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More Politically Alert Goes Viral With Ron Paul

            Little did I realize when I walked into the studio to do More Politically Alert last night that more than 2500 people would be watching (and calling in) from all over the country.  How exciting.

            Rather than me talk about why Ron Paul is the best, perhaps the only hope, of saving the America that we know and love, I decided to have on three fellow State Reps who are all Ron Paul supporters, who apparently have been Paulistas longer than I have.

            That would be Cameron DeJong from Manchester, Mark Warden from Goffstown, and Andy Manuse from Derry.

            Cam posted notice on some web site (you know I’m a Luddite when it comes to technology), and the minute the show began, we had calls coming in from all over.

Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Oregon, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maryland, several from California, only one from New Hampshire (and not the Manchester area).

            My producer handed me a note that 1400 people were watching on line.  By the end of the hour, the number was 2500, and the calls just didn’t stop.  As soon as I hung up with one caller, the line lit up again.  All I asked was the something who called have a quick reason as to why Ron Paul is his or her choice. 

            Callers ranged in age from a 17 year old who will be old enough to vote for Ron Paul by next November to a 72 year old man from the Deep South who is concerned about the country we leave for his children and grandchildren, a very legitimate concern indeed.

            And these were intelligent callers whose references included Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote about sacrificing freedom for security and the 1824 election which was stolen from Andrew Jackson.  Sadly (or happily as the case may be), I heard from more intelligent people in one hour than I’ve heard from in all the past 16 months.  If that says something pitiful about the average Manchester viewer, so be it.  After all only slightly more than one in four citizens of our fair city bothered to vote six weeks ago.

            I checked out dailypaul.com today, and 89 comments about the show were posted.  Here's a sampling.

Four NH Reps Discuss Ron Paul  

78 votes

There is a great townhall going on now in Derry, NH with Senators Sanborn and White.

At 9pm EST tonight, streaming live online and on Manchester TV 23 four reps will join together to discuss their support for Dr. Ron Paul.

Myself along with Rep. Andrew Manuse, Rep. Mark Warden, and host Rep. Steve Vaillancourt will spend the bulk of the hour discussing why we support Ron Paul for President.

Tune in at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/8059353 or at http://www.manchestertv.org/TVpages/public.html

Please share this feed. There will be an archive posted after that I will update.

First part of the show = win. Second part (with the two guys) was not good. They distorted some of Ron Paul's positions and were completely ignorant of others. I had to stop watching.

I watched the whole thing and thought it was so cool to see a tiny local show dedicated to Paul. I think we gave that network its most online viewers ever(~2000), and they said they had never had so many phone calls!


  We talked about everything from how a third New Hampshire senator has now endorsed Ron Paul to his wife's cook book...wonder if there's a Christmas fudge recipe...I need whip up one more batch.   

           It was such a hoot that we’re going to do it all again Wednesday, January 4, live from 9-10 p.m.  That’s be the night, hopefully, following Ron Paul’s stunning victory in the Iowa caucuses and six days prior to an even more stunning upset in the New Hampshire primary.  I had scheduled my 12 for 2012 prediction show that night, but it can wait.

            Let’s make it all Ron Paul, all the time!

            For months I’ve been supporting Ron Paul with the caveat that I always separate from what I want to happen from what I think will happen and that I did not really think Ron Paul would win.

            I’m begging to believe the impossible.

            Ron Paul just might win in Iowa.

            Ron Paul just might win in New Hampshire.

            Ron Paul just might win the Republican nomination.

            Yes, say it…say it…Ron Paul just might be the next President and our country just might be saved after all.

            I’ve become not merely a supporter but a believer.

            As always, the show is rebroadcast on manchestertv23 and is viewable on their web site Thursday at 9 p.m., Sunday at noon, and next Tuesday at 11 p.m.  Also as always, it’ll be posted on the web at vimeo.com/channels/mpa, and can be seen there any time.

            Here’s the funny thing.  The show which follows me at 10 p.m. is hosted by a left wing loonie, someone who loves to go on and criticize my show, someone who has spent his whole life feeding at the public trough as a teacher (not that there’s anything wrong with that…math, science, English, history, our children need to learn these things….whoops, this guy Tom Ford is a phys ed teacher…not that there’s anything wrong with that…actually there is something wrong with spending another $100,000 per phys ed teacher).

            Anyway, someone posted on the web site that while the first hour of the show was great, the two guys on the second hour kept misstating Ron Paul’s position on issues.  Of course, that wasn’t the show at all.  It was the vile left winger trying as usual to denigrate my show, but apparently, Ron Paul people would have none of it.

            I don’t get cable at home; I was watching the great Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas special from 2010 (see other posting).

            For a technological Luddite like me, a viral experience is something totally new and more than a little exciting.


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Reader Comments (2)

While we could only get to 15 or 20 calls during the show, station management this morning told me that there were 600 incoming calls during the hour!
December 16, 2011 | Registered CommenterRep Steve Vaillancourt
Ron Paul for president of New Hampshire!
– C. dog, voter of one
December 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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