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Rubens For US Senate - Brown Campaign Worried as Rubens Surges 

In an August 6th press release, the Jim Rubens campaign exposed the connection between Wall Street campaign contributions and how Senators Shaheen and Brown voted to fatten up Wall Street banks. This was done while putting the U.S. economy at further risk of collapse and hurting small businesses in New Hampshire.


Brown, in particular, was rewarded handsomely, receiving over $3 million in campaign contributions from Wall Street, the most of any senator in the nation.


Brown's campaign has largely avoided addressing this, feeling that New Hampshire voters simply didn't care whether Brown is more interested in catering to the special interests that are pouring money into his campaign than the people of our state.


However, over the weekend, a Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll came out, showing that 73% of New Hampshire Republican voters listed "a candidate committed to fighting crony capitalism" as a strong or very strong reason for voting for him or her.  That same poll showed that Rubens has cut Brown's lead in half.


This prompted a letter from Colin Reed, Scott Brown's campaign manager, threatening legal action against Larry Lessig for calling Brown a lobbyist. Larry Lessig's Mayday PAC is supporting Jim Rubens' campaign to oust career politicians who trade campaign money for votes.


As the law requires, we can't get involved with the discussion of whether or not Scott Brown working for a "Law and Lobbying Firm" after leaving the Senate qualifies technically as a lobbyist.


However, this much is clear: Scott Brown's too cozy relationship with special interests is a problem for voters.  This hostile reaction from Brown's campaign show he's clearly worried about Tuesday's primary election.  Reed himself admitted to the race tightening inhis memo on Thursday, comparing this race to the 2010 Senate race that was decided by less than 2%.


Jim Rubens has pledged not to become a lobbyist after leaving office and raised this as an issue since the beginning of his campaign.  Voters who are fed up with crony capitalism and senators more worried about special interests than the people they represent, will have a chance on Tuesday to have their voice heard.


Rubens For US Senate - This Election is Breaking Our Way  

The latest poll states that 60% of voters are "still trying to decide" and "not leaning toward any candidate".  Despite the near universal name recognition, Washington's candidate isn't selling.  This is a late breaking election and breaking in our direction.

Our radio and digital advertising is heavy and getting our message out to voters.  As was reported by the National Journal, there is a new TV ad up this weekend featuring Senator Gordon Humphrey.

This week Jim participated in WMUR's Granite State Debates.  At the debate, Jim laid out clear positions on the issues and bold solutions to the problems facing our country.  Scott Brown provided more of the same, trying to be on all sides of issues and sidestepping the tough questions.  He struggled to find positions on issues ranging from gun control to immigration reform.  We are still scratching our heads on what he meant by saying "my door is always open" to an assault weapons bar.

You can watch question-by-question videos of the debate on WMUR's website.  Be sure to watch the clip where the candidates are asked which Democrat in the state they respect the most.  You won't believe Scott Brown's answer (hint: It's Jeanne Shaheen, Obama rubber-stamp).

There was an overwhelming response to Rubens' debate performance.  A post-debate poll showed that most people believed Jim Rubens was the strongest.  In fact, more people thought he won the debate than the other two candidates combined.  To see the full results click here (and while you are there please vote for Jim as voting is still open).

As a reaction to Rubens' clear positions and bold solutions, many voters are coming to the conclusion that he is the best candidate to represent New Hampshire.  For example, this week after talking to Jim Rubens at an event in Hollis, Republican activist Dottie Price of Nashua took down her Scott Brown sign and put up a Jim Rubens sign.  This is just one of many doing the same, thank you for your support Dottie!




We need your help this weekend.  If you are available to spare a few hours making phone calls or knocking on doors, please e-mail or fill out the form here.  We also still have some opening for poll standers on election day.  Will you hold a sign for Jim for a couple of hours?

On election night, please join us at the Holiday Inn in Concord for a Victory Party.  The party will start at 7.  Together we will enjoy food, drink, and watch the election results.


Rubens For US Senate - Seven Votes Brown Should Want to Take Back 

In last night's Granite State Debate on WMUR-TV, Josh McElveen asked each of the candidates what votes they regretted and would take back.


Scott Brown responded by saying "I don't believe there are any".  To help Scott Brown with that question, here are seven votes Scott Brown should want to have back:


- Voted for government-mandated healthcare while in the Massachusetts legislature that was the precursor to Obamacare.

- Voted for in-state tuition for those here illegally.

- Supported a federal "assault weapons" ban.  Brown voted for a permanent ban in the Massachusetts legislature.  With respect to such a ban on the federal level, Brown said, "My door is always open".

- Voted with Shaheen for the Cybersecurity Act which includes a provision allowing internet companies to pass private information over to government agencies.

- Voted with Shaheen to extend the Patriot's Act authorization of wiretaps on innocent Americans.

- Only Republican to vote to increase debt ceiling in 2012, calling for more spending with printed money and kicking the debt bomb can down the road.

- Voted with Shaheen for Dodd-Frank hurting NH businesses, but it helped Wall Street banks which gave $3 million to Brown, most of any senator in the country.


NHDP - Week Before Primary: Brown on Defense, Proves Yet Again He’s Wrong for New Hampshire 


Manchester, NH—By all accounts, this was not the week Scott Brown was hoping for leading into his first New Hampshire Republican primary. In the past few days, Scott Brown was caught dishonestly claiming he didn't know about Kadant Inc.'s outsourcing strategy, even though official documents show he signed off on their strategies, encouraging out-of-state voters to come to New Hampshire to vote for him, dodging questions throughout a debate, and finally, claiming that as Senator he would do nothing to promote jobs and economic development for New Hampshire. 
“Scott Brown is continuing to show New Hampshire why he can't be trusted to stand up for the state's interests,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “From falsely claiming that he had no knowledge of Kadant’s outsourcing—despite having signed legal documents that prove otherwise— to urging out-of-state voters to come and illegally cast ballots in New Hampshire, or asserting that if elected he would not create even one job, and then clumsily avoiding answering questions and getting lambasted for refusing to take clear positions during his debate, this week only further proved that Scott Brown is for Scott Brown, not New Hampshire.”
Here’s a breakdown of Brown’s pre-primary week:
SUNDAY: Scott Brown's signature on legal documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission just two days before announcing his run for Senate, prove absolutely false Brown’s claim on WMUR’s CloseUp that he had no knowledge that a company paying him more than a quarter million dollars, Kadant, Inc., had a record of outsourcing and sending American jobs overseas.
MONDAY: The Associated Press highlighted on Labor Day just how badly New Hampshire workers can't afford to send Scott Brown to the Senate due to his opposition to increasing the minimum wage. An increase would give 110,000 people in New Hampshire a much-needed raise.
TUESDAY: It was discovered that Scott Brown recently took to Howie Carr’s show on WRKO to encourage his out-of-state supporters to “come on over” and vote for him in New Hampshire, possibly because he doesn’t believe that he can beat Jeanne Shaheen with just New Hampshire voters. reported on the exchange, in which Brown noted that New Hampshire has same day voter registration. A former county attorney filed a request that the Attorney General investigate Brown's attempt to lure out-of-state voters to New Hampshire.
WEDNESDAY: At an event in Hudson, Brown told the crowd that, if he becomes a Senator again, he is “not going to create one job, it’s not my job to create jobs.” Great message for Granite Staters trying to make a living and raise their families in New Hampshire.
THURSDAY: During the Republican Senate Primary Granite State Debate on WMUR, Brown was called out for dodging questions and refusing to take positions. Bob Smith said, “You didn't get an answer to the question. [Brown] goes on and on.” And Jim Rubens said, “you've been all over the map. This is emblematic of the way you address issues, and you can't do that. People want to know where you stand." Rubens even accused Brown of trying to “slither” around issues.

Rubens For US Senate - Confused by Scott Brown's Debate Answers? We Are Too 

If you were confused by Scott Brown's answers in the Granite State Debate on WMUR-TV, you are not to blame.  His answers were all over the map.


Brown said with respect to immigration that we have to remove the magnets and yet he voted in favor of them in Massachusetts.


Last night, in defending his support of Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire, he said the program is designed to be a temporary program.


In response to a question if he would support a federal "assault weapons bans", Brown said "if there is legislation coming forward, my door would be open."


When answering which Democrat he respects the most, he chose Senator Shaheen.  Rubens did not choose Shaheen because she voted 99% of the time with Obama and is a rubber-stamp for his agenda.  She does not represent New Hampshire's values.

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