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NH GOP - Stop Drive-by Voting in New Hampshire 



For far too long, there have been questions surrounding the legitimacy of some votes cast in New Hampshire elections. "Drive-by voting", as Secretary of State Bill Gardner calls it.


It seems like a simple enough concept: people who vote in New Hampshire should live in New Hampshire.


Republicans have introduced legislation to clarify existing election law with a thirty day residency requirement to vote in New Hampshire. But Governor Hassan and her Democratic colleagues are politicizing this commonsense effort to ensure the integrity of our elections.


This morning, the New Hampshire Republican Party launched a petition to gather support for the passage of this critical legislation.


Will you sign the petition today?


Thank you for standing up for the integrity of New Hampshire elections.


Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee

.S. Please forward this email to your personal networks, friends and family. You can share the petition easily with this link:


NH Senator Carson proposes updated voter residency requirements 

New Hampshire Senate

News Release

Concord, NH - Today the Public and Municipal Affairs Committee heard a bill that would clarify the residency requirement for voting purposes in New Hampshire.

The bill, SB 4, replaces the definition of domicile for voting purposes to more clearly identify New Hampshire residents who are legally able to vote in the state.

Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry), the prime bill sponsor, released a statement following the hearing:

“The intention of this bill is to make sure legal residents of our state have meaningful elections so voters can affect change in the communities they are invested in,” said Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry).

“New Hampshire’s current voting law does not clearly define the qualifications of a voting resident in the state. This bill, SB 4, serves to clarify the definition of a legal voting resident as 46 other states have done.”

“The Secretary of State Bill Gardner and I worked to produce a bill that would clarify the meaning of being a legal resident for voting purposes without infringing on an individual’s right to vote. Secretary Gardner is the state’s authority on elections and he has given his support of this bill,” Carson continued.



CEI Today: Voter fraud, illegal volunteering, and EPA's clean power plan 

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014
In the News Today



Daily Caller: Can Big Data Help Eliminate Voter Fraud?

Conservatives take it as a matter of faith that voter fraud is rampant. Liberals take it as a matter of faith that concern over fraud is merely a cover for voter suppression. Where does the truth lie? Can we resolve this argument based on the facts? We may soon find out.

In Frederick County, Maryland, an election watchdog group is suing the Old Line State over alleged voter fraud. Another “gotcha” moment for conservatives or proof of voter suppression?
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> Interview Bill Frezza


Volunteering Violation Vignettes

Did you know it is against the law to volunteer for a for-profit business?  > Read more

EPA'S CLEAN POWER PLAN - WILLIAM YEATMAN EPA’s Clean Power Plan Defies Its Own Regulation

EPA’s greenhouse gas regulation for existing power plants, known as the Clean Power Plan, is off-putting for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s expensive and threatens electric reliability. The regulation, moreover, is an affront to federalism, insofar as it usurps the States long-held, exclusive authority to oversee retail electricity markets. Despite these drawbacks, the rule would in no way impact the climate. > Read more

> Interview William Yeatman

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CEI’s Battered Business Bureau: The Week in Regulation

In the final week before the midterm election, agencies published new regulations ranging from dairy profits to Japanese oranges. Fittingly, the total number of new regulations on the year also passed the 3,000 mark on Hallow’s Eve.

Saturday, 10am ET





Watchdog - Voter fraud could play huge role in narrow elections  


DNC Response to Polito’s (R-MA) Support for Voter ID Laws that Needlessly Make Voting Harder

Washington, DC - Last night in the Lt. Governors debate in Newton, Republican Karyn Polito reaffirmed her support for controversial Republican voter ID laws that needlessly make voting harder and suppress voter turnout.


In response to Polito’s comments, Pratt Wiley, the Democratic National Committee’s Director of Voter Expansion, released the following statement:


“In Massachusetts this year, Gov. Patrick signed one of the most expansive and modern voting laws in the entire nation – bringing early voting, online voter registration and pre-registration to the Commonwealth.  These improvements are going to bring more citizens into the process, because in Massachusetts we know we solve problems with more democracy, not less. The choice is clear, while Steve Kerrigan is committed to expanding opportunity for all, Karyn Polito is pulling a page from the same cynical Republican playbook that believes that when fewer people vote, they win more elections.”