMILY's List. "It seems like dismissing the top concerns of swing voters 34 days before the election is a bad electoral strategy, but it looks like the one Republican candidates are going with."

An August poll by American Women found that women's health and economic security are top motivating issues for swing and drop-off voters this cycle.

When Brown was in the Senate representing Massachusetts, he co-sponsored a billwith Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) that would have allowed employers to opt out of providing any aspect of health care coverage to which they morally object, including birth control. Brown also voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would require employers to prove that any discrepancies in pay between male and female employees are based on experience or performance, not gender.

But now, in his New Hampshire Senate race, Brown has avoided addressing those issues. He punted a question about equal pay in a September interview with New Hampshire Public Radio. Asked why he thinks the gender wage gap persists and how he and other Republican candidates would try to close it, Brown replied, "Well, I’ll leave that to the political pundits."

"I know that I have a house full of women," he said. "Three overachieving, hard-charging, accomplished women, two of which are independent and obviously following their career paths, of which I have supported along with Gail.

"That being said, we need to do everything and anything we can to make sure that they and others have opportunities to achieve that balance, being a mom — having it all — and obviously, having a career," he added.

Brown is not the only Republican candidate in New Hampshire to suggest that people don't care about reproductive rights. State Rep. Marilinda Garcia, who is running for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd District, said in a radio interview this week that only "two percent" of voters in her district care about social issues like abortion, birth control and equal pay, and that Democrats are using those issues as "scare tactics" to sway women.

Garcia opposes legal abortion and wrote on her 2012 campaign site that she supports "clarifying the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections as applicable to unborn children." The site has since been taken down.


NHDP - Energy and Environmental Leaders: Scott Brown Can’t Paper Over His Big Oil Record 

Manchester, NH—Following Scott Brown’s completely misleading speech at the New Hampshire Energy Summit today, energy and environmental leaders spoke out and joined NHDP Chair Ray Buckley on a call to discuss Brown’s real record of voting to protect Wall Street and doing what was best for his political future over what is best for New Hampshire’s families and energy future.
“Brown has abandoned any semblance of moderation and sided with obstructionist and Tea Party climate-deniers,” said Jameson French, registered Republican and President and CEO of Northland Forest Products. “In May, we saw Brown ignore New Hampshire interests and lobby his Republican colleagues to kill truly bipartisan energy efficiency legislation because he did not want to see Shaheen pass job-creating legislation in an election year. Brown has put himself before Granite State families, and that’s why he is the wrong choice this November.”
“In the Senate, just days after one of Scott Brown’s votes to protect billions in tax breaks for Big Oil, Brown received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from oil companies,” said Joseph Keefe, President and Chief Executive Officer of sustainable investment company Pax World Management. “Brown is protecting those who line his campaign coffers—and New Hampshire will pay the price. He’s even changed his stance on climate change being man-made because he is in the pocket of Big Oil and the Koch brothers. He’s wrong for businesses and he’s wrong for families in New Hampshire.”
“At today’s energy event, Brown tried to paper over his past and explain away the fact that he has consistently done whatever the Big Oil companies wanted him to do. Why? Because they were donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign,” added Ray Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “He’s voted twice to protect ​more than $20 billion in special tax breaks​ for the nation's five biggest oil companies​, denied climate change is man-made, and lobbied to kill bipartisan energy efficiency legislation. If he is elected in New Hampshire, we know what would happen: he would continue his unabashed devotion to Big Oil.”
In May, Brown was caught lobbying against bipartisan energy efficiency legislation even though it could have created nearly 200,000 jobs and saved consumers billions of dollars.  Scott Brown selfishly opposed the legislation backed by Senator Shaheen and Senator Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican, because he did not want her to pass strong job creating legislation during an election year.  
And last month, Brown joined the ranks of Tea Party climate deniers, telling a debate moderator that he didn't believe in man made climate change.  Once again, Scott Brown has sided with the Big Oil special interests, like the Koch Brothers, trying to buy him New Hampshire's Senate seat instead of the people of the Granite State. 

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