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In Defense Of The Tea Party

Every week on my TV show, I begin by identifying myself as "a tea partier before there was a tea party movement, a free stater before there was a free state movement, and more Jeffersonian than Jeffersonian".  These days I say that the tea party is the only thing standing between this country and total ruination, disaster, and bankruptcy.

Thus it should come as no surprise that I am saddened and outraged (but not surprised) at how the tea party this past week has come under attack from every angle, from Democrats and their fellow travelers in the Lame Stream Media to the spineless wonders at the Union Leader who, in a morsel of delcious irony, took Kelly Ayotte to task for opposing the McConnell/Reid debt ceiling scheme the very same day that Standard and Poors proved our freshman senator correct by rejecting the scheme and lowering our debt rating for the first time in history.

I suppose we in the tea party shuld should be honored.  If we weren't succeeding, we wouldn't be so viciously attacked.

Senator John "Can I Park My Boat Here, Lovey" Kerry is the latest to pile on.  Friday morning on MSNBC (of all places) he chastised the lame stream media for having the audacity to give tea partiers equal time in expressing their views.  Here's another supposed advocate of free speech taking to Morning Joe to say that the tea party doesn't even deserve to be heard (because, according to Kerry, it doesn't know what it's talking about).

Like Union Leader editorial writers, Kerry winds up shooting himself in the foot because, as the Standard and Poors action proves, the tea party element knows very well what it's talking about.  Kerry and the folks on William Loeb Drive can continue to play the role of three monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil), but the evil of profligate uncontrolled spending should at last be clear to us all.

Those in the tea party movement and apparently only those in the tea party element see that.  What do they get for their efforts?  The most vile criticism from the left and from dishonored former conservative outlets like the Union Leader. 

The Kerry comment comes the same week that Vice President Joe Biden called tea partiers "terrorists" (there's some question as to whether he said it or simply concured with whatever idiot actually said it) and that Bloomberg commentator Margaret Carlson summoned her eloquence to proclaim, "They've (tea party members) have strapped explosives to the capital and they think they are immune from it (sic)."

Me thinks they all doth protest too much.

The Kerry comment comes the same week that Mike The Plagiarist Barnicle called tea partiers insane.  Once again his outlet was MSBC where commentators seem engaged in an ongoing competition to decide who can level the most inane charge against the tea party.

Insane, Mr. Plagiarist?  You're the insane one.  Anyone who thinks we can keep spending beyond our means is insane.

Me thinks thou doth protest too much, Mr. Plagiarist.

These inane comments come the same week that the United States has been shamed into being on the receiving end of legitimate comments from two historically corrupt countries, Russia and China.  Once and future Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to Americans as "parasites" sucking off the rest of the world by living beyond our means.  Sad to say, Putin is more correct than the likes of Kerry, Biden, the Plagiarist, and Union Leader editorial writers. 

China greeted the Standard and Poors report by joining the Putin chorus that the U.S. is living beyond its means.  Sad to say, the Chinese are more correct than the likes of Kerry, Biden, the Plagiarist, and Union Leaer editorial writers.

Congratulations Senator Ayotte.  You were right.  The McConnell/Reid scheme was such a bad idea that Standard and Poors had no other choice but to downgrade our bonds.  The only question is when the next shoe will drop, when the debt will slip another notch, to AA.  If more than 26 Senators don't oppose the next phony scheme which comes along, we're sure to be downgraded again.

Only tea party members seem to get it.

Let me repeat. The tea party is the only thing keeping this country from ruination.  No matter what Kerry, Biden, and any number of other blind politicians might say, no matter how they might malign the tea party movement, they cannot deny the fact the majority of Americans realize what a mess this country is in, that we cannot continue to spend money we don't have.

Malign the tea party all you want.  It's a true sign that the tea party has arrived to stay, and here's a prediction.  It's going to continue to get its people elected in greater numbers until they turn this great country around, until they save this country from ruin. 

One Republican (no names please) who watches my show (or at least he used to) and reads this blog sent me disparaging words about the Tea Party this week, blaming its candidates for losing Senate races in Nevada, Delware and Colorado last year and thus preventing Republcans from taking control of the Senate.

First, there's no evidence that Whore House Harry Reid (that's talk host Jerry Doyle's appelation, not mine--he actually plays a tape in which Reid boasts about learning to swin in a Nevada whore house) would have lost to someone other than Sharon Engle; Colorado was 50-50 no matter who ran; and while he's right about O'Donnell in Delare, ask yourself.  Did we need another RINO from Delware?

But the larger point is that no group will ever win 100 percent of the time, but without the tea party movement, we wouldn't have three of the best new senators (Paul, Rubio, and Johnson).  Without the tea party, Portman in Ohio and Ayotte here in New Hampshire would probably have won anyway but not by such wide margins that they carried Congressmen and State Representatives and Senators into office with them.  Without the tea party, we wouldn't have picked up 63 House seats to take comfortable control of the U.S. House; we wouldn't have won 19 NH Senate and 19 NH Senate seats; we wouldn't have won all five Exeuctive Council seats nor swept almost all county government seats.

Blather all your want about the Tea Party costing Republicans a Senate seat in Delaware, but it did 100 times the good elsewhere.  Get real.

Give the Tea Party the credit it's due, and that's a great deal of credit.

I didn't think the Tea Party needed any defense...at least until I read that silly Union Leader editorial yesterday.  No, Mr. McQuaid or Mr. Cline (whoever wrote it), the Tea Party does not demand perfect solutions.  But this country sure as hell deserves soloutions good enough to prevent downgrading of our debt for the first time in history.  Until so-called conservatives like those on Loeb Drive (the old gentleman must once again be rolling over in his grave), perhaps the tea party does need defense.

I pledge to be a defender whener the likes of Kerry, Biden, Plagiarist Barnicle, and Loeb's heirs start attacking.

Long Live Lady Liberty!

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