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Shea-Porter For Congress - Guinta Won’t Defend Seniors, Veterans, and 47% of America

New Hampshire- Congressman Guinta has described Romney’s demeaning comments about seniors, veterans, and other middle class Americans as a “one-day distraction” which was “brought out now to be political.” 

Congressional Candidate Carol Shea-Porter released the following statement.

“Governor Romney’s recent comments are truly offensive and insulting, and I call on Congressman Guinta to renounce them. Mitt Romney showed his contempt for 47% of Americans, and Frank Guinta needs to condemn those statements. These statements are particularly insulting to our seniors and to our veterans who have earned their benefits building this country and defending this country.”



Bass For Congress - Congressman Charlie Bass Releases Veterans Coalition 

Concord, NH – Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) released today a list of more than 100 veterans from each county in New Hampshire’s Second District that have joined his campaign.  Bass continues to be committed to supporting and honoring veterans and their families.

Discussing his reasons for supporting Congressman Bass, veteran Paul Chevalier of Hudson said, "Charlie Bass understands the sacrifices all service members make and is a strong supporter of the veteran community. He understands the challenges for veterans when they return home and introduced a bill that creates a military service identification card to make it easier for veterans to show their service and get the care and services they deserve."

Representative Lynn Blakenbeker, a veteran from Concord stated, "Veterans have served our nation and there is nothing more important than honoring the work they do to keep us safe and free. Charlie Bass has been a strong advocate for veterans and he has worked hard to ensure that veterans in New Hampshire receive full service care."

Samir J. Habiby, a decorated Veteran Naval Chaplain from Swanzey, who was wounded while serving with Marine and Navy units in Vietnam, said, “Our country's service men and women sacrifice so much for our safety and freedom. Charlie Bass has worked tirelessly to make sure that those sacrifices are handled with integrity and distinction. He introduced, and successfully got enacted in to law, the Sanctity of Eternal Rest for Veterans Act that makes sure military families can mourn the loss of our nation's heroes with respect and dignity.”

Bass added, “I am honored to have earned the support of so many veterans and military families from across the Second District. Veterans and their loved ones sacrifice so much for our Nation, and I will continue to push Congress to do all it can to ensure that veterans have access to good health care and opportunities when they return to New Hampshire from active service.”

The list of veterans includes:

James Adams, Pittsfield

Henry Ahern, Plymouth

George Beaumier, Orford

Rep. Lynn Blankenbeker, Concord

Leigh Bosse, Hillsborough

John Buraczynski, Hinsdale

Harold Burns, Whitefield

Wallace E. Burton, Nashua

Rep. Lester Bradley, Thornton

Ernie Bridge, Alstead

Andrew Brown, Mont Vernon

Shannan F. Brown, Northwood

Bruce Carbone, Swanzey

Erich Caron, Franklin

Albert Cernota, Nashua

William Champagne, Concord

Paul Chevalier, Hudson

Lewis Chipola, Nashua

Lars Christiansen, Hudson

Louis Cizmadia, Windham

Paul Clark, Nashua

John A. Clements, Croydon

Jarvis Coffin, Hancock

J.D. Colcord, Warner

Dave Cook, New London

Richard Cooney, Salem

James Cowan, Deering

Arthur Craffey, Nashua

Rep. Steven Cunningham, Croydon

David Currier, Henniker

David A. Dale, Concord

Sam DeYoung, Swanzey

Edward M. Denell, Milford

Gibb Dodge, Colebrook

Jim Donini, Pittsfield

Sheriff Mike Downing, Salem

Jorge Dreusicke, Pelham

Joe Driscoll, Keene

Michael J. Dubeau, Milford

Chris Dunne, Northfield

Tom Eifler, Atkinson

George Fellendorf, Keene

Dan Ferrant, Hudson

Gerald Finnegan, Hollis

Sheriff Richard Foote, Swanzey

Mike Flathers, Salem

Robert C. Flanders, Henniker

Desmond M. Ford, Hancock

Leo Fraser, Concord

Rep. Bob Fredette, Hillsborough

Kenneth L. Georgevits, Concord

Rep. Brandon Giuda, Chichester

Russell Gora, Hudson

Daniel Greenlaw, Bethlehem

William R. Grimm, Franklin

Samir Habiby, Swanzey

Bill Hale, Marlborough

David Hamblett, Hudson

Rep. Peter Hansen, Amherst

Roland Harmon, Hudson

Jeff Hatch, Salem

Ray Hayes, Milford

Charlie Hinds, Nashua

Donald Holden, Amherst

David Holmes, Chichester

George Clay Hollister, Jaffrey

John Holton, New London

Alan Huston, Keene

Bill Joransen, Nashua

Steve Kennedy, Concord

George Kidd, Hancock

Fred King, Colebrook

Vern LaCrosse, Salem

Rick Lambert, Jaffrey

Dave Lane, Pelham

Royal Latuch, Warner

Rep. Thomas Laware, Charlestown

Gerard LeDuc, Pittsfield

William Leber, Andover

Tom Lennon, Amherst

Samuel K. Lessey, Hancock

Rep. Mark Lindsley, Henniker

Paul Lloyd, Concord

Timothy J. McCarthy, Salem

Winston McCarty, Concord

Thomas McCormick, New London

Mark McCabe, Pelham

Patrick Malloy, Swanzey

Rep. Bruce Marcus, Peterborough

Tony Marino, Pembroke

Michael Markey, Swanzey

Harold Maybeck, Holderness

Bill Miller, Pittsfield

Roland Miller, Nashua

Elizabeth Minickiello, Plymouth

Bill Modis, Amherst

Michael I. Moffett, Concord

David Moorhead, Plymouth

Walt Morse, Hillsborough

John Moses, Clarksville

Fred Murphy, Hillsborough

Jim Nash, Henniker

Clarence Nelson, Richmond

Jeff Newman, Concord

Walter D. Nice, Nashua
Dave Ouellette, Pelham

Rep. Barry Palmer, Nashua

John Peterson, New London

Joseph Petrone, Dublin

John Quinlan, Mont Vernon

Richard Quintal, Mont Vernon

John Randlett, Plymouth

Larry Rappaport, Colebrook

Timothy Raleigh, Dunbarton

Bernard Raynowska, Salem

Willard Rice, Hollis

Rep. Beverly Rodeschin, Newport

Henry Rodeschin, Newport

William Rodeschin, Newport

Galen Rose, Nashua

Bob Rowe, Amherst

Dr. Pete Savo, Mont Vernon

David Sherman, New Boston

David E. Sherman, New Boston

Merrill J. Shepard, Weare

Ron Silva, New Boston

Wesley Sonner, Mont Vernon

Rep. Charlie Sova, Orange

Elmer Tasker, Northwood

John Tholl, Whitefield

Tim Twombly, Nashua

Kennneth D. Wargo, New Boston

Kevin Waterhouse, Windham

Richard Whittemore, Winchester

Rep. Steve Winter, Newbury

Paul Vittum, West Chesterfield


Romney Campaign Announces Veterans and Military Families for Mitt in New Hampshire

Boston, MA – Today, the Romney campaign announced the members of New Hampshire Veterans and Military Families for Mitt. The coalition is made up of nearly 200 Granite Staters in all 10 New Hampshire counties and 85 towns across the state. The members of the coalition will serve as the primary point of contact for veterans in their communities who are interested in supporting the Romney/Ryan ticket which will honor those who have served and ensure that our men and women aren’t going from the front lines to the unemployment lines.

The Obama Administration is set to cut defense spending by nearly a trillion dollars. Veterans are asking themselves the question: ‘Are we better off today than we were four years ago?’ Under President Obama, middle class incomes have fallen by thousands, 23 million Americans are looking for work, our national debt has hit $16 trillion, and energy and healthcare costs are rising.

“New Hampshire takes service seriously, and we do go by the motto “Live Free or Die.” This has been a state who has had our men and women go off to war and fight for our freedom, and Governor Romney is going to pay attention to the issues that matter to us. The percentage of unemployment for our young service men and women returning from combat is nearly 30%--whatever this administration is doing is not working, and we need a new leader who can make a change. Governor Romney and Representative Paul Ryan will make that change.” –Colonel Gary Lambert, USMCR

The Romney/Ryan plan to strengthen the middle class and grow 12 million jobs in their first term alone will protect the jobs of those who serve.

State Chair

Gary Lambert, Nashua; USMCR

Honorary State Chairs

Jack Barnes, Raymond; USA

Griffin Dalianis, Nashua; USAF


Christopher Conley, Wolfeboro; NHANG

Dr. Steve Cunningham, Sunapee; USA

Duffy Daugherty, Colebrook; USAF

Bob Fredette, Hillsborough; USA

Charlene Lovett, Claremont; USA

Paul Lloyd, Concord; USN

Chris Nevins, Hampton; USAF

John E. Neylon, Carroll; USCG/USN

Fred Rice, Hampton; USA


Belknap County

Phillip Coull, Alton; USN

Dennis Fields, Sanbornton; USAF

Gerry Gagne, Sanborton; USA

Alan Glassman, Center Barnstead; USAR

Walter P. Havenstein, Alton Bay; USMC

Karl Ingoldsby, Alton Bay; USMC

Robert Krahulec, Laconia; USAF

Warren Leary, Alton; USN

George Morgan, Alton Bay; USN

Bob Rudy, Gilford; USN

Frank Tilton, Laconia; USA


Carroll County

Bob Carrington, Sanbornville; USAF

Christopher Conley, Wolfeboro; NHANG         

Lou Gargiulo, Alton; USA

Willard Jernberg, Wolfeboro; USN

Rosalind Landers, East Wakefield; USAF

Frank McCarthy, Conway; USMC

Robert O'Brien, Wolfeboro; USA

Donald Philbrick, Eaton; USAF

Al Risch, Madison; USA

Charlie Root, Freedom; USA

Lincoln Sinclair, Center Tuftonboro; USN

Philip Smith, Moultonborough; USMC

Rick Wheeler, Alton; USA


Cheshire County

Dick Foote, Swanzey; USMC

Samir Habiby, Swanzey; USN

Clay Hollister, Jaffrey; USA

Don Holmquist, Keene; USAF

Steve Pelkey, Jaffrey; USAF

Joe & Augusta Petrone, Dublin; USA

Steve Staples, Keene; USA

Frank Sterling, Jaffrey; USA


Coos County

Duffy Daugherty, Colebrook; USAF

Kenneth Mills, Twin Mountain; USAF

John E. Neylon, Carroll; USCG/USN

Larry Wells, Jefferson; USN


Grafton County

George Beaumier, Orford; USN

John Boyle, Plymouth; USMC

Lyle Bulis, Littleton; USA              

John Cobb, Woodsville; USAF

Edmond Gionet, Lincoln; USMC

Jim Krajniak, Woodsville; USMC

Elizabeth Minickiello, Plymouth; USN

Rick Pond, Lyme; USMC

Steve Wheeler, Woodsville; USA



Bill Arnold, Manchester; USAAC

Henry Boyle, Goffstown; USA/USNR

Don Caron, Goffstown; USMC

Paul Chavalier, Nashua; USMC

Chris Christensen, Merrimack; USN

Rick Christie, Goffstown; USA

Harvey Clement, Goffstown; USN

Jim Clemons, Bedford; USA

Bill Condra, Wilton; USN

Griffin Dalianis, Nashua; USAF

Robert Dastin. Manchester; USAF/ANG

Tom DeBlois, Manchester; USA

Mark Dicampo, Manchester; USA/ARNG

Frank Diekmann, Bedford; USMC

Donald Duhamel, Manchester; USA

Larry Emerton, Goffstown; USMC

Christopher Ferris, Nashua; USA

Bill Foster, New Boston; USAF

Bob Fredette, Hillsborough; USA

Larry Gagne, Manchester; USN

John Graham, Bedford; USA

David Hamblett, Hudson; USN

Ken Hawkins, Bedford; USMC

Ray Hayes, Milford; USAF

Charlie Hinds, Jr., Nashua; USN

Don Holden, Amherst; USAFR

Duane Howard, Manchester; USAF

Keith Jeffery, Merrimack; USA

Bill Joransen, Nashua; USN

Howard Keegan, Manchester; USAF

Gary Lambert, Nashua; USMCR

Don Lebrun, Nashua; USA

Warner Lund, Bedford; USN

Bud Lydon, Nashua; USMC

Evelyn  Lydon, Nashua; USA

Karl MacGibbon, Goffstown; USMC

Alex MacNeil, Goffstown; USA

Bruce Marcus, Peterborough; USN

Bill Modis, Amherst; USA

Kent Nolan, Goffstown; USAF

Barry Palmer, Nashua; USA

Willard Rice, Hollis; USN

Galen Rose, Nashua; USAF

Bill Rumph, Goffstown; USAF

Joe Rush, Goffstown; USCG

Mike Salter, Amherst; USA

David Sherman, New Boston; USMC

Steve Shillinglaw, Bedford; USN

John Stabile, Nashua; USA

Becky Stafford, Goffstown; USAF

Bonnie Suave, Bedford; USMC

Tom Tessier, Nashua; USAF

John Turner,  Goffstown; USMC

John Vattes, Manchester; USMC

Ray Wieczorek, Manchester; USA


Merrimack County

Eric Anderson, Bow; USAF

Lynne Blankenbeker, Concord; USN

Doug Boyd, Franklin; USMC

Ned Brooks, Concord; USAF

Peter Burdett, Bow/Gilmanton; USN

David Dale, Concord; USAF

Chris Dunne, Northfield; USN

Mike Eaton, Chichester; USA

Bill Gabler, Loudon; USN

Kenneth Georgevits, Concord; USN

Dave Hess, Hooksett; USAF

Gerard Le Duc,  Pittsfield; USN

Bill Leber, Andover; USAF

Mark Lindsley, Henniker; USMC

Paul Lloyd, Concord; USN

Tony Marino, Pembroke; USAF

Glenn Mitera, Concord; USMC

Mike Moffett, Concord; USMC

Philip J. O'Brien, New London; USN

Dave Palfrey, Franklin; USAF

Dennis Reed, Franklin; USA

Dave Sinclair, Franklin; USMC

Danny Webster, Concord; USA


Rockingham County

Michael Allen, Nottingham; USMC

Dana Anderson, Wolfeboro         

Terry Armstrong, Salem; USA

Jack Barnes, Raymond; USA

Ronald J. Belanger, Salem; USA

Frances Biron, Danville; USN

Timothy Bortz, Chester; USN

Bobby Broneske, Londonderry; USAF

Dick Burns, Derry; USMC

Sharon Carson, Londonderry; USA

Louis Cizmadia, Windham; USN

Jim Cullen, Rye; USA

Richard Cutter, Exeter; USN

David Dalrymple, Salem; USA

Ed Declerq, Salem; USAF

Carl DeRossi, Londonderry; USMC

John Deyermond, Pelham; USA

Brian Dobson, Fremont; USA/NHARNG

Jack Dowd, Derry; USAF

Mike Downing, Salem; USA

Tom Eifler, Atkinson; USMC

Gary Ellmer, Portsmouth; USMC

Ralph Fatello, Hampton; USMC

John Flanders, Kingston; USN

Robert  Foley, Sandown; USA

Suzanne Ford, Portsmouth; USAF

Robert  Ford Jr., Portsmouth; USAF

Brian Fowler, Derry; USMC

Robert Gamlin, Londonderry; USMC

Peter R. Geremia, Rye; USA

Jeff Hatch, Salem; USA

Joe Lewis, Kingston; USA             

Dan Linehan, Danville; USMC

Norm Major, Plaistow; USA

Charlie Morton, Derry; USN

Chris Nevins, Hampton; USAF

Mike O'Connor, Dover; USN

Jim Reams, Hampton; USN

Fred Rice, Hampton; USA

Wes Shuler, East Kingston; USMC

Joseph K. Simeone, Stratham; USAF/ANG

Ken Weyler Kingston; USAF

Jon Worrall, Brentwood; USA


Strafford County

George Lovejoy, Barrington; USN

Eugene Paquette, Dover; USAF

Dr. Thayer Wade, Rochester; USA


Sullivan County

Ernie Bridge, Newport; USAF

John Clements, Newport; USA             

Dr. Steve Cunningham, Sunapee; USA

Tamara Howard, Croyden; USMC              

Paul LaCasse, Claremont; USA          

Tom Laware, Charlestown; USA     

Mr. and Mrs. Charlene Lovett, Claremont; USA

John Mosher, Unity; USMC

Beverly Rodeschin, Newport; USN

Henry Rodeschin, Newport; USN


US Rep Bass to Attend Dedication of New Veterans Memorial in Newbury

NEWBURY, NH – On Saturday, July 14, 2012, at 10:00 a.m., Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) will participate in the dedication of the new Veterans Memorial in Newbury (located just south of the town offices) during the town’s Old Home Day.  The memorial will honor all who have answered the call of service to our nation in the armed forces.

Bass will also present an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol for the memorial.


Congressman Charles F. Bass

Attend Dedication of New Veterans Memorial in Newbury

937 Route 103 (address for town offices)

(memorial is approx. 200 yards south of the town offices)

Newbury, NH

Saturday, July 14, 2012

10:00 – 11:00 a.m.


Free Keene News - Impeachment One Step Closer for Judge Arnold & Keene School Board Rejects Veterans' Request for Access to KHS 

Grievance Panel Recommends Impeachment Investigation Against Judge John P. Arnold

Vote was 9-1.  After months of meetings, including one to which Judge John P. Arnold was invited and did not attend, the Grievance Panel has voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to recommend the house proceed with an impeachment investigation against Arnold.  The full house will now need to vote for said investigation.  Once the full investigation opens, others who have grievances agains John P. Arnold (and there are plenty of his victims around) will be able to bring them forth. 

Keene School Board Refuses to Allow Veteran-Operated Counter Recruiting Tables

Board Ignores Court Precedence.  It took months, but an official answer was finally given Tuesday night to miltary veterans who would like to tell their stories to high-schoolers to counteract the propaganda of the military recruiters, which students are subjected to several times per school year.  The Keene school board refused to allow the veterans into the schools, claiming that the court cases I cited from the NYCLU ( did not bind them, and they were not going to do anything because they have people from other careers speak to the students so that gives them choice of what to do after school.  I asked how many times the recruiters were there each year and was told a half dozen.  I also asked how many career days they have and was told last year they had zero and the year before, one.  There was further discussion regarding how other careers being promoted on campus is not the same as veterans coming into the school to tell their stories.  Here's video of the relevant portion of the meeting:

NH Peace Action will consult with the NHCLU regarding possible legal action against the Keene school board.

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