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Final Score 33-9 With Five Cops Aprowl

Despite the presence of at least five state police cruisers out and about in the 60 mile stretch of Interstate 89 between Concord and Lebanon between 4:15 and 5:15 p.m. on Thanksgiving eve, my survey revealed that most of the law abiding citizens of our good state were in fact breaking the law, at least when it came to obeying he 65 mile an hour speed limit.

As usual, I kept count of how many cars zoomed past me (in other words, speeders) while I was locked in at that speed as compared to the number of cars I needed to pass (in other words, law abiders).

As noted in the headline, the final score was 33 to 9.  Actually, at 80 percent, the law breaking percentage was down slightly from my most recent survey (Labor Day weekend), but that was undoubtedly due to the heavy police presence on one of the busiest travel days of the year (not to mention to electronic signs urging people to slow down).

I could tell when police were up ahead because I noticed that cars ahead of me were slowing down.  Sure enough, just after they got by the police, they began speeding up again.

As I’ve noted in the past, it’s not speed which kills but the variation of speeds which causes people to slow down and speed up zigging and zagging and changing lanes.  Thus, it could be argued that police presence was creating--not solving--problems.

Ironically, I noted that four of the nine non-speeders were all from the same state.  Guess which one?  Yes, that would be Vermont.  While I didn’t continue up 89 very far after I hit Vermont, I do recall doing a survey once between White River and Burlington and noting that the number of speeders was in fact considerably less than in New Hampshire.

I’m not trying to say that left wing tax and spend extremists (which Vermonters are for the most part) are more inclined to obey silly laws...well, maybe I am saying that.  A sociologist would have to pass such judgment; I just note the data.

Anyone wishing to co-sponsor my bills to raise the speed limit to levels which would make 80 percent of us law abiders, feel free to contact me at my legislative address.

I’ll try another survey on my return trip.

Pardon some of the strange typing symbols herein; I’m writing from the Grand Bibliotehque in Montreal where things are kind of strange, but that’s another blog.

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