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Concord - Former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey, who served twelve years in the Senate representing New Hampshire, today said that Senator Jeanne Shaheen should be fired for absenteeism:


"Like Senator Shaheen, I served on the Foreign Relations Committee. That committee's work is vital to national security, vital to the safety of every New Hampshire man, woman and child.  For Senator Shaheen to have skipped out on 14 of the committee's 30 meetings this session alone, is an astonishing case of dereliction of duty.  That she absented herself from the hearing where counterterrorism officials warned of the ISIS danger, is more than disappointing, it's shocking.


"In any business, Senator Shaheen would be fired for absenteeism.  In the military, he would be charged with abandoning her post.  We need a Senator who will take national security and secure borders seriously."


NHDP - National Security Experts, Retired NH Colonel Respond to Scott Brown's Empty Partisan Rhetoric on Foreign Policy

Manchester, NH—Before his speech devoid of serious policy proposals and full of irresponsible, partisan rhetoric by Scott Brown, renown national security experts Doug Wilson and Michael Breen joined retired Air Force Colonel Gail Prince on a call today to denounce Brown’s empty, false attacks on Senator Shaheen and dangerous political game-playing.
“Scott Brown’s approach is one of the most politically opportunistic approaches to foreign policy I’ve seen recently, and I wanted to make clear that the confusion is not on Jeanne Shaheen’s part. It’s on Mr. Brown’s,” said Doug Wilson.
“Senator Shaheen is a voice of reason and strength in the Senate and is one of our leading elected leaders when it comes to national security,” said Michael Breen. “Brown is taking a national security issue, and offering no affirmative answers other than the U.S. pay ransoms to terrorists. Remarks like those tell me that Scott Brown neither has the experience nor the knowledge to be a leader in the fight against terrorism. If Scott Brown is suggesting that what we are doing now with dozens of air strikes against dozens of targets isn’t enough, then what is he suggesting exactly? My assumption is that he will evade the question and we’ll see that this is political opportunism with very, very little behind it.”
“This fight we’ve been drawn into has no simple solutions as Brown suggests,” said Gail Prince. “It’s a complex challenge requiring a complex response. New Hampshire’s interests need to be protected by competent and proven leaders such as Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and not by a reactionary who uses emotional tactics for political gains.”
Scott Brown has not proven himself to be a credible voice on foreign policy in the past. As a Senator for Massachusetts, he claimed to have secret meetings with kings and queens and was duped by fake pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse. After he left the Senate, he got $1.3 million in stock for signing on with a controversial beauty supply company turned arms manufacturer.
Doug Wilson is Senior Fellow in Residence at the Truman Project, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, and senior spokesman for the Pentagon. Michael Breen is the Executive Director of the Truman National Security Project and a decorates former army officer who served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gail Prince is a retired Air Force Colonel and New Hampshire native, who now resides in Bedford.



After Dodging Town Hall Meetings, Shaheen Now Hiding From Debates


Concord - After dodging town hall meetings with her constituents for 755 days, reclusive and inaccessible Senator Jeanne Shaheen is now trying to hide from general election debates.  Shaheen has refused to respond to Scott Brown's invitation to participate in seven debates to discuss the important issues facing New Hampshire.


"After refusing to hold town hall meetings for over two years, Jeanne Shaheen has no excuse for avoiding debates and trying to deny New Hampshire a robust and substantive discussion about the issues. Jeanne Shaheen doesn't want to debate because she knows that she cannot defend her record of voting with President Obama 99% of the time and her blind support for the failed Obama-Shaheen amnesty policies," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "It's time for Senator Shaheen to break her shameful silence and follow Walt Havenstein's and Governor Hassan's lead by accepting invitations to all seven debates."


Even Maggie Hassan, who like Shaheen doesn't hold town hall meetings, and GOP gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein have agreed to participate in seven debates.


NHDP - Cosmopolitan Endorses Jeanne Shaheen for Senate 

The Senate candidate in New Hampshire is a leader on women's rights, and she's running against a guy who hides in the bathroom to avoid talking about contraception.

A fierce advocate for women's rights, New Hampshire's first female governor and first female senator is running to hold on to her Senate seat. And while we wish we could support the man who once posed nude in our pages, his policy positions just aren't as solid as his abs were in the '80s. We support Jeanne Shaheen for Senate.

Shaheen is one of the country's most vocal and active leaders on reproductive freedom and other women's rights issues. Her "Shaheen Amendment" seeks to give women who are raped in the military the right to abortion. She led efforts to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. She cosponsored the Paycheck Fairness Act, which helps to ensure women are paid the same as men; the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which helps women fight unequal pay in court; and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which protects against pregnancy discrimination at work.

Her opponent, Scott Brown, is less clear about his views on reproductive rights: His website says he thinks abortion should be left up to a woman and her doctor, except that he also opposes what he calls "partial-birth abortion" (a political, not medical, term for a rare later-term abortion procedure, often used to terminate pregnancies that have gone tragically wrong) and supports strong parental notification laws – so in other words, abortion should be left up to a woman and her doctor, except when it's left up to a young woman's parents, or when legislators step in and dictate to doctors which procedures they should use. Brown said he disapproved of cutting family planning funding, but also supported a bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood. And when reporters tried to ask him about his views on contraception access, he literally hid in the bathroom to avoid answering the question.

Jeanne Shaheen doesn't hide in the bathroom. She took to the floor of the Senate to argue in favor of increasing the minimum wage to a livable $10.10 an hour, pushed the military to end discrimination against gay and lesbian service members, and cosponsored the DREAM Act, which establishes a path to permanent residency for some immigrants brought to the United States as children. Scott Brown may have been Cosmopolitan's "sexiest man" in 1982, but in 2014, we're picking brains over brawn – and that's Jeanne Shaheen.

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NHDP to Scott Brown: Seriously?

Manchester, NH--Scott Brown is trying to pull another fast one on New Hampshire voters, this time by ignoring his past in an attempt to rebrand himself as a credible voice on foreign policy. But the facts are clear: throughout his tenure in the Senate, Brown’s repeated gaffes raised serious questions.
"Scott Brown can't be serious. New Hampshire doesn’t need to be lectured about foreign policy by Scott Brown who claimed to have secret meetings with kings and queens, was duped by fake pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse, and got $1.3 million in stock for signing on with a controversial beauty supply company turned arms manufacturer,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain.

Brown: “I’ve Held Meetings with Kings, Queens”

McGrory: Brown “Diminishes The Job He Holds” With Mundane Ads While Claiming That He Holds Secret Meetings And “Private Lunches With Monarchs. Brian McGrory wrote in an opinion column in The Boston Globe: “…On the other hand, he’s telling us he’s the most important man in Washington, his schedule jam packed with double-secret briefings and private lunches with monarchs.” [Boston Globe column, 6/22/12]

McGrory: “But Time And Again, There Are Hints Of Inauthenticity About Brown.”Brian McGrory wrote in an opinion column in The Boston Globe: “But time and again, there are hints of inauthenticity about Brown. He plays the Everyman card while raising buckets of money in New York. He describes his role in the body politic that doesn’t gel with reality. He campaigns as a sitting senator on issues and attributes irrelevant to the job. Voters know what’s real. The question will come into sharper focus in the coming months: Does Scott Brown?” [Boston Globe column, 6/22/12]
NECN: In Second Debate David Gregory “Questioned Brown's Credibility, Noting How Several Months Ago The Republican Mentioned Having Secret Meetings With Kings And Queens.” According to NECN: “While Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren couldn't escape the issue surrounding her claims of Native American ancestry, Sen. Scott Brown was forced to address a previous claim of his own.  David Gregory questioned Brown's credibility, noting how several months ago theRepublican mentioned having secret meetings with kings and queens. While Brown's campaign said he misspoke, Gregory noted how the claim was made several times. Brown said he was not guilty of exaggeration, but he was simply trying to make a point that when talking about economic issues with international leaders, they talk about jobs.” [NECN, 10/1/12]


Brown Was Fooled By Fake Photos Of A Dead Osama Bin Laden

Brown was “Duped” by a Fake Picture of Osama bin Laden. According to WCVBTV, “Hours after saying he saw a picture of Osama bin Laden's corpse and that the photo should not be released publicly, Sen. Scott Brown's office said he did not view the actual death picture and was duped by one of the various fake photos circulating the Internet. ‘I can assure you he is dead,’ Brown said Wednesday in an interview with WCVB-TV after seeing a picture purported to be of bin Laden. Brown said he feared the release of the picture could ‘inflame the sensibilities of others throughout the world and potentially put our men and women in harm's way.’ It turns out, the picture the junior senator saw was a fake.”  [WCBVTV, 5/4/11]
Boston Herald Editorial: Brown made “Quayle-Like Goof” by Admitting He Mistaken Fake bin Laden Pictures as the Real Thing. In a May 6, 2011 editorial, The Boston Herald wrote, “It’s bad enough the Massachusetts senator got caught crowing about seeing an Osama bin Laden death photo — two days after the rest of the country figured out it was fake. The real kicker was his suggestion that he saw it in an intelligence briefing that apparently never took place … This is certainly Brown’s biggest gaffe since entering the Senate, and it comes as several of his potential 2012 rivals are deciding whether or not to risk running against the popular incumbent … First of all, how could Brown have thought the bin Laden photo was real? The one circulating around the Internet was proved to be a fake within hours. Shouldn’t one of his aides have told him? And the suggestion he saw the photo in an intelligence briefing sounds more like a line a guy would use to pick up a girl in a bar. Brown did quickly retract the photo claim, but he offered little explanation or excuse, except to say a lot of other people were duped by the photo. True, but U.S. senators are supposed to be a little bit more informed and cautious than the average Web surfer sitting in his basement. And they are not supposed to reveal things they see in intelligence briefings. Did Brown make up the part about the briefing? Did someone e-mail the photo to him and other senators? Or did he, as some suggest, really see a legitimate photo but backtrack because he wasn’t supposed to reveal it? ‘I can’t imagine what happened,’ Walsh said. ‘Did someone in a responsible position mislead him? These are real questions.’”  [Editorial, The Boston Herald, 5/6/11]
GDSI: A Beauty Supply Company Turned Arms Manufacturer 

GDSI Began 19 Years Ago As A Cosmetics Company. “Scott Brown, former senator of Massachusetts, on Monday defended his decision to accept 1.5 million shares of stock from an obscure Florida company, saying he offers guidance and serves as a sounding board in exchange for his large stake in the firm. […] The company, created 19 years ago to sell cosmetics before switching first to telecommunications and then to firearms, has only a 'virtual office,' no current products, no revenue, no patents, no trademarks, no manufacturing facilities, and no experience developing weapons, according to its most recent corporate filings.” [Boston Globe, 6/2/14]