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Tucker Rather Ungracious In Defeat

This blog (that would be I, your humble correspondent) has learned that Republican Represenative Pam Tucker was less than gracious after her loss to Gene Chandler in the race for minority leader last Thursday.

Sources say that Tucker stormed out of the caucus.

Normally, the loser in such instances will stand up to offer a motion to make the vote unanimous.

Tucker failed to do that, leaving a sour taste in the mouth of many who were there.

You may recall that earlier this year, Tucker lost a race for New Hampshire national committeewoman.  Was she as petulant after that setback?

In my private conversations over the weekend, the gist was, "She's trying to move up too fast."

After serving only one term, Tucker became Billy O'Brien's Deputy Speaker.

Apparently she thought she was a shoe-in Thursday.

I never thought so, just as I thought Terri Norelli was never in danger in the race with David Campbell on the Democratic side.  Sources say that Campbell was the perfect gentleman...unlike Tucker not being the perfect lady in her loss.

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Reader Comments (1)

It was likely Gene Chandler himself that told her, or better yet led her to believe that she was a shoe in for this position.

Welcome to how an expereinced fife does business in a fifedom.
November 19, 2012 | Registered CommenterSteven J Connolly

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