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Cue Rod Stewart; It's Time To Wake Up Maggie

Even if you don't trust numbers from the WMUR/Granite State Survey (UNH), there's plenty of other polling data which convinces me for the first time that Ovide LaMontagne will become a four time loser in the race for Governor of New Hampshire.
UNH had Maggie up 11 points (54-43).  Let's say Ovide gets the late deciders (not likely!) and let's say Andy Smith is overpolling Democrats by six or seven points.
It's still tough to see how anyone but a rabidly partisan Republican could spin other numbers into an Ovide win.
Even Rasmussen (my favorite) has Hassan up five (50-45) at the same time he has Obama up only two in the state.  NEC has her up two (47-45).
I opened my TV show, the very last edition of The Liberty Express, with Rod Stewart, my favorite singer of all time, today.
"Wake up Maggie; I think I've got something to say to you."
No, it's not late September and I really should be back in school.
It's early November, and Maggie Mae is on her way to the corner office.
Blame it on the New Hampshire GOP which insists on putting forward those like Ovide and Bill O'Brien who are such social neanderthals that while they dominate primaries, they are easily blown away in the general election.
I don't think Maggie winds up winning by ten (let's call it three), and I'm still picking Frank Guinta to beat Carol Shea Porter who is three (49-46) with WMUR and I can't believe that Kuster is leading Charlie Bass by the 10 (53-43), so I'll stick with Charlie, and I'll stick with a 13-11 Republican lead in the NH Senate and a 201-198-1 lead in the House, but if...if...if...the WMUR numbers are right for top of the ticket, Democrats could well take both Houses by narrow margins.
Again, I'm sticking with Romney in New Hampshire, Guinta, and Bass but only a fool would stick with Ovide in light of these numbers.
When it comes to predictions, I may be wrong, but I'm not fool.
"Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you."

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