Ulery (R-Hills27) attends ALEC Meeting

Philadelphia ) Representative Jordan Ulery (R-Hillsborough-27) attended the 34th annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) (July 24-July 27) in the City of Brotherly Love . ALEC [ http://www.alec.org/] is a non-partisan public-private partnership to help develop and network policy ideas that support Jeffersonian ideals of personal liberty, private property ownership and limited government restrained by fiscally sound policies.

More that 2,000 public and private leaders gathered to exchange ideas on a wide range of topics. Jordan Ulery is a member of the ALEC Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Task Force. He has a background in Emergency Medical Services and in fraud investigations as a Professional Investigator. Ulery is in his second term in the House serving last year on Criminal Justice and this year on Ways and Means Committees. He represents Hudson, Litchfield and Pelham.

Over 40 workshops on a variety of topics were held through out the week. Keynote speakers at this year’s meeting included former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Fox News commentator Neil Cavuto, Senator Fred Thompson, Governor Mike Huckabee and a special appearance by the President of the United States .

Among the policy areas in which Representative Ulery was a participant were possible solutions to prison over-crowding, nationwide standards for electronic prisoner monitors (ankle bracelets), reduction of government over-regulation of businesses, illegal immigration pressures on state government, FEMA operations (successes and failures). Meetings were held with colleagues from across the nation as well as Assistant Secretary level representatives of Homeland Security and other cabinet level offices.

Ulery was one of several members of the General Court from New Hampshire to attend lead by Assistant MinorityLeader Ken Weyler (R-Kingston).

Jordan G. Ulery

Member 160th

New Hampshire General Court


Republican - Hillsborough 27th