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US Chamber Endorses Bass for Congress 

‘A Strong Record of Fighting for the State’s Businesses,’ Miller Says

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced its endorsement of former Congressman Charlie Bass for Congress in New Hampshire, praising his record of supporting the state’s businesses and workers.
“We’re endorsing Charlie Bass because he has a record of standing up for the people of New Hampshire in these challenging economic times,” said Bill Miller, the U.S. Chamber’s senior vice president and political director.  “He is an invaluable leader who has a common sense approach to job creation and getting America back on the road to recovery.”
A strong proponent of sensible health care reform, Bass believes individuals and businesses deserve more choice in their health care options.  He is also pushing to spur business growth and job creation in the region by advocating for competitive tax rates for businesses, supporting an energy policy that creates jobs, and protecting workers’ rights to a secret ballot election in union organizing drives.
“On issues ranging from competition in the health care industry, to lowering taxes, to reducing energy costs, New Hampshire’s businesses and workers will have a tireless advocate in Charlie Bass,” Miller said.
The U.S. Chamber plans to play a major role nationwide in the 2010 elections, endorsing candidates who have demonstrated consistent support for America’s job creators and will work to advance a pro-growth agenda in Congress.  In 2008, 213 of the 265 Chamber-endorsed candidates (81%) were elected.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations.            # # #  




BEDFORD — The Bedford Republican Committee will hold a reception for  Senator Sheila Roberge who is retiring from the NH Legislature after serving District 9 for the last 26 years. District 9 consists of the towns of Bedford, Greenfield, Lyndeborough, Merrimack, Mont Vernon, and New Boston. The reception will be held at the Manchester Country Club, 180 South River Rd, Bedford on Wednesday July 28th, from 6:00-8:00 PM. 

"We are pleased to take this opportunity to honor Senator Roberge for her dedication and service and invite her friends, family, and colleagues alike to join us" said Chairman Ray Chadwick.

Cost is $20 and there will be Hors D'Oeuvres served and a Cash Bar. RSVP to 

Make checks payable to Bedford Republican Committee and send to 101 Powder Hill Road, Bedford 03110.


Kids Fest on July 17th @ Prescott Park! 

Inviting All Kids for KIDS FESTIVAL at Prescott Park Arts Festival!


PORTSMOUTH, NH - Prescott Park Arts Festival is calling all kids!  The first Kids Festival of the 2010 Summer Season will be on Saturday, July 17th from 11:00am to 2:00pm.  The lineup includes something for the young and the young-at-heart, featuring live entertainment, music, bubble machines and loads of fun!  As with all Prescott Park Arts Festival performances, there is no set ticket price, only a suggested donation of $5 per person.  Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets, chairs and picnic lunches. 


First to go on stage at 11am will be JULIE & BROWNIE, who first teamed up in the summer of 1991, and have been bringing joy and smiles to crowds ever since.  Their mix of award winning and fun-filled songs, as well as educational messages for children, has earned them rave reviews.  Julie & Brownie have written two children's books, appeared in numerous publications, as well as radio and television.


Next up on stage is BEN RUDNICK & FRIENDS at 12pm.  With a unique blend of light folk, bluegrass, calypso and rock, this fun-filled set will include original songs and fun spins on traditional music.  And, since Ben Rudnick and Friends original songs aren't overtly children's music, and enthusiastic renditions of well known songs appeal to all, everyone in the audience from the oldest to the youngest will become involved in the excitement of the moment.


Last, but not least, WAYNE FROM MAINE will head onstage at 1pm to finish out the afternoon.  For over a decade, Wayne from Maine has been performing and recording music for children.  Audience participation is always encouraged in this adventurous journey through various musical styles, and volunteers are invited up on stage to try their hand at playing an instrument or singing.  Audience members young and old alike will be inspired to think, laugh and play by Wayne's own brand of "Edu-tainment".


 Since 1974, Prescott Park Arts Festival has successfully reached over 3.5 million people through more than 10,000 music, theater, dance and art productions offered at no fixed admission on the banks of the Piscataqua River.  The 36th season will feature the presentation of Peter Pan as the festival's signature musical production, as well as a variety of international artists as part of the River House Restaurant Concert Series and various music festivals.


Located on 3.5 acres in beautiful downtown Portsmouth, Prescott Park Arts Festival is considered to be a gem of the Seacoast and introduces many residents to their first experience with a live performance.  For the entire season schedule or to become a Member or Sponsor, please visit our website at or call 603-436-2848.


CHQ - Will NRA Endorse the "Anti-Gun" Harry Reid? 

Will NRA Endorse the "Anti-Gun" Harry Reid?

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Will NRA Endorse the "Anti-Gun" Harry Reid?
Gun Owners of America (GOA) - Harry Reid is no friend of the Second Amendment, which makes the National Rifle Association's flirtation with the Democratic Senate Majority Leader all the more outrageous. Gun Owners of America reminds supporters who treasure their Second Amendment liberties that rewarding bad behavior on the part of Reid only encourages more of the same, regardless of the political calculations.

The GOP needs much more than anti-Obama voter angst
Washington Examiner - The editors of the Washington Examiner write that the Republican Party will need more than just voter angst against the Obama agenda should it retake control of Congress (or just one House) -- the GOP will need a real mandate to govern. For that reason, the editors argue that Republican candidates should adopt Rep. Paul Ryan's (lifetime ACU rating 92.36%) 'road map' proposals, which may be a politically risky move (because Ryan's plan would reform entitlements), but will also provide the Party a real plan to deal with the issues that Americans care about.

Blogger asks whether NRA places political considerations before the Constitution
True North (blog) - Gary Gross says he's never been a member of the National Rifle Association, but even he sees the damage that's being done to its members by the organization's endorsement flirtation with liberal Majority Leader Harry Reid (lifetime ACU rating 18.56%). Gross argues that endorsing Reid has a number of negative connotations and no positive ones -- and that the NRA will not gain any leg-up in fighting harmful legislation while standing to lose millions through alienating its conservative, Constitution-loving membership.

It's not only about 'the Economy, Stupid.' It's about Freedom
Catholic Online - Ken Blackwell writes that the grassroots uprising that America is experiencing is about much more than just anger over the bloated and wasteful federal budget. It's about the very concept of freedom. Blackwell says that Americans are seeing their freedoms being eroded away, including the Obama Administration's all-out assault on religious freedoms. The grassroots Tea Party movement has become the voice of those who want to maintain the ability to make moral decisions according to their own conscience, unencumbered by a government that's antagonistic to them.

Palin's small-donor fundraising shows path around GOP establishment to nomination
Daily Caller - Washington insiders say that the Republican Party establishment distrusts Gov. Sarah Palin because they have no control over what she's going to do (or say). So, it must be especially disturbing to GOP leaders to see Palin's grassroots small-donor fundraising power might allow her to run for president without help from the Party's big 'whale' donors. Palin continues to drop subtle hints that she's planning to run (such as making targeted PAC contributions in Iowa and South Carolina), and her popularity with the conservative grassroots would certainly aid her if that's what she decides to do.

Pro-Life Group Forcing Americans to "Face the Truth"
The New American - In the everyday world of American politics, politicians and interest groups walk the halls of Congress and politely (mostly) debate the issues of our time, but reality is often much 'uglier' than a mere policy discussion. One Chicago-based Pro-Life group's (Pro-Life Action League) members feel it isn't enough to simply argue with liberals over the matter of abortion. They're taking the graphic images of the brutal act to the streets to demonstrate what really happens to babies -- and saving lives in the process.

Alaska's GOP Senate race offers voters a real philosophical choice in candidates
Alaska Dispatch - Perhaps no place in the country is there a clearer choice for a state's Republican voters than in Alaska, where 'outsider' Joe Miller is challenging incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (lifetime ACU rating 70.19%) for the GOP's U.S. Senate nomination. Murkowski is offering her experience, committee assignments, and the ability to bring home federal pork as the reasons why Alaskans should send her back to Washington. Miller is countering with constitutional conservatism, fiscal reality, and common sense.


ALG Condemns Financial Takeover as "One More Piece of Liberty Lost"

"When there's another bailout — not if, but when — and any of these 60 Senators dare attempts to condemn it, they need to be called out for the liars that they are." —ALG President Bill Wilson.

July 15th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today condemned the U.S. Senate for enacting the conference version of the Dodd-Frank financial takeover bill, sending the bill to the desk of Barack Obama to become law.

"The American people have lost one more piece of their liberty, as the Senate has voted to create a hidden, permanent bailout that will enable faceless bureaucrats to levy taxes, bail out politically-privileged institutions and to seize and liquidate politically-unconnected ones, redistributing their assets to favored constituencies, like unions," Wilson declared.

"There will be no votes in Congress like TARP ever again, as Congress has abdicated the power to tax and spend elsewhere," Wilson explained, adding, "Which solves a political problem for members of Congress, but is really just a con game so that they don't have to take responsibility for unpopular bailouts and government takeovers."

Wilson said "the American people can thank these 60 senators that voted to invoke cloture on the Dodd-Frank bill," which included all but one Senate Democrat and Republican Senators Olympia Snowe, Scott Brown, and Susan Collins.  The vote ending debate was 60 to 38.

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold was on the only Democrat to vote Nay, whom Wilson said "had the intellectual honesty to say he wanted to address the root causes of the financial crisis," and thanked him for his votes to bring an end to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and to audit the Federal Reserve.

Wilson called the bank tax by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) on about 60 bank holding and insurance companies with $50 billion or greater in assets included in the legislation "taxation without representation". 

"The taxes which will finance the 'orderly liquidation fund', the cost of which will be passed on to savers, investors, and anyone who uses the financial system," Wilson said, citing a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of a similar bank tax proposal by the Obama Administration, "the ultimate cost of a tax or fee is not necessarily borne by the entity that writes the check to the government. The cost of the proposed fee would ultimately be borne to varying degrees by an institution's customers, employees, and investors, but the precise incidence among those groups is uncertain."

"These taxes, bailouts, and takeovers will happen arbitrarily, by faceless, unelected bureaucrats at the FDIC, Treasury, and Federal Reserve.  When there's another bailout — not if, but when — and any of these 60 Senators dare attempts to condemn it, they need to be called out for the liars that they are," Wilson concluded.


"'Down a Rabbit Hole:' The Threat Posed by the Dodd-Frank Bill to the Private Sector," Updated June 28th, 2010, Americans for Limited Government.

"Big Brother is Watching You: The Threat Posed by the Dodd-Frank Bill to Privacy," Updated June 28th, 2010.

Letter to the U.S. Senate, ALG President Bill Wilson, April 26th, 2010.