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It's Time To Raise The Interstate Speed Limit

Guess what I did just a few minutes ago?

Guess what I'll be doing in an hour or so?

Both involve speed.

I just signed off on two bills for next year, one to raise the speed limit on interstate highways to 70 miles an hour; another to raise the limit to 75 miles an hour.

I don't suspect either bill will pass (I've filed them so many times in the past, I've lost count), but the 75 limit should pass. 

If everyone who broke the law by exceeding the 65 mile limit were ticketed, you can be sure the increase would pass immediately.

In the next hour (enroute to my brother's house in Vermont for Thanksgiving), I'll spend an hour traveling up Interstate 89 between Concord and Lebanon.  As usual, I will keep my speed at 65-66 miles an hour and count the number of cars I have to pass (those obeying the law by going less than 65) and those who pass me (those going more than 66 miles an hour).

The results, I dare say, will be what they always are.  About 85 percent of us break the law each and every time we get onto the Interstate.

As I always say, any law which is broken by 85 percent of us on a regular basis is a law which should not exist.  It erodes respect for all other laws.

You can be sure I'll report the results back to you, either next week (or on black Friday if I can get to a computer in Montreal).

Any State Rep or Representative-Elect who wishes to co-sponsor this (or any other bill I file) is welcome to do so; simply contact Legislative Service.

By the way, at a brief stop at the Hooksett rest area, I noticed cars from every New England state and New York in just the brief walk from my parked car to the newspaper rack (to pick up the Weirs Times and Hippo--hey, there's always time at my brother's house to do a few crossword puzzles).

People were boosting the New Hampshire economy, hauling off crates of booze.

Keep it up; we can use every dollar.  No matter how mightily Governor-elect Maggie Hassan and Democrats struggle to spend more money, they will not be able to find the money to spend...you didn't hear it here first for sure, but mark my words, revenues are going to be mostly flat the next two years.  The House will not pass expanded gambling; and Democrats, burned once with a raft of new taxes and fees, are not likely to do so again.

Thus, every crate of liquor purchased this weekend is good news for New Hampshire, but certainly not good news enough!

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Reader Comments (2)

As long as it isn't 75 thru Stop signs......:-)
November 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames Veverka
You can count on this Maine resident to keep the state of NH solvent! I never pass through the Granite State without stocking up on my crate of booze. Go NH!
November 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPeggyPage

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