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Democrats Control NH House 223-177

These numbers may be off one or two and of course they are subject to change as upwards of a dozen recounts could be requested, but recounts seldom change results, and from look into all 400 New Hampshire State Representative seats (through data as posted on the Secretary of State's web site), I have Democrats in even firmer control than many people thought yesterday.
It looks like an astounding gain of 121 seats to bring Democrats from 298-102 down in the wake of the 2010 election to a 223-177 edge when the new House forms in December.
Yes, blame it on Ovide. 
Yes, blame it on the outgoing Speaker, aka Billy the Bully.
Blame it on a Republican Party image which was destroyed more than anything else by those two men, a pair of radical conservatives at a time when the state and the country craves moderation.
I know, I know, some of my Republican brethren (there are many fewer of them, at least among the ranks of the elected) might want to blame Mitt Romney, but he lost the state by only five points.
Ovide LaMontagne lost the governor's race by 13.4 percent (if we do the math without minor candidates), 56.7 percent to 43.3 percent. 
He lost by 91,110 votes.
He lost every county in the state, from a margin of 3.2 points in highly Republican Rockingham to 30.2 points in Democratic Cheshire.
Ovide lost every ward in his home city of Manchester and lost the city by seven percent (3354 votes).  In fact, he lost every ward in every city in the state except Laconia Ward 1.
Remember how earlier in the summer, I posted an article entitled Ovide's Less Than Excellent Adventure, harkening back to his 19 point loss to Mean Jeanne Shaheen in 1996, an epoch which marked the beginning of the downfall of the Grand Old Party in New Hampshire.
I never thought I'd be writing this again, but we now face Ovide's Less Than Excellent Adventure Part II.
To quote a line from a Peter, Paul, and Mary folk song, "When will they ever learn?  When will they ever learn?"
When will Republicans ever learn that the road to control of the state is not through right wing fanatics like Ovide LaMontagne or John Stephen or Kevin Smith?
Apparently they won't learn soon because even today I'm hearing that forces in the GOP are lining up behind Stephen or Smith as the 2014 standard bearer, a disaster waiting to happen for sure.  Raybo Buckley doesn't need to work very hard as Democratic chair as long as Republicans stand ready to give the people the likes of Ovide, Kevin, Johnny, and Billy the Bully with the gavel.
Wake up, New Hampshire GOP, it's later than you think.
But...as usual...I digress.
My purpose here was to enumerate county by county losses for Ovide and Billy's GOP.
Again, I may be off by one or two seats, but here's what I come up with.  The biggest losses come, as I had predicted, in Manchester, Nashua, and Strafford County, but that's simply because those are the areas Republicans had the most to lose.  The GOP also lost Grafton County by a three to one margin, even after Paul Mirski and Spec Bowers worked like hell to gerrymander it for GOP control (more on that later). Republicans went from 22 to three State Reps in Nashua, a total so astounding I have to state that it's not a typo.  Republicans went from a 21-14 control of the Manchester delegation down to 25-7 Democratic control.  Yes, Manchester lost two seats due to population decline, but another seat was stolen Billy and Company in their bogus redistricting plan.
By the way, remember the seven Manchester Reps who promised to oppose the Speaker's redistricting plan and then broke their word and voted for it.  Guess how many are left?
Just one.  Leo Pepino died in the summer.  Cathy Cusson-Cail and Connie Soucy decided not to run again, and three more lost yesterday, Mike Ball in Ward 2, the clueless Ross Terrio in Ward 7, and Carlos Gonzalez in Ward 12.  It wasn't even the Democratic sweep which cost Carlos.  He lost to another Republican who had never won before.
So much for the Seven Snakes.
As for the redistricters themselves, get this.  Six of the 12 Republicans who served on that infamous redistricting committee went down to defeat including Paul Mirski, leader of the snake pack, who lost by nearly a two to one margin in Enfield.  Ed Smith, Spec Bowers, Peter Principal Silva, and William Smith all lost; Elaine Swinford had lost in  the primary; and David The Homosexual Hunter Bates had decided not to run again.
Ah yes, as the re-elected President would say...and as Republicans were bellowing in 2010, revenge is indeed sweet!
But I digress again..there's so much to digress about here.
Democrats picked up seats in areas I can never recall them winning before...from Littleton to Londonderry.
Here are the county totals:
County         Democrats           Republicans
Belknap            5                          13
Carroll             5                            10
Coos                7                            3
Cheshire       20                           3
Grafton            20                         7
Hillsborough    66                       56
Merrimack        35                       10
Rockingham     25                      65
Strafford             30                       7
Sullivan             10                      3
Total              223                       177
Along with big gains in Nashua and Manchester, Democrats went from one Rep to 17 in Hillsborough County towns.
About the only major population centers in which Democrats failed to make inroads were the towns between Manchester and Nashua (Goffstown, Bedford, Merrimack, Hudson, and Pelham--and they did in fact pick up single seats in Goffstown, Hudson, and Merrimack) and a huge swatch of Rockingham County (although Democrats picked off two seats in Derry and one in Londonderry, they were blanked in Salem).
Ah yes, Pelham!  Don't get me going on Pelham, a town which deserves four Reps of its own but was raped by Billy the Bully, Mirski, Ed Mosca, and the redistricters, and is now a sad, sad story (sort of like Litchfield was in 2002).
Mosca, you say?  He's the highly paid House legal counsel who, with the departure of O'Brien, will soon be out of a job (at least that job), joining Chief of Staff Greg Moore at the unemployment line (figuratively at least).
What goes around comes around...to bullies especially.
Yes, revenge is sweet, and Republicans can only hope that Democrats in power treat them better than they treated Democrats when they were in power.
Wouldn't it be something if the new back bencher O'B got up to speak and started going off on a tangent, was ruled out of order and asked to sit down and then ---------------fill in the blank.  Let's just say he better not got back to his antics of 2009 and 2010; his antics were much worse than anything he ruled out of order in 2011/12, but then I won't be Speaker.  In fact, I have a recount to endure...or so I'm told, so I may not be back at all.


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We differ in political philosophy, but I know your commitment to serving the state based on your convictions is greater thant 90% of other state reps. Good luck in the recount.
November 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMike Marsh

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