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Binnie Blitzes the State, Listens to Hundreds of Citizens

(Portsmouth, NH, May 17) Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Bill Binnie listened to hundreds of New Hampshire citizens this weekend at series of “Meet  and Greets” his campaign organized across the state.

Binnie who travelled from Hampton to Claremont, from Wolfeboro to Concord and from Laconia to Rochester, said, “It was great to hear the concerns of so many citizens. I learned a lot.”

Binnie continued, “The people who attended our events had a lot of concerns. They want their concerns listened to.  I had a chance to listen to not only

Republicans but also Democrats and Independents.” 

The Binnie campaign has scheduled more “Meet and Greets” over the next few weekends in Hillsborough, Cheshire and Coos counties.



NRN - The Daily Wrap-Up

May 17, 2010
4:00 PM Eastern

Good Monday Afternoon -

Quin Hillyer at the American Spectator wrote a memo to outgoing Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT) entitled "See Rock; Crawl Under It". Hillyer wrote, "What part of "Get the hell out of here" does he not understand?" Keep reading.

The Irony of Ironies – Obama signs Press Freedom Act today. At the conclusion of the signing ceremony, Obama refused to take questions from the press. The Washington Examiner has the story.

Managing the American Decline? – Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government raises the question of what may be causing the "American Decline" over at The reasons will make you think…

Michael Kinsley at The Atlantic says that "there is nothing patriotic about the Tea Party Movement." See what he says, and leave him a comment.

The Public Option is Alive and Well! — According to a Washington Examiner editorial, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasn't kidding when she famously said Congress had to pass Obamacare "so you can see what's in it." And now as more people find out what's in the 2,700-plus pages of the law, a steadily lengthening list of President Barack Obama's promises are being exposed as empty." Read the full story.

Tobacco Showdown — In case you missed it, Timothy P. Carney had a must-read column in the Washington Examiner today about the egregious conflict of interests on a new FDA scientific advisory panel.  This panel will vote on something new called dissolvable tobacco products and may vote to ban menthol in cigarettes.  While science doesn't support a ban, after reading Carney's piece you can see why some of these panel members would be inclined to turn a blind eye. Keep reading at NRD.

Ross Kaminsky at Human Events wants to know if Kagan can be trusted to defend the constitution. Kaminsky writes, "…there is a major issue for the Senate to consider and one which, with the continuing filling in of the Kagan belief system jigsaw puzzle, should possibly lead Republicans to filibuster her."

Cathy Young wonders if the new Robin Hood is a Libertarian Rebel?

Elections 2010:

–Does the GOP Primary in Kentucky Expose a Rift Over the Afghan War? Chris Stirewalt explains.

Obama Believes the GOP is in as much trouble as he is

NRSC Sees Weak Obama

Senators that supported TARP are desperately attempting to atone…


CHQ - Viguerie Announces Formation of the Stalwarts Club

Viguerie Announces Formation of the Stalwarts Club

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Viguerie Announces Formation of the Stalwarts Club -- Co-founded by Richard A. Viguerie and other stalwart conservatives to promote conservative principles - and defeat establishment Republicans in GOP primaries in elections across the country, the Stalwarts Club says 2010 is the opportunity of a lifetime to return American to its Founders' vision. 

Stalwarts Club Endorses Rand Paul in Kentucky -- The newly-organized Stalwarts Club endorses Rand Paul for Kentucky Senate over GOP-establishment choice, Trey Greyson.

Tea Time: How Big An Impact Will Tea Partiers Have in November and Beyond?
Greeley Tribune - As several states prepare to hold crucial primaries in the near future, the question remains as to the influence that local Tea Parties will have on the elections.  Here's a look at Colorado's Tea Parties and how they've impacted the state's GOP U.S. Senate race, having elevated conservative favorite Ken Buck to the status of front-runner over establishment-pick Jane Norton.

Tea Party Claims A Scalp
World Net Daily - Columnist Vox Day writes that it's a good thing that Tea Partiers were able to bring down Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah, but many more Big Government Republicans will need to fall before the GOP really changes.  Day sees conservatives finally getting wise to the deceptive tactics of the Republican Party - and that's a good thing - but it will take years to move the party in a small government direction.

Grassroots Groups Playing Primary Role in Berks (PA)
Reading Eagle - Voters in Pennsylvania will go to the polls tomorrow to determine most of the nominees for the state's federal and state offices, and it's clear that interest is high and that local Tea Parties have Pennsylvanians motivated to achieve results.  Left leaning groups are trying to generate enthusiasm as well - and the state parties can only sit by and watch as citizens take over the process.

Primaries To Send Message About Balance of Power
Washington Times - Incumbents are running scared these days, and tomorrow's state primaries in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas should reveal more about the shifting balance of power in America.  Citizens are fed up with a government that doesn't listen to them, and they're ready to send a message to Washington straight through the ballot box.

Anti-establishment vibes abound ahead of big primary battles
Washington Examiner - Julie Mason previews tomorrow's primaries and says they've boiled down to a contest between insurgent groups and the party establishments.  Mason also touches on the Sunday news show reaction to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's nomination.

Elena Kagan: Estranged From America
American Spectator - Ken Blackwell writes of the attempts by the Left to present Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's views as safely in the mainstream - and argues her record clearly works against her.  From her treatment of the military while at Harvard to her past praise of socialism, Blackwell says Kagan is no 'moderate' no matter how you try to package her.

McCain shakes up campaign staff
Politico - It may not necessarily be a sign of trouble (considering he still holds a double-digit lead in the latest polls), but Sen. John McCain is replacing a couple key campaign staffers a mere three months before the Arizona GOP primary.  McCain's also now launching ads where he's claiming a tough stance on border enforcement - quite a reversal of his position on the issue from just two years ago.


Sam Adams Alliance - The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado

Eric O'Keefe, Chairman of Sam Adams Alliance, wrote a review that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on a book titled The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado written by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer. This book is a must read for individuals who are frustrated with the current structure of our political system. It describes how the Colorado Gang of Four took a business-like approach in flipping a once red state into a blue one. Their strategy created groups of think tanks 527s, 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s and new media watchdog groups. These groups all had a major role to play in dramatically changing the political landscape in Colorado. If you'd like to order the book, you can order it here.   To check out more on ‘The Blueprint', visit our blog.


NHDP Chair Ray Buckley's Statement on Senator Roberge's Decision to Retire 

Concord - NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on Senator Roberge's decision to retire from the State Senate:
"Senator Roberge's retirement comes as a complete surprise and with a bit of sadness.  She is one of the few Republicans in the New Hampshire State House who can disagree without being disagreeable. Throughout her 26 years in the senate, Senator Roberge has always conducted herself with grace and dignity during a time of increased lack of civility.  Senator Roberge not only distinguished herself with her service as Dean of the Senate but she helped make US history this term by serving in the first female legislative body in the country."