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Guinta For Congress - Shea-Porter to New Hampshire: Vote for me, or Not at All 

It was reported this morning that over the weekend Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter said the following at an event "Of those not planning to vote for Democratic candidates, she suggested, "maybe keep them home." (Portsmouth Herald, Democrats Gather to Rally Support for the Party).

In response to her comments, Frank Guinta released the following statement:

"We now know why Carol Shea-Porter refuses to hold town halls or any open meetings with the public, she has zero interest in hearing from anyone who disagrees with her, and we have now heard she will actively work to suppress their vote this fall. This failure of representation should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched her six years in Washington following Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama blindly, while the Middle Class shrinks and ObamCare wreaks havoc on our Health Care system. When will Congresswoman Shea-Porter put Granite Staters ahead of her own political career?”



Concord - Today, the Portsmouth Herald reported that Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter believes that New Hampshire Democrats should endeavor to ensure that Republican voters don't turn out on Election Day, saying that Democrats should "maybe keep them home." She also referred to the fight against New Hampshire Republicans as playing a game of "Whac-A-Mole."  New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement in response:


"It's stunning that Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter believes that those who disagree with her and her party should not exercise their right to vote.  It's bad enough that the Congresswoman refuses to hold events where New Hampshire residents can express an opinion that differs with her. Now we know that she does this because she is not interested in hearing what they have to say - rather, she'd like to knock them down and keep them quiet. Congresswoman Shea-Porter's statements are disrespectful and she should apologize to all New Hampshire residents for her attempts to interfere with democracy in our state."



  • "The only way you can justify a tan in August is if you've marched in all of the political parades," she joked, adding that citizens should invite those of like minds to garner as much support as possible for the Democratic Party. Of those not planning to vote for Democratic candidates, she suggested, "maybe keep them home." She referred to the fight against Republicans as a game of "Whac-A-Mole." (Crystal A. Weyers, "Democrats gather to rally support for the party," Portsmouth Herald5/5/2014)



FreeKeeneNews - Election Officials Illegally Confiscate Fliers from Voters in Keeneā€™s Ward 4

Video Reveals Illegal Voter Oppression at Keene's Ward 4

Poll workers caught snatching informational fliers from voters' hands.  Liberty activists handing out quarter-page fliers advocating for libertarian candidates Ian Freeman and Darryl Perry were targeted in a sneaky manner by election officials.  When voters would enter the building the poll workers would tell them it was illegal for them to have the flyer and then snatch it from them and throw it away.  Hearing this from an exiting voter, I investigated and found the claim to be true.

See the video here.

Despite the "Department of Justice" sending an agent down to ostensibly correct the Ward 4 staff, the behavior continued later, as we also documented in the video.  The clueless ward moderator claimed she was too busy to properly educate her volunteer "greeters" (enforcers) on the law, which she herself did not know.

As a result, countless voters had their rights oppressed by officious bureaucrats who made the law up on the spot.  We documented and called them on it and the behavior continued.  Apparently they were pulling out all the stops to prevent the libertarians from getting as many votes as possible.

The DOJ is aware of this situation but don't expect any actual consequences to come to these government workers.  Odds are they'll be back at it next time, too.