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CEI Daily - Japan's Nuclear Plants, Text Messaging, and the CEI Podcast 


Japan's Nuclear Plants


People are rightly concerned about the current state of nuclear plants in Japan---but are they exaggerating the dangers of nuclear energy?


Vice President Iain Murray chides Energy Secretary Stephen Chu for not calming alarmist fears.


"Steven Chu has both the authority and the credibility to put paid to scaremongering and refocus America’s energy debate to where it should be: the price of oil. So far, however, Secretary Chu has shown no willingness to tackle public fears regarding the crisis in Japan, beyond a few words of boilerplate at a House hearing on the Energy Department budget on Tuesday  morning. One would assume that the White House would want Dr. Chu to be actively making the case for its energy policy—unless they think that the Secretary is simply not up to the job. This is especially unfortunate when major environmental advocacy groups (including some with whom Secretary Chu has associated) have exploited the Japanese disaster for political advantage."




Text Messaging


In a bid to lower text message rates, federal officials are considering text messaging as a possible anti-trust issue.


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young explains.


"Five years ago, the going rate was 10 cents per text message. Then Sprint raised the price to 15 cents. Competitors could have used their lower prices to lure away Sprint's customers. They didn't. They raised their prices to match Sprint's. The move to 20 cents per text followed a similar pattern. Suspicious. So maybe this is an antitrust issue. But it could be something else, too. Maybe phone companies are unbundling texting from their other services. That way the only people who pay for text messages are the people who use them. If phone companies don't have to provide texting service for people who don't want it, they can keep costs down and charge lower prices."


CEI Podcast


In the latest CEI Podcast, Senior Fellow Greg Conko talks about his recent trip to Kenya to advise government officials about genetically-modified crops.


Listen here.


CEI Weekly: How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine 

Friday, March 18, 2011




Feature: Sam Kazman explains how energy efficiency mandates have lowered the quality of American washing machines.

FEATURED STORY: How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine


Energy efficiency mandates are lowering Americans' quality of life by lowering the quality of our household appliances. In The Wall Street Journal this week, CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman explains how energy restrictions have ruined top-loader washing machines, which were once both inexpensive and effective. Read Kazman's op-ed here.





Labor Policy Congressional Scorecard

CEI's new-launched voting scorecard for pro-worker issues


Wasteful Transit Policy

Marc Scribner's interview on Fox Business


What's the Catch with NOAA's Catch-Shares Program?

Iain Murray and Dennis Grabowski's op-ed in The Washington Examiner


Cybersecurity Theater vs. the Real Thing

Wayne Crews' column in Forbes


Liquor Wholesalers’ Appalling Misuse of the Constitution

Angela Logomasini's op-ed in The Daily Caller


Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: Where Is Steven Chu?

Iain Murray's op-ed in National Review


Are Text Messages an Antitrust Issue?

Ryan Young's op-ed in The American Spectator


Happy Birthday, James Madison

Christine Hall's op-ed on


Japan Crisis Shouldn't Derail Nuclear Movement

Iain Murray's citation on



Iain Murray's citation in The Washington Times






March 17, 2011: Are Biotech Crops Coming to Kenya?


CEI Senior Fellow Greg Conko discusses his recent trip to Kenya where he met with members of Parliament and other officials about the best way to regulate the introduction of genetically modified crops to the country.

Mar192011 - New Video: Drunk With Debt


A St. Patrick’s Day Special 

Arlington, VA – Recent polls confirm Americans are not only angry about the nation's fiscal situation – they want to learn more about it. To help clarify matters, Public Notice's newest video uses America’s greenest holiday – and beer! – to show just how far in the red we really are. 

Watch Video


Progressive States Network Announces New Leadership


Ann Pratt Appointed New Executive Director, State Senator Joe Bolkcom Elected Board Chair


New York, NY – Progressive States Network, a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the work of progressive state legislators around the country and to the advancement of state policies that deliver on issues that matter to working families, today announced the appointment of Ann Pratt as the organization’s new Executive Director, effective immediately.

“At this moment, with statehouses across the nation currently the battlegrounds for ensuring the survival of the middle class, Progressive States Network’s Board of Directors is thrilled to welcome Ann Pratt as our new Executive Director,” said State Senator Joe Bolkcom (Iowa), who was elected the new chair of Progressive States Network’s Board of Directors at their annual meeting this past weekend. “The work of Progressive States Network could not be more needed or important at this time in our history, and Ann brings the kind of vision and experience that will be critical in taking our work to the next level. With her leadership, I am certain that we are ready and prepared for the fights that lie ahead.”

“I am eager to start building on the excellent work already established by the staff and board of Progressive States Network and the many legislators, advocates, and allies with whom PSN has worked over the past five years,” said Ann Pratt. “With every day that passes it becomes clearer that ours is an absolutely essential mission – to build a progressive network in the states that offers a clear alternative to a national conservative agenda focused on extremist and economically destructive policies that benefit only the very few. I look forward to strengthening our efforts to fulfill this mission, and to working to build a movement focused on expanding the middle class, restoring economic security for our families, advancing democracy and rebuilding prosperity in our states.”

Progressive States Network’s outgoing chairman of the Board, State Representative Garnet Coleman (Texas), welcomed both Sen. Bolkcom and Ann Pratt to their new positions. Rep. Coleman began serving as Chairman in December 2008, and will remain a member of PSN’s Board of Directors.

“It's been a true pleasure to work with the board and staff of the Progressive States Network over the last three years that I've served as chair,” said Rep. Coleman. “I'd like to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks for their hard work and support as we've strived to advance sound public policy across the states. I know that they all share my excitement in welcoming Sen. Bolkcom as our new Board Chair and Ann Pratt as our new Executive Director. I look forward to both of them bringing their strong leadership to Progressive States Network as our organization enters this new and exciting phase in its growth.” (Rep. Coleman’s full remarks can be read here.)

“I am very happy to welcome both Ann Pratt and Sen. Bolkcom as they begin to lead an organization that stands on the front lines of so many critical issues facing our nation,” said State Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona), a member of Progressive States Network’s Board of Directors. “For over five years, the staff and board of PSN, as well as the over 1,000 state legislators and countless advocates and allies with whom we have partnered, have worked to build a national multi-issue progressive movement across all fifty states. I know that under Ann and Sen. Bolkcom’s leadership, that progress will continue to flourish and grow.”

Ann Pratt brings thirty years of community organizing experience to Progressive States Network, including ten years of building and directing a diverse range of community organizations including neighborhood organizations, large social service agency, labor unions, regional faith-based organizing initiatives and a statewide parent and child advocacy organization. Most recently, Ann directed the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, a statewide advocacy organization committed to improving outcomes for young children. She has worked extensively on advancing progressive policies in Connecticut, including the nationally recognized Sustinet health care legislation, and recently spearheaded an initiative calling for the creation of a Department of Early Education that would serve children from birth to five years of age. (For more on Ann, read her full biography here.)

State Senator Joe Bolkcom (Iowa) comes to his new position as Chairman of the Board of Progressive States Network after having served three years as a member of its Board. Now serving in his thirteenth year representing the residents of Iowa City in the Iowa Senate, Sen. Bolkcom has also served as Assistant Majority Leader in the Iowa Senate, as a County Supervisor on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, and as a public servant within a county public health department. Sen. Bolkcom helped found and direct two senior citizen advocacy organizations fighting for lower health care cost for seniors in Iowa and Illinois. He has also been active in state and local environmental protection efforts. (For more on Sen. Bolkcom, read his full biography here.)

Founded in 2005, Progressive States Network seeks to transform the national political landscape at the state level by advancing progressive policies on the issues that matter to working families: strong wage standards and workplace freedom, balancing work and family responsibilities, health care for all, smart growth and clean energy, tax and budget reform, clean and fair elections, and technology investments to bridge the digital divide. By supporting state legislators and other groups in their efforts to advance progressive policies at the state level, Progressive States Network proves that state policy matters, and that good policy leads to good politics for all. For more information, visit


ALG Responds to Threats by Wisconsin Public Sector Unions Against Businesses that Supported Governor Walker

March 17th, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement responding to threats against Wisconsin business owners by public sector unions, including police and firefighters unions:

"In a thinly veiled threat to business owners that have supported Governor Scott Walker, police and firefighter unions imposed a March 17th deadline for those businesses to publicly denounce recently enacted legislation signed by Walker eliminating collective bargaining for health care and pension benefits paid for by taxpayers.  If they refuse, the public sector unions have promised a boycott of those businesses.  This is essentially ransom.

"When those tasked with protecting society are willing to publicly target individuals simply for their political beliefs, it is clear that this debate has headed into dangerous waters.  Any public safety employee that engages in such activity should be fired. 

"Taxpayers should not have to live in fear for demanding accountability and fiscal responsibility from the public sector, the expansion of which has drowned states like Wisconsin in a sea of red ink.  Making threats complete with deadlines against businesses and individuals who believe that the public sector must be scaled back to avert a fiscal catastrophe likens these unions' tactics to what one would expect from gangsters or terrorists."


Letter from Wisconsin Public Sector Unions to Wisconsin Businesses, March 10th, 2011 at .