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Guinta For Congress - Veterans send letter to Shea-Porter 

Asking: “Why is it that you, throughout the 4 years you represented New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, never held a job fair for Granite State veterans and military families?”

(Manchester – September 25, 2012)   Today, military veterans from across New Hampshire submitted a letter to former Congresswoman Shea-Porter.  The letter was in response to her negative and false attacks against Frank Guinta regarding his strong record in support of our veterans. 

It also highlights the veterans’ job fair he hosted to help put those who served back to work and asks the following question: Why is it that you, throughout the 4 years you represented New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, never held a job fair for Granite State veterans and military families?”

The full letter is attached with signatures from 38 New Hampshire veterans. They await her response.


Shea-Porter For Congress - Guinta’s Votes Against Veterans 

New Hampshire- Congressman Frank Guinta has repeatedly voted against veterans in FY2012 and FY2013, and now he is upset that his record is being compared to Carol Shea-Porter's record for veterans in Congress. But here are some of Congressman Guinta’s votes against veterans.

•  Guinta Voted to Cut $11 Billion from Veterans Programs. Congressman Frank Guinta voted on March 29, 2012 for the Paul Ryan Budget Plan, which the Office of Management and Budget, in their March 20, 2012 analysis ( ), said "cut discretionary veterans' programs, which overwhelmingly fund medical care, by $11 billion if that cut were applied across the board." (Roll Call Vote #151 is for passage of H Con Res 112, also known as the Ryan Budget.)

•   The Congressional Research Service (CRS) in their July 28, 2011 report titled "Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies: FY 2012 Appropriations" (page 10) says, "The FY2012 budget submitted by the Administration called for funding the VA at a level of $128.27 billion for FY2012. This is an increase of $7.63 billion, or 6.3%, compared to the FY2011-enacted appropriation...HR. 2055, as passed by the House, provides total funding for the VA of $127.80 billion for FY2012."  Congressman Guinta joined the House Republicans in voting to cut $476 million to the President’s request in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

•  Congressman Guinta voted against millions in additional funding for suicide prevention and PTSD on June 14, 2011. As reported by the Library of Congress (—under HR 2055, All Congressional Actions With Amendments), “The instructions contained in the motion seek to report the same [HR 2055] back to the House with an amendment to increase funds for veterans medical services for post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide prevention by $20 million and offsets it with a $25 million reduction in the Department of Veteran Affairs' information technology programs.”

• And finally, Congressman Guinta voted against increasing housing assistance for veterans twice. Congressman Guinta voted against increasing housing assistance for veterans by $75 Million.  HR 1 in 2011 completely left out funding for Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH). As reported on April 8, 2011, “The GOP bill would continue funding for the existing 29,950 vouchers. But it would not provide $75 million for an additional 10,000 in new vouchers, as Congress has done now for three straight years.” Time Magazine on April 8, 2011, had an article by Rajiv Srinivasan (who was a Stryker platoon leader in Afghanistan) titled “The Budget Ax: Why Homeless Veterans But Not NASCAR?” Srinivasan wrote, “Unfortunately, in the recent round of intense budget cuts in Congress, this small funding for the homeless-shelter project was slashed, along with a total of $75 million in homeless-veteran benefits.”

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement. “Congressman Frank Guinta should have voted for veterans, and he also should have stayed in Washington for another month and demanded action on HR 5683, The Veterans Jobs Corp Act. Carol, who was a military spouse, looks forward to serving again on the Armed Services Committee and working for our troops and our vets.”


Carol Shea-Porter’s Ad: Highlighting a Deep Commitment to Military Veterans

New Hampshire – Carol Shea-Porter’s husband is a Vietnam-era veteran, and she was proud to be a military spouse. She understands the needs of our active-duty military and veterans, and knows the personal cost is high for all, but incredibly high for some. This personal background has led to a deep commitment to our nation’s military and veterans. While in Congress, Carol fought hard and successfully to ensure that they have improved access to the quality health care, education, and other benefits that we promised them. Their welfare continues to be one of her top priorities.

Carol thanked our troops and veterans for their service with expanded access to in-state medical care, with increased funding for veterans health care and benefits—the largest increase in the history of the VA—and with the new GI Bill of Rights. She started the fight for expanded care for our New Hampshire vets by introducing the Veterans Health Equity Act in 2008. Thanks to her persistence and hard work, veterans now have access to acute in-patient care in-state through a contract with Concord Hospital.  Carol has secured funding for everything from the Yellow Ribbon program for deployed members of the New Hampshire National Guard, to construction at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and National Guard installations. Carol held reckless defense contractors accountable for gross negligence that harmed troops, and her legislation prohibiting troop exposure to toxins from burn pits in war zones became law. She protected benefits by stopping health insurance rate hikes for our troops and veterans through her amendment to prevent increases in TRICARE fees. Carol also introduced two pieces of legislation, which became law, to make sure that our veterans and National Guard and Reserve families are treated fairly when overpayments or bonus issues arise.

Josh Denton, an Iraq War Combat Veteran who appeared in Carol’s ad, stated:

“I will vote for Carol Shea-Porter this election because she has a strong and indisputable record in Congress of supporting veterans.  She is a fighter, especially for younger veterans like me.  Thanks to her support of the New GI Bill, I was able to graduate from the University of New Hampshire School of Law. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Carol led the fight to end the practice of military burn pits, which may become the Agent Orange or Gulf War Syndrome of my generation.  Thanks to Carol, the Veteran's Administration not only recognizes burn pits as a potential cause of sickness, but  also veterans are not required to present documented exposure to the pits in order to receive treatment, unlike the victims of Agent Orange.”

In 2003, Josh received his commission as a US Army officer from ROTC.  He was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, where as a Second Lieutenant he served as an artillery platoon leader and then as a First Lieutenant served as the executive officer (XO) of an artillery battery.  As a Captain, he served in Baghdad from 2006 - 2007, as an embedded combat advisor to an 800 man Iraqi infantry battalion.  In Fall 2007, upon returning from Iraq, he left the service and moved to Portsmouth.  In Fall 2009, when the Post 9/11 GI Bill went into effect, he began law school and graduated this past May.  This past summer, while he studied for the bar exam, he organized New Hampshire's "Welcome Home" End of the Iraq War Parade, the first such parade in New England.

Wayne H. Merritt, Msgt (Ret.), USAF/NHANG, an Afghanistan War veteran, made the following statement.

“Carol Shea-Porter, who worked diligently on behalf of military personnel while in Congress, has earned my gratitude, my admiration -- and my vote.  Carol took the initiative and sponsored the Military Retired Pay Fairness Act, to prevent veterans like me, who completed a career in the military, from confronting extreme financial hardship when required to repay separation benefits.  Thousands of military members accepted early separation during the Post-Cold War draw-down, but then came back into the military in the mid 1990’s or were activated after 9/11, to restore troop strength.  Many completed a career, qualifying for retirement pay.  The Defense Department's repayment formula was draconian and did not consider the economic climate or the retiree’s financial status. Carol's legislative leadership enabled me and 1,100 other retirees to negotiate a reasonable recoupment plan with DoD.  Please join me in restoring Carol to the People’s Seat.”

 In 1981 Wayne enlisted in the US Air Force and received training as a Law Enforcement Specialist. and then as a Human Resource Intelligence Linguist/Debriefer/Interrogator.  Except for 2 years of training, he served in Japan from 1982-92, and then deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Storm.  He worked as a DoD civilian Naval Intelligence Officer in Japan and with the Ready Reserve Component of the USAF from 1992-1995.  He enlisted with the 157th Air Refueling Wing in the New Hampshire Air National Guard in 1996 and became a member of the active Guard and Reserve in 1997.  He is a veteran of Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Enduring Freedom.  He retired with 20 years of USAF/NHANG active duty and four years of assorted military/DoD Civilian service in 2006.  Wayne is currently an Airport Operations Agent at the Airport Management Office, Portsmouth International Airport since 2007.

Lew Henry, a Vietnam War veteran who appeared in Carol’s ad, made the following statement.   

Carol Shea-Porter is my hero. She always stands up for regular folks. I will be proudly voting for Carol in November. As a veteran I have watched Carol protect soldiers, veterans, and their families from the politicians, usually non-veterans, who sent them to war and then ignored them after their service. Carol ended the noxious practice of military burn pits, saving a generation of soldiers from breathing poisonous air, and she got quicker medical help to those already exposed. She ended the collection of debts against families of soldiers killed in action. She was instrumental in supporting and upgrading the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. She voted to increase funding for veteran's health care, to stabilize VA funding, to provide soldiers and veterans with help for PTSD, to get an in-state hospital for acute care along with continuing the fight for in-state full medical care for veterans. Her support of the New GI Bill gives veterans a shot at a quality college education. Carol's boundless accomplishments make her the veteran's best friend in Congress.”

Lew Henry served in the US Army from October 1965 until August 1968. He was a Combat Engineer with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam from April 1967 until March 1968.

Nathan Webster, a Gulf War I veteran who appeared in Carol's ad, stated:

"I'llbe voting for Carol Shea-Porter because, during her years serving us on the House Armed Services Committee, she committed herself to oversight of the Defense Department and reckless contractors.  Her work to end the practice of using burn pits for waste disposal was particularly important to our soldiers' health.  I saw these burn pits in real life, and they are toxic, horrid nightmares that require strong congressional oversight by leaders like Carol Shea-Porter to protect our soldiers."

Nathan Webster, who now teaches English at the University of New Hampshire, served in the Army from 1987-1992, and was stationed in South Korea, Guantanamo Bay, and Iraq during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.  He also traveled to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom as an embedded freelance photojournalist, and his stories and photography were published in newspapers across the country.

Jim Webber, a Korean War veteran who appeared in Carol’s ad, made the following statement.

“I will vote for Carol Shea-Porter this election because of what she stands for in campaign financing, strengthening the economy, and improving educational opportunities for children. When in congress, she cosponsored the Fair Elections Now Act, which would implement public financing of elections. I hardily support her efforts to strengthen American manufacturing and promote the Innovation Agenda legislation and thus create good jobs. We need to educate the future generation for these job opportunities. Carol believes that education is the key to prosperity in this country as demonstrated by her work on the Head Start program, Upward Bound and college student aid.”

Jim Webber is an engineer with an MBA from the Harvard Business School where he majored in manufacturing. His career in manufacturing included assignments in research, technical service and manufacturing management, the latter in Silicon Valley. More recently, Jim has been a management consultant specializing in strategic planning, innovation, and helping managers deal with uncertainty through the understanding of complexity theory. He recently completed a PhD in Human and Organization Development.  He is a veteran of the Korean War serving in ballistics research.

Congressional Candidate Carol Shea-Porter also released the following statement:

“The support from so many veterans like Josh, Wayne, Lew, Nathan, and Jim, is truly humbling and inspiring.  Their courage and sacrifice are why I am passionate about public service.  Our nation is truly indebted to our troops and our veterans, and in Congress, I will continue to be an advocate for them and their families.”


Carol Shea-Porter—SUPPORTING OUR MILITARY MEMBERS AND OUR NATIONAL SECURITY—enacted measures or appropriations:

o   Carol voted to EXPAND TRICARE military health coverage for reserve component members and their families for 180 days prior to mobilization and to prohibit fee increases on TRICARE inpatient care for 2011; and amended the FY11 Defense bill to prohibit TRICARE increases for 2012.

o   TOXIC BURN PITS PROHIBITION:  Carol amended the FY10 Defense Authorization to prohibit the use of open-air “burn pits” for solid waste disposal in war zones. There is evidence that some who were exposed to the dangerous toxins released have become ill or have died.

o   ACCOUNTABILITY FOR RECKLESS DEFENSE CONTRACTORS:  Carol amended the FY10 Defense Authorization to hold reckless defense contractors accountable if they endanger our troops through gross negligence.

o   Carol authored a bill, now law, to prevent the government from collecting debts against the families of soldiers killed in combat or who died from combat injuries.

o   Carol supported the WOUNDED WARRIOR ASSISTANCE ACT, which provides our returning soldiers with better access to services, counselors, and patient advocates.  She also supported legislation to better address traumatic brain injury (TBI), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suicide prevention, as well as to extend eligibility for health and rehabilitation benefits.

o   NH NATIONAL GUARD:  In addition to obtaining needed equipment and facilities, Carol secured funding for NH’s Full Cycle Deployment Support Program, a Yellow Ribbon program for military members and their families that supports them before, during, and after deployment.  Our National Guard families do not live on bases where support is provided.

o   PORTSMOUTH NAVAL SHIPYARD:  One of Carol’s top priorities was to ensure that our Shipyard, which is doing stellar work for our nation’s defense, remains on the cutting edge and to protect the jobs of the nearly 5,000 people who work there. She was very successful in securing funds for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – over $35 million dollars during her time in Congress.  This funding has helped ensure the long-term viability of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the continued growth of our Seacoast communities.

o   Carol is an original cosponsor of the updated GI BILL OF RIGHTS, which fully restores education benefits to veterans and ensures that today’s Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will have the same opportunity to attend college as their grandparents.

o    Carol voted for the VETERANS HEALTH CARE BUDGET REFORM & TRANSPARENCY ACT, a top priority of veterans’ groups, which authorized Congress to approve VA medical care appropriations one year in advance to ensure reliable and timely funding and prevent politics from ever delaying VA health care funding.

o   Carol voted for the CAREGIVERS AND VETERANS OMNIBUS HEALTH SERVICES ACT, landmark legislation that provided help to caregivers of disabled, ill or injured veterans, and improved VA health services for women veterans.


Shea-Porter For Congress - Guinta Won’t Defend Seniors, Veterans, and 47% of America

New Hampshire- Congressman Guinta has described Romney’s demeaning comments about seniors, veterans, and other middle class Americans as a “one-day distraction” which was “brought out now to be political.” 

Congressional Candidate Carol Shea-Porter released the following statement.

“Governor Romney’s recent comments are truly offensive and insulting, and I call on Congressman Guinta to renounce them. Mitt Romney showed his contempt for 47% of Americans, and Frank Guinta needs to condemn those statements. These statements are particularly insulting to our seniors and to our veterans who have earned their benefits building this country and defending this country.”



Bass For Congress - Congressman Charlie Bass Releases Veterans Coalition 

Concord, NH – Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) released today a list of more than 100 veterans from each county in New Hampshire’s Second District that have joined his campaign.  Bass continues to be committed to supporting and honoring veterans and their families.

Discussing his reasons for supporting Congressman Bass, veteran Paul Chevalier of Hudson said, "Charlie Bass understands the sacrifices all service members make and is a strong supporter of the veteran community. He understands the challenges for veterans when they return home and introduced a bill that creates a military service identification card to make it easier for veterans to show their service and get the care and services they deserve."

Representative Lynn Blakenbeker, a veteran from Concord stated, "Veterans have served our nation and there is nothing more important than honoring the work they do to keep us safe and free. Charlie Bass has been a strong advocate for veterans and he has worked hard to ensure that veterans in New Hampshire receive full service care."

Samir J. Habiby, a decorated Veteran Naval Chaplain from Swanzey, who was wounded while serving with Marine and Navy units in Vietnam, said, “Our country's service men and women sacrifice so much for our safety and freedom. Charlie Bass has worked tirelessly to make sure that those sacrifices are handled with integrity and distinction. He introduced, and successfully got enacted in to law, the Sanctity of Eternal Rest for Veterans Act that makes sure military families can mourn the loss of our nation's heroes with respect and dignity.”

Bass added, “I am honored to have earned the support of so many veterans and military families from across the Second District. Veterans and their loved ones sacrifice so much for our Nation, and I will continue to push Congress to do all it can to ensure that veterans have access to good health care and opportunities when they return to New Hampshire from active service.”

The list of veterans includes:

James Adams, Pittsfield

Henry Ahern, Plymouth

George Beaumier, Orford

Rep. Lynn Blankenbeker, Concord

Leigh Bosse, Hillsborough

John Buraczynski, Hinsdale

Harold Burns, Whitefield

Wallace E. Burton, Nashua

Rep. Lester Bradley, Thornton

Ernie Bridge, Alstead

Andrew Brown, Mont Vernon

Shannan F. Brown, Northwood

Bruce Carbone, Swanzey

Erich Caron, Franklin

Albert Cernota, Nashua

William Champagne, Concord

Paul Chevalier, Hudson

Lewis Chipola, Nashua

Lars Christiansen, Hudson

Louis Cizmadia, Windham

Paul Clark, Nashua

John A. Clements, Croydon

Jarvis Coffin, Hancock

J.D. Colcord, Warner

Dave Cook, New London

Richard Cooney, Salem

James Cowan, Deering

Arthur Craffey, Nashua

Rep. Steven Cunningham, Croydon

David Currier, Henniker

David A. Dale, Concord

Sam DeYoung, Swanzey

Edward M. Denell, Milford

Gibb Dodge, Colebrook

Jim Donini, Pittsfield

Sheriff Mike Downing, Salem

Jorge Dreusicke, Pelham

Joe Driscoll, Keene

Michael J. Dubeau, Milford

Chris Dunne, Northfield

Tom Eifler, Atkinson

George Fellendorf, Keene

Dan Ferrant, Hudson

Gerald Finnegan, Hollis

Sheriff Richard Foote, Swanzey

Mike Flathers, Salem

Robert C. Flanders, Henniker

Desmond M. Ford, Hancock

Leo Fraser, Concord

Rep. Bob Fredette, Hillsborough

Kenneth L. Georgevits, Concord

Rep. Brandon Giuda, Chichester

Russell Gora, Hudson

Daniel Greenlaw, Bethlehem

William R. Grimm, Franklin

Samir Habiby, Swanzey

Bill Hale, Marlborough

David Hamblett, Hudson

Rep. Peter Hansen, Amherst

Roland Harmon, Hudson

Jeff Hatch, Salem

Ray Hayes, Milford

Charlie Hinds, Nashua

Donald Holden, Amherst

David Holmes, Chichester

George Clay Hollister, Jaffrey

John Holton, New London

Alan Huston, Keene

Bill Joransen, Nashua

Steve Kennedy, Concord

George Kidd, Hancock

Fred King, Colebrook

Vern LaCrosse, Salem

Rick Lambert, Jaffrey

Dave Lane, Pelham

Royal Latuch, Warner

Rep. Thomas Laware, Charlestown

Gerard LeDuc, Pittsfield

William Leber, Andover

Tom Lennon, Amherst

Samuel K. Lessey, Hancock

Rep. Mark Lindsley, Henniker

Paul Lloyd, Concord

Timothy J. McCarthy, Salem

Winston McCarty, Concord

Thomas McCormick, New London

Mark McCabe, Pelham

Patrick Malloy, Swanzey

Rep. Bruce Marcus, Peterborough

Tony Marino, Pembroke

Michael Markey, Swanzey

Harold Maybeck, Holderness

Bill Miller, Pittsfield

Roland Miller, Nashua

Elizabeth Minickiello, Plymouth

Bill Modis, Amherst

Michael I. Moffett, Concord

David Moorhead, Plymouth

Walt Morse, Hillsborough

John Moses, Clarksville

Fred Murphy, Hillsborough

Jim Nash, Henniker

Clarence Nelson, Richmond

Jeff Newman, Concord

Walter D. Nice, Nashua
Dave Ouellette, Pelham

Rep. Barry Palmer, Nashua

John Peterson, New London

Joseph Petrone, Dublin

John Quinlan, Mont Vernon

Richard Quintal, Mont Vernon

John Randlett, Plymouth

Larry Rappaport, Colebrook

Timothy Raleigh, Dunbarton

Bernard Raynowska, Salem

Willard Rice, Hollis

Rep. Beverly Rodeschin, Newport

Henry Rodeschin, Newport

William Rodeschin, Newport

Galen Rose, Nashua

Bob Rowe, Amherst

Dr. Pete Savo, Mont Vernon

David Sherman, New Boston

David E. Sherman, New Boston

Merrill J. Shepard, Weare

Ron Silva, New Boston

Wesley Sonner, Mont Vernon

Rep. Charlie Sova, Orange

Elmer Tasker, Northwood

John Tholl, Whitefield

Tim Twombly, Nashua

Kennneth D. Wargo, New Boston

Kevin Waterhouse, Windham

Richard Whittemore, Winchester

Rep. Steve Winter, Newbury

Paul Vittum, West Chesterfield

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