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Photo ID Was No Big Deal At The Polls

Contrary to the alarmist word being spread by certain Democrats in an attempt to denigrate the Republican-passed photo ID bill, all early indications are that there were few if any problems at polling locations.

Remember how some Democrats (sorry, some of my best friends are Democrats but you were wrong on this one) were saying that ten percent, perhaps more, of voters would show up without photo identification and chaos would ensue at polling locations.  It'll be closer to one percent, I tried to assure people, and guess what?  It's closer to one half of one percent.

Final numbers are not yet in from the Secretary of State for the entire state, but I just checked with the Manchester City Clerk's office.  Nearly 50,000 people went to vote (something in the 49,000 range, but let's call it 50,000) and less than 300 people did not have photo ID.  You don't need a calculator to do the math; it's slightly more than one half of one percent; just about 0.6 percent.  (Actually I don't have a calculator at hand, but this one can be figured out easily.  500 of 5000 would have been one percent).

I suspect that Manchester cannot be much different from the rest of the state, so I think it's safe to assume that nowhere did we come close to the dire predictions of ten percent or more.

In fact, it seems that many (or at least some) people, who actually had photo ID, simply refused to use it during the September primary...sort of as a silly protest which they decided to abandon for the general election.  This comes not from my observations, but from the Secretary of State himself. Shame on those people.

My guess is that some Democrat has already filed a bill to repeal photo ID, but Democrats are treading on shaky ground here.  All polls show that an overwhelming majority of voters everywhere (including Democrats) favors some type of photo ID.  It's by at least a three to one margin, and with the evidence so strong that the New Hampshire photo ID law is working with minimal disruptions, Democrats should be wary, be very wary indeed of trying to jettison it.

If they hung together, Democrats could get it through the House, but they would need 13 Senate votes for repeal, at least two Republicans, and most likely, they just won't be there.

If Democrats move forward against popular will on this issue, it might well come back to bit them just as soon many of Bill O'Brien's silly initiatives came back to bite him on the you know what!

Just a word of caution to my friends in blue--give up on this one!  This is a losing issue which could cost the Democratic party seats in 2014—ah yes, some are already thinking ahead to 2014!

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