Tell NH Democrats they have gone Too Far, Too Fast!

What a difference an election makes. Governor Lynch’s Democratic majority has gone Too Far, Too Fast in promoting radical changes to the economic and social fabric of our state.

See what others are saying about the ‘Too Far, Too Fast’ petition and send your own message to John Lynch and his Democratic majority by signing it today!

“I signed the Too Far, Too Fastpetition because the New Hampshire we know and love is in danger unless we take action today!” – Wayne MacDonald,Vice-Chairman NH GOP

"I signed this petition because on so many issues, from the hot buttons to the absurd, the Democrat-led NH government has taken a sudden, dramatic, yet predictable turn for the worse. For a moment, I thought that I'd accidentally moved to the People's Republic of Taxachusetts." - James Mojonnier, NH small business owner


“Lynch made the commitment to solve the education issue. He asked for a demoratic majority to help him do so. He got it and he has failed. Instead of working with Governor Lynch, the Concord Crazies have pushed a radical social and spending agenda that he either can't stop or won't stop. It is time we had a governor that is committed to holding the line on spending and will invest political and personal capital in solving the education issue. On the most pressing issue of the day, Governor Lynch has come up short.” – Kerry Marsh, Chair NH Young Republicans

“I'm signing the petition because New Hampshire's Democrats have it all wrong. They are raising taxes, increasing spending, and encroaching on personal liberty. Their policies are burdening the state's people without regard for the future, and they need to be stopped. As William F. Buckley, Jr. once said, "The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry." It is incumbent on us, at this moment in time, to heed those words.” – Gregory Boguslavsky, Chair NH College Republicans

“I signed the ‘Too Far, Too Fast’petition because John Lynch and his Democratic majority have not met a tax they don’t like!” – Kelly Hurst

Please join us in sending the Democrats a message that theyhave gone too far, too fast by signing our petition today!