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NH Watchdog - Lynch Executive Order saves NH millions  

Governor issued over 600 waivers to spending freeze over past two years
Lynch Executive Order saves New Hampshire millions

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(CONCORD)  New Hampshire taxpayers have saved millions of dollars because of a partial spending freeze ordered by Governor John Lynch, according to the latest study from the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy.  The report, issued today, shows that Lynch approved 24 additional waivers to the General Fund hiring freeze over the past three months, and has granted 632 exemptions in total over the past two years.

"While limited in scope, Governor Lynch’s Executive Order 2008-01 has generated millions in savings from routine hires, purchases, and travel that would have been approved without oversight or disclosure under a different fiscal climate," writes Lead Investigator Grant Bosse, who authored the report.  "The drop in requests for out-of-state travel and the withdrawal of requests for relatively inexpensive office equipment show that requiring permission and disclosure for expenses can provide significant savings to the General Fund."

Lynch instituted a partial freeze in state General Fund hiring, equipment purchases, and out of state travel in February 2008 in order to help decrease the state's budget deficit.  New Hampshire ended Fiscal Year 2009 with an $80 million deficit, but the Bartlett Center reports concludes that without Lynch's Executive Order, the gap would have been even wider.

"Overall, New Hampshire’s spending freeze has resulted in millions in savings at a time when New Hampshire’s budget is facing unprecedented fiscal pressure.  While still small in comparison to the pending budget deficit, the savings from Governor Lynch’s Executive Order 2008-01 have prevented a large problem from being even worse, and have helped department heads throughout state government keep a closer eye on their daily expenses, " Bosse concludes.

Read the complete four-page report from the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy.

The Department of Administrative Services provides its latest report on waivers to the spending freeze to the Legislative Fiscal Committee this morning.  Read that report here.




MANCHESTER – Today, Rich Ashooh announced his candidacy for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.  Ashooh, a resident of Bedford and an executive with BAE Systems, made his decision to enter the race after an exploratory process that began in December.
“I’ve met with people throughout the First District, and the support and encouragement I’ve received has been very compelling,” said Ashooh.  “The common theme among voters is their desire for real leadership on the issues affecting their lives – unemployment, runaway spending, taxes and health care.  I will bring conservative, common sense to Washington, and restore fiscal restraint and the economic principles that will create private sector jobs.”
Ashooh, 45, stated that he will be a leader on fiscal and budget issues in Congress, focusing on reducing the national deficit and debt, and advocating for small business. He added that his budget experience in government, leadership position with the state’s largest manufacturer, national security expertise, and service in higher education will serve him well in the U.S. House of Representatives.
“The excessive spending in Washington and incomprehensible national debt have awakened voters to the reckless policies being pursued by Congressional Democrats.  If we are to overcome the enormous challenges that lie ahead, we must elect leaders who will listen to their constituents, make tough decisions, and solve problems without accruing massive debt, raising taxes, suppressing innovation, and stifling job creation.”  Ashooh continued, stating, “Before we can address issues such as improving health care, we must first get our fiscal house in order.”
“Voters are frustrated with their current representative, because their concerns have not been heard.  In my campaign, I’ll be accessible, and I will meet and hear from as many voters as possible. They will surely get to know me, and I will get to know them.”
“Having grown up in New Hampshire, I value our quality of life, and have worked to preserve and protect it.  And, once elected to Congress, I will continue to do so.”
Rich Ashooh was born and raised in Manchester and is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. He lives in Bedford with his wife, Lori, and they have five children, Sofie, Emma, Elias, Maya, and Sam.


Rich Ashooh is a senior executive at BAE Systems, a global aerospace company that is New Hampshire’s largest manufacturer and one of its top private employers.  During his 15 years of service, BAE has grown to a nearly $5 billion enterprise, employing thousands of workers.   Rich’s work has contributed to the success of dozens of programs which have protected and saved the lives of countless U.S. and allied military service men and women.

Rich is a recognized leader in New Hampshire’s business community, having consistently worked to promote and maintain a business and economic climate in the state that enables job growth and prosperity.  He serves on the boards of the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association, New England Council, and the National Defense Industrial Association, and has also served on the boards of the New Hampshire Industrial Research Center and a steering committee for the National Association of Manufacturers.

A leader in New Hampshire’s higher education community, he currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the University System of New Hampshire, as well as the UNH Foundation board, and also serves as a Trustee for Franklin Pierce University in Rindge. Rich is the Chairman of the Christa McAuliffe-Alan Shepard Discovery Center Commission, the region’s only air and space museum and a leading STEM center (science, technology, engineering and math), educating students and teachers alike.  

He has worked tirelessly to defend New Hampshire’s First in the Nation primary status through his long association with the New Hampshire Political Library and serves on the Easter Seals Veterans Count Advisory Board.  Rich has been privileged by his association with numerous other institutions that make New Hampshire the best state in which to live, including the Adult Learning Center, Catholic Medical Center, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and New Hampshire Public Television.   

Rich’s professional career began in the U.S. Senate, where he served for six years as a senior legislative aide to Senator Warren Rudman in his personal office and on the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs.  Sharing Senator Rudman’s passion for fiscal responsibility and debt reduction, Rich became the first State Director of New Hampshire’s Concord Coalition upon his return to the state from Washington, DC taking up the fight to end the chronic deficit spending of the 1990s.

Rich has long been active in politics, and in 2004 was a delegate to the Republican National Convention, where he served on the Platform Committee.  He has participated with the non-partisan ONE campaign to reduce global poverty and disease, and was proud to co-chair the ONE-Vote ‘08 effort during the 2008 NH Presidential Primary.  He has been named to the New Hampshire Union Leader’s “Forty under 40”, and in 2009 Business New Hampshire Magazine named him one of the state’s “most powerful”.

Rich was born in Manchester and has been a life-long New Hampshire resident.  He is one of seven children born to Emile and Louise (Ganem) Ashooh.  Rich’s grandparents immigrated to America from Lebanon and became proprietors of Ashooh Brothers Farm in south Manchester.  He attended Manchester’s Catholic schools and is proud to have graduated from the University of New Hampshire.  Rich is married to the former Lori Johnson of Peterborough.  They live in Bedford where Lori is active in the school system, and they have five children:  Sofie (15), Emma (13), Elias (12), Maya (10), and Sam (8).



Testerman: Marriage is economic and social capital for NH

Friday, February 5, 2010

FRANKLIN, NH — On Monday morning, February 8, 2010 at the Legislative Office Building in Concord, Republican candidate for governor Karen Testerman will stand with supporters of marriage in a joint press conference to kick off National Marriage Week.

Testerman will join a panel of speakers. Elaine Driscoll of Concerned Women for America, along with legislators and pastors in New Hampshire will speak with her on the benefits of marriage in the state.

In a written invitation handed out to legislators this week, Testerman said marriage benefits the economy.

"Marriage provides benefits to the community as both a social and an economic institution, and it is the source of human and social capital for the future of the state...By strengthening the bonds of the natural family we not only reduce the financial impact on the taxpayer, but also provide benefits to the community and businesses..."

Referencing the book, The Case for Marriage, Testerman also noted that poverty and crime share a correlation to divorce and unwed childbearing.

Testerman looks forward to hearing her peers discuss pending pro-marriage legislation in Concord as well as church programs that provide marriage support. She also expects to hear questions and feedback from the audience.

The press conference is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. and is open to the public.




Congress Votes To Increase Debt By Nearly 2 TRILLION Dollars

Manchester, NH – Carol Shea-Porter joined Nancy Pelosi and the majority of members of Congress in support of increasing the national debt limit by nearly $2 trillion.  The $1.9 trillion increase brings the total per person cost of the debt to more than $46,000 for every American.  Frank Guinta released the following statement on the vote:

“This is the citizens’ money Carol Shea-Porter and her colleagues are spending.  The public has repeatedly pleaded with Congress to stop the spending that will require increased revenues to the government now and in the future.  The people of New Hampshire and America are struggling enough and simply cannot afford this. Our Congresswoman has once again covered her ears to the wishes of the public and instead voted to increase the limit on the maxed out credit card the federal government holds.

“Ironically, this comes on the heels of a visit of President Obama who touted the need for some fiscal restraint, while listing off massive amounts of spending increases.  This kind of hypocrisy must stop.  The people are watching and Carol Shea-Porter and her party cannot tell us they want to be more fiscally responsible while pulling stunts like this.

“We need a top to bottom audit of every agency of government to find the cost reductions.  No one will ever convince me there is no waste in government. Freeze it, find it, and cut it.” –Frank Guinta, Candidate, New Hampshire Congressional District 1.


NH DHHS Releases Budget Reduction Plan

WHEN: Friday, February 5, at 12:00 PM

WHERE: Brown Building Auditorium
129 Pleasant St
Concord, NH

DHHS Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas will brief members of the media on the Department’s plan to meet a $43 million dollar shortfall for State Fiscal Year ‘10. The Commissioner and members of his management team will provide details about the plan to address the shortfalls, as well as the process that went into developing it.

This opportunity is being made available to help ensure that all media outlets have a chance to have their questions answered.