Tancredo Accepts Thousands From Founder of Planned Parenthood Network

Brownback campaign questions why donations from major abortion advocate are being accepted; requests Tancredo donates money to Iowa Crisis Pregnancy Centers

DES MOINES - Congressman Tom Tancredo has accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Dr. John Tanton, a founder of a major Planned Parenthood network.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show that Tancredo's presidential campaign, political action committee, and congressional re-election campaign have accepted thousands of dollars personally from Tanton, and thousands more from a political action committee connected to Tanton.

Tanton has strong ties to Planned Parenthood, the largest worldwide provider of abortion. Tanton was the founder and president of the Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood Association and was the chairman of the Great Lakes Public Affairs Committee of Planned Parenthood.

"Given Tanton's obvious ties to Planned Parenthood, Tom Tancredo should publicly denounce his ties to Tanton and should donate all previously accepted funds to an Iowa crisis pregnancy center," said John Rankin, Brownback for President Iowa communications director. "How can pro-life Iowans believe Tom Tancredo's commitment to life when he has accepted money from such a prominent abortion supporter?"