Tomorrow: New Poll Challenges Myths about NH Sportsmen

New Poll Challenges Myths about NH Sportsmen

State's Sportsmen Speak Out on Global Warming

Do conservative sportsmen/women in New Hampshire think global warming is real?

Do they think the nation's energy policies are on the right or wrong track?

Find out what hunters and anglers think about global warming, and what they expect political leaders to do about it. The results will surprise you.

WHAT: Press Conference to Release New Hampshire Sportsman Poll


WHEN: Wednesday, October 10th, 10 a.m.


WHERE: Legislative Office Building Lobby,

107 N. Main St., Concord


WHO: Bob Carpenter, Vice President, American Viewpoint, Inc.


Eric Orff, NH Outreach Consultant, National Wildlife Federation


Don McGinley, Longtime New Hampshire Sportsman



A new National Wildlife Federation poll shows concern about global warming crosses political lines. The results reveal sportsmen don't see it as an issue of left or right, but a matter of right or wrong.


- Eric Orff,

- Eric Orff, 

- Miles Grant, Communications Manager, National Wildlife Federation,  grantm@nwf.