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NHDP - Politico: Dems turn up heat on Brown 

Politico: Dems turn up heat on Brown

By James Hohmann
10/15/14 10:39 AM EDT

The New Hampshire Democratic Party say Scott Brown is “crying poor.”

As autumn comes to New England — and Brown prepares to campaign with Mitt Romney Wednesday — Democrats are seizing on a radio interview that the Senate candidate gave on Tuesday in which he suggested that he’s struggling with the decision to turn up the heat because of rising energy costs.

Personal financial disclosures show Brown and his wife are millionaires.

On WNTK-FM, Brown attacked Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for supporting cap-and-trade and opposing the Keystone Pipeline.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Gail and I are wrestling right now about when we’re turning on the heat. I’m in my house right now, and it’s a good 58 degrees. So it’s probably time to do it, but that costs money.”

New Hampshire Democratic Party spokeswoman Julie McClain shot back, pointing to what she said was Brown’s lucrative career since leaving the Massachusetts Senate seat he held for nearly three years at the start of last year.

“Scott Brown can pay his heating bill with all the money he’s made cashing in on his public service — $270,000 from an outsourcing company, a contract with Fox News, a job with a lobbying firm and a million-dollar deal for a book nobody read,” McClain said. “Scott Brown spent the last two years cashing in on his three years in Washington, and now he’s crying poor in New Hampshire.”


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NHDP - Mass and NH Labor Leaders Speak Out On Brown’s Outsourcing Record 

As Outsourcing Champion Mitt Romney Campaigns With Scott Brown, Massachusetts and New Hampshire Labor Leaders Speak Out on Brown’s Outsourcing Record

Manchester, NH – Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman and New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark Mackenzie spoke out against Scott Brown’s outsourcing record today as he campaigned alongside outsourcing champion Mitt Romney. Like Romney, Scott Brown has a record of profiting off companies that ship American jobs overseas. In the Senate, Brown voted to protect tax breaks for companies that shipped jobs overseas.
“New Hampshire shouldn’t make the same mistake Massachusetts made, because Scott Brown’s record when he went to Washington proves that he’s not for working families. He’s a guy that works to protect his corporate special interest backers, at the cost of the middle class,” said Steven Tolman, President of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. “Now we know that since losing in Massachusetts, Brown has been making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of a company that made outsourcing part of its business plan. That company, Kadant Inc., even outsourced jobs in Massachusetts, the same state he once served. Scott Brown was wrong for Massachusetts and he’s wrong for New Hampshire.”
“Outsourcing is the type of business practice that lines the pockets of people like Scott Brown and Mitt Romney, but is devastating for communities in a state like New Hampshire,” said Mark Mackenzie, President of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO. “When jobs are shipped overseas, families suffer, unemployment rates increase, and entire communities are decimated. The fact that Scott Brown personally profited from this practice is shameful. We can't trust him and most definitely can't afford to send his agenda back to the Senate.”

As a Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown voted to protect special tax breaks for companies that offshore American jobs. After leaving the Senate, he made more than a quarter million dollars by serving on the Board of Directors of Kadant, Inc., a company that outsourced American jobs to increase its bottom line. Just two days before he announced his most recent campaign in New Hampshire, Brown signed legal documents endorsing the company’s business strategy, which included establishing cheaper manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico. 

NHDP: Brown Must Immediately Return Campaign Donations From Those Responsible for Ad Featuring James Foley  

Brown Received $10,000 From John Bolton, Who Serves on Advisory Board for Right Wing Group Secure America Now

Manchester, NH—The New Hampshire Democratic Party is calling on Scott Brown to do the right thing and return the $10,000 donation from John Bolton, one of those responsible for a disgusting ad that features an image of slain New Hampshire native James Foley.
“This despicable ad is offensive to people of New Hampshire. James Foley should not be coldly used for political fodder,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “Scott Brown’s silence speaks volumes. He should immediately and forcefully denounce this ad and return his $10,000 donation from John Bolton—one of those responsible for this ad. Jim Foley’s murder should in no way be used as a political football.”
Scott Brown received $10,000 from John Bolton through his PAC. Bolton is on the advisory board of Secure America Now, the right-wing group running the ad.

NHDP - ICYMI: Jeanne Shaheen Leads Scott Brown 50-44 

ICYMI: Jeanne Shaheen Leads Scott Brown 50-44 

Manchester, NH - In case you missed it, new polling shows Jeanne Shaheen leading Scott Brown by six points, 50-44. 

Key Takeaways:  "The survey, obtained by CQ Roll Call, found the Democrat ahead 50 percent to 44 percent against former Sen. Scott P. Brown, R-Mass."

"According to a polling memo, it found Shaheen with a 7-point net favorable rating, while Brown’s was 7 points underwater. The senator led by 15 points among women and by 7 points among independents, while Brown led by 4 points among men. The incumbent also led by 33 points on the question of which candidate 'is committed to New Hampshire.'”


"The poll of 600 likely voters was taken Oct. 7-9 and had a 4-point margin of error. Voters were interviewed on both landline and mobile phones."

"The New Hampshire Senate race is rated Leans Democratic by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call."

To read the full write-up of the poll, click HERE


NHDP - Portsmouth Herald: GOP Senator Says Brown Called Him Unelectable After Gay Marriage Vote 

In Case You Missed It: Portsmouth Herald: GOP Senator Says Brown Called Him Unelectable After Gay Marriage Vote

By Jason Kolnos and Anne Brennan 
Posted Oct. 11, 2014 @ 2:01 pm 

Editor’s note: This article was published by Seacoast Media Group’s sister newspaper, The Cape Cod Times, on Friday, Oct. 11.

State Sen. Richard Ross, R-Wrentham, said this week that then-state Sen. Scott Brown called him unelectable after Ross voted to keep a proposed anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment off the ballot, according to The Sun Chronicle newspaper.

Ross told The Sun Chronicle editorial board on Thursday that Brown said “you’re through” in a telephone call shortly after the June 2007 vote. Brown voted in favor of putting the proposal on the ballot.


The action preserved gay marriage rights in the only state where it was legal at the time. At the time, Ross was a state representative.


The Human Rights Campaign, a national lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights organization, condemned Brown in a statement Friday.

“Scott Brown’s despicable threat against a fellow Massachusetts Republican may become a reality for his own political career,” said Marty Rouse, HRC’s national field director, according to the statement. “When he loses in November to New Hampshire U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, he’ll have lost in two different states, two elections in a row, to two different women. The people of New Hampshire will be telling Scott Brown, ‘you’re through.’”
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