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This Week's Trivia--General Opposition To Bull Fighting


For this week's trivia question, let's look for a man who was not only a President but also who, as one of the nation's most famous generals, saw and oversaw the death of thousands on the battlefield.  Which President and general, upon seeing only one bull fight in Mexico, commented, "The sight to me was sickening.  I culd not see how human beings could enjoy the sufferings of beasts, and often of men, as they seemed to do on these occasions"?

Was it?

A)  General and President George Washington

B)  General and Presdient William Henry Harrison

C)  General and President Zachary Taylor

D)  General and President Ulysses Grant, or

E)  General and President Dwight David Eisenhower


For the answer, refer to page 53 of the great new biography from W. H. Brands, The Man Who Saved The Union, Ulysses Grant in War and Peace.  While serving in the Mexican War, Grant attended a bull fight "not wishing to leave the country without having witnessed the national sport".  That was while politicians and diplomats were wrangling after the United States had won the war (quite the story in itself).  "One visit to the arena was enough," Brands writes.  Grant, known for not holding human life in sacred regard when it came to Civil War battles such as Shiloh, was not fond of bull fighting.

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