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Far And Wide Response From "This American Life"

Apparently the long promised New Hampshire edition of This American Life ran Saturday at 4 p.m.  I had been given the wrong hour, so I apologize.  I actually tuned it earlier (as I was heading out going door to door) and missed it, but I have had three responses since.

Most notably, I received an email from a dear old friend from collge days (Plymouth State in the early 70s), someone I haven't heard from in 35 years or so.  WOW!  Turns out she is very left wing (not that there's anything wrong with that) as I suspect a large percentage of NPH listeners are!

Two, some moron sent me a hate email, someone from far fary away.  I've come to expect such things.  No, I didn't respond with the f word although someone so full of hate truly deserves such a response.  My responsee was the more crypitive (I believe from a Kurt Vonnegut book) GTAFFAARD.  You win a prize if you can decipher it here.

Thirdly at City Hall, I ran into Jane Beaulieu, most certainly to be a winner from Manchester's west side in tomorrow's State Rep race.  She liked the show.

Anyone here hear it?

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