The Experience America Needs: Obama Asks Voters to Join him in Bringing About Real Change

MANCHESTER , NH—Making his sixteenth visit to NewHampshire today, Senator Barack Obama told voters in Concord that his two decades of public service make him uniquely qualified to bring Americans together for the change we need

Obama drew on the words of a previous presidential candidate who, like him, was criticized for being new to Washington politics.

"I remember what was said years ago by a candidate running for President. He said, 'The same old experience is not relevant. You can have the right kind of experience and the wrong kind of experience.'

"Well that candidate was Bill Clinton. And I think he was absolutely right."

You can find video of Clinton's 1992 statement HERE.

“I may not have the experience Washington likes, but I have the experience America needs—the ability to bring people together, stand up to the special interests, and tell the truth to the American people on the major issues we face, from Iraq to Social Security,” Obama said.

Obama stressed that he would approach major challenges like health care reform the same way he’s approached every challenge he’s faced as a public servant—with an open, transparent process that brings people of differing views together to build a real consensus for change.

After the Concord event, Senator Obama headed to Portsmouthto greet volunteers preparing to go door-to-door for his campaign. Obama told the canvassers that their work at the grassroots will ultimately make the difference in restoring government that works for the people.

“Change in this country has always come from the bottom up,” Obama said. “This campaign has to be about all of us—and every conversation you have today, every door you knock on, brings us one step closer to the Americawe want to live in.”