Video of John Edwards from this Weekend

 wanted to drop you all a quick note to introduce myself and share a fun video I put together from John's visit to New Hampshire this weekend:

It focuses on two of John's biggest issues - getting corporate lobbyist money out of Washington and providing universal health care. We're using this video to launch our 1,100 volunteer shifts campaign. There are 1,100 drug company lobbyists in DC so we want to drown them out with 1,100 Edwards volunteers talking about John's plans for universal health care. You can read a post I wrote about this on our blog:

I thought you might find it interesting/useful. Let me know if you have any questions or requests as I'd love to support your local blogging and coverage about the primaries in New Hampshire in any way I can.


Amy Rubin
Director of Online Communications and Organizing, NH
John Edwards for President