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Concord - Earlier this week, Governor Hassan released a web video announcing her run for United States Senate. The New Hampshire Republican Party is helping you read between the lines of Hassan's inaccurate and misleading announcement video by annotating it using Genius.
You can check out a corrected version of Hassan's video here. Click the yellow highlights to read and share our annotations.
***Warning: most of the transcript is yellow because most of what Hassan said was wrong.***
The New Hampshire Republican Party also released a new Tumblr account cataloging Governor Gridlock Hassan's history of bringing Washington-style politics to Concord. Click here to view the "Governor Gridlock Hassan" Tumblr account.
"Governor 'Gridlock' Hassan's disastrous record of politically-motivated brinkmanship and extremism runs completely counter to the New Hampshire commonsense values of bipartisanship and compromise," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Unfortunately, the governor has brought Washington-style politics to Concord, and the New Hampshire Republican Party is looking forward to exposing her failed record in new and creative ways."

NRSC - ICYMI: "A Strange Way to Start" 


ICYMI: "A Strange Way to Start"

On Monday, “Governor Gridlock” Maggie Hassan kicked off her campaign with a video in which she bragged about balancing New Hampshire’s budget—a generous claim considering this is a task the Governor is required by law to complete.

Today, the New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board took Governor Gridlock to task for the budget explaining why this, “impressive sounding number isn’t that impressive.”

Ouch. Not even 72 hours into her campaign and Governor Gridlock is already grasping for straws.

The editorial board continued, “Hassan is using the balanced budget as the cornerstone of her newly launched campaign for United States Senate. Taking credit for a budget she vetoed and bragging about a surplus generated by taking money from the disabled seem like a strange way to start.”

ICYMI, check out the New Hampshire Union Leader’s editorial on Governor Gridlock’s “strange start”…

Balancing budget claims: Surplus numbers hide problems
New Hampshire Union Leader
Editorial Board
October 7, 2015

The state of New Hampshire closed out fiscal year 2015 with a $73 million surplus. Sort of.

Columnist Charlie Arlinghaus writes extensively today on why that impressive sounding number isn’t that impressive. It stems mostly from budget writers carrying over $72 million from the budget two years ago that should have gone into the rainy day fund.

Tapping into this year’s surplus to pay next year’s bills is tempting when tough budget decisions are on the table. Higher than expected tax revenues are a windfall that eliminate the need to raise a tax or cut a program in the near future. The state’s long-term fiscal stability has to wait.

This year, legislative budget writers cut back on this bad habit, reducing the amount of money they planned to carry over into the current budget by a third to just $49 million. The rest would help restore the state’s paltry rainy day fund. Lawmakers were counting on $14 million for that purpose, and will end up with $24 million.

During the final contentious days of budget negotiations in June, Gov. Maggie Hassan argued that Republicans were too optimistic about the size of this year’s surplus, and called carrying over $49 million a gimmick. But state departments met their spending targets with ease. That’s in large part because the department of Health and Human Services forgot to spend $20 million meant for programs for the developmentally disabled. Hassan can’t explain how this happened.

Hassan is using the balanced budget as the cornerstone of her newly launched campaign for United States Senate. Taking credit for a budget she vetoed and bragging about a surplus generated by taking money from the disabled seem like a strange way to start.


NRSC - MYTH VS. FACT: "Governor Gridlock" Maggie Hassan's Announcement Video Riddled With False Claims 



Good morning—

Yesterday, “Governor Gridlock” Maggie Hassan announced in a video that she will run for U.S. Senate. Not even a full day into the race and Hassan is already making several false claims about her time as Governor.

Perhaps most egregious, Hassan bragged about balancing New Hampshire’s budget – a task the Governor is required by law to complete.

See below for the full list of myths from Maggie Hassan’s announcement:

MYTH: Hassan Bragged That Balancing The Budget Was A Political Accomplishment. GOVERNOR HASSAN: “We held the line against an income or sales tax. We balanced the budget.” (Maggie Hassan, “Maggie Hassan Announces Candidacy For U.S. Senate,” 10/5/15)

MYTH: Hassan Said She Would Take Her “Bipartisan Approach” And “Commitment To Problem Solving” To The Senate. GOVERNOR HASSAN: “Washington has lost its way on too many of the priorities that matter to New Hampshire and you can count on me to take my bipartisan approach, my common sense, and my commitment to problem solving and results to the Senate.” (Maggie Hassan, “Maggie Hassan Announces Candidacy For U.S. Senate,” 10/5/15)

  • FACT: The Telegraph Said “It’s Hassan Who So Far Is Firing Off The Harshest Rhetoric And Appears Most Motivated By Political Ambition.” “While both sides share responsibility, it’s Hassan who so far is firing off the harshest rhetoric and appears most motivated by political ambition. Hassan knows she’ll need the support of state employees to make a Senate bid, so the pay raise is crucial if – as many believe – she makes a run at Sen. Kelly Ayotte. It’s not the elephant in the room; it’s the whole safari.” (Editorial, “Stopgap Budget Is Not Governing,” The Telegraph, 6/28/15)
  • FACT: Foster’s Daily Democrat Called Hassan’s Budget Veto “A Serious Mistake In Terms Of Serving The Best Interests Of The Granite State.” “Speculation aside as to Hassan’s motivation, we consider her veto a serious mistake in terms of serving the best interests of the Granite State. By extending the 2015 budget past July 1, the governor is denying services to some of the state’s most needy who would have been provided services had she signed the budget. While not perfect, the vetoed budget added money for substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery, mental health care, domestic violence prevention, and higher education.” (Editorial, “Gov. Hassan's Budget Veto Will Prove A Mistake,” Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/2/15)

MYTH: Governor Maggie Hassan Said She Came Together With Republicans To Cut Taxes For Small Businesses. GOVERNOR HASSAN: “Republicans and Democrats came together to cut taxes for research and development and small businesses while maintaining fiscal responsibility.” (Maggie Hassan, “Maggie Hassan Announces Candidacy For U.S. Senate,” 10/5/15)

  • FACT: Hassan Took A Strong Stand Against The Business Tax Cuts. Associated Press Headline: “Hassan Takes Strong Stand Against Business Tax Cuts.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “Hassan Takes Strong Stand Against Business Tax Cuts,” Associated Press, 6/18/15)
  • FACT: In June 2015, Hassan Vowed To Veto The State Budget Because Of “Unfunded Tax Cuts For Big Corporations.” “Because this budget is unbalanced, dishonest about what it funds, and includes unpaid-for business tax cuts that create a more than $90 million budget hole at the expense of critical economic priorities, I will veto it if it comes to my desk as it is. I have been at the table with Republican leadership and have been clear throughout the process about how we can achieve a bipartisan budget that addresses our shared priorities, but Republican leadership refused to compromise on any of the major issues – most critically their unfunded tax cuts for big corporations.” (Gov. Maggie Hassan, “Republican Budget Is Fiscally Irresponsible and Unbalanced, Will Veto If Comes to Desk As It Is,” Press Release, 6/18/15)

MYTH: Hassan Said She Wanted To Make New Hampshire Better For Seniors Who Rely On Medicare And Social Security. GOVERNOR HASSAN: “I believe we can do better for New Hampshire families… Better for the seniors who watch the special interests prey on their hard earned Social Security and Medicare benefits.” (Maggie Hassan, “Maggie Hassan Announces Candidacy For U.S. Senate,” 10/5/15)

  • FACT: The Homecare Association Of New Hampshire Said Hassan’s Budget Veto Was “Hurting Seniors Who Need Help To Stay In Their Homes.” “The Homecare Association of New Hampshire said the budget impasse is hurting seniors who need help to stay in their homes.” (WPTZ-BUR’s “Today @ 5 AM,” 9/10/15)
  • FACT: Carolyn Virtue, CEO Of Heritage Case Management, Said “Since The Veto We’ve Lost A Number Of Community-Based Care Providers.” “The reason: These small agencies that help frail seniors and the disabled stay in their homes haven’t gotten a rate increase in six years and this budget gave it to them. ‘Since the veto we’ve lost a number of community-based care providers,’ Virtue went on to say. Others can’t wait months for this budget impasse to resolve itself. ‘I can tell you for my agency specifically, it’s day to day,’ she added.” (Kevin Landrigan, “Landrigan: Human Services Provider Group Calls For NH Lawmakers To Override Hassan's Budget Veto,” NH1, 9/10/15)
  • FACT: Hassan Said We Can Do Better For New Hampshire Police Officers Who Say “We Are Losing Too Many Of Our Children To Drug Abuse.” GOVERNOR HASSAN: “I believe we can do better for New Hampshire families… Better for the police officer who tells me we are losing too many of our children to drug abuse.” (Maggie Hassan, “Maggie Hassan Announces Candidacy For U.S. Senate,” 10/5/15)
  • FACT: Hassan’s Office Was Unaware Of A $12 Million Federal Grant Issued To New Hampshire Geared Toward Drug Prevention. “And while New Hampshire, just like Vermont, recently received a $12 million grant geared toward drug prevention, the New Hampshire governor's office didn't know about it.” (Josh McElveen, “Budget Battle Slows Funds For Heroin Treatment,” WMUR, 7/9/15)
  • FACT: Hassan’s Out Of Touch Veto Stalled Critical Funding To Fight The Heroin Epidemic.  “Throughout the budget process, Republicans and Democrats alike called for greater efforts to address the state's growing heroin and prescription drug abuse problem. The budget would have doubled money in prevention, treatment and recovery fund to $6.7 million, allowing the state to begin investing in now-lacking recovery programs. Without the additional funding, the state can't start issuing requests for proposals for new programs and providers.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “New Hampshire Agencies, Programs Face Budgetary Uncertainty,” Associated Press, 6/29/2015)


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement in response to Governor Maggie Hassan's announcement that she will run for U.S. Senate:
"Governor Gridlock Hassan is trying to leave the corner office after years of failing to lead on the pressing issues facing New Hampshire.
"She has failed to keep and grow jobs in New Hampshire, she has failed to respond adequately to the heroin epidemic and she has failed to work across party lines to do what's right for Granite Staters. Her irresponsible and partisan budget veto left vital programs and resources in limbo, including funding to fight the heroin epidemic and critical support for the elderly and homebound.
"Hassan's playbook of more taxes, more spending, and bigger government has not worked for New Hampshire families and small businesses. Her failed leadership has brought Washington-style gridlock to the governor's office, and the last thing New Hampshire needs in the Senate is another rubberstamp for more partisan politics."

NHDP Statements on Maggie Hassan’s Candidacy for U.S. Senate 




Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Maggie Hassan’s candidacy to represent New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate:
“Under Governor Maggie Hassan’s strong bipartisan leadership, New Hampshire’s economy is moving in the right direction with the fastest economic growth in New England and the unemployment rate at its lowest level since 2008. Now, in order to keep our state moving forward, we need two Senators who will fight to take on the Washington lobbyists and special interests who write the rules to benefit themselves while making small businesses and middle class families pay the price.”
“Washington is broken and special interest favorite Kelly Ayotte is part of the problem. Since going to Washington, Ayotte has put her special interest backers first, protecting tax breaks for big oil companies and outsourcers while voting to turn Medicare into a voucher program, defund Planned Parenthood, and make higher education more expensive.”
“We need to bring New Hampshire’s tradition of common sense problem-solving to the Senate, and that’s exactly what Maggie Hassan will do as Senator.”



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