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Trivia Time--Presidential First Names

If Mitt Romney is elected President tomorrow, he will be at least our third President to go by something other than his first name.  Thus, two questions this week?

What is Mitt Romney's first name?


Which two Presidents had first names of Steve and Hiram?

You say, you want some hints...well, let's not use multiple choice, but let's say Mitt Romney is no rat, but his first name engenders ratlike thoughts.

As for Steve, he was known as "Big" Steve and he was unique in American history.

As for Hiram, there really was no S at the start of his middle name.



Willard Mitt Romney

Steve Grover Cleveland

Hiram Ulysses Grant (no S; Simpson was his mother's maiden name)

President Hiram.  By the way, W. H. Brands has written a  geat new biography of U.S. or H.U. Grant, The Man Who Saved the Union (it's long but very readable, unlike The Great Triumvirate which I still haven't gotten through; even candlelight didn't help).

The Man Who Saved the Union: Ulysses Grant in War and Peace

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