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A Link To Life...And War As A Science

I still haven't listened to Sara Koenig's piece on New Hampshire on the NRP show This American Life, but someone has sent me a link to it, so here it is for all to check out at your leisure.
Interestingly, I've received numerous comments on the feature, all favorable.  And it's been mentioned in other media.  Here's what Hippo Press publisher Jody Reese had to say this week in an editorial entitled "Don't Drink The Kool-Aid",
"Not only was O'Brien dumped as Speaker but he didn't even come in first in his own district.  His neighbors preferred someone else.  But that's what happens when parties and politicians who win big think they have a mandate.  O'Brien and many in the House with him overstepped, going after social issues and even trying to get TSA officials classified as sex offenders for doing their jobs (ah yes, I remember it well...my comment).  O'Brien's tenure was so strange and out of place in New Hampshire that if it didn't actually happen, few would believe it could be possible.  The National Public Radio show "This American Life" even did a segment on O"Brien pointing out how he seemed mad with power.  He actually banned Concord Monitor reporters from his conferences because he didn't like a cartoon the paper published.  The reality is that New Hampshire voters never wanted an O'Brien-type running the state house; they didn't want Washington style nastiness."
What more could I add to that...except Amen...or perhaps "Sieg Heil".
Oh by the way, here's an example of how the general public gets things messed up.  At a recount this week, I ran into someone I had worked with in Derry 20 years ago.  She's remains a friend and like most of my friends is far more liberal than I am.  She told me she loved it when I said "Mein Fuhrer" to the Speaker.
Of course, I never said any such thing.  Just an innocuous little phrase like "Hail Victory" Mr. Speaker, but today we say, "Hail defeat, Billy the Bully."  What's the German word for defeat?
Here's the link to Sarah's NPR piece.  One of the things that got left on the cutting room floor was, "What musical does the NH House remind you of?"
I think I had a great answer.  I went back to my college days when Ben Vereen (and Irene Granny Ryan) were starring in Pippin, a show about a soldier in Charlemagne's army.  "War Is a Science" was my favorite song.  I even wrote a parody of it back in 1999 when I was on Neal Kurk's finance committee.  "War is a science with rules to be applied which good soldiers appreciate, recall, and recapitulate...before they go to decimate the other side."
But I digress...

Sarah's piece starts at about 26 minutes in and runs the rest of the show.
As a bonus, here's the link to "War Is A Science" as well.  It's great stuff.
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