The Two Cents campaign from America for Gore

The Two Cents campaign from America for Gore

From: Eric Schiller,

America for Gore is dedicated to making Al Gore theDemocratic candidate for President in 2008. At present, we are working to get Gore’s name onto as many ballots as possible, and to continue to show as much support as possible for the idea of his candidacy. It is now time for people to act to demonstrate that support, so that Gore understands how much America wants him as president.

To convince Gore to step into the race, we are asking all Gore supporters to mail him two pennies, together with a note indicating real support will be provided if he accepts the challenge and runs for president.The constant arrival of pennies will be a reminder to Mr. Gore that America needs and wants him to run.

The pennies should be sent, preferably in an envelope made of recycled paper, to Office of the Honorable Al Gore, 2100 West End Avenue, Suite 620, Nashville, TN 37203.

America for Gore will continue to assist all groups and individuals working to make the Gore 2008 candidacy a success though our website Our goal is to help coordinate all the efforts to elect Al Gore with an initial goal of getting him into the race and a further goal of seeing him take office as president in 2009.