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NRN - Must Reads for June 21, 2010


US Senate candidate Jim Bender featured in The HILL'S campaign blog, Portsmouth Herald, The Hampton Union and The Keene Sentinel 

Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate was featured in Friday’s Portsmouth Herald and The Hampton Union for his remarks about new government fishing regulations that are hurting fishermen on the New Hampshire Seacoast.  Jim’s statement about Kelly Ayotte’s testimony regarding the Financial Resources Mortgage ponzi scheme was picked up by The HILL’S campaign blog and the Keene Sentinel covered the Republican US Senate debate in Keene last Wednesday night.

6-21-10 In Case You Missed It

On Government Fishing Regulations:

Bender likened the Skymate system to a prison ankle bracelet and the government regulations to "Big Brother."

"You guys have got to be so frustrated. It's a system set up to destroy your livelihood," he said.

These over-the-top regulations aren't just hitting the fishing industry, Bender said, but every industry.

"Every single industry is being regulated into destruction," he said. "We've got to reign in government, certainly government spending and regulations. The American government is taking away American liberties at an alarming rate." Click here to read the story in the Portsmouth Herald On Kelly Ayotte’s testimony regarding the FRM ponzi scheme:   “True leaders don’t let their hands get tied. They protect the people they serve, they seek truth and they push obstacles out of the way,” Bender said. Click here to read the story in The HILL'S campaign blog

Jim on Healthcare: “Our health care fight really emphasized a lot of problems. The Congress and president seemed hell-bent on passing this legislation over and against the will of the people.”

Jim on Overregulation: Bender also spoke of the government’s role, calling it oppressive in the way it uses taxation, regulation and litigation.

“Our government doesn’t exactly have a good track record of things it’s been taking over,” he said. “Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all bankrupt.”

Jim on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: “They’ve certainly shown that they do not know how to manage the crisis,” he said.  He also called the president’s appointment of various czars to oversee government policies unconstitutional, and he advocated for removing a number of presidential Cabinet positions, including those in charge of education, energy and agriculture.

Click here to read the story in the Keene Sentinel


AUL - Bork on Kagan Press Call Wednesday 


WASHINGTON, D.C. - 6/21/2010 –  Americans United for Life (AUL) will host an insider’s look at Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan in a unique opportunity for reporters and editors covering the process when, on Wednesday, June 23, Judge Robert Bork joins an exclusive selection of legal experts to discuss the nomination.

What: Call-in news conference on Elena Kagan

When: Wednesday, June 23rd @10:30am EDT

Who:  Judge Robert Bork, Professor Gerard Bradley, Attorney William Saunders – presented by Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO of Americans United for Life

Details:  contact for details. 


AUL has been leading the opposition to Kagan under the direction of Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO, who will host the interactive, call-in news conference, set for 10:30 a.m. EDT. With a Ph.D. in Politics from the University of Virginia and a lifetime of political experience – she took a leading role last year in opposition to then-nominee Sonia Sotomayor – Yoest will lay out what is at stake in this nomination and reveal that there is more to Kagan than has been reported to date. 

To get the call-in code as well as the procedure for asking questions of Bork and the panel, contact AUL using the information above.

  • Judge Robert Bork’s experience as a Supreme Court nominee is legendary, and the former Solicitor General, acting Attorney General and Circuit Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals will bring to the media event all the wit and wisdom that led to two New York Times best-sellers.

  • Professor Gerard Bradley of the Notre Dame School of Law. Bradley is a noted scholar in the field of constitutional law and a former assistant district attorney from New York County. He is also well-known for his instruction in Notre Dame’s exceptional trial advocacy program, in the top 10 in the nation.

  • William Saunders, Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and Senior Counsel of Americans United for Life, an expert on Constitutional law, who holds a J.D. from Harvard University. A former law school professor, he has twice been featured in Harvard’s Guide to Conservative Public Interest Law, and as a member of the Supreme Court bar, has authored numerous legal briefs in state, federal, foreign and international courts.   

AUL’s “Kagan File” – a comprehensive body of legal analysis on Kagan’s record – can be accessed at It has been used and distributed nationwide as part of efforts to block a nominee with a pro-abortion, agenda-driven judicial philosophy.


NHDP - John Lynch: Steady Leadership for N.H. 

Veteran of Bush and Reagan Administrations touts Governor Lynch's responsible leadership for the State of New Hampshire

Concord - Sunday, Foster's Daily Democrat ran an op-ed by Republican Bonnie Newman, former president of the Business and Industry Association and chief of staff to then Congressman Judd Gregg, touting Governor's Lynch steady leadership for New Hampshire.

Newman commended the Governor's responsible stewardship of the state budget, his work to rebuild the economy in wake of the national recession, and the progress he has made improving education.   And Newman also complimented Governor Lynch's willingness to reach across partisan lines, and "work with people of all parties, or political points of view, if they share his goal of working in good faith to solve a problem."

The full text of the op-ed is below.

John Lynch: Steady leadership for N.H.
Foster's Daily Democrat
June 20, 2010
Bonnie Newman

Steady. Principled. Hard working. Selfless. These are the qualities we expect of a true leader, and these are exactly the qualities that have made John Lynch such an effective leader for New Hampshire over the last 6 years.

We saw those qualities of leadership at work over the last few weeks, as the legislature struggled over finalizing a budget. John Lynch could have grandstanded, or played politics, but instead he worked quietly, nights and weekends, bringing the leadership of the house and senate together, doing the hard work necessary to forge compromise. Lynch set clear parameters - no expanded gambling until an adequate regulatory structure is in place; no new taxes; and protecting the safety net for New Hampshire's most vulnerable citizens.

And in the end, that's the budget that passed. Is it perfect? Of course not. It's a budget that required hard choices and the setting of priorities. But during a national economic recession that is straining state budgets across the country, New Hampshire is in an enviable position of actually having a budget that addresses our most pressing needs and defers others until the national economy recovers.

Throughout this recession, John Lynch has led to help rebuild our state's economy and create jobs, through expanded job training, tax incentives for research and development, the promotion of renewable energy, rebuilding of our roads and bridges, and keeping state taxes and spending low. Today, New Hampshire has the lowest unemployment rate in New England, and economists predict New Hampshire's economy will lead the region as we emerge from the recession.

On matters of integrity and accountability, John Lynch has never waivered. Lynch set high standards for state officials, passing the first ever ethics law for the executive branch. And when officials haven't met those standards, he has acted decisively to remove them from office to protect the public interest.

We have seen plenty of people from both parties playing politics with the FRM matter, but John Lynch has done exactly what we would want a Governor to do. He's acted responsibly - asking the attorney general to undertake a complete review of the state's regulatory structure and management of the FRM matter. And John Lynch has insisted upon accountability, seeking the removal of the banking commissioner, when the AG's report made clear the insufficient management and oversight from that department over a period of years.

John Lynch has led in the area of education - setting a goal of reducing our state's dropout rate to zero. He worked to pass common sense legislation to increase the compulsory school attendance age from 16 to 18, and provide alternative programming for students at greatest risk of dropping out. And in just one year - the state's dropout rate has gone down by 30%. What a tremendous accomplishment that is for our state, our young people and our future.

Our state has a proud tradition and history of leading on civil rights. And it was in that tradition when John Lynch signed a marriage equality law for New Hampshire last year. I suspect this was not a decision he reached easily, but one he approached with care and open - mindedness, with principle and commitment to do what he thought was in the very best interests of all the people of New Hampshire. That's what leadership is all about.

John Lynch not only leads in these high profile areas, he leads through the quality of character he shows every day - the calls and visits he makes to those sick or in need, or the private words of support and encouragement he offers to the families of our military.

I have known John Lynch for nearly 35 years. Back then, he was a student at UNH and I was the Dean of Students. I saw tremendous potential then, and my admiration and respect has only grown as his career progressed. I happen to be a Republican, but I know John Lynch has always been willing to work with people of all parties, or political points of view, if they share his goal of working in good faith to solve a problem.

Quiet, steady, principled leadership. How refreshing that is, and how fortunate we are to have John Lynch as our governor now and hopefully, for the next two years.


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