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SNHU - Join Us For a Road Trip! 

Join Us For A Road Trip!

After a long, cold, snowy winter the CWBA is hitting the road! Join us as we travel to CWBA Member Lisa Landry's business, Savvy Workshop.

Lisa is President and CEO of Print Savvy, Inc. and Savvy Workshop, which offers traditional and new media marketing and creative services to its clients. Some of you may know Lisa as past President of the New Hampshire Creative Club, honoree for NHBR's Best Of Business Awards for Best Promotional Products in New Hampshire or her 2012 NHBR Business Excellence Award for Media and Marketing.

What you may not know is when Lisa first started her business in 1998, she was a self-proclaimed wall-flower at chamber of commerce gatherings! Early on she realized she would have to change her strategy if her business was to be successful. Lisa is now known as the Queen of Networking whose commitment to support other small business owners and professionals in New Hampshire is to be applauded. 

Here is your opportunity to join other like-minded professionals for an evening of fun and learn some helpful tips so you too can become a networking goddess!

Where: Savvy Workshops, 55 So. Commercial Street, Manchester, NH

When: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

CWBA Member: Free

Not Yet CWBA Member: $10.00

To register and for more details, please go to

Refreshments will be available.

Lisa Landry, President and CEO of Print Savvy & Savvy Workshop



ALG's Daily Grind - Will Lois Lerner be Jailed for IRS Targeting? 


April 10, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Lois Lerner referred to DOJ for Criminal Prosecution
President Obama assured the American people that his administration would "get to the bottom" of the IRS scandal which pitted the government's tax-collection arm against the President's own political adversaries. If those words weren't empty, the Administration and the DOJ would look seriously into the case against Lerner, pursue prosecution for the offenses uncovered by House investigations, and leave Ms. Lerner's fate in the hands of the criminal justice system. Until then, the Administration is passively complicit with the criminal activities of its executive agencies.

Does motherhood impact wages?
It is stating the obvious. Women have babies, and when they do, a significant percentage of them leave the labor force.

Cato Study: No connection between spending, student outcomes
"In virtually every other field, productivity has risen over this period thanks to the adoption of countless technological advances — advances that, in many cases, would seem ideally suited to facilitating learning. And yet, surrounded by this torrent of progress, education has remained anchored to the riverbed, watching the rest of the world rush past it."


NRSC - Misleading Paycheck Fairness Act 

All Republicans support equal pay for equal work. And while we all know workplace discrimination still exists, we need real solutions that focus on job creation and opportunity for women. Not more regulations that cut flexibility and cut bonuses.

But on Tuesday, Democrats have said that they will be using “Equal Pay Day” to push their misleadingly named, “Paycheck Fairness Act.” These are the same Democrats who controlled the White House and Senate for the last five years but always seem to wait for an election year to push another empty promise.

The truth is the “Paycheck Fairness Act” is a desperate political ploy.  And Democrats are cynically betting that Americans aren’t smart enough to know better. They’re forgetting the millions of women who belong to the Republican Party who will speak out. They’re missing the fathers, husbands, and sons who believe that women deserve real solutions.

The “Paycheck Fairness Act” doesn’t provide paycheck fairness for women. In fact, it will cut flexibility in the work place for working moms and end merit pay that rewards good work—the very things that are important to us.

Here’s why:

First, it is already illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender. It’s been against the law to pay a woman less than a man with comparable experience in the same job since the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

The “fix” that Democrats propose, then, won’t change that. It would, however, tightly regulate how employers can pay their employees. This law will not create “equal” pay, but it will make it nearly impossible for employers to tie compensation to work quality, productivity and experience, reduce flexibility in the workplace, and make it far easier to file frivolous lawsuits that line the pockets of trial lawyers.

Ultimately, this bill will hurt all workers, especially women.

Democrats would respond to that by saying that women still make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. That statistic is misleading. And more importantly, the Democrats know it is because they only use it when it’s convenient to their talking points.

That number comes from the average earnings of women in all positions and contrasts it with the average earning of men in all positions. But women and men hold different jobs in different industries and varying levels of experience. (Interestingly, some estimates show that younger women actually out-earn younger men.)

There’s a disparity not because female engineers are making less than male engineers at the same company with comparable experience. The disparity exists because a female social worker makes less than a male engineer—just as a female engineer would out-earn a male social worker. The difference isn’t because of their genders; it’s because of their jobs. The “Paycheck Fairness Act” wouldn’t change that.

When you use the similar methodology to evaluate White House salaries, it turns out that the median pay for women in the Obama White House is 88 cents for every dollar a man makes. When presented with this information, the White House says it’s not a fair calculation. You have to compare people in equal positions, they say.

Exactly! But their “77 cents” statistic doesn’t do that. When you compare unequal work, of course you’ll come up with a statistic that shows unequal pay.

So, here’s the question for the White House and Democrats: why is the White House judged by one standard and the rest of the country by another?

Democrats have resorted to these misleading tactics because they don’t have other issues to run on. They have no credible ideas to ensure women have the opportunity to secure high-paying jobs, and the Democrat Senate has refused to pass any of the 40 jobs bills the Republican House has sent them.

ObamaCare is deeply unpopular, and they don’t want to talk about how policy cancellations are hurting women, or about how women are losing access to the doctors of their choice, or about how it’s meant smaller paychecks for working women (and men).

So instead they’re talking about the “Paycheck Fairness Act” using dishonest rhetoric and inaccurate math. It’s a political ploy designed to funnel money into the pockets of trial lawyers and to mislead the American people. But, of course, it wouldn’t be the first time Democrats have tried to sell a bill with deliberate lies.


SNHU - Don't Miss, Free Affordable Care Act Forum 

It's not too late!

There is still time to register for the Affordable Care Act and Your Small Business event, designed by the Center for Women’s Business Advancement and Northeast Delta Dental. The forum will address your questions and concerns about the Affordable Care Act and your business. 

Experts in this field who will be presenting on Thursday includes: 

  • Seth Goodall, Regional Administrator U.S. Small Business Adminstration 
  • Roger Sevigny, NH Insurance Commissioner 
  • Tom Boucher, CEO- Owner of Great NH Restaurants, Inc.
  • Nicholas Vailas, Board Chair Compass
  • William Enck, Senior Manager of BerryDunn

Event Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

Location: Southern New Hampshire University's Dining Center Banquet Facility, 2500 North River Rd. Manchester, NH 

The forum is FREE but registration is required. Please go to the CWBA's website to register.

Sponsored by: