US Rep Shea-Porter Statement on Spc. Lisa Hayes Situation

Washington ,DC - Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter(D-NH) today issued the following statement regarding the situation of Spc. Lisa Hayes, a New Hampshire soldier who has been charged with desertion after leaving Iraq to care for her 7-year-old daughter:

" As a military spouse and a mother, my heart goes out to Spc. Hayes and her daughter during this incredibly difficult time. I have been in contact with Congressman Hodes and with representatives of the military to determine what steps can be taken. I am confident that the Army will reach a fair and timely resolution to this matter, and I will continue to follow the situation closely and assist in any way that I can. With all the hardships already faced by our military families, we certainly do not want to punish a mother for trying to care for her child in a time of need ."

Spc. Hayes is a resident of Rindge, NH, represented by Congressman Paul Hodes.At the time she returned to the United States to take custody of her daughter, she was serving her second tour in Iraq as an activated member of the New Hampshire National Guard. She turned herself in to military authorities at Fort Dix, NJ on Tuesday, June 5th after being charged with desertion.